I never get bored of stripes…

30 May 2012

French Connection Navy Stripe Tee (2-13 years)
I picked up this lovely t-shirt for Marlow (even though it’s officially a girl’s tee) the other day when I was browsing in French Connection (and checking out the lovely new homeware collection at the same time). It’s lovely, soft cotton and not too thick, so perfect for those days when it’s not quite hot enough for a short sleeve, but you still want something light. Admittedly, it’s perhaps a teeny bit more expensive than other similar Breton-style tops on the high street, but the cut is great (slim but not too tight), and the quality of the cotton is lovely. Definitely worth the extra pennies. It’s also washed really well (dull but important when it comes to kids’ clothes). I even chucked it in the tumble dryer (although pretty much all of Tabarlow’s clothes go in the dryer!) and it came out as good as new. It also has a cute little cut-out, keyhole detail with a button at the back (the only real giveaway that it might not be a boy’s top…). I’m definitely going to go back and pick up another one for Tabs.
£16.00-£19.00  frenchconnection.com 

peter pan: my collar of choice

29 May 2012

Cyrillus Blouse with Peter Pan Collar (6-36 months)
I am always a big fan of the Peter Pan collar (for babies, little girls and for myself). Apart from anything else, I just love saying it! And they always just always look so sweet. I like that the print on this one is quite neutral and understated. Tabitha lives in pretty little blouses similar to this, and I always love them on her. They just feel a bit more special than a regular top or t-shirt, but can still be great for every day with jeans or shorts.
£25.00  cyrillus.com 

military chic

28 May 2012

La Redoute Boy’s Army Style Cap (one size)
I’ve been on location in beautiful Hyde Park all day today, shooting a Military story (it’s a big trend for Autumn/Winter) for the September issue of Red. This means I am tuned in to all things military right now, so when I spotted this fab cap I felt I had to share it with you all. After searching all over London for one for Tabitha and Marlow’s dad (after he lost his favourite Marc Jacobs navy one that I had bought him) for Christmas, I discovered that the official term for this particular style of cap is a ‘tram driver’s cap’ (you can’t say Little Spree isn’t informative!). I just think they are a little cooler than a regular cap (and make a change from a sun hat). This one only comes in one size, but it has an adjustable strap at the back. Perfect for cool little boys.
£11.00  laredoute.co.uk 

mini marni?

27 May 2012

M&S Girl’s Open Toe Bow Sandals (sizes 4-13)
You’d been forgiven for thinking these are Marni (they have just launched a kids’ collection after all). They totally look like they could be! I just love everything about them – the navy spot/stripe combo, the (non-perfect) bow, the fact that they are espadrilles… And of course, the fact that they aren’t Marni, and are a tenner (or less if you are shopping for very little girls!). You’ve gotta love M&S!
ps: a (very cool) fellow Fashion Editor friend of mine, did actually think they were Marni! So there you have it.
£9.00-£10.00  marksandspencer.com 

building blocks

26 May 2012

Red Direct Vintage Alphabet Blocks
Never underestimate the power of the simple building block. Tabarlow (Marlow in particular) absolutely love playing with them, and they have learnt so much at the same time – fine motor skills and letter names (that’s the science bit to you and me). These are particularly lovely ones, and would make a really great gift. As always, Red Direct hits the spot.
£25.00  reddirect.co.uk 

cool cut-offs

25 May 2012

H&M Girl’s Denim Shorts (12 months-8 years)
Little girls always look so cute and cool (always the perfect combination in my book) in denim cut-offs. But the trick to pulling this look off is to ‘pretty them up’ a little. I would style these ones with a pretty peasant/smock top or blouse (extra points if it’s a little sprig floral print!) and sandals for a lovely, easy Summer outfit for a little girl. Perfect.
£9.99  hm.com 

beautiful bows

24 May 2012

Verity Jones Velvet Hair Clip (medium)
This is one of my most recent discoveries, and one that I am very excited about, and keen to share. As you all know by now, I am ever so slightly obsessed with hair bows/slides for Tabitha. I am constantly on the look-out for great ones in great colours (it is always the colour that seems to be the issue) that don’t cost the same price as a manicure! Julia Jones decided to start making her own hair bows/slides/bands/elastics when she just couldn’t find what she wanted (tasteful, pretty colours) in the shops, and named the business after her daughter, Verity (sweet!). So she now has her own collection of beautiful hand-made bows in the most gorgeous colours ever! This is just one of my favourites, but the list of colours, fabrics and sizes is endless (and not so much as a hint of ‘that pink’ in sight) – you really should check them out for yourself. I particularly love this little velvet one, but I could literally buy dozens… I’m now obsessed with Verity Jones! Love, love, love.
ps: I’m tweeting lots of other great Little Spree finds (can’t possibly post everything I see!), so follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss out.
£3.00  verityjoneslondon.com 


