last little spree of the year!

31 December 2012

Stella McCartney Kids Charcoal Polka Dot Dress (2-12 years)
I’ve had my eye on this dress for a while now (I actually first spotted it on Pinterest), and low and behold, it’s now half price in the sale! A result indeed. It’s my favourite combo of cool and cute (loving those patch pockets!). And I thought it was only fitting to end the year with a fantastic sale bargain. Stella Kids is always on my radar as you know, but it’s also very much on my boyfriend’s when he looks at the bank statements, so I really just limit my purchases to sale time. I am definitely buying this dress for Tabitha. Oh, and always remember to size up with Stella – her kids’ things tend to come up small in my experience (and I almost always size down for Tabs in every other label).
£30.00 (was £60.00) 

ps: I would also like to thank you all so much for your support throughout 2012. Little Spree (which I started in January 2012) simply wouldn’t exist without you (well it might, but that would be a bit sad really wouldn’t it?), and I always love to hear your thoughts and feedback (both via the Little Spree email and the ‘comments’ on the site – I really love it when you comment!). And please spread the word (the more the merrier as they say)! I will of course, continue in my search for the most stylish things for the best prices (so even January sprees can be relatively guilt-free..), and promise to share them with you all. Happy New Year to you and your (ever stylish) little ones! xx

beautiful (bargain) blankets

29 December 2012

H&M 2 Pack Baby Blankets
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love H&M Home! They have the best stuff, and the prices are incredible. I always find great things there, and now I’m obsessed with their increasing collection of baby/kids things. How cool are these? They are officially baby blankets, but you could use them as muslins, or to cover the top end of the cot mattress (a tip I learnt from my maternity nurse – so you don’t have to change and wash the sheet if baby (or babies in my case) are sick or dribble a lot…). And how chic would one of these look in the cot? I would just be happy to have these ‘around’ (if I had babies around that is). And they’re in the sale!
£4.00 (were £6.99) 

pretty ballerina

28 December 2012

Monsoon Snow Queen Dress Up Set (3-8 years)
I’ve bought this for Tabitha as one of her birthday presents (for 4th January). It’s so cute! Definitely a pretty tasteful dressing-up option (and they even throw in a tiara). My plan is to add her Little White Company striped knitted tights, but whether she will agree to that remains to be seen. I’ll let you know! In the meantime I’m seeing A LOT of her (very pink!) Christmas ‘princess’ dress from Father Christmas, but the less said about that the better…

pom pom

20 December 2012

La Redoute Knitted Hooded Jacket (newborn-2 years)
This is such a great example of a classic French baby jacket. The ribbing, the pointed hood, the pom pom tassle… You can always spot the details. It’s just so chic. And so cosy and warm (check out the toasty sheepskin lining…). I love the chocolate brown and the sweet toggle buttons too. I found little cardigan/jackets (yes it’s a jardigan!) like this so handy when Tabarlow were babies. This is definitely one of the nicest ones I’ve seen. Would make a lovely gift (and a great price too).

yes it’s another grey jumper…

19 December 2012

Cos Melange Knit Jumper (1-8 years)
I know, I know, another grey jumper! But I love them! I have dozens myself, and I always dress Marlow (and Tabs) in them too. This Cos one has a subtle multi-coloured thread running through it, which makes it a little different from your average grey jumper… I also love that it is quite a loose weave, and feels a bit slouchy (saw it in the store the other day). Perfect for a boy or girl. Love.


18 December 2012

Little Ella James Wooden Pop-Up Toaster
Who knew toast could be so cute? Such a sweet gift for a toddler/little girl (and by far the most stylish toy toaster I have seen to date). It’s wooden, and the toast actually pops up!

stripes, spots, glitter…

17 December 2012

The Little White Company Sparkle Tights (2 Pair Pack)
Even I get sick of plain grey or navy knitted tights sometimes. These are a great way of adding a bit of festivity to your little girl’s outfit without compromising on style. All the key elements are here (all my favourites) – navy, grey, spots, stripes, but also a sprinkle of silver glitter (on the striped pair) for good measure. This is probably about as festive as Tabitha’s legs will get this Christmas, but that’s fine by me. Love them. And great news – they have just been reduced!
£8.40 (were £12.00) 

glitter bug

16 December 2012

M&S Lace-Up Glitter Boots (sizes 4s-13s)
These boots could definitely go one of two ways: super-cute or totally naff. I’m definitely in the cute camp on this one. I love a bit of sparkle, but I love it a whole lot more because it’s on a pair of flat, lace-up boots. The trick with these is to play them down a bit (or even a lot). Wear them with jeans or trousers, but if you insist on a dress, make sure you also add knitted tights (preferably grey of course) – basically nothing too ‘party’. There’s all the party you need right here.

