Mama Spree: Hats On For Winter

10 February 2016

Little Spree - Mama Spree hats

A hat, not only looks cool (well, the right hat anyway…), but it can be your hair’s best friend on wet, Wintery days. I only need to step out of the house in the slightest drizzle and my hair has that gentle (but oh-so-deadly-ruin-your-entire-day) frizz on the top by the time I’ve reached the car/bus stop. Urgh. So our trusty beanies, fedoras and floppy brims are getting a lot of outings at the moment. Here are some of our current favourites from Topshop, Mango, Boden, ASOS, AnthropologieTopshop, J.Crew, Accessorize and Topshop.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: nothing to do with hats, but we stumbled upon this cute M&S ruffle blouse on our travels and had to share! An amazing bargain. Wear now under a sweater (with just a hint of the collar or cuffs peeping out) and you’ll be living in it come the Summer…

Word Up

9 February 2016

Little Spree - sweatshirt
Maison Labiche ‘The Dude’ Sweatshirt, £35.12

boys stripe jumper

1. Maison Labiche ‘The Dude’ Sweatshirt, £35.12
2. Next Khaki Textured Chinos, £10.00-£11.00
3. Babe & Tess Alpacca Ribbed Beanie, £20.12 (was £33.54)
4. Caramel Baby & Child Ribbed Socks, £12.47 (were £20.78)
5. Next Baseball Pumps, £15.00-£22.00

We recently discovered that our favourite Maison Labiche sweatshirts (remember this one?) now come in mini sizes! Bailey loves his ‘Cookie Monster’ version (sizing is on the small side) and we have our eye on the ‘later alligator’ Breton for summer. We’re also wondering if we could squeeze into an age 12??

Nicky & Sarah xx

Mini Me Denim Jumpsuit

8 February 2016

Little Spree - girls denim jumpsuit
Next Denim Jumpsuit, £20.00-£25.00

Little Spree: girls jumpsuit outfit

1. Next Denim Jumpsuit, £20.00-£25.00
2. Simple Kids Cardigan, £60.35 (was £100.58)
3. April Showers Glitter Clogs, £45.00 (were £90.00)

We first spotted this fab jumpsuit quite a while ago (before Christmas in fact), and I have since bought it for Tabitha (she was wearing it yesterday, but before I’d managed to get an Instagram snap of her wearing it, she’d fallen off her bike and it was covered in mud…). It’s great for now as it’s quite a heavy weight denim. Wear with anything from wellies to sandals to Mary Janes to glitter clogs (love these)…

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: this ruffle sleeveless version is great ‘buy now wear now and later’ option. Just layer a long sleeved tee under until Summer comes…

pps: if you missed Nicky’s ‘Ski Pass’ interview with Alex & Alexa, you can read it here.

Mama Spree: (Please) Be My Valentine!

5 February 2016


Amaya By Priyanka Gold Plated Topaz Earrings, £190.00

We weren’t necessarily planning a Valentines Mama Spree… Until I came across these earrings, and fell in love all over again… Here are some more wallet-friendly options to wave under your loved one’s nose (alternatively, just leave your laptop/ipad lying casually around,open on this post – that’s what we’re doing): lookalike necklaceinitial braceletmuglove charger (the name alone is worth a click), initial necklaceheart necklaceanother mug (who knew?), badgepyjamasbook of love letters (I’m buying this for Tom), candle (we couldn’t not include a candle), and how about this for a cute ‘joint Valentine’s’ gift? We’ve even found something for the little ones

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: and here are some cool cards to send to our Valentines: this, this and this one.

Mama Spree: Where Would We Be Without Our Army Jackets?

3 February 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 19.52.04Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 19.52.28

The answer? Precisely nowhere. Or more accurately, in a heap on the bedroom floor, still trying to decide what to chuck over whatever we happen to be wearing that day that doesn’t look mumsy/frumpy or just plain ridiculous. Take it from us, the humble army jacket literally looks good with everything. With just one exception: anything else khaki/army related. Don’t go there, Private Benjamin! So, ok, almost everything. Wanna look like Kate? Check out these khaki cool options from ASOSUrban OutfittersNili LotanMadewellM&SASOS, and finally the king of all army jackers courtesy of Saint Laurent. Oh and never underestimate the versatility of the shacket, a fur trim (cosy), the mens department, or a camo version. Size up for the best results (except for the mens of course – you’ll need to size down).

