Cos Colour-Block T-shirt (1-8 years)
Why is so hard to find good t-shirts (even completely plain ones) for little boys? It’s such a mystery to me (I have had more trouble finding T-shirts for Marlow this Summer than anything else for the twins collectively). Thank God for Cos! You just can’t beat them for cool, stylish kids’ clothes that don’t cost the earth. I tend to find myself buying more things for Marlow than Tabitha here, simply because I generally find it harder to buy great boys’ things than girls. I just love everything about this T-shirt. The colour combination is spot-on. This is at the top of Marlow’s shoping list!

miller time

Miller Seersucker Dress (6-18 months)
I love Miller! They do such lovely things, but they are not necessarily what I would class as ‘high street’, so I usually (reluctantly) give them a wide berth. Hello sales! Suddenly Miller is on my shopping list! This is the most perfect Summer dress as far as I’m concerned – gorgeous colour (and completely plain), simple shape, seersucker (I love anything seersucker!), cotton, smocked, and cute buttons at the back. It has all the elements of a classic little girl’s dress, but in a slightly more modern package. And what an amazing bargain! What’s not to love?
£22.00 (was £55.00) 

desert boots, but quicker!

Cyrillus Ankle Boots (sizes 20-24)
You already know how much I love a desert boot for kids, so you can imagine my excitement when I found these from one of my favourite French kids’ labels. Still as stylish and versatile as a regular desert boot (I’ve yet to find something that they don’t look great with), but with a velcro strap (so you can get out the house that bit quicker!). And the colour options coudn’t be more perfect – navy and dusky pink (always two of my favourites). Now I know they are not exactly cheap as chips, but I think £52.00 for a pair of really lovely, French kids’ boots is actually pretty great. I will be buying both colours for Tabarlow.

loving lötiekids!

Lötiekids is a new discovery for me, but one that I really feel is quite special, and that I’m really excited to share with you. It’s a gorgeous little capsule collection from Spain of stylish, easy-to-wear basics in lovely, soft, stretchy cotton. Many of the pieces feature charming, original little prints such as this bicycle one, which I particularly love. I also love this pretty, dusky-pink (always one of my favourites, but generally not that easy to find on the high street). These are not necessarily designed to be pyjamas, but I always find it so difficult (a nightmare in fact) to find nice girl’s ones, that I thought this set would make the ideal pair for Tabitha for the Summer. But they also double up as lovely separates to wear every day. How clever! They also do great printed sleepsuits that go up to age three (super-cosy). Love!

1. Lötiekids printed top (1 month-5 years) £13.50
2. Lötiekids printed leggings (1 month-5 years) £13.50

stripes never fail

Petit Bateau Baby Boy Striped Trousers (3-24 months)
I’m definitely in the mood for a bargain today. I have had my eye on these Petit Bateau trousers for a while now, but resisted posting them until today. I just love them (and they would be just as cute for little girls too). They are a great shape for babies and their nappies, but still super-chic. And at £24 in the sale, I think they are a great investment. More sale bargains to come (I have plenty more up my sleeve!).
£24.85 (were £35.50) 

ps: I hot-footed it across Paris like a mad woman today after shooting (while the rest of the team chilled out in their rooms, getting ready for dinner) to get to the Bonpoint sale shop before it closed at 7pm. And it was definitely worth it. I was really pushed for time (the shop assistant was politely hustling me out as I tried to look at more things…), but I managed to leave with the following: a gorgeous little floral blouse for my friend Des’s new baby girl, a checked smock-top for Tabs, a cool pair of striped skinny trousers for Marlow, and the girl’s version for Tabs. Not bad for ten minutes work. And trust me, my bank will not be calling me to check whether my credit card has been stolen either! If you are ever in Paris, it is well worth a visit (and it’s in a great location too, which is unusual for a sale shop – they are normally either stuck out near the airport or in some dodgy suberb that you can’t find for love nor money). Here’s the address so you have it: 42 rue de L’Universite, 75007 Paris (open Monday-Saturday, 10am-7.00pm).


