get them before they’re gone!


Boden Suede Boots, £38.00-£42.00

Admittedly this is about as un-Christmasty a post as you can get. But, I had to share these fab boots because I have a feeling that they won’t hang around too long (let’s not forget that girls Mini Boden ‘boot gate’ of last year). I bought a pair for Marlow and I LOVE them. Everything about them. And Marlow does too (and trust me, he can be very picky – I can’t imagine where he gets that from?). All I’m saying is, be smart and snap a pair up now while everyone else is still in Christmas shopping mode. I like them so much, I’m tempted to buy a second pair.

Sarah x

mama spree: what to wear on new year’s eve


1. Whistles Lace Jumpsuit, £135.00 (reduced from £250.00)
2. Topshop Shacket, £20.00 (reduced from £48.00)
3. ASOS Suede Multi Pocket Clutch, £35.00
4. ASOS ‘Hampton’ Sandals, £42.00

MS lace skirt

1. Uniqlo Cashmere V-Neck, £59.90
2. ASOS Suede Multi Pocket Clutch, £35.00
3. Zara Snake Print Sandals, £29.99
4. DKNY Fringed Skirt, £255.00

Two different looks, both glamorous in their own individual, understated ways. We love the idea of a fitted, lace jumpsuit and a heel, but the ‘shacket’ (I’ve worn mine SO much – Sarah) keeps it cool. Wear it nonchalantly around you shoulders for added style points. And we love the Jenna Lyons vibe of this fringed maxi skirt with a slouchy cashmere v-neck…

Sarah & Nicky x

christmas pyjamas

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 13.57.56

The Little White Company Gingham Pyjamas, from £24.00

It’s hard to say when my love of fashion began, but during my childhood certain times of the year were all about clothes: new shoes at Easter (hard to explain) and new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. They would be beautifully wrapped and it felt so exciting to open a present before ‘he’d been’. Whilst equally as difficult to explain as the shoes, new pyjamas on Christmas Eve is a tradition I have kept alive, and I hope that one day Bailey will think back to the year he opened these lovely pyjamas and smile. In the meantime, here are some others we like:
For the girls: Gap glitter dot onesie; Gap robin sleep set; Gap reindeer sleep set; The Little White Company floral pyjamas; and Cyrillus floral pyjamas. For the boys: Gap ho ho ho sleep set; Little White Company striped skinny pyjamas;La Redoute pyjamas with cape; and The Little White Company striped pyjamas.

Nicky x

stocking fillers

Boys stocking fillers

1.Toyella Power Up 2.0 Paper Plane, £14.99
2. Triceratops Figure, £8.00
3. Toyella Stacking Magnetic Toy Rocket, £16.99
4.Toyella Ringo, £6.99
5. Balloon Powered Car, £2.00
6. Original Slinky, £4.50

Girls stocking fillers.

1. Air Heads Animal Balloons, £8.00
2. Toyella Rain Cloud, £9.99
3. Meri Meri Alphabet Stickers, £4.00
4. Numero 74 Magic Wand, £5.00
5. Maileg Baby Girl Mouse In A Box, £11.00
6. Nailmatic Kids Nail Varnish, £6.48
7. Toyella Jump Rope, £9.99

The halls are decked, and most of the presents are bought, but there are still those little stocking fillers to buy (well, a few more anyway). Cute, fun, and most importantly, inexpensive. These are some of our favourites.

Sarah & Nicky x

baby’s first christmas

Baby 1st Christmas

1. Topshop Mini Fairisle Knitted Jumper, £18.00
2. Mini Boden Knitted Jacket, £20.80-£22.40
3. Topshop Mini Fairisle Knitted Joggers, £18.00
4. Zara Mini Leather Booties, £22.99

You don’t have to dress your baby up in as a mini Santa/Christmas pudding/reindeer to look festive. We love this cute, cosy look. We also love this fur trapper hat and matching booties.

daddy spree: the gifts they really want…

Papa Spree -T

1. The Silver Spoon For Children: Favourite Italian Recipes, £10.36
2. A.P.C Wool Shirt, £180.00
3. M&S Pure Wool Fedora, £29.50
4. John Varvatos Fine Knit Scarf, £87.00
5. Telegraph Avenue, £7.19
6. Illy Ground Expresso Coffee, £5.89

