mama spree: a few of my favourite things…

Whistles ‘Ziggy’ Leather Biker Jacket (sizes 4-16)
£350.00  SHOP NOW
I have been searching for a decent leather jacket for a couple of years now (sounds ridiculous I know, but I just haven’t found an affordable one that I like enough to buy…). I found the most amazing one a few years ago in a charity shop (of all places) in Wales – an original ‘Perfecto’ style (more Jamie Hince, less Jeremy Clarkson). Sadly just a little too big for me, so I dutifully gave it to my boyfriend, who loves it. So I have sort of been looking for a girls’ equivalent to live up to it ever since. Not as easy as I’d hoped. Now I’m pretty fussy (surprise, surprise), and I also didn’t want to bankrupt myself in the process, so I’d been looking mostly on the High Street. I saw and tried on countless jackets, but each one had at least one thing that wasn’t right about it (too cropped, cheap looking leather, cheap looking details, too shiny, too thin…). At the risk of sounding like Goldilocks, I wanted one that was ‘just right’. And here it is. The leather is great quality, the shape is good (fitted, but not too snug), it’s pretty warm (ok, over a cashmere sweater, but I still braved it out one evening last week and I was fine); and I love the biker-style quilting/padding detail on the arms. All in all, I’m loving it. And it works just as well with jeans/tousers as with skirts and dresses (I’m actually more likely to wear it with the latter. Ok, so she’s still quite pricey, but I think £350 for a great leather jacket is a pretty good buy, and it will last, so it’s also a great investment. I think it will look even better once it’s a bit more worn in and battered looking. Trust me, this is the best non-designer one out there right now.
Here are a few other things I’m loving (and lusting after) this week. This super-chic, but super-cool graphic print wrap skirt. Another Whistles find that I spotted in the store when I was buying my jacket, and regret (yet more regrets…) not buying. I shall return! It’s the perfect dress-up/dress-down skirt – wear with a sweatshirt/cahsmere crew neck and flats, then switch for a high ankle boot/ankle strap sandal. LOVE this jumpsuit from Isabel Marant Etoile (my favourite go-to designer when I want/need a quick, high-end fashion fix – I call it ‘fashion crack’ as it’s so addictive). My friend Nicky has already bought this, and I am consumed with jealously!! But I love it so much, I might just have to get it anyway (sorry Nicky…). It would make the perfect low-key statement that I love on a night out (I don’t like anything too showy or too obviously sexy) – ‘cool sexy’ if you will. I’m also obsessing over these Stella McCartney cropped boyfriend jeans (I am currently on the search for the perfect cropped, skinny jeans, and I think I may have come pretty close with this looser, boyfriend version). Love them with heels. Want a pair now! I definitely need this Mango parka in my life (the perfect running around, every day ‘non mumsy’ coat). This very Isabel-eque embroidered blouse from Zara (pair it with the Stella jeans and you immediately have a fabulous high/low outfit) also caught my eye. Anyone who know me will already be all-too familiar with my obsession with white/cream tops/blouses. But one more can’t hurt surely? Oh and for anyone who missed Wednesday’s post, this cute denim dress actually goes up to age 16, so we can buy one for us too (and still have change from a £20.00!). Put it away for the Summer, then just add a simple tan flat sandal. And lastly, this isn’t even strictly fashion, but I am totally head-over-heels with this gorgeous cashmere travel blanket from Jigsaw (and it’s on sale!). As someone who travels a lot, I need this in my life (and my carry-on). Happy Valentine’s! Until next Friday, it’s back to Little Spree…

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  1. eleanor said:

    I want to buy EVERYTHING on here. But I’m worried that I might look like your crazy stalker. xx