mini mittens

27 February 2013

Thumbkin Handmade Mittens (0-4 years)
As promised I have hunted down some mittens that are very similar to the ones I found in Oliver Bonas last week. They are not exactly the same, but they are as close as I could get. They come as the pop-on (minus thumbs) mittens in 0-24 months, which are just brilliant (I have had many a trying moment attempting to persuade tiny thumbs into the thumb of mittens – not easy). Plus all sizes have the ‘magic’ attached string, so you can thread them through the sleeves of a coat/snowsuit so that you always know where they are (exactly where you want them to be). They are so sweet. And so many colours to choose from (I love the navy, obviously)… And if you haven’t already got a pair, now is definitely the time to buy a cosy pair of mittens – it’s freezing!


26 February 2013

Bodie & Fou Gold Star Wall Stickers
If you don’t have a huge budget to decorate your nursery/little one’s bedroom, these are a fantastic (and super-stylish) instant fix. I love a star (as you all know by now!), and these gold ones will add a little star quality to any wall you choose to stick them onto. And they are perfect for a baby’s nursery, or a toddler/older child’s bedroom. I like them arranged in a haphazard way like they are shown here, i.e. not too perfect. And the best part? If you get bored of them, you can just take them down…

ps: yes, I have wifi! Thank God.

little grey

25 February 2013

The Little White Company Floral Dress & Knickers (0-24 months)
It’s never too cold for a pretty dress as far as I’m concerned. You’ve just got to get into full-on layering mode (there is virtually nothing in Tabitha’s wardrobe that she doesn’t wear year-round, except possibly her bikinis…). Just add a vest, a chunky knitted cardigan,  knitted tights and you’re good to go. I love this subdued grey and white floral print one – it has a lovely vintage feel to it. I love the pretty stitch detail and the blouson style sleeves. And of course, the adorable patch pockets. And you can save the cute matching knickers for the Spring (which will be here one day apparently…).

ps: I’m off to Lanzarote tomorrow to shoot a story for the June issue of Red. Apparently there is no wifi (yes, apparently that is not a sick joke…), so it might be a bit touch and go as to whether (and where?) I can post. I will (as always) endeavour to bring you a stylish, affordable item if I possibly can. But don’t hold your breath that’s all I’m saying…

tootsa dungarees

24 February 2013

Tootsa MacGinty Striped Dungarees (3 months-5 years)
I haven’t posted anything from them for a while, but I’m still loving Tootsa MacGinty (as much as for the name as anything else…). They do really great, simple but quirky things for kids. Fun, but not gimicky (and great quality). I adore their knitwear. And everything is unisex (although generally I would probably be more likely to dress Marlow in their things, but that’s just me…). Having said that, these would look adorable on a little girl with a pretty blouse worn underneath. I always love a dungaree (particularly on babies) – they always look cute (and timeless), plus they are so practical for crawlers. These are a classic ‘hickory’ stripe with a lovely cosy lining, so perfect for chilly Winters (now!) as well as the warmer months. Oh and they come with those handy leg poppers in the baby sizes (totally essential for those quick nappy changes). And they are in the sale…
£19.20 (were £32.00) 

is it a blouse or is it a smock?

23 February 2013

Little Bird By Jools Floral Blouse With Peter Pan Collar (6 months-5 years)
Who cares when it’s this pretty? Love the tiny sprig floral print, and the contrast of the white Peter Pan collar. One of my favourite pieces from this particular collection. And a fantastic price for a super-cute blouse (smock/top/whatever…) that I guarantee will be worn (preferably with jeans/trousers) week in, week out…

ps: I’ve managed to track down some very similar sheepskin mittens to the ones I saw in Oliver Bonas that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Yes! Will post them in the next few days, so watch this space…

easy as abc etc…

22 February 2013

Olly B Alphabet Sleepsuit (0-6 months)
I spotted this yesterday in the (recently opened) Oliver Bonas store in Richmond. So sweet! Such a simple idea, but perfectly executed in a simple, tasteful way (no gimmicks here!). Love the white and grey of course. Would make a lovely (unisex) gift for a newborn (and a great idea for twins or triplets). And in case it’s not obvious (well, I know many of you are very sleep-deprived…), it’s available in any letter of the alphabet (oh, actually, except Q, X and Y – I lied!).