23 May 2012

H&M Spotted Bikini (1-8 years)
Ok, so it’s officially Summer (well for the next few days at least) in London! Time to bust out a bikini and the paddling pool. And as bikinis go, this is one of the cutest on the high street. I love the combination of spots and frills, and the Fifties vibe. And of course, I love that it’s navy and most definitely not pink (the lining doesn’t count!). Adorable.
£7.00  hm.com 

deja vu…

22 May 2012

Next Suede Boots (sizes 4-12)
For the more beady Little Spree readers out there, you might be getting a slight feeling of deja vu right about now. Yes, you have seen these fab chukka boots before back in March, but in grey. They were one of the most popular items I have posted to date, so I thought they were definitely worthy of a second outing in navy (I’m not just being lazy!). As you all know, I love all things grey and navy for boys (and girls too for that matter), and they are two colours that go with pretty much anything. Marlow has the grey ones (in fact he was wearing them today with his French Connection navy & white long sleeved t-shirt and Boden girls’ skinny jeans), and these navy ones will be coming his way very soon…
£21.00  next.co.uk 

know any mini bridesmaids-to-be?

21 May 2012

Ilovegorgeous… Baby Daisy Dress (0-24 months)
This is one of the prettiest dresses I have ever seen for a baby girl. My great friend (and amazing make-up artist), Kim was searching for a bridesmaid dress for her nine month old daughter, Marcie. Turns out, it’s not as easy as you think to find a lovely one in such a little size. This is the one she ended up buying. Ok, so it is not officially a bridesmaid dress, but I agree that it makes a perfect one. I love that it has a slight Victorian feel, and I particularly love it in this gorgeous shell pink (always a favourite of mine). I am going to buy one for Tabitha to wear in the Summer – you don’t need a wedding to have an excuse to wear a dress this beautiful.
£51.00  ilovegorgeous.co.uk

corgi cool

20 May 2012

Joules Corgi Jumper (4-12 years)
If the Union Jack jumper didn’t hit the spot for Jubilee style, this might be more up your street (party). I don’t know what it is about corgis, but they always make me laugh. So add a crown at a jaunty angle and a Jubilee extended bank holiday weekend, and I’m virtually hysterical. I just think this is a brilliant find for any Jubilee celebration. Would look super-cool just worn with skinny jeans for boys or girls. I’m just sad it doesn’t come in age two…
£39.00  alexandalexa.com

baby bee

19 May 2012

This post is dedicated to my colleague, the lovely Laura, Fashion and Shopping Editor at Red, who is pregnant (and a Little Spree fan).  She asked me which skincare products I use on the twins, and I am often asked this by other mums too. So here is the answer. I have been using the Baby Bee products since the twins were babies (not right away though – water and Infacare did the trick for the first few months). The products are really lovely and gentle on their skin, have no nasty ingredients, and the smell is just gorgeous! It’s not the cheapest, but it lasts for ages (and remember, I’m getting through twice as much as most mums!) because you only need to use a tiny amount. I just associate the smell with them now (trust me, it’s addictive!), so can’t imagine switching anytime soon. I have just featured the bodywash/shampoo and lotion here, but I also use the nourishing baby oil and the nappy ointment too sometimes. I also love the lavender and vanilla ‘calming lotion’ for bedtime. So there you have it.

