hide & seek

Mr Perswall Hide & Seek ABC Wall Mural
I absolutely love this mural. Such a fantastic idea for a baby/child’s bedroom. As you know, I’ve been on the look-out for inspirational ideas for decorating the twins’ bedroom, and I just think this is such a lovely way to cover an entire wall. It’s pretty big (265 x 270cm), but I’m sure you could get it cut down to size to fit a particular wall. I just adore the illustrations – really lovely, old-fashioned drawings. It’s also a great way of getting your kids to learn their letters (seeing them all the time is one of the best ways – they just become familiar in a really natural (non-flash cards) way…). It just has a classic charm, and I love that. And if you are decorating on a budget, this may seem a lot to spend in one hit, but you really wouldn’t need to do that much more – the rest of the room could be pretty simple, and it would look great.
£167.00  johnlewis.com 

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