OK, more than a little on the self indulgent side: all gifts relate to, shall we say, strong interests of mine, such as: Sarah of course (I’m guessing she may be reading this); music (the books); and most things Italian. There comes a time, when Sarah’s on a work trip and the twins are asleep, when sardines and anchovies and sultanas and pine nuts and pasta combine to create a Sicilian conspiracy that no one else in the family will touch. This is the wine to go with it and the coffee’s for afterwards. The recipe’s simplified from the classic ‘The Silver Spoon’ cookbook and I hope someone tracks down this kids’ version for me. In my minds eye, I’d really enjoy looking like a mid-sixties Marcello Mastroianni as I lift pasta to mouth, but since that’s never gonna happen, the capotto (coat), sciarpa (scarf), cappello (hat) and camicia (shirt) might get me into a crowd scene at least.

Soulful Christmas and Happy New Year,


Papa Gifts - R

1. A Personalised  Book A Month Gift Service, from £29.99
2. Uniqlo Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater, £79.90
3. Uniqlo Cashmere Beanie, £29.90
4. Vera Wang For Men Eau De Toilette, £36.00-£46.80
5. Chambers & Beau Personalised Identity Bracelet, £40.00
6. Apple iPad Air 2, £399.00

Being a creature of habit (if it ain’t broke…), my Christmas list this year is mainly made up of things I’ve received before and really really liked. So, here goes. The Willoughby Book Club is fantastic – a gift that keeps on giving. If your husband/boyfriend likes reading, just tell them his preferences and they will carefully choose and deliver a book for him every month. There is something exciting about knowing you have a really good book coming your way each month, one that will probably broaden your reading horizons but still be your kind of page turner. The cashmere beanie hat and jumper are more about the snuggle effect they seem to encourage (no daddy ever tires of that right?) but the practical side of me appreciates the extra warmth and style too. The Vera Wang aftershave – well, Nicky thinks it smells really nice which is the only point of it, so that works for me. The only gift that isn’t a repeat is the bracelet, or ‘man band’ as I like to call it. Not one for wearing jewellery normally, the inscription of Bailey’s name on one side and ‘Papa’ on the other got me right in the … you know, that place where emotion comes from. Finally, no daddy Christmas list would be complete without a gadget and for me it’s the new iPad Air 2 – so much quicker and lighter than our current very old version. Even better, as you can partly fund the upgrade by selling your old iPad to one of many gadget recyclers (assuming your little one hasn’t laid claim to it already…).

Merry Christmas!


mama spree: our christmas wish lists

Sarah Gift List 2

1. Diptique Set Of Three Travel Size Candles, £60.00
2. Topshop Fedora, £25.00
3. Topshop Embellished Metal Cross Body Bag, £45.00
4. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, £34.00
5. Aquazurro Suede Sandals, £530.00
6. Chloe ‘Abby’ Ring, £150.00

I’ve cobbled together a little collection of ‘yes please!’ gifts that I would be more than happy to receive on the 25th (or any other time for that matter). Love, love, love these shoes, but would only wear then with a (probably slightly scruffy looking) cropped jean – I like a sexy, statement shoe, but only when played down. Ditto this super-cool chainmail style mini bag from Toppers. – don’t kill the coolness by adding an LBD into the mix). It may be a cliché, but I am always thrilled to get a Diptique candle – anytime, from anyone. These travel sized ones are perfect, as I love to have a candle burning in my hotel room when I’m away for work – I love/need to feel cosy to beat the home sickness. The rest of the things speak for themselves really. I’m not much of a makeup girl, but I do love this tinted moisturiser when I need a bit more ‘polish’. Oh, and for the record, I love the Mother sweatshirt (see Nicky’s list below) too…

Sarah x

Nicky Gifts

1. Nars ‘The Multiple’ Stick, £27.00
2. Carolina Bucci Rose-Gold Plated Silver ‘Lucky’ Bracelet, £150.00
3. Luxe Multu-Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer, £34.00
4. Selfish Mother Sweatshirt, £45.00
5. Isabel Marant Leopard Print Pumps, £470.00
6. Scotch & Soda ‘Rocker’ Belt, £49.95

