cute quilting

31 October 2012

Mini Boden Quilted Jacket (0-4 years)
Love this little jacket. It looks quite purple-y (not my favourite colour I must confess…) here, but actually it’s more of a slate-grey (according to Boden anyway, and who am I to doubt them?). The contrast trim and buttons are so sweet, and the more beady-eyed amongst you will also notice that the lining fabric is the same as one of the Boden jersey dresses from a previous post. A great simple jacket for every day, but one that just gives a little more bang for you buck. Oh Mini Boden, how I love thee this season…

sleeping on stars

30 October 2012

La Redoute Baby Star Sheets (set of two)
I’m about to move Tabarlow into little beds (late I know, but the later the better as far as I’m concerned!), so sadly I’m too late for these as well, otherwise I would definitely be ordering them. I think they are the chic-est, most stylish cot sheets I have come across to date (well that don’t involve extending your credit card limit and lying to your husband anyway…). And such a great price. And perfect for twins! Make sure you check the size guide before you buy though – they come in two sizes. Sweet dreams.

reefer jacket

29 October 2012

H&M Navy Reefer Jacket (12 months-8 years)
I have had quite a few emails asking about slightly ‘smarter’ coats for boys, now that we have the whole nursery-friendly, waterproof coats covered off. I love this reefer-style jacket from H&M. It’s smarter than an anorak (sorry, hate that word, but what else to call them?), but not too formal either (I’m assuming no one was wondering where to buy a dinner suit for a toddler from??), so great for every day. And it’s really cool. I always love a pea/reefer coat, and it always has to be navy (sorry, that’s just the law). This one has the great added detail of the extra zip-up roll-neck inside the lapels. Perfect for these chilly days.

I heart this jumper!

28 October 2012

Next Heart Bobble Jumper (3 months-6 years)
Now that nursery is on half term, my latest Little Spree obsession is jumpers. Mostly because it is SO cold today! We took Tabarlow to London Zoo, and they were bundled up in so many layers, they were barely able to lift their arms to point out the gorillas! I even resorted to my favourite trick of layering knitted tights under jeans (yes, Marlow too) to keep out the chill. So literally overnight, a pretty blouse with a cardigan over the top is just not cutting it anymore under a Winter coat. Time to call in the big guns: knitwear. I just love this jumper from Next so much. I was actually really torn as to which colour to post (it also comes in a sugary pink – a bit Maria Carey, but still super-cute if you style it up (or rather down) with the right thing. I love the bobbles! Such a sweet detail. Ok, it may not be your cosiest, most luxurious cashmere, but if you layer a lovely cotton long sleeve top underneath, you’ll be good to go…

star suitcases

27 October 2012

10 Little Birds Star Print Suitcases
How sweet is this set of three little cases? Tabarlow are obsessed with drawing and colouring at the moment, so I have accumulated quite a collection of crayons and pens (you can only imagine how tense I am about all those loose lids etc…). I have a case similar to these that I am currently using to keep them all in (although I have to admit, it’s not as cute as these). This is a perfect example of something that looks great, that you and your kids like (and we all know what a rarity that is?). And why stop at crayons – you could use these to literally store anything. They are also great to take out and about (I have started carrying said crayons and drawing pads with me when I’m out with the twins so that I know I always have their current favourite source of entertainment onboard to bypass any potential tantrums). Great for gifts too. Oh, and can we just talk about the price? £10.00 people! £10.00!

fade to grey

26 October 2012

Cyrillus Baby Cardigan With Raglan Sleeves (6-36 months)
I always love a grey cardigan (on babies, boys, girls, men, women…), and I just love the style of this one. The raglan sleeves, the mother of pearl buttons, the little flare at the hem… The perfect (chic-est), every day cover-up for the most stylish little ones…

ps: how relieved are you that I managed to get through that post without mentioning ‘that book’?

who says pink can’t be cool?

25 October 2012

Emma Levine Pale Pink Skinny Trousers (2-9 years)
As you know, I do struggle with pink sometimes (ok, that’s a lie – make that most of the time), but if that pink is the ‘right pink’ it can look super-cool. Tabs has quite a few pairs of dusky-pink cords and jeans, which I absolutely love on her (I can’t dress the poor girl in navy and grey all the time!), and these are about to be added to her collection. Such a great shape! And these kind of skinny trousers always look great worn with pretty smock tops and blouses (wear these ones with a neutral colour for best results!). Yep, still loving Emma Levine!


