mini mittens

27 February 2013

Thumbkin Handmade Mittens (0-4 years)
As promised I have hunted down some mittens that are very similar to the ones I found in Oliver Bonas last week. They are not exactly the same, but they are as close as I could get. They come as the pop-on (minus thumbs) mittens in 0-24 months, which are just brilliant (I have had many a trying moment attempting to persuade tiny thumbs into the thumb of mittens – not easy). Plus all sizes have the ‘magic’ attached string, so you can thread them through the sleeves of a coat/snowsuit so that you always know where they are (exactly where you want them to be). They are so sweet. And so many colours to choose from (I love the navy, obviously)… And if you haven’t already got a pair, now is definitely the time to buy a cosy pair of mittens – it’s freezing!


26 February 2013

Bodie & Fou Gold Star Wall Stickers
If you don’t have a huge budget to decorate your nursery/little one’s bedroom, these are a fantastic (and super-stylish) instant fix. I love a star (as you all know by now!), and these gold ones will add a little star quality to any wall you choose to stick them onto. And they are perfect for a baby’s nursery, or a toddler/older child’s bedroom. I like them arranged in a haphazard way like they are shown here, i.e. not too perfect. And the best part? If you get bored of them, you can just take them down…

ps: yes, I have wifi! Thank God.

little grey

25 February 2013

The Little White Company Floral Dress & Knickers (0-24 months)
It’s never too cold for a pretty dress as far as I’m concerned. You’ve just got to get into full-on layering mode (there is virtually nothing in Tabitha’s wardrobe that she doesn’t wear year-round, except possibly her bikinis…). Just add a vest, a chunky knitted cardigan,  knitted tights and you’re good to go. I love this subdued grey and white floral print one – it has a lovely vintage feel to it. I love the pretty stitch detail and the blouson style sleeves. And of course, the adorable patch pockets. And you can save the cute matching knickers for the Spring (which will be here one day apparently…).

ps: I’m off to Lanzarote tomorrow to shoot a story for the June issue of Red. Apparently there is no wifi (yes, apparently that is not a sick joke…), so it might be a bit touch and go as to whether (and where?) I can post. I will (as always) endeavour to bring you a stylish, affordable item if I possibly can. But don’t hold your breath that’s all I’m saying…

tootsa dungarees

24 February 2013

Tootsa MacGinty Striped Dungarees (3 months-5 years)
I haven’t posted anything from them for a while, but I’m still loving Tootsa MacGinty (as much as for the name as anything else…). They do really great, simple but quirky things for kids. Fun, but not gimicky (and great quality). I adore their knitwear. And everything is unisex (although generally I would probably be more likely to dress Marlow in their things, but that’s just me…). Having said that, these would look adorable on a little girl with a pretty blouse worn underneath. I always love a dungaree (particularly on babies) – they always look cute (and timeless), plus they are so practical for crawlers. These are a classic ‘hickory’ stripe with a lovely cosy lining, so perfect for chilly Winters (now!) as well as the warmer months. Oh and they come with those handy leg poppers in the baby sizes (totally essential for those quick nappy changes). And they are in the sale…
£19.20 (were £32.00) 

is it a blouse or is it a smock?

23 February 2013

Little Bird By Jools Floral Blouse With Peter Pan Collar (6 months-5 years)
Who cares when it’s this pretty? Love the tiny sprig floral print, and the contrast of the white Peter Pan collar. One of my favourite pieces from this particular collection. And a fantastic price for a super-cute blouse (smock/top/whatever…) that I guarantee will be worn (preferably with jeans/trousers) week in, week out…

ps: I’ve managed to track down some very similar sheepskin mittens to the ones I saw in Oliver Bonas that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Yes! Will post them in the next few days, so watch this space…