mini stars

31 August 2012

Starchild Milky Stars Leather Baby Shoes (0-6 months)
Baby shoes/booties are just as tricky as toddlers’ in my opinion. You can find this type of soft-soled leather shoe (I used to call them ‘Michael Flatleys’ when Tabarlow wore them) everywhere, but can you find tasteful ones? Not easily. They are few and far between, believe me. This pair is definitely one of the cutest I’ve seen. Admittedly, white is perhaps not the most practical of colours for baby shoes (but let’s face it there’s not a whole lot of walking going on at this age…), but you can’t have it all! They are simple and stylish, and the tiny cut-out stars are just such a sweet detail (and just enough). And suitable for both boys and girls. Trust me, you’ll be lucky to find nicer ones (if you can, please share!), and these are just £10.00 in the sale! Oh and apparently their sizing is quite generous, so I’m sure these would last beyond six months. Love.
£10.00 (were £16.00) 

grey knitted tights

30 August 2012

John Lewis Pack of Two Cotton Tights (2-15 years)
I get so many emails (yes even in August!) from mums asking my advice on where to buy good girls’ tights, I felt they were deserving of their own post. I am (surprise, surprise!) very particular about tights (both for me and for Tabs, although I will stick to Tabs for the sake of this post). Firstly they have to be cotton. For Tabitha they must only ever be the cotton, knitted variety (I have an irrational phobia of little girls, particularly babies, in regular opaque tights – the white ones literally bring me out in hives, even at christenings…). I am very picky on colour and design too. I have dabbled with the occasional pair of striped tights, but always end up hating them once they are on (too gimmicky for me, although I am not entirely against them). So this narrows is down to a rather modest selection of navy, grey and charcoal. Sorry! But before you get too depressed by this limited colour palette, allow me to lift your spirits by adding that all those colours go with pretty much any other colour, so you don’t have to faff about so much in the morning getting (your little ones) dressed. I always buy these John Lewis ones (but they only start from age two, so no good for babies I’m afraid), which also come in, yep, you’ve guessed it – navy and charcoal. I also buy the Mothercare ones, which also come in a pack of two. Zara always do great ones too, particularly if I’m feeling really crazy – they do lovely cable and ribbed ones (Tabarlow wore charcoal ribbed ones under their christening gowns).  I do also like brown and beige too actually now I come to think of it.  So there you have it. If anyone else has any other leads, I would love to hear from you (unless it’s about white, opaque ones – you can keep those).

vintage style nappy cover

29 August 2012

Mila-Moo Floral Nappy Cover (size: newborn)
These are just so cute!  Similar to the pretty knickers I have previously posted, these are slightly different in that they are designed specifically to go over nappies (such a great idea). They are handmade from cotton Liberty fabric, are elasticated for extra comfort, and have a pretty velvet trim. And as for the bow? Too adorable for words… Would make the most beautiful gift for a newborn. It’s things like this that seriously make me want to have another baby! Almost.

little boots

28 August 2012

Start-rite Navy Boots (sizes 4E Jnr-6.5E Jnr)
I’m now constantly on the look-out (on high-alert in fact) for great shoes for babies and toddlers because so many people have emailed me about this very subject, and how hard they find it to get decent ones. How cute are these navy boots from Start-rite’s ‘English Classics’ range? They almost look a bit Victorian, which of course, I love (just leave the velvet knickerbockers at home…). And no velcro/trucks/cartoon characters in sight! I just love that they are simple, classic and completely plain. And navy! And you know that Start-rite are def going to look after your little one’s feet. Love.

winter florals

27 August 2012

Lily Rose ‘Coralie’ Liberty Print Blouse (3-24 months)
I love the Winter florals trend that was all over the catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2012/13 (you will be seeing a lot of them around in the stores from now). Gone are the days when pretty floral prints were just reserved for the Summer months. I love nothing more than dressing Tabitha in a Liberty print (this one is Liberty Arts fabric) blouse, skinny jeans or cords and boots (usually desert) in the Winter. I will just add a simple grey cardigan over this blouse for chillier days. I particularly love the colours of this one, and the ric rac trimmed collar.

