cos hairclips

31 March 2012

Cos Polkadot Hairclips (one size)
As you now already know, I’m always on the lookout for great hairclips and bows for Tabitha. Cos always have fab ones that perfectly combine cute and cool, and are never too girly. Love these!

denim cut-off shorts

30 March 2012

Gap Denim Shorts (0-24 months)
I always think it’s much harder to dress boys in the Summer than girls (well, when you think about it – take away dresses and your choices are quite limited). Denim shorts are a great option because they can just replace jeans. And they look good with pretty much everything – t-shirts, sweatshirts (even jumpers when it gets a bit cooler later in the day). They just look so cool and effortless. Marlow is wearing a very similar pair to this (also from Gap) today with a Boden navy and white striped long-sleeved t-shirt and his Hampton Classic sandals.

hampton classics

29 March 2012

Hampton Classics Nantucket Sandals (sizes 19-32)
I love these! Tabitha had a pair last year, and she literally lived in them. I’ve just bought Tabs and Marlow a pair each for this Summer, and they are both wearing them today. I love that they are such a classic design, and completely plain. And honestly, they look great with everything, from jeans to shorts to dresses to leggings. They are perfect for this weather because they are open, but still have the closed toe for when it’s a little chillier. And such a great price too.

striped dress & knickers

28 March 2012

Monsoon Girl China Striped Dress (0-3 years)
How much are you loving this gorgeous weather?? Apologies to all mums (and not forgetting the dads, grannies etc etc) with boys – I know I have been guilty of more girl posts recently.  But worry not – loads of lovely boys’ things to come I promise! This weather just makes me feel more ‘girly’ I suppose. And how cute is this dress? To anyone who thought that Monsoon just did pretty bridesmaids’ dresses (myself included), think again. Loving the blue and white stripe, the flower embroidery, the pockets, and last but not least, that it comes with matching knickers! So sweet.

light switch stickers

27 March 2012

Cox & Cox Light Switch Stickers (Girls/Animals)
Oh my gosh, could these stickers be any cuter?? Such a lovely idea. If I had to choose (and I will of course, when I get five minutes!) I would go for the animal set I think. Each set contains enough stickers for eight switch boxes. Another lovely (and inexpensive) present idea. Love, love, love.

boden bodysuits

26 March 2012

Boden 5 Pack Bodies (0-24 months)
Boden do the best bodysuits. Tabarlow wore them (different prints, but equally cute) when they were babies, and I loved them in them. Generally I like plain white ones to wear in Winter under things, but these are great for the Summer to sleep in, or as t-shirts during the day. The rabbit print is completely adorable, and as you know, I always love a stripe! They wash brilliantly and are made from lovely cotton (always very important to me). And they come in a cute little matching drawstring bag (I still use mine now for keeping snacks in when we’re out!). They would make a great present too.

embroidered top

25 March 2012

Next Embroidered Blouse (3 months-6 years)
Could Summer finally be on the way? The clocks have gone forward and I’m feeling Summery! This gorgeous top is just perfect. I spotted it a while ago and immediately fell in love, so bought it despite the freezing temperature at the time (I never like to leave things to ‘buy later’ if I can help it – far too risky). If you really love something, just buy it – it’s not just Isabel Marant boots that sell out the minute they hit the shop floor! Anyway, I probably don’t need to explain why I like this top so much – you can see for yourself. But FYI: the pink embroidery is more neon in the flesh, which just makes me love it that bit more.

cut-out sandals

24 March 2012

John Lewis Cut Out Sandals (sizes 4 Jnr-4)
I always find it a real style challenge to find great shoes for girls, but suddenly I seem to keep seeing fab ones everywhere I go! I really love these, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. I just know they will look great (and I will definitely be buying a pair for Tabs). They are not too girly, but not too butch either. They will look so cute with pretty dresses if you’re not into super-girly looks for girls (I’m not). And they look comfy and practical for running around in. They do also come in pink, but of course I was never going to go for those! Oh and by the way, talking of footwear – I bought Marlow and Tabs the Jones Bootmaker navy desert boots (as featured in last Sunday’s post) on Friday and I absolutely love them. Was only planning on getting them for Marlow, but they looked so cool, I couldn’t resist! Tabs is wearing hers today with a denim tunic top (H&M), a marl grey cardigan (Zara) and navy and white striped leggings (Gap).

