tootsa denim

31 July 2012

Tootsa MacGinty Denim Tunic-Dress (6 months-5 years)
Love, love, love this dress! So cool. It reminds me of those fab denim tunic-dresses that Stella McCartney did a few seasons ago (which I loved of course!). Plus you can wear it with or without tights (preferably grey knitted), making it a ‘year round’ dress. And how cute are the patch pockets? Do I need to go on?

blanket style

30 July 2012

The Black Rabbit Striped Blanket
It might be because I’ll be on a plane tomorrow, but my thoughts have turned to blankets (and this one definitely won’t make anyone’s hair stand on end, I promise!). I always think a lovely blanket makes one of the best baby presents ever. They come in so handy in those first few months, and then, if you look after them, they will last for years. Tabarlow are sound asleep upstairs as I write this, with their gorgeous grey cashmere blankets that I bought them (courtesy of their lovely Granny in New York) when they were just a few days old, still in their cots. And they love them (they call them their ‘silver blankets’). I love that they were wrapped in them when we brought them home from hospital and are still tucked up in them now. I feel the same about baby quilts, but more about those another time. I also love the colours of this one. It would be great for a boy or a girl, and is not too ‘baby’ (if you know what I mean?). It may not be cashmere (and this is reflected in the price), but it’s 100% lovely lambswool, and machine washable. It would look super-chic in any pram.

ps: I am flying to New York tomorrow to shoot a Knits story in The Hamptons for the November issue of Red magazine. I must confess, I am looking forward to a bit of down-time on the plane (these days it is the only place where I can truly switch off). I will, as always, try my best to continue posting daily, but please forgive me if I am not able to. I will be back on Friday anyway, so you may not even notice I’ve gone!

pram chic

29 July 2012

Red Direct Dolls Pram
I bought this for Tabitha for Christmas last year when she was just about to turn two. I saw it when I was buying some other things from Red Direct, and instantly knew I had to get it (in fact, I think as I have mentioned before, I bought most of Tabarlow’s Christmas and birthday presents from there). It’s really sturdy (and doesn’t tip), so it’s easy for Tabs to push around, and holds quite a few dolls at once. And as you can see for yourself, it’s so cute. She does of course, have the inevitable cheap and nasty (Barbie pink) plastic dolls buggy that she also loves (Marlow has one too actually), but she definitely uses this one as much (which isn’t usually the case with the tacky vs tasteful dilemma where kids’ toys are concerned). Admittedly, the cheap one lives at Grandad and Grandma’s house… Anyway, this one looks great, so I don’t mind it hanging around in the living room once all the toys are tidied away. And she hasn’t grown tired of it yet. And even when she does, as she gets a little older, I will probably still keep because it looks so lovely just storing her dolls and teddies. And it’s now in the sale for just £37.50. It would make the loveliest gift.
£37.50 (was £47.00) 

swimming in liberty

28 July 2012

Zara Home Kids Liberty Print Swimming Short (2-5 years)
Sorry for posting another thing from Zara so soon, but these are in the sale, so may not be available for much longer, so had to share. And I always find it really hard to find (I feel like I’m always saying this about everything…) good swimming shorts for boys, so was so happy to find these. The paisley print is from a Liberty Arts fabric, which I absolutely love.  And they are 100% cotton, which is always a good thing in my book. If you have a little boy (even if he’s younger than two years – keep them for later), you should buy these.
£14.99 (were £29.99) 

t-shirt dressing

27 July 2012

Lötiekids T-shirt Dress (1 month-5 years)
This is just the coolest, easiest dress ever. I love it’s simplicity, and I hardly ever see good t-shirt dresses for little girls (I love a t-shirt dress myself too, and in fact am wearing one today). It’s a great length – not too long and frumpy (a personal pet hate for girl’s dresses); A-line, and has a cute little pocket (Tabs likes to keep stickers in hers). It just has that cool factor, but not in that creepy ‘mini adult’ way that I hate. And it’s the same great dusky-pink colour of the pyjamas I bought her. Also, she is going through that awful ‘Barbie pink’ phase at the moment (God help me!), so I was so relieved that she loves this colour too. A really great dress for the Summer. Love!