spotty jeans

26 August 2012

Next Grey Spot Skinny Jeans (3 months-6 years)
Printed jeans are all over the place at the moment (I’m still loving the Current Elliot faded leopard print ones…), and this is a really cool pair from Next. It’s getting to the end of ‘Summer’ and I’m starting to think less about Summer dresses and sandals and more about cool skinny jeans and jumpers (I think I’m talking about myself and Tabs now). I love that these are a little different from your average skinnies, but will still go with loads of things because of the neutral grey. Tabs will be rocking hers with a little blouse and hi-tops. Cute.

toadstool cool

25 August 2012

Little Bird by Jools Toadstool Doorstop
This is one of my favourite things from the collection (and one of Jools’ too apparently). I just love toadstool things for kids, and this is so cute. I love that it’s knitted, and has a really old-fashioned/vintage feel about it. But not only does it look adorable, but it’s practical too – great for little ones who are scared of the dark and need their bedroom door ajar. It would make the loveliest present too. I was going to buy one when I was in the store last week, but I was already a bit laden down, (and en route to see my great friend Des and her new baby, Missy) and it’s pretty heavy, so I had to (reluctantly) leave it. The great news is, UK delivery is free (hurray!), so I’ll be ordering one online (and a few extra for gifts too). In fact, I am going to do that right now…

simple & effective

23 August 2012

H&M Long Sleeved T-Shirt (1-8 years)
Ok, so not the most exciting thing in the world to post, but to be honest I’m still on a high from the Sun-San sandals, so felt today was a good day for a more subdued offering. I always buy Marlow’s t-shirts from H&M. They are cheap and cheerful, but really great quality. These ones are 100% organic cotton, and are always a great, slim fit (I hate baggy clothes on little boys). I just buy a stash of them in one go, and they get worn the whole time. I love that they are just completely plain. And £3.99! They also do great (plain) long sleeved all-in-ones for babies in a large selection of colours which are just brilliant for layering. I do find that H&M sizing can be quite generous though, so I would advise you to size down if you don’t normally shop there.

ps: if you don’t already, remember to also follow me on Twitter because I tweet different finds on there too. I am constantly seeing fab things when I’m out and about, and can’t possibly post them all on Little Spree, so Twitter is a great was of sharing in an instant.

my favourite sandals ever!

22 August 2012

Sun-San ‘Surfer’ Sandals (sizes 5 infant-12 infant child)
I have been obsessed with these sandals for for about a year and a half now. I first discovered them through my lovely friend, Coliena (a super-talented fashion photographer who I work with regularly) in LA, whose daughter always wears them. They are called ‘Saltwater’ sandals in America (which is where things start to get a little confusing…). You can buy them over here (Little Liberty stock a small selection of them as well as various other places), but not online. You can find them on US websites, but they won’t ship to the UK. But now they are trading under the name ‘Sun-San’ over here, and you can order them online directly from their website. Hurray! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am! These are just the coolest sandals ever. They come in tons of lovely colours, and slightly different styles (check them out for yourself on the website), but the classic ‘Surfer’ style has always been my favourite. They are great for girls as well as boys. They look fab on, are super-comfy (for both wide and narrow feet), and are also waterproof, so perfect for beach holidays. I have just ordered a pale pink pair for Tabs, and will see how the sizing comes up, then order a navy pair for Marlow. I had sort of given up on Summer sandals now that’s it almost September, but I just couldn’t resist these. Also, they start in quite little sizes, so they are great for pre-toddlers too.  Love, love, love!