the perfect parka

14 December 2012

Mothercare Twill Parka (3 months-3 years)
The parka has become a style classic, and is definitely a must-have for every little boy’s wardrobe (I don’t need to state the fact that it would also be super-cute on a girl do I?). I particularly love this one because it’s doesn’t veer too far away from the traditional design – khaki, pockets, fur trimmed hood, but with extra little details for kids, such as the cosy fleece lining, the zip/toggle buttons combo. And of course, it looks great. I bought Marlow’s coat from Mothercare last Winter actually, and it was brilliant – a tweed duffle coat that everyone assumed was from Caramel. Could this be on Marlow’s Christmas list (the one he doesn’t actually know about!)? I think it might.

ps: off to Miami tomorrow to shoot a story for the April issue of Red, so please forgive me for any gaps in posts…

understated pretty

13 December 2012

Massimo Dutti Combined Silk Dress (4-14 years)
This is my first Massimo Dutto post for various reasons. But the main one being that I just assumed their prices would be on the higher end of the (‘style for less’) bargain spectrum. Not so. This particular dress was a tip-off from a lovely work collegue/friend, Vicky. I loved it immediately, and was soon scrolling through the rest of the wesbite, checking out other things (there were tons of gorgeous pieces). Their kids’ clothes really remind me of Zara, but with a slightly more luxe feel. This dress is just adorable. So cool, but also so pretty (never an easy balance to strike). I love the combination of the knit and the silk skirt, and the muted grey and ‘mulberry’ (it’s clearly a week for shades of purple…) colurs. And it has sweet buttons running all the way down the back. I am definitely buying this for Tabs (if I can track one down in her size). You never know, I might even manage to bribe her into it for her birthday party in January (although it’s probably worth mentioning that it will have some pretty stiff (literally) competition from a 100% polyester ‘princess dress’).

ps: I kind of want this dress too…

bat chic

12 December 2012

Topshop Mini Bat Tee (0-18 months)
This t-shirt reminds me of one of Luella’s (one of my favouite designers ever – I’m still sad she’s not designing anymore) past collections. Her Geek Chic collection for Spring/Summer 2008 to be precise (one one of my all-time favourties). Bats featured heavily on anything from prim little cardigans to simple t-shirts like this one. There’s just something intrinsically cool about the bat. So I’m loving this cute tee from Topshop Mini. I know it’s a little chilly for a t-shirt, but it could still be layered up and worn now (we can make it work!). It would look so sweet under a hand knitted style cardigan on a little girl. After all, bats are definitely not just for boys…

two in one

11 December 2012

H&M 2 Pack Rattles
I love a bit of H&M Home (have you checked it out yet – a lot of people still don’t even know it exists…), and they have started doing some really cute baby/kids’ things too. I bought two grey cable knit blankets for Tabs and Marlow the other week that are just gorgeous (and super-cosy). How sweet are these ‘his and hers’ bunny jersey rattles? And they come in this adorable little drawstring bag (and they are machine washable). What a cute present (with an an incredible price tag!).

snow style

10 December 2012

Autograph Quilted Snowsuit (3-24 months)
This snowsuit really reminded me of a Bonpoint one (in a gorgeous dusky pink) that I had for Tabitha. Now I’m not normally a fan of purple (in fact, it’s probably one of my least favourite colours), but this isn’t really ‘purple’ purple. It’s ‘expensive’ purple. Or ‘thistle’? Or ‘aubergine’ (just kidding). Definitely not purple anyway (sorry M&S website, but it’s just not). It stood out to me because it’s not sickly pink, navy or grey, which seem to be the most common snowsuit colours. Maybe I’m not explaining this particularly well, but something just drew me to it, and I can’t quite put my finger on what it was. I just think it looks rather French and stylish, and a little bit different. And I think when it comes to snowsuits, you can afford to perhaps go for a colour that’s a little off-piste (sorry – couldn’t resist) from your usual choices. Love the quilting and the star print lining too. All in all, a rather chic little ensemble. And a fantastic bargain too.
£19.20 (was £24.00) 

cable guy

9 December 2012

Gap Textured Cable Jumper (6 months-5 years)
I always love a classic cable knit jumper, and thanks to the genius of Isabel Marant, they are having a bit of an ongoing ‘moment’. This Gap one is spot-on. It also comes in ivory, which I also like, but the grey just has the edge for me. I bought it for Marlow, and he’ll be busting it out soon I’m sure. Just such an effortless, cool jumper to have in the drawer. And obviously just as great for the girls too…
£15.96 (was £19.95) 

pleats please

8 December 2012

Cyrillus Blouse With Pleated Collar (6-36 months)
I can only go so long without a ‘blouse fix’, and try as I might to find others that I love as much, Cyrillus just always seem to have the prettiest ones. In fact, I think this may be my favourite one to date! It’s just divine (and on it’s way to Tabitha’s wardrobe as we speak!).

