love these meeces to pieces

H&M Mouse Slippers (sizes 7-7.5  8.5-9  10-11  11-12.5  13-1)
Love the Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse ballet flats? You’re going to love these! With more than a nod to their Marc cousins, these high street cuties are at the top of Tabitha’s Christmas list (she just doesn’t know it yet).  Love the shimmery silver, the chic Mary Jane style elasticated strap, and the cosy lininig (nice touch). A great gift/stocking filler. Super-cute.

dot to dot

Gap Jersey Dot Print Dress 0-24 months)
This is just such a useful dress (but obviously cute too – just being useful is not enough to make it onto Little Spree!). I bought it for Tabs a while ago (even though she’ll be three in January, she is tiny, so can still fit baby sizes – plus I only like short dresses on her) and she lives in it. It’s the perfect ‘chuck on and go’ dress for nursery. Other things to love about it: the tiny dots are navy (yep, it’s the grey and navy magic combination), the sweet little puff sleeeves, it’s 100% cotton, and so easy to wash… Think that’s enough to be getting on with. But hurry up, it’s selling out!

bananas in pyjamas

Little White Company Henley Jersey Pyjamas (12 months-8 years)
I always buy Tabs and Marlow’s pyjamas from The White Company. I love the quality, and that they are always pretty classic. I particularly love these ‘long john’ style ones because they are are cosy, skinny fit and don’t have the drafty wide legs (hate those). The elbow patches are a great added detail too. And of course, I’m all over the fact that they are navy and white striped!

mini battenburg

Topshop Mini Battenburg Jumper (3-18 months)
Is this the coolest jumper ever? And the name just makes me love it that little bit more (although, I must confess, battenburg is not my cake of choice…). Ok, so it might be 100% acrylic (ouch), but who cares when it looks this cute? Just chuck a long sleeved body underneath! I’m so buying one for Tabs. And possibly one for me too (yes, it comes in non-mini size too!).

starry starry blouse

Next Star Print Top (3 months-6 years)
I bought this blouse for Tabs back in July, and she wears it at least once or twice a week, week in, week out. I got it when we were on holiday in Cornwall (on a rainy day – Next and M&S were the only shops within a ten mile radious that didn’t just sell Cornish pasties), and my friend Kerry also bought one for her baby daughter, Zeffie at the same time. The two girls looked so cute wearing their matching blouses. Anyway, the (lovely) holiday is now a distant memory, but the top lives on! It washes brilliantly, doesn’t need ironing and reliably always looks great with a skinny jeans/cords & cardigan combo. It’s definitely been one of those unexpected ‘hits’, which are always so hard to predict. Love it.


Cos Checked Flannel Shirt (1-8 years)
I always love a checked shirt, but I particularly love the ones Cos do for boys because they are just a little more refined than your average ‘lumberjack’ style. Marlow has one that is identical in style to this one, just different colours, that he has lived in. I posted it back in April actually. I love that it is collarless (a little bit different, and somehow, more modern), and that the shape is loose. It’s also super-soft cotton flannel. I like Marlow’s best when he wears it with his pale grey skinny jeans. Sometimes with a cashmere cardigan over the top. Anyway, I will be buying him this one as a replacement (loving these colours…). Another thing (there are many) that I love about Cos is that they tend to stock the same pieces for quite a long time. So when I find favourites, I tend to repeat-buy and buy them for gifts too.

sheepskin ballet slippers

Babies In Sheep’s Clothing Baby Ballet Slippers (0-12 months)
Are these not the cutest things you’ve ever seen? Well, today at least? One of my lovely Little Spree followers, Jane tipped me off about them (yes, getting quite a few lately – thank you), and I was instantly smitten. I love the combination of the sheepskin and the ballet slipper (haven’t seen that before). And such pretty colours. So you know baby will be super-cosy as well as looking completely adorable. In fact, they remind me of a pair of F-Troupe ballet flats that I have (and love) with very similar criss-cross elasticated straps. I live in them. These are 100% New Zealand lambskin sheepskin, handmade, and naturally dyed. They are made just outside Christchurch on the South Island by women at home who are unable (for various reasons) to enter the traditional workplace. So another ethical purchase for you. They would make the most gorgeous gift (I have switched into full-on Christmas present buying mode now!) for any stylish babies (I can think of a few!) on your list. Love, love, love them! Thank you Jane.