crochet cool

21 August 2012

Gap Crochet Neck Dress (0-24 months)
This is the exact sort of dress that I love, and you will find me running around in in this humid weather at the moment. Simple, loose, (aka comfortable) and a little bit hippie. Perfect. So naturally, I will be buying one for Tabs. I didn’t see this until now (how it escaped my eagle-eye is quite beyond me…), so the sizes are a bit limited because it’s coming to the end of the sales, but if you’re quick you can snap one up for any cute ‘mini hippies’ in your life. It will definitely be one of those dresses that gets worn all the time, I can promise you that.
£10.99 (was £17.95) 

ps: I bought Tabs the most gorgeous dress from the Little Bird collection from Mothercare today. It’s a tiny floral printed smock-dress with long sleeves and a Peter Pan collar. It’s so sweet. And just £16.00! In fact I gave the whole collection the once-over in the Marble Arch store, and I have to say, it looks great. I loved the knitted toadstool doorstop – completely adorable. I will be going back to buy that tomorrow…

beach cosy

20 August 2012

Vertbaudet Towling Beach Poncho (2-12 years)
I love a towling beach poncho/cover-up (and in fact, have one myself – navy from Old Navy). They are just so cosy (and dare I say it, useful?). When we were on holiday with friends in Cornwall last month, all the kids wore them, and just looked so cute. Tabarlow have Boden ones (navy & white striped, as did their little friends – doubly-cute). They are just so perfect for that time at the end of the day on the beach when the sun is setting and it’s starting to get a  little chilly. So what’s wrong with a regular towel you might ask? Good question. And the answer is, these ponchos instantly warm them up, they are super-cosy, and they can still carry on playing until you’re all ready to call it a day (so you get to maximise your beach day as well as their fun). Plus they just look so sweet in them. These plain ones from Vertbaudet are fab, and almost as importantly, in the sale…
£20.00 (was £25.00) 

my best buy of the Summer

19 August 2012

Mini Club Boys Denim Shorts (6 months-5 years)
These shorts are without doubt my best buy this Summer. They may not look particularly exciting, and to be honest, they were just a quick purchase without too much consideration. But four months later I have realised that Marlow has literally lived in them. They are a fab shape, and just look really great on. And they go with everything in his wardrobe. You can’t really see from the photo, but the turn-ups are striped, which is a cute little detail that you probably wouldn’t expect from something bought in your high street pharmacy. Wherever I can, I always try and check things out in the flesh as well as online, because things can look very different. It can work both ways, but things often look so much better in real life than in a picture (these are a good example). I like to give things the once-over if I possibly can (and I’m very fussy, believe me). They were a bargain when I bought them for £11.00 back in April, so they are an absolute steal at £5.50 in the sale now! And I know it’s not very cool to admit, but I just love the fact that I get my Boots points too!
£5.50 (were £11.00) 

it’s all in the name

18 August 2012

Percy & Nell Personalised All-In-One (0-12 months)
Oh my gosh, how cute are these? I love anything personalised (particularly gifts), and these are practical too. I have to say, I particularly love the grey stripes (and there’s nothing to stop you ordering that one for a girl). The initial is covered in sweet little stars. They are made form lovely cotton (100%), and come beautifully gift wrapped too. You can only have up to nine letters though, so bad luck any Maximilian’s out there – one of these will not be winging it’s way to you any time soon I’m afraid…

mini grunge

17 August 2012

Topshop Mini ‘Grunge’ Jumper (3-18 months)
How cool is this waffle knit jumper from Topshop Mini? I spotted it the other day when I was in the store, scooping up some new additions for my own wardrobe. The collection is always small, but perfectly formed, and they have fab things for babies. I love that this is actually called the ‘mini grunge’ jumper! And I love this colour (‘Wedgewood’ is the new ‘duck-egg’ according to Topshop HQ…). Grunge is back and even our little ones can get in on the revival. Cute.