1.  Burt’s Bees Baby Bee shampoo and wash  £5.83  amazon.co.uk
2.  Burt’s Bees original body lotion  £8.50  amazon.co.uk

floral romper

18 May 2012

No Added Sugar Eden Romper (3 months-2 years)
I love this. As you know by now, I am a big fan of the romper/playsuit (call it what you will). They always just look so effortlessly cute. They are great for layering under other things, but personally I just love them worn on their own with sandals on a sunny Summer day. And they don’t come much prettier than this.
£32.00  johnlewis.com 

denim hoodie

17 May 2012

Vertbaudet Baby Boy Hooded Denim Jacket (3 months-3 years)
I love that this is a little different from your average little boys’/babies’ jackets. It has that all-important combination of style and practicality – striped lining, zips in all the right places etc. And it just has those little extra details that the French always seem to nail so perfectly.
£23.00  vertbaudet.co.uk

the perfect sundress

16 May 2012

Lands’ End Ribbon Tie Seersucker Dress (4-6 years)
Blue and white stripes, seersucker, ribbon ties, 100% cotton… Tick, tick, tick! I just love the simplicity of this gorgeous dress. It’s just so pretty, but without being overly girly. I guarantee this will be one of those dresses that is permanently either on or in the wash…
£20.00  landsend.co.uk

stylish snack boxes

15 May 2012

Paperchase GB Trippers Set Of 4 Snack Boxes
I spotted these when I was in the Paperchase store in Westfield the other day doing a card haul. As a mum of toddlers, I am always armed with various snacks at all times. But what to put them in? These are so sweet, and more importantly, easy to locate at the bottom of your (bottomless) bag. The different sizes are really useful too. Perfect for pieces of fruit etc for your little ones.
ps: bought the Zara cream crochet ‘mini birkin’ dress (as posted on 26th April) for Tabs today. Just tried it on her – it looks so gorgeous! They only had a few left, so get your skates on if you want to get one (and I definitely think you should!).
£7.00  paperchase.co.uk 

another jumper day…

14 May 2012

John Lewis Striped Jumper (3 months-3 years)
I know it’s another jumper, but it’s most definitely another jumper day (in London anyway). This one from John Lewis is just a great one at a great price. Every little boy should have at least one navy and white striped jumper in their wardrobe at any given time. I also like that this one is cotton, so your little one won’t get too hot and bothered if it’s one of those days where the weather can’t make its mind up (erm, that will be pretty much every day then…).
£14.00 – £15.00  johnlewis.com 

who knew bunny ears could be so chic?

13 May 2012

Monsoon Ditsy Bunny Ears Headband (one size)
This headband is just adorable. I’m so over the regular (and let’s face it it – pretty tacky) bunny ears headbands that you get for little girls on the high street. This one is so pretty and just a little bit different. A perfect addition to a dressing-up outfit/party costume, and also just a fun way to accessorise a regular, everyday outfit for a little girl. Would make a cute (and inexpensive) gift too. Love.
£4.00  monsoon.co.uk 

sunny sandals

11 May 2012

Mini Boden Leather Sandals (sizes 22-39)
I am not normally one for bold colours where kid’s clothing (or any clothing for that matter) is concerned, but something always draws me to this particular shade of yellow. It’s a pop of colour, but still looks cool and chic. I recently bought these for Tabitha and they look so great with jeans and dresses. I like that they have a bit of a Birkenstock vibe going on, but are a little bit more girly. But they are selling out fast, so if you want to get your hands on a pair, you’d better strop reading and start clicking…
£22.00-£24.00  boden.co.uk 

it’s all about a sweatshirt

10 May 2012

Cos Melange Sweatshirt (2-6 years)
I always love a grey marl sweatshirt (and live in them myself – I particularly like them dressed up with a skinny trouser, heels and a sparkly drop earring, but enough about me…). I love that this one is more of a charcoal grey. I copied Sam (one half of a another twin duo that Marlow & Tabs hang out with) with this one from Cos. Marlow literally lives in his. Wear with…

1. Cos sweatshirt  £20.00 cosstores.com
2. Next shorts  £6.00  next.co.uk
3. M&S shoes  £8.00  marksandspencer.com

toadstool magic

9 May 2012

Caramel Toadstool Night Light
I have been searching for this lamp for over two years now! I bought one for the twins’ room when I was pregnant, and I absolutely love it. And so do they. I bought theirs from Trotters, but they haven’t stocked them for some time. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Caramel stock them! This picture definitely does not do it justice though. It’s quite big (it’s sits on the floor in the twins’ room), it’s made from robust moulded plastic (Tabitha often likes to perch on top of it when it’s switched off), and emits a lovely, warm glow to the room. I actually leave it on all night for them. It’s just so cute, and it really does feel quite magical when it’s on.  Would make a really lovely/cool gift.
£50.00  caramel-shop.co.uk