a cool classic

Mini Boden Guernsey Jumper (2-14 years)
My lovely friend, Annie (mum of two super-stylish boys) tipped me off about these fab Guernsey jumpers (although how they had slipped under my radar I’ll never know?). The Guernsey jumper is such a classic, but always looks so cool (on everyone). I love boys in simple, chunky jumpers, and this one is absolutely perfect (the classic Guernsey details are spot-on). Looks great, and so warm and toasty. I couldn’t decide between the classic navy and the grey marl, but that’s not a problem because they’re both in the sale. Result!
£25.50-£27.00 (was £34.00-£36.00)

stripy snake

Pebble Knitted Snake Rattle
I love these hand knitted toys from Pebble. They are just so cute and totally individual. This striped snake (sounds a bit like Whitesnake!) is a great stocking filler, and a gift that will be loved equally by the recipient and the parents thanks to the simple, tasteful design. I love the colours. And if you aren’t familiar with Pebble, all their toys are handmade by women in rural areas of Bangledesh. They create jobs that are fairly paid, flexible and fair. So by buying Pebble toys and gifts, you are actually helping create employment opportunites for artisans that are within a 5-10 minute walk from their homes. Cute, quirky, and ethically made. What’s not to love about that?

baby cord

Zara Needle Cord Dress (3-36 months)
This dress ticks a lot of boxes for me. Love the gorgeous mint colour (and you don’t see it that often), the needle cord (aka baby cord), the smocking detail at the front, the tiny dot print, and the simple shape. Yes, basically I love everything about it! It will look so cute worn with charcoal-grey knitted tights and desert boots.

sweatshirt + leopard print = super-cool

H&M Sweatshirt (1.5-8 years)
As you all know, I am quite partial to bit of leopard print (in small doses). Maybe it’s because I’ve just come back from Cape Town, but something has drawn me to this sweathshirt. Now it may not be for everyone, but on the right little boy (or indeed, girl) it could look really great. Just add jeans and hi-tops/converse, or even a navy desert boot. I love it.

moccasin magic

Polarn O. Pyret Striped Moccasins (sizes 18-23)
A friend (Emer, an ex-collegue at Glamour) bought the twins these when they were still tiny. She assured me they were the best thing ever. I thanked her, looked at them, thought they were cute, then promptly put them away in a drawer (wondering what all the fuss was about?). I then came across them in said drawer a couple of months later and dusted them off and dressed the twins in them. From that day on, they pretty much wore them every single day until they grew out of them (then I bought new pairs in larger sizes). They really were the best thing ever! They look great (and perfect for girls and boys), and they stay put (unlike most baby footwear) thanks to the cute elasticated strap. Then when Tabarlow did start crawling, then trying to walk, the leather, non-slip soles made everything safer and easier, and well, less slippery… Honestly, they were one of the best things I ever had for the twins. My sister has recently bought them for my nephew, Baby James, and she is a convert now too. As we all know, options for baby footwear are pretty limited, so these are a great solution. And another great present idea (I will be posting more and more gift ideas as we get closer the Christmas, so get ready!).
£9.60 (were £12.00) 

make it personal

Percy & Nell Monogrammed Cushion
As you know, I’m a huge fan of anything monogrammed (my new Louis Vuitton ‘S.C’ bag is testament to that…), but particularly where gifts are concerned. How chic and stylish is this cushion? It would make the best present. It looks great, and shows that you have put a little bit of time and thought in (always a good thing in my book). It would make a great Christmas present, or gift for a newborn baby (Tabarlow were both given handmade T and M cushions when they were born, and I still cherish them now). This is a particularly chic one – I’m loving the grey on grey. There’s nothing not to love about that…