ps: I also found the most adorable baby sheepskin ‘pop-on’ mittens on a string while I was in there. I’m dying to share/post them, but they don’t seem to be available to buy on the website. So frustrating. They had them in charcoal and navy, and they were possibly the best (and cutest) baby mittens I have even seen! So if you have a store near you, definitely check them out (apologies if you don’t). I will keep checking the website anyway.

bunny chic

21 February 2013

Monsoon Bunny Hair Set
How cute are these? They really remind me of Katie Hillier’s (super-cool accessories designer who has worked for Luella, Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham as well as designing her own fab collection) designs. She often uses bunnies like these in her work. Anyway, these are from Monsoon and are a fantastic bargain at £4.00 for the set (including 2 x elastics and 2 x ‘click clack’ clips)! Pretty cool.

skinny stripes

20 February 2013

H&M Striped Jeans (8-14+ years)
Love, love, love these! A great (and super-cool) alternative to a regular skinny jean. Plus the monochrome trend is HUGE for Spring/Summer (look out of my Monochrome story coming out in the April issue of Red…). I’m just cross that these don’t come in Tabitha’s size…

pillows, cushions & more pillows…

19 February 2013

Cyrillus Liberty Print/Linen Cushion Cover
As you know, I am in the throes of ‘styling’ Tabarlow’s bedroom. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I have to confess, I think I may have already gone a little bit crazy on the soft-furnishings… At the last count, Tabs and Marlow each have a sheet, a duvet cover, two pillows (with different pillow cases of course), a little decorative cushion, and a quilt (hanging over the end of the bed). Phew! And guess which idiot has to make the beds each morning? Thank God we’ve done away with the afternoon nap! I had already bought all their bedlinen by the time I found this charming cushion cover, but I really wanted to share it because it’s such a great ‘neutral’ print that would work equally well in a boy’s room as a girl’s (and perfectly where a boy and a girl are sharing of course). For a boy it wouldn’t look too girly mixed with greys and blues. Just really chic and cosy. And it would look so pretty mixed with other floral prints on a girl’s bed. I love the faded green tones. And the back is just plain, neutral linen. So chic. It would also be just perfect for a baby’s nursery. This is definitely one multi-functional cushion!

ps: I’ve really loved reading all your comments for the Mini Boden giveaway. So many brilliant styling ideas (I’d better watch out!). If you haven’t had a chance to enter yet, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time. I won’t be announcing the winners until Friday 1st March. And hopefully that will be the first of many Little Spree giveaways (only with items/brands that I truly love though – that goes without saying).

pps: I’m also loving seeing all the pictures of your gorgeous little ones wearing their Little Spree purchases. Please ‘tweet’ them to @littlespree, and I will share my favourites on the Little Spree Facebook page. And tell your friends too! The more the merrier…

your chance to win a few of my favourite (mini boden) things…

17 February 2013

I love Mini Boden. Fact. I have almost used an entire pack of post-its (mini neon pink ones if you’re interested?) ear-marking all my favourite things that I am planning on ordering. Fact. I just think the collections are getting better and better each season. Fact. I’ve even ordered a super-cool Johnnie b beach cover-up for myself – you really should check out the Johnnie b collection for yourself!). Fact. Anyway, I’m poised, ready to put my order in for the new season, but in the meantime, here are some of my absolute favourite pieces from the Spring collection. And here’s the best bit. Now you have a chance to get your hands on some too! Thanks to our lovely friends at Boden (and they really are lovely – even the people who take your order on the phone are super-friendly) you have a chance of winning one of these eight pieces. All you have to do is choose your favourite item (from the eight I’ve selected here), then click on the pink link below to select the exact size you would like, then go to ‘comments’ below this post. Then simply state the item and size and how your lucky little one is going to wear it/them if you win. Then eight winners will be selected at random and announced here on Friday 1st March. It’s that easy. Good luck!