hidden treasure

7 December 2012

John Lewis Pirate Dressing-Up Costume (3-7 years)
I spotted this the other week when I was racing around the store in Kingston, buying various Christmas paraphernalia. It really stood out as a more stylish-than-average pirate costume, so I snapped one up for Marlow, despite the fact that he has no dressing-up parties on the horizon. I don’t know about you, but I rarely see any decent options for dressing-up (and it’s even worse for girls – although this would be really cool for girls too). The attention to detail is pretty great for the price I have to say – the gold brocade frogging on the waistcoat, the raggedy sleeves and trousers, the ‘accessories’ (hat, sword and eye patch no less!). Basically it’s a non-tacky (and not overly-flammable – it doesn’t even make your hair stand on end!) costume at a great price. Now I just need to invent an occasion for him to wear it…

bobble chic

6 December 2012

Les Tricots De Margot Knitted Bonnet (6-12 months)
How chic and gorgeous is this baby hat? And we all know that ties are essential for babies where hats are concerned. I like that it covers their little ears too. Grey, cable knit, 100% cashmere, cute bobble… Completely adorable. A super-chic gift.

floral pjs

5 December 2012

Mini Club Girls Floral Pyjamas (9 months-5 years)
These were a tip-off from my lovely friend (and sadly, ex-neighbour), Kath. She spotted them a while ago, but they were so popular, they sold out before I had a chance to post them. Now they’re back, so don’t hang around if you want to get your hands on a pair. Boots do some really fab things for kids (they’re just not always that easy to find…). In fact, I’ve got some real gems in there in the past (and you would never guess where they were from). So if you’ve never thought of looking (and frankly, why would you?), take a peek – you may well be surprised. I love that these are really classic, old-fashioned pyjamas (they have a bit of a Little House On The Prairie vibe about them). They are 100% cotton, which for the price (you can even use your Boots points to pay if you like – love that!), is pretty great. They feel very Christmas-y to me (just not in the obvious way). So sweet.

dribble in style

4 December 2012

Snoodie Dribble Bib (one size)
I can take or leave a dribble bib. I mean, I did use them a couple of times for Tabarlow when they were babies, but I must confess I don’t really have any strong opinions on them style-wise. But I have to say, this one did catch my eye. You may or may not know that snoods are having a bit of a ‘moment’? So at a pinch, you could even say that this Snoodie bib is ‘on trend’. Hmm. I just think it’s a really cute one. I like that it’s more scrunched and ‘snood-y’ than the normal bandana/cowboy style versions. So to sum up: it looks stylish, and will keep your little one’s clothes dry and dribble-free. Which is exactly what you need it to do. Cute.

the cutest coat

3 December 2012

Zara Three Quarter Length Coat With Fur Collar (2-14 years)
What is it with Zara at the moment? They are doing the best things (and not just for kids either – I’ve bought tons of stuff for me too….)! Tabitha has this coat, and I am totally obsessed with it. I’d wanted it for ages, and had to really search to finally find one in her size. It’s back in stock online, so had to share it with you all immediately. I love that it is a bit ‘mini me’, but in all the right ways (if you know what I mean?). I like it best worn with jeans/trousers, but it looks great with most things to be honest. It’s not the warmest coat in the world though, so she does always wear a cosy vest and jumper/cardigan underneath. I really love the cream fur (fake of course) collar, but if it’s not your cup of tea, it’s detachable. Did I mention that I love this coat?

mini snowflake

2 December 2012

Mini Boden Snowflake Jumper (0-4 years)
It’s December now, so I’m officially in full-on Christmas mode (no more keeping it under the radar because it’s really only November…)! I’ve already ticked a few people off my list (including the twins), and this cute jumper will be heading in the direction of my gorgeous nephew, Baby James. It is just one of his presents, but specifically with a Christmas day outfit in mind (sorry, but I’m not a fan of dressing babies up in mini santa costumes – just always feels a bit weird somehow…). This jumper is the perfect mix of cute, festive and stylish. The perfect Christmas gift. I couldn’t resist snapping up the navy and grey striped version too…