As soon as Bailey arrived people would say “Christmas is all about the children now isn’t it” and although I found myself nodding, my inner child was rebelling. For me Christmas is a time for showing people we care about our appreciation, which includes mummy and daddy. This year we all wrote a letter to Father Christmas. Somehow I find it more exciting to watch Russell opening his presents knowing he will love them (plus there’s the added bonus of no returns to do! Have you seen the return queue at M&S after Christmas!). Also, no fake smiles required  as you unwrap pink spotted knee-high duvet slippers (Christmas circa 2009). This year I would be happy to receive anything from my list which also includes this White Company cashmere robe (they have 20% off at the moment), but if I had to choose one thing it would be the Mother sweatshirt. All profits from the sale of these sweatshirts go to Women for Women International which is a charity that helps women in war-torn regions to rebuild their lives through training programmes. This is a topic that is close to my heart and, as it says on their site, “this sweatshirt feels good to wear in more ways than one”.

Nicky x

ps: seeing other people’s Christmas lists is dangerous – I’m having silver bag envy Sarah!

christmas day dressing

girls party

1. Miller ‘Pop’Jumper, £85.00
2.. Zara Sequinned Skirt, £17.99
3. M&S ‘Best Of British’ Pure Wool Coat, £80.00
4. Gap Velvet Mary Jane Flats, £14.95

This is a great Christmas Day/party look that’s not too blingy. Cosy, cute, with just a smattering of sequins. Perfect.
It’s a different vibe altogether, but I just ordered this robin jumper for Tabs and it’s SO sweet. Christmas-y, but in an adorable old fashioned way. She will definitely be busting it out with a skinny jean (possibly even dungarees if I can bribe her!!) and a gold Mary Jane.

Sarah x

Boys party

1. Mango Batman Sweatshirt, £16.99
2. Zara Velvet Blazer, £45.99
3. Next Super Skinny Jeans, £13.00-£19.00
4. Converse High-Tops, £30.00

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or Christmas it’s the same dilemma: how to make your little boy look dressed up but not overdressed? Oh how I’ve envied mothers of little girls at these times, but we think we’ve come up with a cool Christmas solution here. We also like this grey jumper from Next if the Batman sequins are a step too far; and these amazing boots if these hi-tops aren’t far enough.

Nicky x

cosy heads & hands

Hats mittens

1. Cath Kidston Christmas Hat, £12.00 (reduced from £16.00)
2. Cath Kidston Christmas Mittens, £10.00 (reduced from £14.00)

We are ramping up the festive cuteness in this post! We just couldn’t resist these. Wear together or apart. Either way, your little one will never lose their mittens… We are also liking: this clever hat/scarf hybrid (the grey of course) from Jigsaw Junior; these Miller beanies and matching mittens (just ordered the mittens for Tabs and Marlow – they come in loads of colours); this Monsoon baby bow mouse hat; not a beanie, but we love this Mango hat anyway; this Little White Company pom pom beanie and matching scarf; this Oeuf NYC crown hat; this Donna Wilson for John Lewis hat and matching mittens; this Mini Boden baby hat and mittens set; and finally these adorable sheepskin mittens from Baa Baby.

Sarah & Nicky x

little gifts

Girls Christmas

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera, £69.99
2. Maileg Mini Angel Bunny, £19.00
3. Moulin Roty Wicker Dolls Pram, £68.00
4. Music Alley Junior Guitar, £24.43
5. ilovegorgeous Silk Freida Party Purse, £25.00

A few more ideas for the little girls: Apollo wooden balance bike; Maileg mini angel; Woodstock gold cat ears headband; Moulin Roty baking set; Mini Boden bunny slippers; Louisa Misha Taj braceletM&S wooden toaster; Lucky Voice microphone; Liberty print mini suitcase; Sophie La Girafe music box; and M&S wooden till.

Boys Christmas

1. John Lewis Mini Kitchen, £50.00
2. Le Toy Van Tipi Camp Set, £30.00
3. Nobodinoz Retro Bowling Set, £34.00
4. Maileg Mouse Prince, £16.00
5. The Little White Company Wigwam, £120.00

For the little boys we also like: this Le Toy Van Bucanner’s pirate fort; B Toys Symphony in B; Paddington book suitcase; Seedling My Little Dino World; Toyella Build Your Own Den, M&S small oven top; Little White Company ride on car; and this Vilac accordion.

things that make you go aaaaaahhh….