grandad-style jumper

23 March 2012

Bows And Arrows Grandad Jumper (6 months-6 years)
Is it me, or does this jumper have a bit of a Jonathan Saunders/Christopher Kane feel about it? Love the colour – not too bright (as you probably know by now, I’m not a huge fan of bright colours); and the Grandad-style neckline. I just think it’s really cool. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, I can tell you that it’s now half price (just £7.00!), and that you get your Boots points when you buy it (I love my Boots Advantage card!!). So what are you waiting for?
Was £14.00 Now £7.00 

chic little booties

22 March 2012

Mothercare Unisex Booties (newborn-9 months)
These are so sweet. I love that they are so simple and stylish (grey, stars, stripes – all my favourites), but still cute. And you get all three pairs in one set, which is such a great bargain. They would make a lovely (and inexpensive) gift too.

dvf is coming to gap!

21 March 2012

I have news, and it’s exciting! Diane von Furstenberg and Gap are launching a girls’ collection on 28th March, and I’ve had a sneak preview, and can tell you it’s fantastic. It has been cleverly designed as a little bit ‘mini mummy’, but not too much. These are just a couple of my favourite pieces. I love, love, love these heart print sandals (yes, I’m slightly obsessed, it’s true)! They will look so cute with jeans or simple sun dresses. And how cool are these leggings? I would style them with a navy cashmere sweater/long sleeved t-shirt, or even a simple white smock top once it’s a bit warmer. And this is just a taste of things to come. Other pieces to scope out are the gorgeous print dresses, capri pants and the swimwear. As you would expect from DVF, the prints feature heavily (hibiscus and leaf), and are all super-cute, and in gorgeous colours. And there are some great accessories too. There’s even a printed nappy bag! The collection starts from newborn and goes right up to age 14, and prices start from just £9.95. These will be great pieces to buy and keep. I still have pieces from the Stella McCartney/Gap collaboration that I bought for the twins when I was pregnant. I still love them now, and have passed on the boys’ things to my sister for my nephew. So you better make a note in your diary to get down to your nearest Gap next Wednesday (preferably first thing!). Or stay at home in your pyjamas and log on if you can’t face the scrum… 

who doesn’t love a breton?

20 March 2012

The Little White Company Breton Anchor T-Shirt (0-24 months)
I have more Breton t-shirts than I know what to do with. And at the last count Tabs and Marlow had around six between them. I just love them. This is a great one, and the anchor detail is so cute. Perfect for this time of year, because you can just layer it under a jumper or cardigan. They always look great under sleeveless/pinafore dresses too. And for boy/girl twins it’s a great piece to share (provided they are not very different sizes like mine!).

ethical teddies

19 March 2012

Pebble Knitted Floppy Bears
How cute are these? I discovered Pebble when I bought my friend, KP’s little boy, Carter a knitted octopus, which he loves apparently. They do such sweet things. These bears (choose from Freddie, Harry and Nancy) are 23cm high, machine washable and made from 100% organic cotton. A lovely quirky gift if you’re looking for something a little different that’s not only ethical, but cute and stylish too. Love!
£10.50 each 

chunky knit socks

17 March 2012

H&M Chunky Knit Socks (sizes 1-7)
Ok, so a sock post is possibly a little dull. I don’t often get excited about socks I must admit, but honestly, I really love these! Perfect for wearing with trainers or desert boots/hi-tops, and would make a great ‘welly sock’. I stand by my sock post!

another day, another dress

16 March 2012

Petit Bateau Chambray Dress (3-24 months)
I know I’m guilty of posting lots of dresses, but who doesn’t love a dress? There’s nothing cuter than a little girl in a gorgeous dress. This one is great because it’s so simple, but still pretty. Reasons why I love it: the colour, the fact that it’s chambray (a little less casual than regular denim), the tunic-style shape, the patch pockets (always love a dress with pockets) and the buttons down the back.  Oh and that it’s 100% cotton. Buy in a slightly bigger size, and this will last for months. Would make a lovely present too.