Sarah & Nicky xx

Little Ski

2 February 2016

Little Spree - Ski Chic Girls

1. Gap ColdControl Puffa Jacket, £26.99 (was £44.95)
2. Mini-A-Ture Ski Pants, £90.00
3. Headstrong Snow Bunny Ski Helmet Cover, £43.00
4. Mini-A-Ture Mittens, £32.00
5. Nui Organic Merino T-shirt, £23.09 (was £38.48)

Little Spree- Ski Chic Boys

1. Mini-A-Ture Zip Ski Jacket, £138.00
2. Gap PrimaLoft Eco Snow Pants, £24.99 (were £34.95)
3. Headstrong Snow Husky Ski Helmet Cover, £40.00
4. Barts Water Resistent Mittens, £15.00
5. Nui Organic Merino T-shirt, £23.09 (was £38.48)

Let’s face it, packing light for a ski/snowboarding holiday just isn’t an option. Time spent working out what to take can be tedious at the best of times, but for this holiday, with all the bulky pieces required, everything that goes into your case must be essential (that way, you’ll still have room for a few little luxuries!). So this post is all about those items (or similar) that have been tried and tested, starting with snow pants. Last year Bailey wore this black version of the Gap ones with this black Gap jacket (both are made from Primaloft which keeps you warm without adding bulk, so don’t be put off by the lightweight  fabric). They wear and wash well and are very good value compared to other ski ranges. This year we were asked to trial some Mini A Ture skiwear for Alex & Alexa (including the blue salopettes and a similar jacket to the one above). It looks great (I have been asked about this skiwear by other parents and even a few instructors) and would say that the higher price point is justified by the quality and detail. I only realised Bailey’s old gloves were too small at the very last minute so I ordered both these pairs – the silver ones arrived too late but if they had arrived on time it would have been hard to choose between them.
Fun and warmth seem to be inextricably linked on this type of holiday which means one thing: layers! Bailey has a few base layer sets, including these M&S long sleeved vests and long pants (great value but size up as they shrink a little).  He also has the grey Nui merino top (above) and trousers (the tops are very soft and Bailey will be wearing his under jumpers throughout winter). On colder days, I added this Finger in the Nose hooded sweatshirt or a navy Uniqlo fleece top (sorry, they only have this version online but I’ve seen them in store).  I would consider a helmet cover as essential (Bailey has the husky one). Not only does it mean he actively wants to wear his helmet (which avoids the “it’s uncomfortable and makes me hot” conversation each morning) but it also makes it much easier to spot your little one on the slopes. Other essentials include goggles, a balaclava for more blustery days and a back pack for the inevitable wipes, snacks, water, spare layers, and don’t forget your lip balm! If you have room, how about this Little Marc Jacobs knitted hat and scarf set (so cool and now on sale).
Read all about what we did (and wore) here.

Nicky  xx

Mama Spree: A Breton With A Twist…

29 January 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 22.23.03
Warehouse Wrap Sleeve Breton, £29.00

Our last January quick fashion-fix is a striped one. It’s been a while since we posted a Breton, so here’s one for 2016. This one has all the slouch we like, plus with the added sleeve detail it’s the perfect excuse (it’s different!!to add another one to your collection (we’re assuming, like us, you probably own at least one already…).
Happy Friday!

Sarah & Nicky xx

Dinosaur Junior

26 January 2016

Boden Jurassic Sweatshirt (2-12 years), £19.50-£23.50

Remember this dinosaur sweatshirt from the  Boden Press day last year (we posted a picture of it on Instagram)? We know many of you have been patiently waiting and we promised to let you know when it arrived in stock. Well the wait is over…

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: who knew dinosaur’s could be so cool?

Ruffles & Frills

25 January 2016

Little Spree: baby knickers
M&S 3 Pack of Baby Knickers (0-12 months), £9.00

So this week, we’re slowing things right down, and just bringing you five brilliant (relatively guilt-free) buys for us and our little ones. We just feel a bit ‘shopped out’ after Christmas and the sales, so although we’re ready for all the gorgeous new Spring/Summer things that are starting to filter through, we’re not quite ready to jump straight in just yet. First up, these adorable baby knickers (purely ornamental of course –  but nothing hides a boring nappy more effectively in the Summer months than a pair of cute frilly pants). Buy now (they won’t be around for too long at this price for three pairs!), stash for later, or even wear now over tights with a cashmere sweater.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: The (Very) Last of the Sales

