cute quilting

31 October 2012

Mini Boden Quilted Jacket (0-4 years)
Love this little jacket. It looks quite purple-y (not my favourite colour I must confess…) here, but actually it’s more of a slate-grey (according to Boden anyway, and who am I to doubt them?). The contrast trim and buttons are so sweet, and the more beady-eyed amongst you will also notice that the lining fabric is the same as one of the Boden jersey dresses from a previous post. A great simple jacket for every day, but one that just gives a little more bang for you buck. Oh Mini Boden, how I love thee this season…

sleeping on stars

30 October 2012

La Redoute Baby Star Sheets (set of two)
I’m about to move Tabarlow into little beds (late I know, but the later the better as far as I’m concerned!), so sadly I’m too late for these as well, otherwise I would definitely be ordering them. I think they are the chic-est, most stylish cot sheets I have come across to date (well that don’t involve extending your credit card limit and lying to your husband anyway…). And such a great price. And perfect for twins! Make sure you check the size guide before you buy though – they come in two sizes. Sweet dreams.

reefer jacket

29 October 2012

H&M Navy Reefer Jacket (12 months-8 years)
I have had quite a few emails asking about slightly ‘smarter’ coats for boys, now that we have the whole nursery-friendly, waterproof coats covered off. I love this reefer-style jacket from H&M. It’s smarter than an anorak (sorry, hate that word, but what else to call them?), but not too formal either (I’m assuming no one was wondering where to buy a dinner suit for a toddler from??), so great for every day. And it’s really cool. I always love a pea/reefer coat, and it always has to be navy (sorry, that’s just the law). This one has the great added detail of the extra zip-up roll-neck inside the lapels. Perfect for these chilly days.

I heart this jumper!

28 October 2012

Next Heart Bobble Jumper (3 months-6 years)
Now that nursery is on half term, my latest Little Spree obsession is jumpers. Mostly because it is SO cold today! We took Tabarlow to London Zoo, and they were bundled up in so many layers, they were barely able to lift their arms to point out the gorillas! I even resorted to my favourite trick of layering knitted tights under jeans (yes, Marlow too) to keep out the chill. So literally overnight, a pretty blouse with a cardigan over the top is just not cutting it anymore under a Winter coat. Time to call in the big guns: knitwear. I just love this jumper from Next so much. I was actually really torn as to which colour to post (it also comes in a sugary pink – a bit Maria Carey, but still super-cute if you style it up (or rather down) with the right thing. I love the bobbles! Such a sweet detail. Ok, it may not be your cosiest, most luxurious cashmere, but if you layer a lovely cotton long sleeve top underneath, you’ll be good to go…

star suitcases

27 October 2012

10 Little Birds Star Print Suitcases
How sweet is this set of three little cases? Tabarlow are obsessed with drawing and colouring at the moment, so I have accumulated quite a collection of crayons and pens (you can only imagine how tense I am about all those loose lids etc…). I have a case similar to these that I am currently using to keep them all in (although I have to admit, it’s not as cute as these). This is a perfect example of something that looks great, that you and your kids like (and we all know what a rarity that is?). And why stop at crayons – you could use these to literally store anything. They are also great to take out and about (I have started carrying said crayons and drawing pads with me when I’m out with the twins so that I know I always have their current favourite source of entertainment onboard to bypass any potential tantrums). Great for gifts too. Oh, and can we just talk about the price? £10.00 people! £10.00!

fade to grey

26 October 2012

Cyrillus Baby Cardigan With Raglan Sleeves (6-36 months)
I always love a grey cardigan (on babies, boys, girls, men, women…), and I just love the style of this one. The raglan sleeves, the mother of pearl buttons, the little flare at the hem… The perfect (chic-est), every day cover-up for the most stylish little ones…

ps: how relieved are you that I managed to get through that post without mentioning ‘that book’?