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31 January 2013

Bobobows Handmade Star Print Hair Slide
This post is dedicated to Victoria. Her Jack Russell ran off with her daughter’s favourite (velvet, dusky pink) hair bow. She tweeted. I felt her pain. If I tell you that Tabitha wears a different bow in her hair each and every day, please don’t judge me. I’m an addict. I just can’t help myself! Tabs has worn one in her hair pretty much every day from around 10 months. I just don’t feel she is dressed without one. Plus she has a ‘tricky’ hairline, which results in her hair always falling forward over her face, so she can’t actually see without one (there you go – not just stylish, essential!). I have my favourites of course (but no dog, luckily), but I came across this one the other day, and felt compelled to share. It’s reasonably pricey for a single bow, but I haven’t seen one like this before. It can be a ‘special occasions only’ bow (dogs: not invited). Navy, grosgrain ribbon, hand-sewn, star print… Do I need to go on?

ps: there was a happy ending to Victoria’s story – she found said bow stuck in her daughter’s dress a few days later. The dog is in the clear, and everyone is happy. Oh, and Victoria had the perfect excuse to re-stock her daughter’s bow collection (courtesy of my favourite place to buy Tabs’ bows – Vertity Jones). The End.

time for a parka?

30 January 2013

Cos Hooded Cotton Parka (2-8 years)
I don’t want to get carried away here, but my spirits lifted today when I didn’t have to bundle myself and two toddlers up in hats, gloves and scarves (mostly cashmere of course!) for the first time in months. I even went as far as letting Marlow wear his coat unbuttoned when we went to swimming classes this afternoon (admittedly, in the car…). I’m not saying that the cold weather is behind us (it’s not even February after all!), but today certainly put a spring in my step, and got me thinking about less Wintery coats. This is my favourite so far. I love a parka, and I love Cos, so this was always going to turn out well. But what I particularly love about this one is its simplicity. It’s just so cool, but not in that trying too hard to be way. I might be a bit ahead of myself, but come Spring, this will be the perfect in-between seasons coat. Also, the extra details are worth paying that little extra for. It has a removable quilted lining, removable hood, is 100% cotton, and machine washable. So there you have it.

all that glitters…

29 January 2013

ILoveGorgeous Disco Ball Dress (2-13 years)
This is not a ‘good on paper dress’. If someone was to describe a girl’s dress as being covered in gold sequins, I’m instinctively thinking of something pretty naff and tacky. Then you see this dress and you kind of fall in love with it… I love the gold sequins! I also love the pretty butterfly sleeves in white (such a sweet contrast), and I love that the shape of the dress is loose. This is a cool sequinned dress. I have been asked to recommend a good girl’s party dress by a few different Little Spree followers recently, and this was the first one that I suggested. Also, it will appeal to adult and mini magpies alike – let’s face it, all girls (including myself!) love a bit of sparkle don’t we? And don’t just save it for special occasions either – this would look super-cute dressed down with a navy and white long sleeved Breton t-shirt layered underneath. Did I mention that I love it?
£55.00 (was £110.00)

baseball tee

28 January 2013

The Little White Company Colourblock Long Sleeve T-Shirt (2-8 years)
This may not be the most exciting post in the world, but sometimes something a little more ‘every day’ goes a long way (oh God, Marlow is obsessed with rhyming at the moment, and it’s clearly catching…). But obviously it has to be stylish too (do I even need to say that?). To me, this is the perfect everyday boy’s t-shirt. It’s simple, stylish, jersey cotton… and navy and grey! I always love these kind of baseball style colour-blocked sleeves (and the best thing about this particular one – that’s it’s completely plain). And it’s a great price too.

