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Petit Bateau Unisex Leather Boots With Wool Lining (sizes 24-31 European)
Love, love, love these! They are still quite pricey, even in the sale, but I think they will definitely see a lot of action because they are just so cool. Loving the distressed finish on the leather. And how toasty does that sheepskin-esque lining look? Could have done with a pair myself today, instead of running around town in my Isabel Marant boots, which are many things, but cosy is definitely not one of them. These did also come in grey, but have sadly now sold out. But actually, I have to say, I’m really liking this colour (and let’s face it, it makes a nice change). Hurry though, these ones are selling out fast too…
£57.50 (were £72.00) 

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