going native

26 July 2012

Native Miller Shoes (sizes 5 Jnr-2)
This post is dedicated to my two lovely friends, Kath and Kerry. Kath emailed me the other day to ask where she can get a stylish alternative to the popular ‘plastic shoes’ (you know the ones I’m talking about – don’t make me name and shame) as worn by adults and kids in the Summer, for her 18 month old son, Sam. Now I haven’t got time to tell you how much I hate this particular type of shoe, but I will tell you that I think they are the ugliest shoes ever, and no, it’s not ok to dress your kids in them. Sorry. Ok, so of course the next question is where can you get an acceptable alternative to ‘those shoes’ from? And the thing is, I can’t deny that it is useful to have plastic, waterproof (and not to mention, wash proof and odour resistant) shoes that you can get on and off easily in the Summer (particularly on holiday). So here is the answer – these fab shoes from Native Miller! Honestly, they are so great. I love that they have a bit of skater vibe too. When I was in Cornwall last week with Kerry, her son Finn had a pair, and they looked fab, so we have her to thank for these. A really cool recommendation. Thank you Kerry! I am definitely buying a pair for Marlow. Kath has already bought a pair for Sam and loves them. She also said that these ones look more navy in the flesh than the blue in the picture, which is even better as far as I’m concerned. They also come in various other colours, but these are my favourite. So there you have it, plastic shoes can be cool! Who knew?

stick it

25 July 2012

Belle & Boo Parade Wall Sticker (small or large)
I bought two of these charming wall stickers for Tabarlow’s bedroom when they were babies. In fact, they still had them right up until we moved house in June. They are just gorgeous (they have a real vintage feel which I love), and are such an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your child’s bedroom. They are fabric with a matt finish, so don’t look cheap, and instantly transform a room. I am a big fan of Belle & Boo’s illustrations, and first discovered them on birthday cards a few years ago. The ones I bought are the large size, and are approximately the length of a standard cot, and look great on a wall next to a cot, positioned just above the top of the cot (which is also lovely for the child, when they can eventually stand up and study them – Tabarlow were fascinated by all the different children, animals etc). They can also be moved around once they have been stuck, so you can re-position them (without ruining your wall in the process). So sweet.

lumberjack cool

24 July 2012

H&M Checked Shirt (1-8 years)
I spotted this the other day when I was in H&M buying a couple of really great Jane Birkin-esque crocheted ‘holiday’ dresses (couldn’t decide between the black and the white, so naturally bought both) for me. I would have bought it for Marlow then, but I was rushing to get home after a day at the Red office. But I am definitely going to get him one. It’s so cool. It actually looks very similar to a Marc Jacobs one Marlow’s dad has. And it wasn’t all stiff and starchy (which I often find to be the case with a lot of boys’ shirts). It had a really relaxed, laid-back vibe, which I loved (and still love). And it’s £5.99!

ps: I hit the Petit Bateau sale today in Richmond. They still have some great bits. Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been already. I got two pairs of pyjamas for Tabitha (I find it so hard to find nice (non-tacky) girls’ ones, whereas Marlow has so many great pairs – my favourites are from The Little White Company and Zara Home Kids), plus a classic Breton A-line dress (she has already had two of the long sleeved version that she wore into the ground), and some super-cute floral print bloomer-style shorts. Sorry Marlow, it just wasn’t your day today…

