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Fine Little Day ‘Pirum Parum’  Print
I was obsessed with this print. It kept cropping up on Pinterest in gorgeous kids’ rooms that I re-pinned, and I just instantly loved it. It’s so sweet, but also so cool. I wanted it for Tabarlow’s bedroom and was on a one-woman mission to hunt it down. And thanks to one of my ever-resourceful Little Spree readers, I did. I tweeted on the off-chance to see if anyone knew where I might be able to buy it from, and the lovely Victoria (of the suspected bow-eating dog tale a while back…) did! Result. So I ordered it, plus the ‘Apple Papple’ print (I was quite giddy by this point), and they are both currently waiting to be framed and hung in the twins’ newly decorated bedroom (still a work in progress…). So thank you again Victoria! Some might argue that it is perhaps a little babyish for two three year olds, but I disagree. I think it has a stylish charm, and is a really lovely blend of ‘old-fashioned’ and modern. I just hope Tabitha and Marlow love it as much as I do!

ps: ok, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the results of the Mini Boden giveaway! Thank you all for taking the time to enter. The response was fantastic, and I loved reading all your comments – a great mix of cute, funny, and quirky. As you know there are (sadly) only eight winners though. If you are one of the lucky eight listed below, please email me at the Little Spree address at the top of the website with your full name and address, and I will pass your details on to Boden, who will send your chosen item (in the requested size) out to you directly. Some people haven’t given a surname, but if you entered and requested that particular item, it will be you (if that makes sense?). Congratulations!

1. Pretty woven top: Sarah (you were in labour when you entered!)

2. Leather Sandals: Clare (‘Belfast Mummy’)

3. Alphabet Print T-Shirt: Nicola Reddy

4. Roll-up Trousers: Christina

5. Colour Pop Jumper: Holly Collier

6. Stripey Pocket Tee: Katie Roberts

7. Easy Printed Dress: Samantha Boshoff

8. Towling Top: Lisa

2 comments on 'pear shaped'

  1. Clare said:

    So excited to have won, thank you and Mini Boden so much, now maybe I can use the saving I made not having to buy the sandals myself to purchase the gorgeous print. x