one last sale post…

27 January 2013

Zara Checked Dress (3-36 months)
Amazingly Tabs doesn’t have this (well I do have to take a break from shopping to do some work occasionally), but I think it’s a really cute dress, and it’s in the sale! Just an easy ‘chuck it on and go’ dress that I love. Would be so cute with knitted tights and a cardigan now, but then would still see you though to the Summer months too…
£9.99 (was £19.00)

stars & stripes

26 January 2013

M&S 5 x Pack Star & Striped Muslin Cloths
I don’t know whether it’s my imagination, but there just seems a much better (and wider) selection of cute muslins around now compared to when I first had the twins. I just had to make do with a huge stash of plain white ones (which, don’t get me wrong were perfectly acceptable, but they definitely weren’t going to win any style awards…). These days the high street seems to be awash with lovely printed ones. I really like these M&S ones for their simplicity. If I was pregnant now, I would definitely be stocking up on these…

put on your red shoes…

25 January 2013

Little Bird By Jools Red Buckle Shoes (sizes 4-10 junior)
I spotted these in the pictures for the Little Bird launch collection last season, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t available to buy (I did look…). Anyway, I was having a little mooch around the Mothercare website the other day, and there they were! Now I know what I said about the colour red on Sunday, but I have always loved a red shoe (both for me and for kids). Tabitha has her red Carys (scored in the Trotters sale before Christmas) Mary Jane’s which I love on her, and strangely, red shoes do seem to look good with most things (I love red worn with paler, more muted colours). I love that these are quite classic and old-fashioned looking (much like Tabs’ pair). I also like that they are quite chunky, so not too girly – perfect with dresses and jeans/trousers They have a bit of a Red Hand Gang feel about them. Super-cute.

seeing spots

23 January 2013

Cyrillus Polka Dot Scarf
My latest obsession? Scarves (for babies/kids). I just think they look so cute and stylish. I’m not talking about the knitted, functional variety though – these are purely decorative. And this particular one also taps into my yellow obsession. Perfect. Oh yes, sorry, another sale post (I never could resist a bargain…).
£15.00 (was £24.00) 

stars + grey marl

22 January 2013

Petit Bateau Boy’s Long Sleeved T-Shirt with Star Print (3-12 years)
Couldn’t resist another sale bargain. Sorry – just keep coming across more great things that I feel compelled to share. Some sizes have sold out, but there a still quite a few available. Petit Bateau is one of my favourite sales haunts, because they always have great reductions (I actually buy very little from them between sales). This is such a cool top, and one that I know Marlow will live in. I love the grey slub jersey, and the patch pocket is a cute detail. And you know how much I love a star print…
£15.30 (was £25.50)

mellow yellow

21 January 2013

Zara Floral Print Blouse (3-36 months)
Sorry, I know I said there would be no more sales posts. Well I lied (unintentionally). Had to share this.  I bought this blouse for Tabitha just before Christmas (foolishly pre-sales), and it’s become one of my favourites on her.  I’m just loving (am obsessed with) this shade of yellow at the moment. Tabs wears hers with her Gap pale grey skinny jeans, (ancient) Zara grey marl knit cardigan and Clarys red Mary Jane’s. And very cute she looks too (well, I think so anyway…). I just love the versality of a blouse. They add a little girly (but not too girly) touch to jeans, and they just always look chic and stylish. But they also look cool (with jeans/trousers). If you have a little girl, trust me, the blouse is your best friend. Plus they work all year round – just layer accordingly. Tabs loves this one (amazingly – she’s hit the dreaded ‘Barbie pink everything’ phase in a major way – you can imagine my horror!), so she’s wearing it a lot! Thank you Zara!
£7.99 (was £12.99) 

ps: always buy blouses in a bigger size than you need. Wear as little dresses (with tights) with the sleeves rolled-up, then as blouses later on. This tip is particularly good for babies. Some of the blouses Tabitha had as a baby lasted for almost a year!

colour block jumper

20 January 2013

Cos Colour Blocked Jumper (1-8 years)
Now any regular readers will know that there is one colour that virtually never appears on this website, and that colour is red. I don’t have anything specifically against it, it’s just not a colour that I like to wear, or dress my kids in (it’s just not a colour that I particularly like). I just think it can often look cheap, particularly where kids’ clothes are concerned. However, when I saw this jumper, I just had to post it immediately! I love it! So what’s so special about this red jumper? The grey sleeves and navy trim, that’s what. They somehow tone the red right down, and make it less, well, ‘red’. It takes on a whole new (cool) feel. I’m definitely buying this for Marlow…

ps: I do realise how mad I sound here. But at least I’m aware of that fact. My boyfriend, who is a psychologist assures me that this (self awareness) is always a good thing! I haven’t actually discussed this jumper with him though I must confess. That would just be weird…

three easy pieces

19 January 2013

La Redoute Baby Girl’s Blouse, Gilet & Hareem Pants Outfit (newborn-2 years)
Such a chic little layered look. How cute is the faux fur gilet? And I always love these hareem-style trousers for babies. Love everything about this folk-inspired outfit (including the fact that it’s sold as an outfit!). It’s a no-brainer.