1. Pretty Woven Top  £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)
2. Leather Sandals £24.00-£28.00 (sizes 24-37)
3. Alphabet Print T-shirt £10.00-£12.00 (0-3 years)
4. Roll-up Trousers £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)
5. Colour Pop Jumper £28.00-£32.00 (1.5-10 years)
6. Stripey Pocket Tee £12.00-£14.00 (1.5-10 years)
7. Easy Printed Dress £22.00-£24.00 (1.5-10 years)
8. Towelling Top £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)

hook up

16 February 2013

Little Baby Company Gum Ball Coat Hook
Space can be an issue in little ones’ bedrooms, particularly when you have two sharing. Coat hooks can provide a great (inexpensive), immediate storage solution for hanging space (amazingly I have never had a wardrobe for the twins’ clothes) that also looks stylish. I bought a vintage wooden one for Tabarlow’s room (I’ve hung all of Tabitha’s prettiest dresses and Marlow’s favourite shirts and jumpers on it, plus a few of the non-flammable dressing-up costumes), but I really like this retro one too, particularly for a boy’s room.  But if you don’t fancy having clothes hanging on the wall, these sort of hooks are just brilliant for displaying things such as toys, bags, or even pretty decorative garlands etc. They are just really, really useful (but look cute too of course).


14 February 2013

Monsoon Glitter Tap Shoes (sizes 7-13)
How cute are these? I still remember having a pair of silver glitter t-bar ‘party sandals’ (they were a bit of Granny-style ballroom shoe as I remember…) when I was little, and I absolutely loved them (and wore them at every opportunity!). I just felt so ‘pretty’ wearing them. I need to remind myself of these past feelings when I am literally having to wrestle a nasty pink sparkly ‘item’ out of Tabitha’s hands in a shop (sadly this is becoming all too frequent these days…). I think these are a pretty great example of something that will keep both Mummies and their (princess/pink/sparkly obsessed) little girls happy. Love the ribbon ties – so sweet. I think they would also look great dressed-down with (navy) leggings and a cashmere jumper (very ‘in rehearsals’)…

ps: obviously not (under any circumstances) to be worn at the same time as the ilovegorgeous gold sequinned dress (as featured on 29th January). Can you imagine?

rain, rain come back again another day…

13 February 2013

M&S Fisherman Hooded Mac (12 months-7 years)
Anyone who follows Little Spree (@littlespree) on Twitter will already know all about my obsession (no other word for it) with this particular rain mac. So look away now if you do. If you don’t, read on! I spotted it in the M&S store at Marble Arch (I wasn’t messing around – straight to the flagship store) a few weeks ago, but they didn’t have Tabarlow’s size. So I went online, but again no luck. They had all sold out. And so the obsession grew (this mac was playing hard to get, but I know how to play that game!). Anyway to cut a long, and let’s face it, pretty dull story a little shorter, I’ll cut to the chase. I urgently dispatched Tabarlow’s Grandma to the huge M&S (The Meadows) in Berkshire to hunt down two in age 3-4 years (and you don’t want to get in her way when she’s on a mission for her favourite twins, believe me). Success (she even came back with a selection of sizes for me to choose from)! It’s now back in stock online, but I wouldn’t take any chances if I were you – if you want one (and trust me, you do, it’s fab – and you can’t even see the cute striped lining in the hood…), get clicking now before they sell out again (or if you have a devoted Grandma who just happens to live near The Meadows, get her on the case immediately!).

bye baby bunting

12 February 2013

Cyrillus Grey Bunting
My latest obsession? Nurseries and bedrooms. Well, nothing new there, but I am in the process of doing up Tabitha and Marlow’s room, so I’m more tuned in than ever to all things stylish for babies’/kids’ rooms. Who doesn’t love a bit of bunting? Well, as long as it’s not too twee or cutesy anyway. How great is this Cyrillus (they do a gorgeous interiors collection – definitely worth checking out) bunting (we could’ve guessed the French would do the chic-est example couldn’t we?) in tones of grey? And it’s currently half price in the sale! Bargain! Get ordering quick before it sells out (but not before I’ve had a chance to put my order in)…
£6.50 (was £13.00) 

rain, rain go away…

11 February 2013

Aigle Flac Wellies Boot (sizes 19-27) 
I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s totally over this dreary, wet weather. We even managed a trip to London Zoo on Saturday just to get out of the house. The great thing was, it was virtually empty (who else would be stupid enough to take their three year old twins to the zoo on a rainy Saturday?). Anyway, the twins had a great time, and their trusty M&S (plain) red wellies got yet another outing. And this got me thinking that it’s probably about time for an upgrade (and the M&S ones are getting a little snug anyway). I have always loved Aigle for their nautical classics (many years ago when I was a Fashion Assistant at Marie Claire, I used to swear by their Breton t-shirts and Guersey jumpers…). Anyway, back in the Summer when I was at a twins’ second birthday party (the adorable, and ever-stylish Sid and Walt), I noticed two pairs of this particular boot by the door (nothing gets past my eagle eye, plus I have the memory of an elephant when it comes to these things…). And let me tell you, these two little boys definitely have style worth stealing! So now that Tabs and Marlow are due for new wellies, I’m definitely going to copy and buy these. A style classic (plus I love that they are quite short, like the M&S ones – perfect for toddlers).