baby gifts

1. Numero 74 Changing Mat, £28.35
2. Little Cloud Adelajda Liberty Print Cloud Mobile, £26.00
3. M&S Pure Cashmere Cardigan, £35.00
4. Oeuf Grey Rabbit Hat, £40.00
5. Mozartkugel Music Box, £49.99
6. Ugg Sheepskin Booties, £45.00

Things don’t get much cuter than this at Christmas… We’ve rounded up our absolute favourite presents for babies. After all, babies + Christmas = an excuse to buy the most adorable presents ever (like we need an excuse??)! We also love: this Gap striped all-in-one; this Little White Company sheepskin cushion; this Stella McCartney Kids bunny ears hat; this Little White Company cloud mobile; this Time Capsules kit; this Little White Company penguin; this Sebra pull-along elephant; these Samantha Holmes alpaca fur booties; this Little White Company toadstool light; and this Mini Boden knitted jacket (in oatmeal or thistle).

Sarah & Nicky x

book corner


I am Tabtiha and Marlow’s dad, and an Educational Psychologist. I also taught children aged five to seven for many years. I love reading to children and hearing them read. Sarah and Nicky have asked me to do the occasional ‘Daddy Spree’ post. So for my first one, here are my top ten books to share with children aged zero to seven years (in baby to child order, approximately).


My Animals by Xavier Deneux
The first book the twins showed the slightest bit of interest in (high contrast! tactile!).

Here Come the Aliens! by Colin McNaughton
Lots of black/white contrast again (it’s in space). Plus funny. Spend maximum time on the “inkey pinkey elekmah” page.

The Elephant and the Bad Baby by Raymond Briggs & Elfrida Vipont
Some people have difficulty with the ‘bad baby’ concept. Those people were never older siblings. Rumpetta Rumpetta Rumpetta.

This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen
It has funny, it has suspense. Kids love funny, kids love suspense. Do lots of bubble noises (to add to the suspense). Even better than its predecessor (‘I Want My Hat Back’).

Not Now Bernard by David McKee
“… every bit” is the best line in the history of children’s literature. Also, a wonderful way of talking through bad moods (sometimes all of us are Mum, all are Dad and all are The Monster).

Rescue! by Roderick Hunt & Alex Brytcha
I love this series and personally I prefer ‘Kipper and the Giant’, or ‘The Rainbow Machine’, or ‘The Dragon Tree’, but, for some reason, this is the one the twins choose, again and again and again (repetition is good!). A sort of feminist ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ without Nazis.

I am a Bunny by Ole Risom & Richard Scarry
A short one for late bedtimes.

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
Dr Seuss books were written for children to read and I loved reading them as a child, but how wonderful they are to read to children: they just flow off the page (and the illustrations still feel as fresh today as they did when I was 6). Hard to pick a favourite, but this is a roller-coaster of a read. Needs silly voices (confession: I do Sam-I-Am Robert De Niro in Mean Streets and the cat, or whatever that is, Princess Anne).

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl
Again, hard to pick a best Roald Dahl book, but maybe this is it, from a reading-to-children point of view (some will think it’s heresy, but in my opinion skipping the overlong Centipede songs is allowable).

MAPS by Aleksandra Mizielinska & Daniel Mizielinski
Great pictures. So much to talk about.

Honorable Mentions:

Library Lion by Michelle Knudson & Kevin Hawkes
Top ranking in the warm-and-fuzzy stakes (Sarah and I also love the illustrations).

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crocket Johnson
If you’ve never come across this (I hope you have!), you should. More than 50 years old but still quietly clever in a way that impresses both children as listeners and reading adults. And what are your favourite kinds of pie?

ps: books always make fantastic (and generally inexpensive) gifts, so perfect for Christmas. Sarah and I always love to give and receive books for Tabitha and Marlow (and not to mention, ourselves – our house is full of them!).

stylish stockings

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 20.16.49

The Little White Company Stockings, from £22.40

A stylish stocking or sack is essential with little ones in the house at Christmas. Buy a special/personalised one and it will last for years (and you’ll love it all the more) – bring it out year after year. Here are our favourites, starting with this amazing giant stocking from The Little White Company; this John Lewis striped sack; this Catherine Colebrook initial sack; The Little White Company chunky knit stocking; The Little White Company striped stocking; Harrow & Green personalised sack (Tabitha and Marlow and their cousins all have these); Make It Friday personalised sack kit; M&S sack; Rocket and Bear personalised stockings; Polkadots & Blooms personalised stockings (Tabitha and Marlow also have these, but I just use them as decorations next to the fireplace).

