tabitha’s favourite jeans

Gap skinny jeans (6 months-5 years)
These are the jeans that I am a little bit obsessed with. I originally bought a pair for Tabs, and loved them so much, I bought a pair for Marlow too (I don’t care whether something is labelled ‘girls’ or ‘boys’). They are skinny, but not too skinny. I have since bought Marlow no less than three pairs of the exact same jeans because they are one of the few styles of jean that I like the fit of. Most boys’ jeans are too baggy for my liking. The fit of these is perfect. Tabs has had the same pair (plus a pale grey version) for over a year now, and the knees have just worn through (they have had a LOT of wear though!). Time to get a new pair for I think. Marlow’s however, have got plenty more life in them yet…

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