demin bottom

23 July 2012

Zara Denim Knickers (1-9 months)
During the Summer months I had a slight challenge dressing Tabitha when she was still wearing nappies (which was about two weeks ago!). When she wore dresses without tights, I had the whole issue with the nappy. I didn’t want to have a nappy on show (so not chic), letting her otherwise, cute ‘look’ down. So what to do? This is where knickers like these save the day! You can just pop them over their nappy, and they’re good to go (and still stylish in the process). I often used to just keep the ones I liked that were sold as a set with a dress (Gap often do them). Navy ones look good with most dresses. But good old Zara often just sell cute knickers on their own, such as these (I bought a gorgeous grey and white gingham pair last Summer that doubled up as bikini bottoms on holiday). I love that these are denim! Again, like navy, denim goes with pretty much everything, and they would look so cute with say, a Liberty print dress. These are now in the sale (sadly, only in size 1-3 months – sorry, should have posted them sooner) so I would snap a pair up quick if I were you!
£3.99 (were £7.99) 

ps: did anyone else order the lotiekids t-shirt and leggings that I posted on 27th June? I got back from Cornwall on Saturday night to find a parcel waiting for me. I absolutely love them! They are so cute (I bought them for Tabs to wear as pyjamas, but they will definitely be having an outing too at some point – probably separately), and the quality is fantastic. There is even a little name tag stitched into each piece which you can fill in. Such a sweet detail. Tabitha also has one of the plain t-shirt dresses (in that same dusky pink), which looks so cool on. I am a big fan (and I’m not on the payroll I promise)!

more stella bargains

22 July 2012

Stella McCartney Kids ‘Drew’ Baby Trousers (1-24 months)
These are such a great find. The ultimate ‘baby trouser’. Stylish, comfortable, light, easy to get on and off, and a little bit different from your average trouser. And not to mention, so cool! Love the cheesecloth ‘crinkle  cotton’, and the colours are spot-on (‘thistle’ and ‘cosmos’ – they even sound great). These would make the perfect holiday trousers for your little one/s. Once again, sadly Tabarlow (how cute would they have looked in both colours?) have outsized these, but if they were a little younger I would definitely be snapping up both pairs!
£22.20 (were £37.00) 

ps: back from Cornwall now. We had such an amazing time. And the sun is shining in London today too! Off to New York next week to shoot for Red, so need to get back into work mode… Lots to do!

different stripes

21 July 2012

Cos Striped Ankle Socks (2-6 years)
I am very fussy about socks (and pretty much anything else you can think of actually). Marlow has these and they are great. I like the pop of colour on the toe, and of course, I always love a stripe. Anyway, these are my favourite ones around at the moment, and they come as a set of two. Arguably not the most exciting post ever, but we all need socks after all. And socks deserve as much consideration as any other item of clothing. So don’t skimp on the socks!

sleeping star

20 July 2012

Bonnie Baby ‘Little Star’ Jumper (0-12 months)
I couldn’t believe it when I saw this! It was the first thing I ever bought (ok, officially Tom bought it, but I chose it) for Tabarlow when I was pregnant. I saw it in Selfridges and just had to have it. I bought another cashmere all-in-one at the same time (couldn’t just buy one when I was expecting two!). Anyway, I just thought it was the sweetest little jumper ever (and it was a great item to pop on when you have that constant stream of visitors in those early days, because it always looked so cute in the photos! It’s a great piece to buy before the baby is born because it’s obviously neutral colours (which also makes it a great baby gift too). I think it’s always lovely to buy a few really special pieces for a newborn, and they are always so easy to wear over a simple white/grey sleepsuit to ‘jazz up’ their look a little. Plus it’s cashmere, and you know how much I love baby in cashmere! Anyway, I absolutely loved it (and still do), and felt really nostalgic discovering it was still available to buy. Hope you love it as much as me!

the prettiest sun hat…

19 July 2012

Lille Barn Sweetpea Print Sun Hat (6 months-6 years)
This is one of the prettiest sun hats I have seen this ‘Summer’. Tabitha has a lovely Boden one that she has lived in on this holiday (it’s reversible – one side has a cute lemon print and the other has tiny spots). It’s adorable. But I think I might be buying this one too now. This is my favourite style of sun hat for little girls – traditional with a big-ish brim (for maximum shade), has the all-important (matching) ties, and obviously the print is just gorgeous. And now that it’s reduced in the sale, it has just gone straight to the top of my shopping list. It’s great that it comes in such a large range of sizes too.
£9.00 (was £18.00)

ps: Tabitha wore her new navy star print smock-top from Next today, and very cute she looked in it too (with her Gap faded denim cut-offs).

soldier or fireman?