Sarah x

ps: look out for our post on what to put in your stockings. Coming soon!

mama spree: christmas parties

MS cardi

1. Somerset by Alice Temperley Sequin Maxi Dress, £299.00
2. Uniqlo Mens Cashmere Cardigan, £59.90
3. ASOS Halcyon Sandals, £38.00

MS Suit

1. Topshop Premium Cropped Jacket, £80.00
2. J.Crew Tee, £39.50
3. Topshop Premium Tailored Trousers, £50.00
4. Topshop Rizo Feather Strap Sandals, £58.00


1. Carvela Gordon Tie Front Heels, £120.00
2. Tabitha Simmons Josephina Leopard Print Pumps, £621.00
3. Sam Edelman Mesh Tie Front Sandals, £160.00
4. Zara Lace Ankle Strap Heels, £39.99

We have got two very different party looks for you, both of which we love in different ways for different reasons. Both could be described as ‘dressed down glamour’. We always love the idea of throwing a slouchy cashmere cardigan (and this Uniqlo one is reduced) over an evening dress (a bit ‘hippie luxe’), with just a good pedicure (‘Very Berry’) peeking out under the hem (these sandals are a very affordable version of the Manolo ‘Chaos’ sandals, which we love, and go with everything)… And a suit and tee is always a cool low-key option (for night or day – just switch these fab feather sandals for your trusty Stan Smiths, like Kate has). And we’ve thrown in a few of our favourite party heels for good measure!
Some more dresses we’re coveting: this Mango; this Pierre Balmain; this Ghost bias cut (great with a slouchy sweater and a high sandal); this Stella-esque from F&F (yes really!); this Free People; and this Mango (super-chic with a pointed flat).

Sarah & Nicky x

ps: the M&S cashmere onesie, as featured here in our Sloungewear post is currently 50% off!! Go, go, go before all the charcoal ones sell out!!

snow bunnies


1. Headztrong Snow Bear Ski Helmet Cover, £40.00
2. John Lewis Fair Isle Knit Jumper, £22.00-£24.00
3. Polarn O. Pyret Jacket, £80.00
4. Gap Primaloft Salopettes, £20.00 

We recently took Bailey for his first skiing lesson to the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead (pictures and video can be found @littlespree on Instagram). It was the cutest thing watching the tiniest of tots hopping their way down the slopes, along with snowboarding toddlers, all of which seemed fearless (unlike some of the adults). I assumed that Baiwould need a new snowsuit as the last time I bought one for him was 3 years ago. But to my amazement his Polarn O. Pyret onsie still fits. Let me tell you this suit has been put through it’s paces; it has been dragged around forests, playgrounds, and covered in mud and it still looks like new. I’m so impressed with the quality of this product that I will have no hesitation in buying another one next year. This is the new version of Bailey’s navy one. I have bought him these new gloves (and almost shed a tear as I packed away the 18 month old ones). They make this black version of these gloves which I would put with the outfit in our picture. We’re going on a ski holiday soon (I’ll be doing a review of our hotel after Christmas) so I have also bought these amazing value thermal tops and trousers from M&S. A good friend gave us a pair of the Gap salopettes in the picture (thanks Sarah) and I think they’re really good value. They’re part of Gap’s Primaloft range which as you can see here has salopettes and jackets in a variety of colours, all very reasonable priced.  I didn’t need this last item but how could I resist buying the bear helmet cover (above), to be honest I didn’t even try.

