mini mohawk

Ugg Infants ‘Boo’ Boots (sizes S, M, L)
These are coming Tabarlow’s way on Friday as birthday presents from my sister, Caroline (navy for Marlow and chestnut for Tabs – not that I was involved in the colour choices of course…). Am I more excited than they will be about this fact? Um, yes I would say so (after all there is a distant lack of Hello Kitty or Thomas…). Now I’m not what you would exactly call an Ugg fan, but I really do love these toddler boots. I love the moccasin vibe, and the fact that the sheepskin gives a funny sort of mohawk effect (or is that my imagination?). Anyway, I think they are super-cute, and just feel that bit more stylish than your average, regular Ugg.  Roll on Friday (and an end to this dreary, wet, rather un-Ugg friendly weather).

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