24 October 2012

John Lewis Striped Jumper (3 months-3 years)
Another day, another stripe. I always love John Lewis boys’ jumpers, and they always do a  great Breton striped one. I love that this one is a lovely caramel colour instead of the standard cream or white. And the buttons at the neck are a fab little detail that just add that little extra ‘something’. I’m going to John Lewis tomorrow, so may well snap one up for Marlow…

velcro cool

23 October 2012

M&S Denim Velcro Trainers (sizes 5s-12s)
Yes I am still obsessed with all things velcro! As you know, I’ve already bought the M&S navy suede velcro ankle boots for Marlow and they are great for nursery. And now I’ve discovered these too. Loving the denim, and the super-simple design. Might have to get these as well… Good old M&S!

paisley prints

21 October 2012

French Connection Paisley Dress & Knickers (0-18 months)
You don’t often see a paisley print on baby/kids’ clothing, so I was excited to come across this adorable set from French Connection. I particularly love this paisley because of the gorgeous faded tones (official colour description: ‘skimming stone & balsamic’?!). Anyway, I just love this dress, and you already know how much I love a matching knicker. Super-cute.

ps: flying home tomorrow. Miami has been fun (and hard work), but I’m really missing Tabarlow now. Counting the hours…

matching set

20 October 2012

La Redoute Baby Organic Cotton Cardigan & Trousers Set (0-2 years)
How chic is this little two piece? Makes a nice change from an all-in-one sleepsuit (particularly if your baby is still quite little and you have hoards of guests trooping though each day – this just feels a bit more ‘dressed’). I love the wrap detail of the top – just feels more expensive, and well, French. And great that a boy or a girl can wear it. And last, but not least, it’s covered in tiny stars, always one of my favourite prints for babies. Love.

mini mushrooms

19 October 2012

10 Little Birds Mushroom Fairy Lights
Looking for a cute alternative to a night light for your little one’s bedroom now that the nights are getting darker earlier? Look no further. Tabarlow still have their big toadstool night light on the floor in their room (which I love, but does need a new bulb, which is proving to be rather tricky to find, but anyway…), but how sweet are these mini woodland mushrooms? They come as a string of eight battery powered LED lights that you can simply hang anywhere in the nursery/bedroom. How cute! I have actually just recently discovered 10 Little Birds, and I am sort of obsessed with it. It’s a website that stocks a huge selection of adorable, original things for kids that are all £10.00 or less. So perfect for presents, pass-the-parcel, and those all important party bags. It’s a small, family run business, and the initial concept was based on ‘imaginative gifts at the most affordable prices’ (such a great idea). They also include many pieces from fair-trade businesses, and products that incorporate recycled materials. My only question is, are these mushrooms or toadstools?

flowers & lace

18 October 2012

Zara Floral Blouse With Lace Trim (3-36 months)
Some of my absolute favourite blouses of Tabitha’s have come from Zara (most of them in fact). They just always do such gorgeous ones – by far the prettiest on the high street. This one is at the top of my (Tabitha’s) shopping list!

h&m & unicef

17 October 2012

H&M’s ‘All For Children’ Collection
I loved it last time (I scooped up so many great pieces for Tabarlow), and it’s back again – H&M’s genius collaboration with UNICEF. These are just a few of my favourite things (how cute is that bow dress?), but there is much more (including a tent, wall stickers and magicians’ hats…). This time the collection is made up of cute fashion as well as fab dress-up pieces for both boys and girls (think Halloween costumes, but way cooler). The collection will be available from 18th October (tomorrow!) from around 300 H&M stores, as well as online. H&M will donate 25% of the sale price of every piece to UNICEF’s work in Bangladesh. Through this partnership, H&M and UNICEF aim to promote education and improve the health of children in slum areas around Dhaka in Banglasdesh. So you can shop up a storm and help a great, worthwhile cause at the same time. What’s not to love about that? 