ladybird ladybird

French Connection LadyBird print Dress & Knickers (0-18 months)
Another adorable little dress and knickers set from French Connection. Loving the ladybird print! Would make a gorgeous present. Not as cheap as it could be, but it definitely feels special, and I still think £38.00 is a good price for such a unique little ‘look’. I wish it came in larger sizes though – Tabitha is obsessed with ladybirds at the moment (something to do with Little Kingdom…).

I’m with the band

Gap Velvet Band Jacket (6 months-5 years)
How cool is this jacket? It has more than a whiff of Stella McCartney Kids about it (which of course, I love), yet it’s from Gap. I love the Sergeant Pepper vibe. It would be so cute for a a party or special occasion, but also just great to keep for dressing up (I would style it up with a bit of a pirate dressing up costume for a party). It’s not always easy to find decent fancy dress costumes for boys (unless they want to be Spiderman or Snow White), so this would be a great investment. I love it, and will be buying one for Marlow as soon as I’m back from Cape Town. So please leave one for me!

spoilt for choice

Cyrillus Liberty Print Blouse (1-24 months)
I know it’s Winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the pretty blouse as a wardrobe stable for your little girl. You just need to layer it up a bit. Tabs is still rocking a trusty blouse with a jean and a cosy, hand knitted style cardigan (and a very un-glamorous vest underneath, but needs must when it’s cold). These two were both so pretty, I literally couldn’t choose between them, so I thought I would let you choose for yourself. I love both of these gorgeous muted Liberty prints. And how sweet is the frilled collar? Cyrillus really do make some of the most gorgeous blouses around (I just wish they did a ‘two for one’ deal! Sadly not).

cute boots

Bobux I-Walk Navy Outback Boots (sizes 20-28)
Love these! They are the ones I bought for Marlow for nursery (no velco, but they have a zip, so easy to get on and off, so solved the same problem), which I ended up buying for Tabitha too. They are not perfect, but they are as close as I could find, without blowing the best part of £100, and that just wasn’t going to happen. They look really cool with a skinny jean (surprise surprise!) with a little turn-up. And they look cute with knitted tights (as well as jeans of course) on girls. They are a proper (100% natural leather), walking shoe, and Marlow has pretty much lived in his since I bought them. A Little Spree reader was actually the first person to introduce me to this brand a while ago, so thank you. And check out the website – they have lots of other cool styles too.

ps: off to Cape Town this evening for a shoot. As always, will try my best to post daily, but please forgive me if I don’t manage it.

a little interview

I was hugely flattered to be asked to be interviewed by Erica Davies for her fab blog ‘Modern Mum Must Haves’ aka ‘MMM’ (you must check it out if you don’t already know it). Here are some pics of me (excuse the bad hair) with Tabarlow, as well as some of my favourite things.
To read the interview click here

pull-along deer

Sebra Pull-Along Deer
Tabarlow each had the elephant version of this (previously posted back in April), and honestly, they were two of the best things I have ever bought them. In fact, I passed on Marlow’s (blue one) just yesterday to a friend’s baby, and as he spotted it in the bag, he suddenly had a renewed interest in it (naturally!). Now they are almost three, I think they are perhaps a little old for them (but then I do run a very tight ship when it comes to the overall volume of toys in the house at any given time, and was having a clear-out). Anyway, they absolutely loved their elephants, and they really did encourage them with their walking. And they also happen to be super-stylish and gorgeous (crocheted, wooden platform and wheels…), so as I have mentioned in the past, I don’t mind them hanging around the house as much! Anyway, I know this is perhaps a little early to be making Christmas present suggestions, but I know from past experience that these will sell out fast, so I would recommend buying early for a gift. And the perfect gift it will make (just ask Tabs and Marlow!).