18 July 2012

Imajo Crochet Soft Toys
How sweet are these? I always love crocheted toys for little ones (there’s just something about the simplicity of them…). They look so cute, and babies/kids love the way they feel. I couldn’t choose between the soldier and the fireman, so had to show you both! They are made by a co-operative in Thailand that works to support the local community, so not only do they look lovely, but you can give something back when you shop. They would make such a lovely (and original) baby present too.

ps: still having a lovely time in Cornwall (and still driving to Carbis Bay Hotel to post every evening – I’m so dedicated to the cause!). Poured with rain all morning, so Kerry and I left the boys and the kids with a giant train set, and hit the shops. We found a Next and an M&S a couple of miles away and both ended up buying some great things for the kids. I got a fab navy star print smock-top for Tabs and some cobalt blue trousers (they sound a bit questionable I know, but honestly they are really cool) for Marlow in Next; and a really pretty floral print smock-top for Tabs in M&S that I love. Not bad for a rainy morning’s work. In fact, we ended up on the beach at the end of the day, and Tabs wore her M&S top and it’s really gorgeous on her. Check out Twitter for pics of all my purchases.

a touch of leopard print

17 July 2012

Next Suede Desert Boots (0-24 months)
Now it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but personally I love a little bit of leopard print every now and again. I have a great bag (slouchy, and roomy enough to carry all my stuff for for Tabarlow) from Antik Batik that I absolutely love, and every time I use it, someone stops me to ask me where I got it from. But I only ever wear it with quite a dressed-down, simple outfit, such as jeans and a grey sweatshirt (and never with heels). That’s the trick. Dress it up too much, or worst of all, mix with other animal prints, and the overall effect is well, a little trashy… Leopard print is even trickier with kids’ clothes/accessories. It can all end up looking a bit cheap and nasty… I would generally advise to approach with caution, but there are definitely exceptions. Get it right, and it looks super-chic, and so cute. I really love these little boots, and they would look great worn with simple, neutral trousers/jeans (grey/navy/brown, beige) and a simple jumper/smock top/t-shirt. Just make sure the rest of the outfit is completely plain. I think they look rather French and expensive too. They would also look sweet with navy tights and a plain dress. Just make sure you’re not wearing any animal print at the same time!

ps: having a wonderful time in Cornwall. The weather is definitely ‘mixed’, but so far, no rain so I think that’s pretty good going. And this afternoon we were all on the beach at Carbis Bay and it was just beautiful. We could have been on a beach in Costa Rica! (I will tweet a pic to prove it!). The sea and sand are so lovely and clean, and it wasn’t super-crowded because we arrived at around 3.30pm (the perfect time as far as I’m concerned). Tabarlow absolutely loved it! And Tabs finally got to wear one of her CFK bikinis (the grey spotted one to be precise), which she loved (the top stayed on for all of ten minutes though!). So all in all, a great day!