Zara Jumper With Back Detail (3-14 years)
This is understated chic at its best. A gorgeous, simple jumper for every day that will go with everything and look great no matter what (plus, it looks expensive – always a bonus). Just add jeans (or it would look fab with a striped trouser) and you have such a cool, simple outfit. And it has a little keyhole detail at the back which just adds a little ‘je ne said quoi’ (sorry, I’m in Paris – couldn’t resist…).

gingham girl

The Little White Company Yoke Blouse & Bloomers (0-24 months)
I love the sales for kids’ clothes. Things that you might have looked at before, but decided not to buy (usually because you didn”t really need it), suddenly take on a new lease of life now that the price tag has changed! Some people might consider The Little White Company a little pricey for the high street, but they always have a great sale. This little baby set is just adorable. Love the different sized checks, and the bloomers are just too cute. It may not feel very Summery now, but as some point, when the Summer does eventually arrive, this outfit will be absolutely perfect. In fact, my lovely friend Des has just had a baby girl called Missy (how cute is that name?). This little number might well be coming her way…
£15.40 (was £22.00) 

ps: I am in Paris again, and this time I have a whole afternoon free before we start shooting tomorrow. But all the shops are closed! This is literally torture.

old-fashioned charm

John Lewis Baby Vintage Floral Dress (0-12 months)
Now this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I always love a dress that looks like it might be a vintage one (or really is). My only stipulation with these kind of dresses is that they can’t be too long. They need to be short/short-ish so they still look cute. Too long and they just look frumpy and sort of ‘wrong’ somehow. This one has all my favourite ingredients – smocking, a Peter Pan collar and a little floral print… Oh and let’s not forget the matching knickers! So, so sweet. And you could easily wear it with knitted tights (navy) when it’s too cool for bare legs (I buy Tabitha’s from John Lewis and Mothercare – they both do great plain, knitted ones in charcoal and navy – I will post more info on these next week – I’ve had a few emails about tights recently). Would make a lovely present too.

the go-with-everything top

Trotters Liberty Print Top (2-11 years)
I bought this the other day for Tabitha. I just love the muted colours (quite unusual for a Liberty print) and the ease of this kind of top. It will go with pretty much everything – jeans, stripey leggings, denim shorts etc etc. It’s a great smocky shape and a really lovely, light-weight cotton. I like that tops like this are just a bit ‘prettier’ than a regular t-shirt/top, but still look relaxed and not too girly. Tabs will live in it.

ps: I have to apologise to anyone who tried to buy the CFK bikini from Monoprix that I posted on Tuesday. I was so excited when I found it on their website after buying it in the store, and assumed that they would ship to the UK. But it turns out that they don’t, which is so frustrating. I’m so sorry. I will of course, share with you any other gorgeous bikinis that I come across (that I know you can definitely buy from the UK!). More fool Monoprix – they are missing out on some seriously savvy shoppers…

that’s the magic number

H&M Long Sleeved T-Shirt (4-18 months)
Marlow has this and I really love it on him. It’s so simple, but just has something really cool about it. I think it reminds me a little of the Isabel Marant t-shirts from last season… I find H&M sizing quite generous, so even though this only goes up to 18 months, Marlow was still wearing his until quite recently (and he’s not small for his age!). What a steal for £4.99! Shame the Isabel Marant ones weren’t quite such a bargain…

itsy bitsy teeny weeny

C.F.K Cotton Striped Bikini (3-14 years)
This is one of the bikinis that I bought for Tabitha in Monoprix in Paris yesterday. This is the red striped version of the grey one I bought (you can see that one on Twitter). It’s so cute! It’s cotton and the top is smocked. The sizing does come up quite small though (teeny weeny), so bear that in mind (I bought Tabs age three and she is two and a half and quite little for her age). Such a great price too. The French really are amazing at producing gorgeous, inexpensive kid’s clothes. Love.

tablecloth checks

La Redoute Checked Shirt (18 months-5 years)
I always love what are sometimes referred to as ‘tablecloth checks’. This is a great, classic boy’s shirt from La Redoute. Will look fab with a grey cashmere cardigan, jeans (or shorts) and desert boots (every time I spot a gorgeous, beautifully dressed child in Paris, I can’t help noticing that they are wearing desert boots, so it’s not just me that’s obsessed with them!).