18 January 2013

Mini Boden Spotted Cardigan (1.5-14 years)
This is going to my last sale post of the season. To be honest I’m a bit over the sales now (I’ve seen too many gorgeous things for Spring/Summer – it’s time to look forward (and get excited!), despite the snow… But I couldn’t resist this fab cardigan. There aren’t many sizes left, but you never know, you could get lucky (or buy a larger size for next year?). I just love the grey and yellow combination (I think my yellow obsession is definitely growing…), and there is something about a large, graphic spot print that always feels a bit Marni-esque (i.e. expensive) to me. This would just look so great with the trusty jeans and desert boots combo…
£23.80-£27.20 (was £28.00-£32.00)

peter rabbit: style icon

17 January 2013

If you follow me on Twitter, I apologise, because you’re probably sick to death of me gushing over this collection already… Peter rabbit is 110 (and looking good on it!), and to celebrate Gap have collaborated with Beatrix Potter with this completely adorable collection for babies. I have to confess, I was slightly sceptical when I first got wind of it – how would such a collaboration even work? It just sounded a little gimmicky to me, and I suppose I just didn’t ‘get it’. How wrong I was. I first saw the collection on Tuesday in the Oxford Circus store when I dashed in to check it out quickly (in the name of research) on my way home. I was instantly smitten, and promptly scooped up two rabbit face jumpers (one with pink trim, one with blue) and his and hers packets of socks in the most gorgeous colours (I always find it a struggle to find good socks for toddlers…). Officially the age range is 0-24 months, but I wasn’t about to be defeated that easily, and on inspection of said items, endevoured to squeeze my two (who just turned three) into them. Bingo! Both jumpers (age 18-24 months) fitted, and the socks are perfect. Where there’s a will and all that… Fast forward to the official press launch breakfast this morning, and I arrived feeling like I had already seen the collection in its entirety. Wrong again. I had barely seen anything – this collection is huge! The colours are spot-on – lots of grey (oh yes!), navy, dusky pink, pale blue, saffron (which I’m loving at the moment – so easy to work into a neutral-ish wardrobe, and so chic) etc. It’s just the perfect mix of whimsical and cute. Stylish and so, so sweet. Here are my favourites (including the jumpers I bought for Tabarlow, and Marlow’s days of the week socks), but I also particularly loved the days of the week bodysuits for little babies (up to six months). They would make the lovelist gift for a newborn. The blue shawl-neck cardigan (or possibly jardigan?) is based on Peter Rabbit’s own ill-fated jacket (how cute is that?). Love, love, love…
from £7.95

ps: available online and in-store now.

cute boots

16 January 2013

Petit Bateau Unisex Leather Boots With Wool Lining (sizes 24-31 European)
Love, love, love these! They are still quite pricey, even in the sale, but I think they will definitely see a lot of action because they are just so cool. Loving the distressed finish on the leather. And how toasty does that sheepskin-esque lining look? Could have done with a pair myself today, instead of running around town in my Isabel Marant boots, which are many things, but cosy is definitely not one of them. These did also come in grey, but have sadly now sold out. But actually, I have to say, I’m really liking this colour (and let’s face it, it makes a nice change). Hurry though, these ones are selling out fast too…
£57.50 (were £72.00) 

loving your look!

15 January 2013

Vertbaudet Sailor Sweater & Trousers (1-18 months)
If you’re quick, you can still get your mitts on this cute little (100% organic) number. Love the colours, and the layered feel of the trousers. Just the right combination of style and comfort that we come to expect from our French friends. Who needs stylists when you can buy ‘ready made’ outfits as gorgeous as this? Hmm…