stripes, hearts & glitter

10 February 2013

H&M Long Sleeved Heart T-Shirt (1-8 years)
I’ve been meaning to post this t-shirt for ages (I bought it for Tabs before Christmas). I love it! It’s very similar to a Crew Cuts (the fabulous J Crew kids collection for anyone who hasn’t come across it…) one that I bought for her a while back when I was in L.A shooting for Red. But I tell you what, that one definitely did not cost £3.99! You probably can’t see from this picture, but the heart is glitter (so cute!). Tabs just wears hers with her favourite (and now perfectly faded) Gap skinnies (yes, still going strong…) and hi-tops, and will be wearing hers on Thursday.


9 February 2013

Autograph Thermal Top & Bottoms Set (3-10 years)
Thermals is not a word that is ever going to get your shopping pulse racing, but I have to confess I felt a ripple of excitement when I came across these. Cute thermals that aren’t (boring) plain white! I actually invested in some (boring, plain white) thermal vests/long sleeve tops for Tabarlow for the that cold snap a few weeks ago (I had to – the poor things were literally frozen when we went out – Tabs’ lips actually turned blue once – no joke!). I wish I’d seen these then. They have such a sweet old-fashioned feel (love the tiny floral sprig print…). I normally bribe Marlow into wearing knitted tights (please don’t call Childline) under his jeans when it’s really cold. I think he’ll be a lot happier in this cute striped set. Sorry for the dull-ish post, but I’m assuming that I was not alone in my search for cute thermals?
Stripes £11.00-£13.00
Floral £11.00-£14.00

neon numbers

8 February 2013

Zara Home Kids Number Cushion (40 x 40 cm)
To say I am obsessed with Zara Home would be understating the point. I am in that store every chance I get (and it doesn’t help that I have one ten minutes from my house!). I find it virtually impossible to leave empty-handed. I love Zara Home and Zara Home Kids in equal measures. They just have the best things, it’s as simple as that. I buy everything from crockery to kids’ furniture in there. I am currently in the process of decorating Tabitha and Marlow’s room now that they are both in ‘big’ beds, so of course you don’t need me to tell you where I went first. Anyway, I won’t bore you with the intricate details of the exact bedlinen I bought, but it’s basically a layered mish-mash of various gorgeous printed pillow cases, quilts, blankets and cushions. I love this particular cushion because of the mix of neutral and neon, so it’s cool, not gaudy. I particulary love the pink, but they also do a neon yellow number one which is great too. I like numbers in the same way that I like monogramming – I can’t really explain it, but I’m always instinctively drawn to them. They just always look cool, and a bit ‘special’. Anyway, I love this cushion, and although I haven’t bought it (yet), if I did (and you’re interested), I would mix it with mismatched floral printed bed linen, or place it on a great vintage chair in the bedroom. I always think things like this make great birthday gifts too – they feel a bit more personal. I have to stop now, or I could literally go on all day, and I have stuff to do…

ps: sorry, one last thing that I love about Zara Home Kids is that they do fantastic things for boys as well as girls (because as we all know, it’s a lot easier to find cute things for girls, even when it comes to decorating their bedrooms). If you don’t particularly want cars or trucks on you son’s duvet cover, they have lots of great, stylish alternatives, such as stars, stripes, and cute illustratrations with a hand drawn feel that are adorable and super-stylish.

pps: also something to remember: Zara Home Kids also have a small selection of clothes that you won’t find in a regular Zara Kids. It’s particularly good for gorgeous newborn/baby things (it’s always the first place I go when I need to buy a baby gift), but also beautiful nighties that I buy for Tabitha to wear as dresses in the Summer. That’s it, I promise.

who doesn’t love a Breton stripe?

7 February 2013

Joules Girls Long Sleeved Top (3-12 years)
I actually can’t believe so much time has passed without me posting a Breton t-shirt! Then I stumbled upon this one. And it’s a great one. Lovely quality, and a good fit (it has a cute boat neck). I also love that it’s off-white like the original French Breton t-shirts. Oh and it’s 100% cotton. It claims to be a ‘girl’s top’, but that’s never stopped me before…

where’s the party?