22 January 2016

MS LS Sale

1. Aries Cotton Denim Dress, £94.00 (was £188.00)
2. Warehouse Faux Fir Afghan Coat, £35.00 (was £98.00)
3. Boden Zip-Top Pouch, £12.50-£24.50 (was £25.00-£35.00)
4. Uniqlo Mens 100% Cashmere Cardigan, £39.90 (was £99.00)
5. Boden Chelsea Boots, £74.00-£119.20 (were £149.00)
6. Mango Gaucho Jeans, £19.99 (were £39.99)

Sale fatigue setting in? We hear you, but dig deep because you don’t want to miss this, our final sale post (we promise!). By now, most brands have made ‘final reductions’ so we thought we’d take a look back over our Mama Spree Winter edits to see if any of our favourite items were still available. As you might imagine not all pieces are available in all sizes, in fact some only have one size left. The question is: will it be yours? It’s like our very our own Cinderella story. Here are some more bargains that we’ve found, posted and loved from Jigsaw, Mango, and Accessorise. And if you haven’t already bought our favourite leopard print coat from Mango, what are you waiting for? Now that’s a happy ending!

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: we’ve both got this Uniqlo mens cashmere cardigan and have been living in them. A  nice change from our usual go-to cashmere crewnecks, and more versatile than you might think.

Tried & Tested Baby Bargains

21 January 2016

Little Spree Baby sale edit

1. Mango Bouclé Wool Coat, £19.99 (was £39.99)
2. Mango Ruffled Dress & Knickers Matching Knickers, £11.49 (was £22.99)
3. Mango Bobble Beanie, £3.99 (was £7.99)
4. Babe & Tess Cotton Romper, £29.03 (was £38.48)
5. Mango Leather Mary Janes, £9.99 (were £19.99)
6. Louis Louise Velvet Trousers, £22.27 (were £37.12)

Today is all about the littlest of little ones, and arguably the cutest of the sales bargains. As with everything we’re posting this week, each piece has been previousy featured on Little Spree at some point. Now a little tip for sale shopping for babies – it’s all about thinking ahead (preferably a year ahead if you can actually get your head around what size you’ll need a year from now – this will probably depend largely on the age of your baby and the amount of sleep you’ve had this week!!). Project yourself into the future and you can make a great sale find work that little bit harder. We’ve often been know to ‘repeat buy’ the exact same things in larger sizes (and not just during sale time either – our favourite Cos cashmere jumper is a case in point). So ladies, size up, stock up, and stash away for next year. You’ll be so glad you did.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: a word of warning – don’t stash your sale bargains away too carefully (learn from my mistakes ladies – SC). I’ve been known to stash them away, then completely forget all about them. Not so helpful.

pps: don’t miss the last in our sales fortnight tomorrow. It really is ‘last chance saloon’ for mamas this time!

Mama Spree: It’s All About The Slip Dress

20 January 2016

Mango Asymetric Slip Dress, £29.99 (was £59.99)

Mama Spree: slip dress

1. Mango Asymetric Slip Dress, £29.99 (was £59.99)
2. Ilena Makri Safety Pin Ear Cuff, £52.00 (was £130.00)
3. J.Crew Tippi Sweater, £39.00-£50.00 (was £79.50)
4. Topshop Shoes, £30.00 (were £65.00)

The humble slip-dress might feel like an odd thing to post about on a frosty Wednesday in January, but hear us out. The slip dress is the dress of the Summer, but there’s no need to wait to get a jump start on one of the biggest trends for next season. This Mango version is a great buy (I tried it a few months ago and regretted not buying it, so am about to order it – SC) – it’s a flattering length and looks expensive due to the heavy weight fabric, the lovely drape detail at the front, and the unfinished hem. Size-up though for a cooler/roomier fit – the slip dress should skim, not cling. And yes, go ahead and wears yours right now – just add a fine knit and tights, then, as the year progresses, gradually work your way up (or down?) to a long sleeved tee, a short sleeved tee, then nothing at all for the lucky mamas in possession of a pair of small-ish, perky-ish boobs/a decent strapless bra.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: these sweatshirts from TSPTR and Alexa Chung for AG might help cheer up never-ending January?