13 January 2013

French Connection Knitted Cardi-Jacket With Scalloped Trim (0-18 months)
Yes it’s another ‘jardigan’ (jacket/cradigan hybrid). Always so useful – I’m a big fan. Anyway, all you really need to know is that it’s super-cute and in the sale, so get your skates on if you want to bag one! Here’s the boring (but always useful to know) bit: it’s 100% cotton and machine washable. What’s not to like? Go!
£22.50 (was £45.00) 

little & large

9 January 2013

H&M Home 2 Pack Fabric Bags
I have these and I love them. I have to confess to having a bit of a thing for little drawstring bags (I have so many, I’ve actually lost count…). I just find them so incredibly useful – keeping snacks/spare pants/medicine in inside my bag when I have the twins with me, so I can lay my hands on things quickly and easily. Also for separating things out when I pack Tabarlow’s bag for a visit to their grandparents… These ones are great sizes, and made from 100% organic cotton. They would make a really sweet present if you’re a bit strapped for cash after Christmas. Have I mentioned how much I love H&M Home??

classic pyjamas

8 January 2013

Trotters William Pyjamas (12 months-11 years)
Trotters are great at the kids’ classics, and I love them for that. These gingham pjs are so cute. I took the twins to see The Snowman at the theatre on Sunday (which they absolutely loved), and the little boy’s classic pyjamas made me think of these. As you know, I always love gingham, and these are the classic brushed cotton variety, which are always super-cosy. You just can’t mess with tradition.

pretty bandana

7 January 2013

Cyrillus Liberty Baby Bandana
I just think this is so sweet (the colours are divine). Will look so chic worn with a little grey sweater or cardigan. I’m not normally one for over accessorising babies/kids, but this just has that effortless thing going on that you just can’t quite put your finger on… Is it that French magic at work again? I think it might be…

cool khaki

5 January 2013

French Connection Denim Boys Trousers (0-18 months)
As much as I love these, I don’t think I would necessarily spend £38.00 on a pair for Marlow. But it’s January and the sales are on, and they are now an absolute bargain at just £9.50! They are a great baby trouser for when you’re fed up with regular jeans or cords. And I love this colour. It would be a great idea to buy a couple of pairs (at this price, it almost be would be crazy not to!) in different sizes. You’d better be quick though – they are selling out fast!
£9.50 (were £38.00) 

happy birthday tabarlow!

4 January 2013

Mulberry Bush Wooden Birthday Cake
It is safe to say that I am now completely obsessed (yes two obsessions in as many posts) with wooden play food. Tabitha got the most beautiful shop (complete with stylish striped awning) from her New York Granny for Christmas (I will post it soon – it’s currently out of stock), and I cannot stop buying things to put in it. In fact, I’m actually starting to dread the postman coming, because the shelves are now literally groaning with lovely produce, and I fear there is still more to come… Anyway, it’s Tabitha and Marlow’s third birthday today, so here’s a cake (that I haven’t ordered) to celebrate…

liberty belle

3 January 2013

Liberty London Pink Poplar Dress (2-8 years)
I am obsessed with this dress! The print is just too gorgeous for words. My fingers have never moved so fast to order something online! Move over Tabs, I want this dress for me! I love the faded out colours, and the fact that it’s a lesser-known Liberty print (I will endeavor to sniff out more things in this gorgeous Poplar print from now on…). It feels a bit like a Liberty/Isabel Marant hybrid to me (and what could be cooler than that when your about to turn three?).
£30.00 (was £75.00) 

mini mohawk

2 January 2013

Ugg Infants ‘Boo’ Boots (sizes S, M, L)
These are coming Tabarlow’s way on Friday as birthday presents from my sister, Caroline (navy for Marlow and chestnut for Tabs – not that I was involved in the colour choices of course…). Am I more excited than they will be about this fact? Um, yes I would say so (after all there is a distant lack of Hello Kitty or Thomas…). Now I’m not what you would exactly call an Ugg fan, but I really do love these toddler boots. I love the moccasin vibe, and the fact that the sheepskin gives a funny sort of mohawk effect (or is that my imagination?). Anyway, I think they are super-cute, and just feel that bit more stylish than your average, regular Ugg.  Roll on Friday (and an end to this dreary, wet, rather un-Ugg friendly weather).

get cosy

1 January 2013

Petit Bateau Unisex Baby Snowsuit With Mittens (1-36 months)
Happy New Year! Ok, so today might be a beautiful sunny one, but there are still going to be chilly days to come when we need to wrap up. I’m loving this pale grey snowsuit. A great option if you’re pregnant (or know someone who is) because of the neutral colour. Would make a great (super-stylish) present for a newborn. And a bargain too.
£39.30 (was £65.50)