Mama Spree: A Little Bit Of Leopard…

31 August 2016

Mama Spree: J.Crew leopard print flatsMama Spree: how to style leopard print shoes
1. Boden Cashmere Sweater
2. J Brand Selena Cropped Bootcut Jeans
3. J.Crew Double Strap Flats

A little bit of leopard always goes a long way. We like to tone our leopard down with our favourite slouchy (size up in this gorgeous Boden v-neck for added ‘slouch’) cashmere sweaters and jeans (these J.Brand ‘Selena’s’ are one of our current faves). You can’t go far wrong.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: if you happen to be a size medium and fancy a last minute sale bargain

(French) Baby Chic

29 August 2016

Little Spree: La Redoute baby collection edit

We love a bit of La Redoute. But particularly the kidswear and the homewear (did you see the gorgeous cushions from Saturday’s post?). But the thing we love the most about La Redoute? The fact that they almost always have some kind of amazing sale on! And right now is one of those times. They currently have a Bank Holiday 30% discount code (ending at midnight tonight), which magically makes everything that was already a bargain, a total bargain! So everything here is showing the pre-sale price (yes really!). We particularly love the baby collections at the moment (although, do bear in mind that most of these things go up to age three, so ‘baby and beyond’ as we like to call it…), and have already done our edit for you (let’s face it, you can lose entire days (and not to mention, the will to live) trawling through websites during sale times, so why bother when you don’t need to?). We have found a mix of mostly new season, as well as some great, late sale bargains (some things are 50% off) for next summer, so get ready for a bit of ‘buy now, stash for later’ action ladies…

Sarah & Nicky xx




ps: if anyone’s interested, I just ordered this storage drawer for underneath Tabarlow’s bunk beds. Perfect for chucking all their crap in that you just want to ‘disappear’ at the end of the day… SC

If you can’t afford a sequinned moroccan wedding blanket…

27 August 2016

Little Spree - Moroccan wedding blanketsLittle Spree: Moroccan style sequinned cushion
M&S Sequinned Cushion

I have long been a fan of a Moroccan wedding blanket. I have one on the back of each of our sofas at home (I can’t bring myself to actually step on them, although I did try them as rugs initially). They were a pre-Tabarlow Liberty spurge (there is a story behind that, but I won’t bore you with that now…). So Moroccan wedding blankets – beautiful, but always with a pretty hefty price tag (even if you go directly to Morocco to buy one). I saw this gorgeous (tweedy, tufty and the sequins are the ‘right’ kind of dull ones) cushion when I was wandering through the M&S in Westfield a few months ago, and literally did a double-take. And I couldn’t believe the price (its original price that is – just £35.00) including the filling! I snapped it (I figured one was enough with two similar blankets already in residence, plus a very old sequinned cushion, an old favourite from Day Birger) up straight away. But wait for the best bit. It’s currently 20% off, so now just £28.00! Mine is on one of our sofas, but I love the idea of two on the bed. I also love how a new cushion (or three) can really refresh a sofa or room without spending too much. Needless to say, I always love a mash-up of different ones, and usually only buy one of any particular design. In fact, this is another one I liked when I was buying the sequinned one. Which is also now on sale. Hmmmm…
And here (below) are a few more cushions bargains that I’ve now also got my eye on. Oh and did I mention that La Redoute has a Bank Holiday Weekend sale on? 30% off!! Love a La Redoute sale!

Sarah xx

Mama Spree: Indian Summer

26 August 2016

Mama Spree: blouses and denim mini skirtsMama Spree: blouses and denim mini skirts
1. Isabel Marant Étoile Lurex Striped Shirt, £130.00
2. See By Chloe Suede Cross-Body Bag, £177.00 (was £295.00)
3. Topshop Denim Skirt, £29.00
4. Topshop Knot Sandals, £12.00 (were £26.00)

We like to be warm, hot even, but this muggy heat is making us just a little bit grumpy, not least because it’s so difficult to know what to wear.  Our solution: light cotton blouse (even prettier in reality), denim skirt (they’re having a moment and we’ll be wearing them through winter with tights and slouchy jumpers, so no need to pack it away once the temperature drops), rope sandals, and this hugely discounted tan bag, (which goes with practically everything, even hot and bothered grumpy faces).

Nicky & Sarah xx


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Back To School: Bags

25 August 2016

Little Spree - back to school bags
Emile Et Ida Satchel Backpack

As the kids get older, there seems to be more and more things to carry to school (we’ll be adding a recorder to Bailey’s bag next term – let me just say this was not my choice, it’s compulsory). He’s ‘played’ it twice since we bought it a few weeks ago, oh my, a badly played recorder is hard to take! Anyway, whilst we know that many schools have their own ‘book bags’, if they’re anything like the ones that we have, put more than a book in there and the velco gives up. So, for those of you who can chose their own school bag, or if you need something with a greater breaking strain than a kit-kat, the Emile et Ida one is our absolute favourite (for a boy or girl). If you need something completly plain, this one comes in various school friendly colours (Tabarlow have the green one). We also like this grey one, this Bonton backpack and this navy one. For everyone else, if the contents of your book bag are going to burst out, might as well have a super cute pencil case inside; we like this, this and this one, and of course we can’t resist something personalised.

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: we thought it too early (and too depressing) to think about school winter coats right now, but with a rain shower never far away, you might want to take a look at this grey, and these navy lightweight options.

Back To School: Boys Shoes

24 August 2016

Little Spree: boys school shoes
Geox JR William School Shoes

If you thought girls’ school shoes were uninspiring, you ‘aint seen nothing yet. This is painful, so let’s keep it short and to the point. Nicky and I have bought both the boys these William school shoes since they started reception two years ago. We did our research, we felt depressed, we drank some wine, then bought the shoes. And kept on buying the exact same pair. Now the William (unlike us) has evolved somewhat, but sadly into an even less attractive version of it’s former self (some of you may remember last year’s version of this post?), and this time with two velcro straps instead of one. Oh well, let’s not get too down in the dumps – at least we know they are comfortable.
Other options that we can live with include these from Clarks, Geox, M&SJohn LewisDr MartensGeox (I actually don’t mind these at all, if you’re allowed this slightly more casual style at your school) and Lacoste (ditto).

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: Whilst you’re online, you might as well get the boring black plimsoles to go with your boring school shoes right? I bought these for Tabs and Marlow.

pps: you should know that whichever pair of shoes you decide on, they will look totally trashed at the end of the first week of school. Fact. Just go with it.