Going, Going…

19 January 2016

Little Spree girls sales picks

1. Louis Louise Blouse, £36.40 (was £52.00)
2. Boden Dungarees, £15.00-£17.50 (were £30.00-£35.00)
3. Carrement Beau Wool Coat, £42.05 (was £60.08)
4. Pom D’Api Brown Boots, £51.10 (were £73.00)
5. ilovegorgeous Sequin Bag, £27.30 (was £39.00)

Although we’ve never tested the theory, it’s said that if you wear all your favourite pieces together, you end up with a wonderful outfit. These girls ‘as seen on Little Spree’ sale picks seem to prove the theory – chosen individually, on the basis that they were some of our favourite items from our winter outfit edits (and still had sizes available) they actually  make a lovely (cheap chic) outfit. You might also like to test the theory with these other sale pieces from Mango, Louis Louise, Gap,  Louis Louise, Mango, and Manuela de Juan.

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: Tabitha has 2, 3 and 4. In fact, SC loves number three so much, she’s considering re-buying for next Winter!

As Seen On Little Spree…

18 January 2016

Little Spree boys sales picks

1. Miller Shirt, £24.00 (was £60.00)
2. Gap Peacoat, £29.99 (was £49.95)
3. Someday Soon Sweatshirt, £24.97 (was £49.00)
4. Mango Cotton Joggers, £9.99 (were £19.99
5. Dandy Stars Backback, £24.62 (was £30.78)
6. Converse Hi-Tops, £22.40 (£32.00)

In our second week of sale posts (trust us, there are still plenty of great bargains to be nabbed if you know where to find them) we’re focusing on the ones that nearly got away – the pieces we have already featured on Little Spree in previous posts or in the ‘Little Shop’ that we still love (whether we’ve already bought them or not). So if you’ve had any ‘coulda woulda shoulda’ moments, this is the week for you. Here are some reminders: Hoodies, henleys, hats..., Elias & Grace: treat week for boys, Coats: the boys edit, Someday soon…, Beach boy. And who could forget Bailey’s favourite logo sweatshirt (sadly the navy has sold out, but we managed to track this grey version down). And here are a few more ‘as seen on Little Spree’ bargains worth checking out from Bellerose, Mango, Scotch ShrunkMango and Converse. See you tomorrow for the girls.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: off-duty January Style

15 January 2016

See By Chloé Braid Pocket Boyfriend Jeans, £92.00 (were £185.00)

Sale Outfit Jumper

1. Warehouse Chunky Knit Jumper, £25.00 (was £45.00)
2. ASOS Clutch Bag, £9.00 (was £15.00)
3. See By Chloé Boyfriend Fit Jeans, £92.00 (were £185)
4. Golden Goose Deluxe Leather Trainers, £204.00 (were £340.00)

We don’t know about you, but for us at the moment it’s all about comfort (but never above and beyond style, obviously). We’re running around, getting (mostly tedious) jobs/errands done, and getting things organised. And you’ll find one of us (or probably both) wearing a variation of this outfit. This look will see you right through from the morning drop-off to drinks with a girlfriend (that’ll be me tonight – pizza and a few glasses of red with my lovely friend, Kerry, and the addition of my trusty army jacket), and most things in-between… We’re also considering these cosy, cool (and slouchy) options from & Other StoriesWarehouseHushFrench Connection and M.I.H. And all on sale!

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: And it’s definitely worth a last minute swoop of the Matches sale. Up to 70% off now!!

Sales Edit Day 4: Baby Bargains

14 January 2016

Baby Sale New

1. Oeuf NYC Panda Jumper, £56.23 (was £80.33)
2. Miller Baby Coat, £57.00 (was £95.00)
3. Il Gufo Pom Pom Hat, £36.86 (was £52.65)
4. Gap Organic Alphabet Onesie, £11.99 (was £19,95)
5. Mademoiselle à Soho Mittens, £12.31 (were £15.39)
6. Mango Ruffled Dress & Knickers, £14.99 (was £22.99)

Is there anything cuter than mittens on a string? We often buy matching hat, scarf or glove sets, but we also like to mix them up  – these chunky knit ones are the perfect shade as they go with almost all other colours. Ditto this hat! Of all of the sales posts this one has been the hardest to edit as there’s so much sweet babywear out there. So indulge us a little longer and take a look at these other pieces that we have found: this Oeuf NYC cardigan; this Ketiketa jumper; these Oeuf NYC pants; this Mademoiselle à Soho dress; this Gap marl grey onesie; this Babe & Tess (early Valentine cuteness?) sweatshirt; and this

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: the Gap alphabet sleepsuit/onesie is one of our best buys of last season. All three of our kids have one! So not just for babies – it goes right up to age five!