love (& breton stripes) is all you need

16 July 2012

Beau Loves Striped T-Shirt (12 months-3 years)
I am writing this with the most beautiful view of Carbis Bay in Cornwall in front of me (no wifi at the house, so I’ve come on a little drive to post…). I am down here for a week with my dear friend, Kerry and her family. Tabarlow are beyond excited about the beach, and specifically rock pooling (thanks to their heroine Peppa Pig). So I felt a natural urge to post a striped t-shirt. Now you know I’m a huge fan of a Breton t-shirt of any description, but this one is a little different. And I love it. And it’s in the sale!
£17.50 (was £22.00)

smock + spots

15 July 2012

Du Pareil Au Meme Spotted Blouse (1-23 months)
Yet another gorgeous little smock top from my favourite French high street label. This is also another example of one of those tops that is constantly either on or in the wash. Personally I always think they look best worn with jeans (preferably skinny), but they also look cute with leggings too (and as always as a little dress with tights on babies). They just always look cute and super-stylish. And they just feel a little different to what you would find here. And I love the grey and spot combination. Super-chic.

another day, another bargain…

14 July 2012

Caramel Gingham Baby Trousers (3 months-2 years)
I love Caramel, but generally give it a pretty wide-berth during non-sale time (purely down to economics). Hello sale, and hello fab bargains! I just think baby boys (and indeed, girls) always look so cute in trousers like these. Stylish, but still comfy and practical (loose, but not baggy – big difference). Will look great worn with simple, plain t-shirts, jumpers and cardigans. Or even a grey sweatshirt or a little blouse. To be honest, they would look great with pretty much anything! Love the oversized gingham checks too.
£31.00 (were £52.00) 

girly romper

13 July 2012

Stella McCartney Kids Romper (1-24 months)
There are still some great bargains around in the sales, and this is most definitely one of them. I tend to steer clear of designer kids’ clothes normally (for all the reasons I mention on the site in ‘about’), but come sale time, it’s a whole different story. Stella Kids always have a great sale, and I have fallen head over heels in love with this romper. It’s just so pretty (and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, you all know how much I love a romper!). Again, sadly Tabs is too big for it now, but for all little girls out there under two, you definitely need this gem in your wardrobe. It would look super-cute with the Boden yellow sandals. Do bear in mind though that Stella’s sizes come up quite tiny, so I would definitely size-up to be safe. So what are you waiting for? If Tabs can’t have it, I would at least like one of your daughters/granddaughters/nieces/goddaughters to!
£31.80 (was £53.00) 

could this be the chic-est sleepsuit ever?

12 July 2012

Cyrillus Sleepsuit With Peter Pan Collar (1-24 months)
When I see things like this, it really does make me want to have another baby (mine are too big for this now sadly – if I could squeeze them into it, trust me I would!). There is just always something so lovely about cuddling a baby in a sleepsuit that I can never quite explain in words. And could this one be the most gorgeous one ever? Grey, Peter Pan collar, tiny embroidered stars, slip-resistant soles (ok, not necessarily chic, but definitely practical once they start staggering around!). And just so, French. Plus I think this is such a fab price. It would make the most adorable gift for a newbown. Love.

ps: thank you for all your lovely comments regarding the bikini giveaway. The winners of the three bikinis are: Sarah (grey spotty bikini, age 3), Gerry (navy spotty bikini, age 4), and Gillian (grey striped bikini, age 5). Congratulations! Please email me at the Little Spree address at the top of the site with your full names and addresses, and I will send them out to you once I get back from my holiday in Cornwall. And for those who weren’t lucky this time, worry not, there will be more giveaways coming soon…

bikini giveway

11 July 2012

I still feel bad about posting something so cute that you’re weren’t actually able  to buy from the UK… So I thought I’d spoil you with a treat. Here’s your chance to win a gorgeous C.F.K (the fab kids’ collection stocked at Monoprix in France) girl’s bikini. You may remember I bought two for Tabitha when I was in Paris shooting for Red a few weeks ago? Then when I went back a week later for another shoot, I headed straight to Monoprix to pick up some more for gifts and an extra three to give away to some Little Spree fans. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I bought three different prints (trust me, they are all equally adorable). They are all cotton, with a smocked top, and really cute (the striped one even has a bow on the back of the bottoms…). The sizing is quite small (I bought Tabs age three and she’s two and a half and quite little, so bear that in mind). Just remember, the grey spotted one is age three, the navy spotted one is age four, and the grey striped one is age five. For a chance to win one, simply leave a comment below, telling me about your favourite thing I have posted on Little Spree (and don’t forget to also say which bikini you would like). The three winners will be chosen at random, then I’ll personally send you your bikini. Simple. Good luck!