ps: my shopping window was a very small one indeed in the end, so sadly I only managed to pop into Monoprix (but I’m actually coming back to Paris again on Sunday for a few days, so hopefully I’ll be able to carry on where I left off). But I scooped up some really great things, including two absolutely adorable girl’s cotton bikinis from CFK for 17 euros each – one in grey & white stripes, one in grey with tiny white spots (both with smocked tops), a cream spotted long sleeve girl’s blouse with a Peter Pan collar for 18 euros, some fab melamine cups covered in little stars, and some cute spotted plates in the most gorgeous colours. It was a modest one, but overall I was quite pleased with my haul (I have tweeted pics). I got some great kitchen things too, but don’t worry, I won’t bore you with those…


Next Spotted Tunic (3 months-6 years)
How cute is this? And so Marni! I’m loving the double collar and the little patch pockets. It is sold with white leggings, but naturally I have ditched those (white leggings have no business in anyone’s wardrobe, I don’t care how old you are). Wear it with faded skinny jeans, or just as a short tunic-dress (with or without navy knitted tights). Love.

ps: greetings from beautiful Paris (where the sun is shining, but apparently not tomorrow when we are actually shooting…). Have found my shopping window though, and that’s early evening tomorrow when we’ve finished shooting for the day. Can’t wait. I’m limbering up for a trolley dash!

m is for marlow

Oliver Bonas Alphabet Tote Bag
In addition to the various ‘non-baby baby bags’ that I have, I also have a supply of simple, cotton tote bags (just to confuse my nanny and Tabarlow’s dad!) that I also use for ferrying all their stuff around in. In fact, now that Tabarlow are two and a half, I don’t really need the full-on baby bag at all, and often just use a tote to chuck everything in. They are just so easy. I spotted this one in Oliver Bonus in Chiswick the other week, and loved it. I am also obsessed with anything monogrammed. You can get the initial of your child (with twins – not so straightforward – will probably have to get an M and a T and alternate?), and there you have it – a personalised ‘non-baby’ baby bag. Obviously I love that it is grey too. Oh and it has a zip, which is always a bonus (no pun intended). Would make a great, inexpensive gift (anything monogrammed always goes down a treat I always find – just feels a little more thoughtful…).

ps: I am off to Paris tomorrow morning to shoot a story for the October issue of Red magazine. I can’t wait to hit my favourite high street haunts for kids. DPAM (Du Pareil au Meme) is always the first place I go! Can’t wait. I will be posting from my hotel room tomorrow evening (hope they have wifi!).

skinny alternative

Cos Classic Blue Jeans (3-4 years)
Some days you just don’t feel like rocking a skinny jean. Some days you just want something a little more relaxed… Same goes for little boys. These jeans from Cos are a great alternative because they are looser than a skinny, but not too baggy (my pet hate in boys’ jeans as you know). They are based on a classic five pocket style that taper at the leg. I really like the classic indigo colour too. They will look great with a hi-top or chukka boot. Sold!

marly marl

Zara Textured Jersey (2-14 years)
I’m completely nuts about this top! It’s just so effortlessly cool, and I always love anything in a marl grey. It actually reminds me of a few long sleeved t-shirts I have (and live in) from Isabel Marant Etoile and in fact, Zara. It’s just a scaled-down version. I’m finding that Marlow is wearing  a lot of these kind of tops/jumpers at the moment – light but with a long sleeve. They are just so useful. I know I tend to post more top halves, (particularly for boys) but this is not an oversight. I just find myself buying less jeans/trousers/shorts and more t-shirts/tops/jumpers because the bottom half can be plain and simple (as long as it’s a good shape etc). If you have a few good pairs of jeans, you’re pretty much sorted, which is why I tend to repeat-buy if I find something I particularly like. So there you have it.
ps: ok, so I went to the sale at Little Liberty yesterday (I felt so pleased with myself after miraculously managing to bypass anything in my size). And I have to say, they had some great bargains. As you know, I’m not a big fan of designer kids’ clothes with hefty price tags, but at the end of the day I am only human (and I am a Fashion Editor after all), and can’t resist a good sale bargain. I was reasonably restrained I felt, but this is what I left with (this time):
2 x Hartford boys cotton (they feel amazing!) plain t-shirts: £15.00 each
Stella McCartney Kids denim tunic-dress (ridiculously cute!): £33.60
Miller striped cotton smock-top (super-cute and will last for ages!): £23.50

time for a sundress!