let it rain

15 March 2012

Trotters Rainmac (1-7 years)
With this schizophrenic weather we’re experiencing at the moment, it’s anyone’s guess what we’ll be dressing our little ones in from one day to the next. A great rainmac is an essential item in times like these. It’s not always cold enough for a full-on Winter coat, but it’s not necessarily mild enough to ditch the coat altogether. Hello fab yellow rainmac! Tabarlow have lovely macs very similar to this that I bought in Target (more about them later) in Washington at Christmas (courtesy of Granny and Connie) that I absolutely love. I normally run a mile from bright colours, but there is something very traditional about a yellow rainmac, and this is a great one. And I love the striped lining – a lovely detail. It does come in other colours, but the yellow is definitely my favourite.

letters & numbers

14 March 2012

Mibo Alphabet Print (40cm x 50cm)
Red Direct do some fantastic things for kids. I’m a huge fan. I actually bought Tabarlow most of their Christmas presents from there, and they loved them all. The thing I like about the things they (carefully) select is that they are things that obviously appeal to kids, but that also look happen to look great, so you don’t mind them hanging around your house, tripping you up. I really love these prints, and they will encourage your child to learn their numbers/alphabet at the same time as looking great hanging on their bedroom wall. I’m all about the multi-tasking (well I am a mum of twins!).

cable knit jumper

13 March 2012

Monsoon Cable Knit Jumper (6-12 months)
How great is this jumper? Again, like the DPAM blouse, it has a bit of a mini Isabel Marant feel about it. I love that it is cool, but still quite classic at the same time. I’d definitely dress Tabitha in it too (with a skinny jean and a desert boot), even though it’s officially a boy’s jumper. A shame that it’s only available in such a small range of sizes, but I liked it so much I still wanted to share!

chinos for spring

12 March 2012

H&M Chinos (4-18 months)
These are a great alternative to jeans now that Spring seems to finally be here (although I won’t be packing the snowsuits away just yet). Love the colour, the faded stripe, and the lightweight feel. They are 100% cotton, which is always a bonus too. Will look fab with a grey sweatshirt.

mini moi

11 March 2012

Du Pareil Au Meme Printed Blouse (3-23 months)
This top comes from a French store that I am completely obsessed with. It’s one of my favourite shopping haunts ever, and is relatively unknown outside of France. I was first taken there by Glamour Editor, Jo Elvin when we at the Paris shows together one season when I was pregnant with the twins. When I first walked in, it was more jumble sale than Bonpoint, so I was distinctly underwhelmed. But once I got stuck in and started rummaging, I unearthed all sorts of amazing things, and had a basket literally overflowing with goodies. And when I saw the prices, that was it, I was hooked!! It’s particularly great for girls’ things – I love the smocks, blouses and dresses. But I did get a great army-style jacket for Marlow there once which is super-cool. So when I discovered their website, I was so excited I felt the need to share it with you all! How fab is this top? A little bit hippie, a little bit Isabel Marant, and dare I say it, a little bit me… Love!

cashmere hat & scarf

10 March 2012

1. Cos Cashmere Hat (2-6 years)
Marlow has this hat and I absolutely love it on him. It looks great, is incredibly soft, and really keeps his ears warm. And he also loves it, so, amazingly, doesn’t try and take it off all the time (this of course may change at any time!).

2. Cos Cashmere Scarf (one size)
I bought this scarf for my friend, Mary Alice’s little boy, Louis last year, and it was a big hit. I might have to buy Marlow one too now. There is nothing I like more than the feeling of cashmere on babies/kids, and this is such a great price for a little bit of luxury. It would make a really lovely present too (just ask Mary Alice!).

little liberty

9 March 2012

Zara Home Kids Liberty Print Nightdress (1-5 years)
How excited am I about the recent launch of Little Liberty, the brand new childrenswear department in one of my absolute favourite stores, Liberty? Very! I want everything!!  The prices don’t get my pulse racing in quite the same way though I have to admit. But, hey, it’s always fun to window-shop for inspiration (and if you don’t live in London, there is a great website to drool over), and I’ll definitely be keeping a very close eye on the sales (and will report back my findings to you all of course). So to celebrate the launch, here is a beautiful nightdress from Zara Home Kids in original Liberty art fabric. Ok it’s officially a nightdress, but in my opinion, is far too pretty to save for sleeping, so what’s stopping it from becoming a dress? Not exactly super-cheap, but still a great price for an authentic Liberty print (which I always love), which you will never tire of, and is always lovely to keep or pass on. Wear with a long sleeved grey t-shirt/body (H&M always do a great ones) underneath until Summer.