jubilee jumper

8 May 2012

Thomas Brown Union Jack Jumper (2-11 years)
Are you getting into the Jubilee party spirit yet? I wasn’t, but then I spotted this gorgeous jumper! How cute would it look on a little boy at a street party? And let’s face it, I think a jumper is probably going to needed if this current crazy weather we’re (still) experiencing is anything to go by (you could always switch jeans for shorts if the sun comes out).
£29.99  trotters.co.uk 

one for the girls

7 May 2012

H&M Girl’s Cotton Sun Hat (4-18 months)
I have posted a few stylish sun hats for boys, so I thought it was time for a girl’s option too (although obviously I have absolutely nothing against little girls wearing little boys’ hats, and the ones I have posted would all look great on girls anyway). I just love this one. I always find the ties a bonus too (one less battle to fight…).
£2.50  hm.com


6 May 2012

Vertbaudet 4 x Pack Of Knickers (6 months-3 years)
Just because they are so cute… But I am curious to know who these six month old babies are who are wearing pants already?? I am also curious about the missing pair of pants in this pic when they are sold as a pack of four? But hey, don’t sweat the small stuff right?
£6.00  vertbaudet.co.uk 

mini marc

5 May 2012

J By Jasper Conran Striped Dress (0-24 months)
This dress just instantly made me think of Marc by Marc Jacobs dresses (including some that I have bought for myself!) – cute, but most definitely cool. The wide nautical stripes, the over-sized bow, the A-line silhouette… Just dress it down and keep it cool with simple sandals or desert boots. Super-cute.
£20.00-£21.00  debenhams.com 

cosy cardigan

4 May 2012

John Lewis Shawl Neck Cardigan (3 months-3 years)
I know I can be quite old-fashioned, but I always love little boys in cardigans. They always look so sweet. This one is great because it’s a bit more substantial than some, but still looks really lovely and chic. Great for layering over a long-sleeved t-shirt/top. Buy a bigger size and wear it with the sleeves turned up initially, then it will last you a good while. And a great hand-me-down for little sisters too.
ps: unfortunately I don’t have time to post all the stylish things I find for little ones, so I am going to start tweeting things too. So follow Little Spree on Twitter for a little extra chic, petit, style for less…
£16.00-£17.00  johnlewis.com 

stay safe in style

3 May 2012

Chambers & Beau Children’s Safety Bracelet
These bracelets are such a great idea. Ok, so in an ideal world we’re not supposed to lose our kids, but we all know that it’s just not always possible to watch them every second of every day. And when you’re on a beach on holiday and your kids are running all over the place without a care in the world, that is the time when you might just lose sight of them. These cute little i.d bracelets offer you peace of mind without having to physically attach your child to you (or writing your mobile number on their arm in marker pen – yes really!). Just pop one of these cool, stylish bracelets on your little one’s wrist (with their name & your mobile number engraved) and you know that if they do get lost in a crowd, or wander off when your back is turned, someone can easily contact you and let you know where they are. Clever huh?
£35.00  chambersandbeau.com 

crazy horse

2 May 2012

Stella McCartney Kids Horrace Jumper (3-36 months)
As much as I love Stella McCartney Kids, it’s a little on the expensive side for Little Spree (it would have to be a very little spree indeed!). Then my lovely friend Kim told me about this cute jumper that she had bought for her daughter, Marcie. Ok, so £40.00 for a children’s jumper may not be the bargain of the century, but I think it’s a pretty fab price for such a cute and quirky jumper from Stella. And I think you would get tons of wear out of it if you make sure you buy it in a slightly roomier size. Wear with…

1.  Stella McCartney Kids jumper  £40.00  stellamccartney.co.uk
2.  Gap skinny jeans  £15.95  gap.eu
3.  Jo Jo Maman Bebe floral sandals  £14.00  jojomamambebe.co.uk 

surfer chic

1 May 2012

Monsoon Hibiscus Print Shorts (3 months-3 years)
I love the whole ‘mini surfer’ vibe of these shorts. I always find boy’s shorts tricky to find (well, nice ones anyway), but there’s something I really like about these. Normally I would go for something plain, or a seersucker stripe if I was feeling a bit crazy, so I actually surprised myself by liking these! They will look really cute with a grey t-shirt and navy sandals/hi-tops.
£12.00  monsoon.co.uk