ps: sorry for the gap in posts, but I have had wifi issues in Miami. I hope all these lovely things have made up for it…

pps: please don’t buy everything! Leave some things for me! I’m not back in London until Tuesday…

bow tie & braces

14 October 2012

Next Grey Printed T-Shirt (3-16 years)
As you know, I have a real thing about babies and little boys wearing ties or bow ties of any description (just seems so wrong somehow…). But how cool is this? I think it would be a really fun way of ‘dressing up’ for a more formal occasion, without going down the whole ‘three piece suit’ route (the mere thought makes me shudder). This is another example of something that I love, but I can’t quite put my finger on exactly why. Just because.

ps: I’m off to Miami tomorrow for eight days for work. I’m looking forward to checking out Crew Cuts, Old Navy etc. for some stateside bargains (ok, not so much at Crew Cuts, but I just love their stuff), so I’ll report back my finds. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter if you don’t already (I tweet quite a few extra things that I come across on my day-to-day travels).

colourful trims

13 October 2012

Mini Boden Hotchpotch Cardigan (1.5-14 years)
I just love the colours of this cardigan. Simple, but very effective. Dare I say it, a little bit ‘Crew Cuts’? I will be ordering one for sure (at the risk of repeating myself, I can totally see it with skinny jeans and tan desert boots…). Super-chic and super-cool.


12 October 2012

Bobo Choses Sleepsuit (3-24 months)
Couldn’t resist this. So, so sweet. Again, quite a pricey post (well for a sleepsuit anyway), but this is not something you are going to find in your usual high street haunts. Would make the cutest (and most original) gift for a new baby. Love

in the hood

11 October 2012

Les Tricots De Margot Cashmere Hooded Jumper (6 months-3 years)
I’m only interested in all things cosy at the moment, and you don’t get much cosier than this! It would work well in place of a jacket in this Autumn weather (as long as it’s not raining…). Love the neutral colour, front pocket (little ones always seem to love a pocket – mine love to stash their ever-growing collection of Happyland people in theirs) and the cool elbow patches. It’s not necessarily cheap, but as I have already mentioned, (just a few times…) the quality of the cashmere is fantastic, so I think it’s great value. I just love this company! Very tempted…

ps: exciting news if you’re a fan of Igloo Kids (I most definitely am). They are having a sample sale in Islington (sorry anyone outside of London). There will be a wide range of clothes, shoes, (they always have the best shoes!) toys and home furnishings for newborns right up to 12 years olds, all at unbelievably low prices. Yes! Thursday 1st until Saturday 3rd November, 10.00am-6.00pm at 300 Upper Street, Islington N1 2TY. See you there!

animals in suitcases

9 October 2012

Cath Kidston Suitcase And Set of 8 Zoo Animals
Tabarlow’s dad bought them this a while ago (he’s a child psychologist, so he does know a thing or two about what will appeal to kids, and consequently does end up policing most of their toys) and it was a big hit. I love the simplicity – no flashing lights or headache-inducing music or sirens (thank God). They (Marlow in particular) just love to sit and play with the animals for ages… I love the sweet little suitcase that they come in too. A really lovely, inexpensive gift for a boy or a girl.

so good I’ve posted them twice!

8 October 2012

M&S Panelled Welly Boots (sizes 4s-12s)
It’s not that long since I posted the red version of this exact boot, but when I spotted that they now come in yellow too (as seen with my own eyes in M&S in Westfied on Saturday), I had to share! I always love a yellow welly – such a kids’ classsic. Tabarlow have been wearing their red ones a lot recently, and I am very tempted to get them them these ones too now…

birds & flowers

7 October 2012

H&M Printed Blouse (4 months-2 years)
You have to search a bit to find them sometimes, but H&M always do really sweet little printed blouses for girls (in the baby section if you’re looking in store). They always stick to the same style (like this one – smock shape, elasticated neck and sleeves, and buttons at the top), and I have bought many for Tabitha as well as for various friends’ daughters. They are usually 100% cotton too, which at £5.99 seems pretty incredible doesn’t it? Maybe we shouldn’t ponder too long on that…  Anyway, this one has an adorable tiny bird and flower print, and the neutral colours will work with most things in your little one’s wardrobe (Tabs normally just wears these kind of tops with jeans and desert boots/hi-tops). Remember to size up, then it will last you twice as long!


