colour block jumper

Cos Colour Blocked Jumper (1-8 years)
Now any regular readers will know that there is one colour that virtually never appears on this website, and that colour is red. I don’t have anything specifically against it, it’s just not a colour that I like to wear, or dress my kids in (it’s just not a colour that I particularly like). I just think it can often look cheap, particularly where kids’ clothes are concerned. However, when I saw this jumper, I just had to post it immediately! I love it! So what’s so special about this red jumper? The grey sleeves and navy trim, that’s what. They somehow tone the red right down, and make it less, well, ‘red’. It takes on a whole new (cool) feel. I’m definitely buying this for Marlow…

ps: I do realise how mad I sound here. But at least I’m aware of that fact. My boyfriend, who is a psychologist assures me that this (self awareness) is always a good thing! I haven’t actually discussed this jumper with him though I must confess. That would just be weird…

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  1. Claire said:

    Hi Sarah,

    Any suggestions for a birthday outfit/dress for a two year old girl. Am looking for something pretty but a little different i.e not baby pink ! Thanks

    • I love: for dresses. They still have a sale on, so many of their dresses are half price. My faves for parties are the Disco Ball dress, the Punky Heart dress and the Falling Star dress. All under the baby section. Hope you find something there that you like. Let me know how you get on.