tootsa denim

31 July 2012

Tootsa MacGinty Denim Tunic-Dress (6 months-5 years)
Love, love, love this dress! So cool. It reminds me of those fab denim tunic-dresses that Stella McCartney did a few seasons ago (which I loved of course!). Plus you can wear it with or without tights (preferably grey knitted), making it a ‘year round’ dress. And how cute are the patch pockets? Do I need to go on?

blanket style

30 July 2012

The Black Rabbit Striped Blanket
It might be because I’ll be on a plane tomorrow, but my thoughts have turned to blankets (and this one definitely won’t make anyone’s hair stand on end, I promise!). I always think a lovely blanket makes one of the best baby presents ever. They come in so handy in those first few months, and then, if you look after them, they will last for years. Tabarlow are sound asleep upstairs as I write this, with their gorgeous grey cashmere blankets that I bought them (courtesy of their lovely Granny in New York) when they were just a few days old, still in their cots. And they love them (they call them their ‘silver blankets’). I love that they were wrapped in them when we brought them home from hospital and are still tucked up in them now. I feel the same about baby quilts, but more about those another time. I also love the colours of this one. It would be great for a boy or a girl, and is not too ‘baby’ (if you know what I mean?). It may not be cashmere (and this is reflected in the price), but it’s 100% lovely lambswool, and machine washable. It would look super-chic in any pram.

ps: I am flying to New York tomorrow to shoot a Knits story in The Hamptons for the November issue of Red magazine. I must confess, I am looking forward to a bit of down-time on the plane (these days it is the only place where I can truly switch off). I will, as always, try my best to continue posting daily, but please forgive me if I am not able to. I will be back on Friday anyway, so you may not even notice I’ve gone!

pram chic

29 July 2012

Red Direct Dolls Pram
I bought this for Tabitha for Christmas last year when she was just about to turn two. I saw it when I was buying some other things from Red Direct, and instantly knew I had to get it (in fact, I think as I have mentioned before, I bought most of Tabarlow’s Christmas and birthday presents from there). It’s really sturdy (and doesn’t tip), so it’s easy for Tabs to push around, and holds quite a few dolls at once. And as you can see for yourself, it’s so cute. She does of course, have the inevitable cheap and nasty (Barbie pink) plastic dolls buggy that she also loves (Marlow has one too actually), but she definitely uses this one as much (which isn’t usually the case with the tacky vs tasteful dilemma where kids’ toys are concerned). Admittedly, the cheap one lives at Grandad and Grandma’s house… Anyway, this one looks great, so I don’t mind it hanging around in the living room once all the toys are tidied away. And she hasn’t grown tired of it yet. And even when she does, as she gets a little older, I will probably still keep because it looks so lovely just storing her dolls and teddies. And it’s now in the sale for just £37.50. It would make the loveliest gift.
£37.50 (was £47.00) 

swimming in liberty

28 July 2012

Zara Home Kids Liberty Print Swimming Short (2-5 years)
Sorry for posting another thing from Zara so soon, but these are in the sale, so may not be available for much longer, so had to share. And I always find it really hard to find (I feel like I’m always saying this about everything…) good swimming shorts for boys, so was so happy to find these. The paisley print is from a Liberty Arts fabric, which I absolutely love.  And they are 100% cotton, which is always a good thing in my book. If you have a little boy (even if he’s younger than two years – keep them for later), you should buy these.
£14.99 (were £29.99) 

t-shirt dressing

27 July 2012

Lötiekids T-shirt Dress (1 month-5 years)
This is just the coolest, easiest dress ever. I love it’s simplicity, and I hardly ever see good t-shirt dresses for little girls (I love a t-shirt dress myself too, and in fact am wearing one today). It’s a great length – not too long and frumpy (a personal pet hate for girl’s dresses); A-line, and has a cute little pocket (Tabs likes to keep stickers in hers). It just has that cool factor, but not in that creepy ‘mini adult’ way that I hate. And it’s the same great dusky-pink colour of the pyjamas I bought her. Also, she is going through that awful ‘Barbie pink’ phase at the moment (God help me!), so I was so relieved that she loves this colour too. A really great dress for the Summer. Love!

going native

26 July 2012

Native Miller Shoes (sizes 5 Jnr-2)
This post is dedicated to my two lovely friends, Kath and Kerry. Kath emailed me the other day to ask where she can get a stylish alternative to the popular ‘plastic shoes’ (you know the ones I’m talking about – don’t make me name and shame) as worn by adults and kids in the Summer, for her 18 month old son, Sam. Now I haven’t got time to tell you how much I hate this particular type of shoe, but I will tell you that I think they are the ugliest shoes ever, and no, it’s not ok to dress your kids in them. Sorry. Ok, so of course the next question is where can you get an acceptable alternative to ‘those shoes’ from? And the thing is, I can’t deny that it is useful to have plastic, waterproof (and not to mention, wash proof and odour resistant) shoes that you can get on and off easily in the Summer (particularly on holiday). So here is the answer – these fab shoes from Native Miller! Honestly, they are so great. I love that they have a bit of skater vibe too. When I was in Cornwall last week with Kerry, her son Finn had a pair, and they looked fab, so we have her to thank for these. A really cool recommendation. Thank you Kerry! I am definitely buying a pair for Marlow. Kath has already bought a pair for Sam and loves them. She also said that these ones look more navy in the flesh than the blue in the picture, which is even better as far as I’m concerned. They also come in various other colours, but these are my favourite. So there you have it, plastic shoes can be cool! Who knew?