1.  C.F.K grey & white spotted bikini (age 3)
2.  C.F.K navy & white spotted bikini (age 4)
3.  C.F.K grey & white striped bikini (age 5) 


a pop of colour is all you need

10 July 2012

Cos Gingham Print Top (1-8 years)
Another print I always love is gingham. I just don’t know what it is, but it always looks so cute on kids (and very rarely looks cheap). This is such a fab top (and would look so sweet on a baby worn as a little dress with navy knitted tights). I love the colour combination of the low-key grey with the pop of acid yellow (yellow is one of the few bright colours that gets past me on this website!). And I always love this style of top for girls – it’s just so easy to wear. Add a pair of faded skinnies and your little one is one very cool girl indeed. And minimal effort required. And that’s always got to be a good thing right?

ps: so Sienna Miller has named her baby daughter after one half of Tabarlow! Is she a Little Spree fan perhaps? Great choice anyway. Never heard it as girl’s name I must admit, but I love it (obviously).

candy stripes

9 July 2012

Trotters Summer Shorts (2-11 years)
I bought these for Marlow in the Trotters sale a couple of weeks ago. There are such a cute, classic pair of shorts for little boys. They go with everything. And you may not be able to see from this picture, but they are seersucker and have little belt loops. Nice. Admittedly Marlow’s have only had one outing due to the Monsoon weather in London, but they looked super-cute worn with a little turn-up and his Hartford simple white cotton t-shirt (which I’m loving!). Fingers crossed he gets to give them a second outing (I’m not holding my breath)…
£12.99 (were £24.99) 

headscarf chic

8 July 2012

Zara Home Liberty Print Headscarf (one size)
I have a confession. I literally cannot go into a Zara Home store and leave empty-handed. It is impossible. Does that make me an addict? Probably! I just love this store (and not just for their fab kids’ stuff either, which if you didn’t already know, is different from what is stocked in Zara Kids). I buy tons of home stuff here (everything from bedlinen to baskets to lamps to crockery), and I love all the kids’ stuff – from the quilts to the gorgeous nighties and pyjamas (Tabarlow are both tucked up in bed right now wearing theirs, and yes, under their Zara Home quilts). And as you already know, I am a sucker for anything Liberty printed, and they always have a great selection (from bibs to baby bags). I am off to Cornwall on holiday for a week on Saturday (can’t wait!), so I’m slowly starting to switch gears into ‘holiday mode’. If you don’t fancy a sun hat for your little girl, then how about a headscarf? So sweet! Probably more suitable for a baby girl/toddler I would say.  And please forgive me if I post too many Zara things, but I do genuinely buy tons of things there for my kids (and myself), and just love what they do as a high street brand. And if you didn’t know that Zara Home stocks kids’ clothes/accessories as well as bedding etc, you must take a look next time you’re shopping (on the high street or online). And I challenge you to leave empty-handed!

ps: check out the new August issue of Red magazine, which has just come out (although I actually haven’t seen it myself yet!). I am in it, photographed with a fab, chic (and definitely non-mumsy) handbag that is roomy enough to hold your baby/kids’ ‘stuff’ as well as yours. Let me know what you think?