Nicky x

deck the halls…


Numero 74 Stars Garland, £23.49

I love Christmas, and one of my favourite activities is decorating the house. And I’m not just talking about the tree here. I’m talking garlands; fairy lights; festive wreath on the front door (inside and out); snowflake stickers on the windows; personalised stockings hanging by the fireplace; mistletoe… Here are some of my favourite festive kids’ decorations (some I already have, some I don’t, and some that I still plan to buy), plus a few others thrown in for good measure…
Numero 74 lights garland; The White Company folding star paper garland; Numero 74 bells garland; Oliver Bonas pom pom garlands; Meri Meri Christmas garland; The Little White Company glitter star garland; The Little White Company Father Christmas letter Tabitha and Marlow have these – found at Bicester: score!); Liberty print garland; Accessorize pom pom garland (my goddaughter wants these for Christmas for her bedroom – a good all-year-round decoration); Accessorize Mr Fox tree decoration; M&S woodland animals tree decorations; Anthropologie Santa gift tag (Nicky has bought this for Bailey’s bike from ‘Santa’); this Anthropologie pom pom wreath (expensive, but gorgeous, and you’d have it forever); I do always like a White Company wreath I have to say. Ok it may not be real, but they actually look really real. I bought one a few years ago and have used it every year since (I pimp it up with battery operated fairy lights and it looks so pretty). I’ve also just ordered these from The White Company. I first saw them on their press day back in July, and they look so gorgeous hanging on the tree. You can put those battery operated tea lights (I got some in Poundland in Chiswick of all places – they sell sets of three for £1.00) in them and the effect is really magical… And how about the kids own little ‘mini tree‘ in their bedroom/playroom? I love the idea of them being able to have free reign over the decoration of their tree (note: ‘their’ own tree). I also buy these gorgeous snowflake window stickers every year from Cox & Cox. Yes our house is like a (hopefully, stylish) grotto…

Sarah x

ps: Get your little ones involved with the M&S ‘random acts of kindness’ campaign, and have fun making things and helping a good cause at the same time. There are two ways they can get involved. Turn simple household materials into beautiful fairy decorations with their step-by-step guide; or showcase their colouring skills with the fairy themed bauble decoration. Finish by writing an act of kindness you will do onto the back of the bauble or onto the tag of the fairy decoration. Such a sweet idea. Find all the details here. The deadline to submit things to the stores has passed, but we still love the concept.

teachers presents


Becky Broome Teachers Wine Glass, £22.00

I can still remember the feelings of anxiety last year as the end of the Christmas term approached, and as class rep (a role that I now have  great respect for!) I was responsible for organising (or not) gifts for the teachers. Such a tricky one, or so I thought until I spoke to my teacher friend, who told me that it wasn’t tricky at all. In fact there was a simple solution: vouchers. Top of the class being being John Lewis vouchers, hotly followed by M&S vouchers (we like the presentation of their vouchers with the teacher specific card). So that’s our advice – don’t over think the main gift, but isn’t it also nice to give a small, thoughtful something to add a bit of Christmas cheer to those vouchers?? We have chosen just a few items that we would buy, starting with my favourites: the teachers wine glass (above), and these personalised chocolates. I also like the idea of sending a personalised card. We like this one, this one and this one. I have tried and tested these personalised pencils on a brave friend who left law to become a teacher and she loved them and, I think this teachers poem print and this book (both can be personalised) are a lovely way to say thank you to that special teacher. Class dismissed.

Nicky x

ps: we’ve been having a few technical hitches with our subscriber emails. Please bear with us – it should be sorted out soon. But don’t forget to log on each day for your LS fix (and we are posting every single day until Christmas day!).

nativity chic

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 21.22.27

F&F Shepherd Nativity Dress Up Costume, £8.00

Marlow may be an inn keeper, not a shepherd in the school nativity, but I thought this costume was so sweet, I’ve bought it for him anyway (he can always ditch the crook…). Tesco is a bit of an untapped resource for kids dressing up costumes I’ve recently discovered (remember the wizard costume?). They are super-cheap and there are actually some pretty good ones. Here is a round-up of some of our favourites around… this sheep costume; this king costume; this Joseph costume; this camel onesie; this king costume; this Joseph costume; this lamb costume (take it one step further and add a black hooded sweatshirt and leggings as recommended by super-stylish LS reader, Lisa for her son, George) this Mary costume; this one covers all bases (in keeper, shepherd, ‘extra’… and really sweet in the flesh); this Mary costume (I bougtht this one for Tabitha – yes she’s Mary!!); this gold star; this Numero 74 crown; this Angel Halo and these wings.

ps: ok this is so naff (please don’t judge, or unsubscribe!!) but I have to confess to just ordering this for Marlow. Eeek. He has been to one too many Frozen themed birthday parties this year, with nothing to wear. As naff as this is, I think he will love it, and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day right? Ok, well at Christmas anyway… And I have to say, ordering from Tesco is so easy, and you can have it delivered to your nearest store. I’m always a fan of that.

pps: 25% off today (until midnight) at F&F!

Sarah x