6 February 2013

Rockett St George A-Z Mid Century Modern Paper Cups & Plates (set of 26)
Having recently organised a (huge!) third birthday party for twins, I feel like I am pretty well versed in what’s out there in terms of stylish party ware. Very little! After much trawling I plumped for the cute Belle & Boo plates and cups (from in the end, but I was far from spoilt for choice. I am well aware that by the twins’ fourth birthday, I will probably be in themed party hell, so I wanted to make the most of my choices while I still had some. Anyway, the Belle & Boo were definitely cute and stylish (plus it’s always a tricky one to combine a boy/girl party without going too far in one direction…), but had I found these then, I think I would have bought these super-stylish vintage-inspried ones. They are without doubt, the most cool, stylish paper cups and plates I’ve seen. I love the colours – a great mix, but all lovely, and you get 26 in each set, so they are great value. Plus each letter is represented by a different object, so once your party guests have polished off their mini ham sandwiches (M&S party platters – more of those later), they can learn a thing or too before they go home. Stylish and educational! Genius.
cups £7.50
plates £10.00

ps: M&S sandwich platters are the way to go. Now I realise that this sounds a bit lazy (and trust me, I make a finger sandwich that would give Claridges’ a run for their money – I’m not even joking), but from past experience (ok, their last birthday), the man-hours in making said sandwiches, plus the cost of all the ingredients actually makes this option a brilliant one. You order them online, then arrange to have them delivered to your local M&S on the morning of the party. Oh and you cut all the ‘fingers’ in half, so they go further (we all know how toddlers love to take one bite out of sandwich and leave it…). The ones you want are the ‘no-mayo sandwich fingers’ (£11.50 for 20 sandwich quarters). Just a little tip from me to you.

varsity chic

5 February 2013

Mothercare Baseball Jacket (18 months-8 years)
Now as we all know, varsity jackets had a bit of a moment a few seasons ago (mostly due to Isabel Marant), but for kids they are still around (and let’s be honest – we may want our kids to look cool and stylish, but do we really want them to be rocking the very latest catwalk trends?). I love this one because it’s quite subdued colour-wise (many of them are brightly coloured, which would feel too gimmicky and garish for my liking). This one is denim with grey sweatshirt-style jersey sleeves. I like the striped trim too. My nephew, Baby James (almost one) was rocking a black and white one from Ralph Lauren at the weekend and he looked so sweet. This one might just be coming Marlow’s way soon. Cosy and cool.

ps: it would also look really cool on a girl with a little dress and knitted tights. Tomboy-chic.

do not disturb…

4 February 2013

H&M Home Baby Door Sign
How sweet is this? And I think it has to be the most ‘stylish inexpensive’ thing I have posted to date. What can you buy for £1.99 these days? Nothing particularly cute or stylish that’s for sure (I think you’d even be hard-pushed to find a hair clip…). If you know anyone who is pregnant/just had a baby, click and buy her one! Such a lovely little pressie. If I still had babies, I would buy one for myself! But then, I would have to customise is to ‘babies are’ (or buy two)…

bow peep

3 February 2013

Gap Bow Printed Skinny Jeans (6 months-5 years)
Is this not the perfect seque from my last post? From a single bow hair clip to a pair of skinny jeans literally covered in bows! Told you I was an addict. These are almost a bit kitsch for my taste, but I just think they are so cute (in that ‘cool cute’ way that is very hard to call sometimes…). I also love the shape and fit of Gap’s skinny jeans (and always buy them for Tabitha), so I know they will look great. I would style these with a grey cable knit jumper (in fact, now I come to think of it, Tabs has one from Gap!) or a simple sweatshirt. Nothing too ‘glitzy’ (yeah, like Tabs has anything even remotely glitzy that’s not confined to the dressing-up box!) or girly. And I might add a pair of hi-tops or an ankle-boot. What I’m trying to say is, steer clear of anything too girly or sweet with these – think ‘cute tomboy’ and they will look adorable.

ps: just realised that these are very similar to a pair of Topshop cropped cigarette pants that I have from last Summer. Pale pink with little black hearts all over them (they sound a bit Timmy Mallet, but honestly, they are really cool). I would only ever wear them with a navy or grey cashmere jumper or a slouchy grey or white t-shirt. If you tone down the cute/fun element, they look really great. Actually, where are those trousers..?