Milliemanu Liberty Print Sundress Dress (18 months-8 years)
Ok, the sun is out, so time for a gorgeous sundress! Another pretty Liberty print (you know me and my Liberty prints…) in a lovely simple design (I’m pretty sure I had a dress just like this when I was little). So sweet. I love the smocking (always!) and that the straps are elasticated and adjustable (tiny details, but important ones). You can also wear it with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath (a navy & white striped one would be my choice – no surprises there!). And once it starts getting a bit small, it will transform into an equally gorgeous smock-top. I also love that it’s a blue floral print – makes a nice change from the pinky Liberty prints. Needless to say, Tabs has one (although she hasn’t worn hers yet).
ps: I am off to check out the Little Liberty sale now. Word on the street is that there are some great bargains to be had! I will report back my findings in tomorrow’s post. Exciting!

christening chic

I am often asked what to dress a baby in for their christening (or baptism/naming ceremony etc). Everyone will have different opinions on this one, but I will base my answer on how I dressed Tabarlow at their baptism. As you know I am quite traditional, so I always knew I wanted them to wear a full-on christening gown, and I initially started looking for vintage Edwardian ones. But I quickly discovered that most of them were either too fragile to actually be worn, or too tiny, or both. Now Marlow was diplomatically described as a ‘bonny’ baby, but the truth is he was just a bit fat, so I ditched the Edwardian idea pretty quickly (it’s not about the christening gown ripping at the seams in the middle of the service). Then one day, I was in John Lewis and just happened to spot their selection of christening outfits. I immediately homed in on this one (this is the very one that both Tabitha and Marlow wore) because it was simple enough to be worn by a boy and a girl, and traditional enough to satisfy my vintage craving. I loved it. You can’t see all the detail in this picture, but it’s ivory, 100% silk, has a lovely Peter Pan collar, pintucking, little puff sleeves, a sash ribbon tie and is very long! It also comes with a hat, but these weren’t worn. It’s really beautiful, and a great price. I then bought lovely cashmere cardigans from Chinti & Parker (sadly they are no longer making childrens’ clothes) in grey and oatmeal and had their initials embroidered on to each one (I think this is a really sweet idea, and such a lovely thing to keep). I love these ones from Les Tricots de Margot (you’ll be seeing more of their pieces coming up), and I think they are a great price for good quality cashmere. It was a December christening, so they also both wore cashmere knitted tights under their gowns, and cashmere bonnets for extra warmth. But even if your service is a Summer one, a cashmere cardigan is always a chic and useful thing to have for before/after the service, or it’s a drafty old church… Anyway, I loved their ‘look’. Hope you do too.

1.  Christening Gown (3-12 months)  £70.00
2.  Cashmere Cardigan (3-18 months)  £46.00
3.  Cashmere Cardigan (3-18 months)  £46.00 

the non-leak water bottle (yes really!)

Mini Bobble Water Bottle (385ml)
Leaky water bottles are literally the bane of my life. I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t (even the ones that go to great lengths to claim otherwise), and because I refuse to have a naff purpose-built baby bag, said bottles leak all over my (non-wipe clean thank you very much) handbag. SO irritating. Then I saw a friend with her twin daughters who had these. I have seen them before, but never used by kids. So I went straight out and bought Tabarlow one each, and they absolutely love them (and they are really easy for them to use). If you haven’t come across them before, they work using an ingenious replaceable carbon filter. When water passes through it, the carbon removes any chlorine and organic contaminants. So you can just fill it from your kitchen tap. How clever is that? They come in different sizes and colours, and look super-stylish. They are a godsend! No more leaky cups ruining your mags at the bottom of your bag. Hurrah!
ps: just to be clear, I have no problem with Peppa Pig and Thomas The Tank Engine as individuals (I’m sure they are both lovely), I just don’t necassarily need/want to see them on kids’ clothing (that’s just my personal preference). This is in reference to their mention in yesterday’s post by the way.