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Mini Boden 5 Pack Of Bodies (0-24 months)
My sister emailed me a picture of my one year old nephew the other day, and he was wearing one of these (the orange striped one if you’re interested) under a pair of dungarees, and it reminded how great they are. I used to regularly buy them for Tabarlow when they were babies, and I loved how versatile (great with jeans, dungarees, layered under dresses…), practical, and stylish they were (and still are). And not to mention great value. I love the colours in this particular set. Perfect for this kind of weather, because they are so easy to layer. And my ever-growing collection of Mini Boden little cotton drawstring bags is testement to just how much I loved them! I am currently using a strawberry printed one for Tabitha’s ballet stuff (it’s the perfect size).
£24.00 (was £30.00)

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