little spree loves little bird

16 August 2012

Little Bird is the name of the new (and super-cute) collaboration between Jools Oliver and Mothercare that is about to launch. The Red girls are all raving about it, and I can definitely see why. The collection includes everything from nursery bedding and accessories, to babies and childrens’ clothing and gifts. I love that everything has a slightly nostalgic feel about it that is almost retro, but way cuter. Think sweet, naive prints, little rainbows, animals and toadstools and you get the idea. Many of the pieces were inspired by Jools’ own childhood memories, and some of my personal favourites include this gorgeous little yellow suitcase filled with goodies for a newborn (such a lovely gift) for just £25.00. I also love the colourful wooden baby mobile, the knitted toadstool, and the little t-shirts with Liberty-esque print trims. Overall it’s an adorable little capsule collection that definitely won’t frighten your bank manager. Little Bird will be available in stores and online from tomorrow (Friday). Definitely worth checking out. 

checked smock-dress

15 August 2012

Du Pareil au Meme Checked Smock Dress (1-23 months)
I could only go so long without posting something from my favourite French high street brand. Love this! It’s the perfect dress to see you right through from Summer to Autumn, then Winter. I really like the subdued colour palette and the check print. And it’s that perfect smocky dress shape that always looks so great (and lasts and lasts as they naturally morph into a smock-top when they get a little small). Plus it definitely has a bit of a Harper Beckham feel to it, which can only be a good thing can’t it?

boys need cute pants too

14 August 2012

Gap Days Of The Week Dinosaur Pants (2-5 years)
These are the boy equivalent of the girls’ pants I posted on 8th August. I couldn’t stock up on cute kickers for Tabitha without getting a stash for Marlow too. Ok, so he is not particularly interested in them (are boys/men ever really?), but he does like the fact that they are all different, funny dinosaurs. Admittedly, he is even less interested in whether he is wearing Monday’s pants on Thursday (surprisingly). Anyway, these were by far the cutest ones around on the high street (although Petit Bateau had some great plain ones in the sale that I snapped up).

This would make a really cool baby bag

13 August 2012

John Lewis Leopard Print Tote Bag
I was in John Lewis this morning (buying a letterbox if you’re interested) and stopped in my tracks when I clocked this beauty on the ground floor. I am slightly obsessed with leopard print, but only in small doses, and it has to be the right kind of leopard print. I have mentioned my bag before (I have a great leopard print bag from Antik Batik that always gets a lot of attention whenever I use it), but have never come across another one that even comes close. Until today. This is a great size to just throw on your shoulder. It’s lightweight, and the design is really simple. I love that it looks slouchy (well it will once you’ve filled it anyway) The leopard print is spot-on (sorry, but it is!) and it is just a really cool bag. I think it would make a great baby/kids bag to chuck all that stuff in that we all lug around the whole time. I love it! I was so tempted, but I managed to resist. This time. Oh and by the way, it looks much nicer in the flesh (you have to trust me on this). Would look super-cool worn with jeans or anything low-key and casual (so perfect for us mums). I can’t stop thinking about it…

gorgeous maternity bag

11 August 2012

Zara Home Kids Maternity Bag
Now this really is a first for me. A ‘maternity bag’ (‘hospital bag’ to you and me)! How gorgeous is this? I have seen the baby bags that Zara Home do, and love them, but have yet to see their slightly smaller ‘sister’ bag until now. And the thing is, this would make a great baby bag afterwards anyway. Plus you can buy a matching changing mat and little zip-up sponge bag (I have loads of these for all Tabarlow’s varoius bits & bobs – they are so handy). It’s just so pretty. But I also love that it is slouchy so it has that whole ‘pretty cool’ thing going on. Would look great with jeans or khaki cargo pants. And I love the option of the long and short handles. And you don’t need me to tell you how adorable this Liberty print is. Plus I like that it’s cotton, not nylon. Just chuck it in the machine if it starts to look grubby. Obviously it would help to know that you were expecting a girl, but if you do, this is the bag for you. Treat yourself! It would also make a lovely present from say, work collegues (and if they’re feeling extra generous with the whip-round, they could even throw in the changing mat and sponge bag!) for someone about to head off on maternity leave. Love.