bow peep

Gap Bow Printed Skinny Jeans (6 months-5 years)
Is this not the perfect seque from my last post? From a single bow hair clip to a pair of skinny jeans literally covered in bows! Told you I was an addict. These are almost a bit kitsch for my taste, but I just think they are so cute (in that ‘cool cute’ way that is very hard to call sometimes…). I also love the shape and fit of Gap’s skinny jeans (and always buy them for Tabitha), so I know they will look great. I would style these with a grey cable knit jumper (in fact, now I come to think of it, Tabs has one from Gap!) or a simple sweatshirt. Nothing too ‘glitzy’ (yeah, like Tabs has anything even remotely glitzy that’s not confined to the dressing-up box!) or girly. And I might add a pair of hi-tops or an ankle-boot. What I’m trying to say is, steer clear of anything too girly or sweet with these – think ‘cute tomboy’ and they will look adorable.

ps: just realised that these are very similar to a pair of Topshop cropped cigarette pants that I have from last Summer. Pale pink with little black hearts all over them (they sound a bit Timmy Mallet, but honestly, they are really cool). I would only ever wear them with a navy or grey cashmere jumper or a slouchy grey or white t-shirt. If you tone down the cute/fun element, they look really great. Actually, where are those trousers..?

One comment on 'bow peep'

  1. Kath said:

    So funny, I saw those jeans and immediately thought of your cute pink cropped pants. I can confirm that they are v chic on you 🙂 Look forward to the photos of you and Tabs matching.. hehe!