6 October 2012

Lost & Found Heart Jumper (7-14 years)
I always find myself needing good, fine-knit jumpers for the twins at this time of year. I’ve already bought some great chunkier ones, but they are just too warm/heavy to wear at the moment. This one is exactly what I need (and does come in smaller sizes in the store – I saw them in the Kingston John Lewis). Cute design (love the camel and red combo) and the extra-long sleeves are a cool detail. What’s not to love?

ps: went to Westfield today in search of shoes for Tabarlow. Ended up buying the Jones Bootmaker suede desert boots (same ones they have already!). Marlow’s are navy, Tabitha’s are camel (only because they didn’t have her size in the navy, but I actually really love them). Also bought Marlow the M&S navy suede velcro ‘Walkmates’ for nursery (which he’s also had before!). For £20.00 you can’t go wrong really can you? Still on the hunt for decent velcro shoes for Tabs though. Not easy!

booty cool

5 October 2012

Zara Home Sheepskin Booties 
I’ve been meaning to post these for weeks. I saw them them in Zara Home in Richmond (my local) and was virtually planning a third baby just to have an excuse to buy them! They are completely adorable. Baby shoes can often make me tense (and don’t even get me started on baby trainers…) – they often just look ‘wrong’ and forced somehow. Not these. I like that they are still a baby booty, but with a little more style. Cute, stylish and chic (navy and sheepskin are definitely a winning combination in my book).

folk chic

4 October 2012

Emma Levine Joanie Striped Dress (0-24 months)
This is my favourite dress of Tabitha’s at the moment. I ordered it a few weeks ago and it has been her go-to ‘special dress’ ever since. I wish so much that it came in my size (I would live in it)! I love that is a little bit hippie/folky/vintage-inspired. It’s classic, but has an understated homespun charm that I just can’t get enough of. Yes, I’m sort of obsessed with Emma Levine at the moment…

mini me

3 October 2012

Cos Pleated Collar T-Shirt (1-8 years)
I have this top! I bought it about two years ago, and now it’s appeared in the kids’ collection! How cute. I have to get one for Tabitha! I love that it is a Breton, but a bit more, well, special. The gorgeous pleated collar just makes it so cool. And you won’t find anything like this anywhere else on the high street, I can tell you that much. Tabs will wear hers (when I get around to buying it…) with jeans (definitely nothing remotely ‘fancy’). And I think it’s a fantastic price (can it really be just £19.00?) for such a individual piece. I love Cos! The question is, will Tabs and I wear our matching tops at the same time?

time for a change

2 October 2012

Vertbaudet Compact Changing Table
This post is dedicated to anyone out there with limited space for a changing table (including my colleague at Red, Laura Fantacci, who has just had a beautiful little girl called Greta), which I know can be a big problem. Laura was going to have my changing table now that I no longer need it, but realised at the last minute that it was simply too big for the space in her nursery. This is the perfect solution – a ‘compact’ (just a little smaller than average) changing table, that also happens to look incredibly chic and stylish (it basically looks like a Bonton one, minus the hefty price tag). I love the fact that it has wheels (and they have brakes, so not a safety hazard) so you can move it from room to room if you need to (I remember moving our changing table from the nursery to the living room when Tabarlow first came home from hospital). It’s not necessarily the cheapest one out there, but it’s definitely one of the nicest ones I’ve seen (regardless of size), and I would certainly buy it if I was pregnant (I’m not). Click on the link below for the exact dimensions.


1 October 2012

Next Heritage Trousers With Braces (3 months-6 years)
Generally I am not a fan of kids ‘formal’ clothes, particularly for boys (well, girls can just wear a pretty dress can’t they?). My absolute pet hates are babies/toddlers wearing any of the following: blazers, waistcoats, suits (why oh why?) and any kind of tie. But sometimes you do want/need a slightly more formal outfit for a little boy (our recent run of christenings is the perfect example) – just something that feels a little more special (and less everyday) than jeans or cords. I just found these in Next, and they’re really great! They actually really remind me of a pair of trousers that I bought for Marlow in the Bonpoint sale shop in Paris back in June, i.e. they look French and expensive! And I actually really like the braces too (you can, of course just detach them if you don’t). Marlow’s trousers are always seem to be falling down at the moment, so even if you don’t want the braces on show, you can just put them under the top half (I would go for a navy cashmere jumper with these) to keep the trousers where they should be. Très chic.

ps: I am posting from The Peacock at Rowsley hotel in Derbyshire. And rather lovely it is too. I would definitely recommend it for a cosy Winter ‘mini break’. Lovely rooms and delicious food (and they seem to quite like kids too!).