chukka boots

8 March 2012

Next Suede Boots (size 4-12)
I spotted these boots in Next (they are doing such great kids’ things at the moment) the other day and immediately snapped them up for Marlow. They are so cool. They look just like Marlow’s dad’s boots from Common Projects (Marlow loves that too, which is so sweet). They also come in navy, which I’ll be purchasing on my next (Next) shopping trip.

magic numbers

7 March 2012

Bob & Blossom T-Shirts (1-5 years)
I can’t tell you how many of these I’ve bought as presents over the years! I first discovered them in the amazing children’s department in Fenwicks on Bond Street. They are the perfect present – a huge range of colours to choose from (more than I’ve shown here), great for girls and boys (a great twins present too because you can give two similar gifts that aren’t exactly the same), good quality, and look really cool. Oh, and let’s not forget the fab price (they look like they would cost a lot more). Wrap one up in gorgeous tissue paper and you have yourself a lovely gift that really feels quite special. Love them!

the perfect pea

6 March 2012

Gap Quilted Peacoat (0-24 months)
This is such a great find. Navy, grey lining, machine washable, detachable hood (very handy), warm and cosy… And most importantly, looks fab. Navy is such a great colour to have in your child’s wardrobe because it always looks cool and stylish, and looks good with everything, so you don’t have to spend time (which, let’s face it, you don’t have) thinking about what it will go with. I always love a peacoat myself, and they always look so cute on kids. This is a boy’s jacket, but I would definitely put Tabs in it too.

peter pan collar coat

5 March 2012

J Jasper Conran Pink Waffle Coat (0-18 months)
Now as you know, I’m not a big fan of pink (Tabs has virtually none in her wardrobe), but something made me stop and give this little coat a second look. And I know exactly what it was – the gorgeous Peter Pan collar and the bow. And the shape is so sweet (classic, but in a good way). It’s borderline sugar-pink, but if you style it with neutrals such as grey, oatmeal or navy, I think it would look adorable. In fact, it’s not dissimilar to a navy Sandro coat of mine now I come to think of it…

striped dungarees

4 March 2012

Boden Everyday Dungarees (0-4 years)
Love these. There’s always something so cute about boys in dungarees. And the ticking stripe is perfect. They also come in a really great denim blue. Marlow had a similar pair from Boden when he was younger, which I always loved him in.

embroidered dress

3 March 2012

Zara Embroidered Dress (3-36 months)
I just bought this dress for my friend Emer’s (an ex-colleague from Glamour) little girl, Constance, and can’t wait to give it to her. Why didn’t I buy one for Tabs at the same time?? Ok, it is officially a Summer dress, but it can be worn with tights and a cardi until then. I love that it has quite an old fashioned feel to it, but not in a frumpy way. And of course, that it’s not pink! And the matching knickers are such a sweet touch (and can be worn on holiday to run around in for a cuter/more stylish alternative to regular bikini bottoms, with/without a nappy). Zara really does have the best dresses for girls. And I will be going back to get one for Tabs later this week.

cute floral blouse

2 March 2012

1. The Little White Company Peter Pan Collar Floral Blouse (0-24 months)
Tabitha wears some version of a blouse or tunic most days. They always look so sweet with jeans and a little cardigan, which is kind if of her ‘look’. It’s a kind of ‘pretty tomboy’ vibe which I love on little girls. You’ll never catch Tabs busting out a pink, frilly dress that’s for sure. So this blouse is a great example at a great price. The Peter Pan collar is such a cute detail too.

2. Zara Jeans With Bow Detail (3-18 months)

baby cardigan

1 March 2012

Mothercare Chunky Knit Cardigan (tiny baby-12 months)
I bought this gorgeous cardigan for my new nephew, James (who is equally gorgeous I might add). It’s so stylish, and looks really expensive. In fact, Tabarlow had cardigans very similar to this that I bought for them to wear when they came home from hospital (after a long two months in the neonatal unit), but they definitely did not cost £16.00 (closer to £60.00 if I remember correctly). Naturally, I love that it’s grey, but I like the hood and the fact that it’s double-breasted, and has a slightly hand-knitted feel. Would also double up as a little jacket in the Spring. A brilliant gift, or something to buy for your own baby if you’re pregnant.