b is for for bits & bobs

6 July 2012

Oliver Bonas Alphabet Bag
I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have things that can only be classed as ‘bits & bobs’ (well there are other, even less technical terms, but I won’t be sharing those with you now!) that I carry around when I am with Tabarlow. These can range from a bottle of Calpol, to little snacks, to tissues, to well anything… But I don’t like to just chuck them into my bag because then I can never find them quickly when I need them. So I always have a little bag like this one onboard at all times. Ok, it’s technically a make-up bag, but the size is always perfect – not too big, not too small, and has a zip to stop everything falling out. I also really like the Liberty print ones that Zara Home always do – I have a few of those. They always go in the sale, so look out for them if you are in there over the next few weeks. Anyway, I love this one because you can choose your letter (like the tote bag I have already posted), so you can have your child’s initial, which I always think it really sweet. Obviously you could just have your own of course. As I’ve said before, I just love anything monogrammed – it always looks so chic. And this is going in your bag, so you don’t want it to look ‘baby-ish’. I love the grey with the yellow contrast zip. And a great price too!

stylish toy storage

4 July 2012

Homebase Lana Basket
I am literally obsessed with toy storage. I absolutely refuse to let my house look like a toddler drop-in once Tabarlow are tucked up in bed. During the day, I don’t care, (well, sort of), but I need my grown-up space back after 8pm thank you very much. I have tried various storage options, and baskets have always proved to be, by far the best. They look great in your house (in your living room and in your child’s bedroom/playroom – mine tend to move between the two), they are easy to chuck toys of various sizes into (and get them out again), and everything can be tidied away in a matter of minutes. They also make finding the toys easy for little ones, unlike some of the plastic alternatives with lids. I am constantly on the look-out for new ones (I don’t like too many that are exactly the same – they look much nicer grouped together when you vary the size and shape). Look for ones with handles – easier to move them around. I also generally prefer the natural coloured ones, although I do like white too. I’ve got mine from various places (including a great little shop in East Dulwich called Karavan that my friend Kerry tipped me off about), and I have literally just bought a set of two really lovely ones in the Laura Ashley sale today). One place I was not expecting to find any was Homebase! But low and behold, there they were – hiding in the gardening department (I think it is supposed to be a log basket). All you need to do is cut out the ugly bin liner attached inside (literally took seconds, and I’m no Kirstie Allsopp, believe me!), and you have yourself a rather chic toy basket at a great price (good baskets can be quite pricey). I currently have three of this particular one, and love them.

a taste of things to come at mini boden…

3 July 2012

I literally cannot wait for the new Mini Boden Autumn/Winter collection to hit their website. This is just a small selection of some of my favourite pieces – in order of ‘baby’, ‘girl’ & ‘boy’. I went to the press preview a few weeks ago (with Tabarlow), and was instantly smitten. It was such a gorgeous collection. I am already a fan of Boden for kids, and buy a lot for Tabarlow, but it has a very different feel for next season. Firstly, there is a new designer at the helm (Tara, a fellow twins mum as it happens), and it just feels, well, different. It just has a more whimsical feel that I love. The colours are more muted (plenty of my favourites in there – grey, navy and dusky pink amongst others), there are less bold pictures on things (although having said that, I am obsessed with this fab raccoon jumper!), the prints are sweeter, and it just has a bit more of a ‘French’ vibe. This is just a tiny taste of what’s to come, but trust me, the collection is literally brimming with beautiful things for your little ones. You are going to love it (and be surprised too I think). The collection will be available online from 31st July. Put it in your diary now! I have.

blue chinos

2 July 2012

John Lewis Boys Chinos (3 months-3 years)
Like T-shirts, I find boys’ trousers tricky to find (well ones that I would buy anyway). I tend to just repeat-buy jeans that I like for Marlow, but I do occasionally find the odd great pair of trousers along the way. These blue chinos are a great example (I spotted them as I was racing through John Lewis the other day). Love the colour, and the shape is spot-on too. And let’s face it, jeans can get a little boring can’t they?

I heart these sunnies

1 July 2012

Cath Kidston Heart-Shaped Sunglasses 
One minute it’s raining, the next it’s sunny. This is the Summer we’ve come to expect in England. So as long as there is a chance (however small) of sun, here are some super-cute sunglasses to wear.