About Little Spree

Little Spree was founded in 2011 by Fashion Editor, Sarah Clark as an essential resource for busy, fashion conscious mums: an insider’s guide to dressing your kids in a beautiful and stylish way without maxing your credit card. Mixing high street finds with the occasional ‘spurge’ (only if it’s really worth splurging on though) for a cool, stylish and accessible ‘edit’ of the best things out there for your babies, toddlers and kids. We only feature things on the site that we genuinely love and really think are worth buying (without exception), and usually that means at least one of our kids is probably already wearing it (and trust us, we are very picky about what we dress our kids in!!). We’re just as picky about the toys, books, gifts and bedroom/nursery ideas that we feature too.

Nicky came onboard in 2013, and together we added Mama Spree (a twice weekly womenswear post for all the mamas already hooked on the Little Spree posts for their children). Born from constant requests from our stylish followers who also wanted to dress in a cool but practical way that avoided anything ‘mumsy’, Mama Spree is the same affordable style, but this time, just for us!

When Sarah met Nicky…
“We spotted each other from afar when our kids (then just two) started at the same nursery in Petersham. We had the same boots (Isabal Marant if you’re interested?) and both secretly made it our mission to befriend one another. We didn’t end up actually meeting properly until the following Summer (when we got drunk at a fundraising ball and laughed about our sons wearing identical outfits to nursery most days!), and we have been firm friends ever since. Working on Little Spree (and Mama Spree) together is so much fun, we forget we’re working sometimes!”

About Sarah
Sarah Clark, founder of Little Spree, Fashion Editor, and mother to twins Tabitha and Marlow (six), has worked in the fashion industry for over fifteen years (at glossies such as Marie Claire, Glamour, and Red), and is currently Fashion Editor at Large at The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine. She’s obsessed with pretty peasant blouses (old and new), khaki jackets (she’s stopped counting) and classic Chanel ballet pumps. She doesn’t own a brush, and describes her style as ‘scruffy chic’: “I hate anything that looks ‘try hard’”.

About Nicky
Nicky Hornsby-Clifton, mother to Bailey (6) couldn’t have had a career more different from Sarah’s, working as a lawyer for the British Army for over ten years. For her a day at the office ranged from prosecuting criminal cases at Court-Martial, living in a corimec in Bosnia, and even presenting the work she did in Northern Ireland to the Queen. Despite a job that also required her to learn how to jump out of helicopters, her love of fashion never took a back seat, so sitting pretty next to her boots and backpack would be a pair of beautiful shoes or a Balenciaga bag. These days things are a bit different in the Little Spree office: “as well as Isabel Marant boots, the other thing Sarah and I have in common is a love of clothes with a utility feel, so you’ll usually find one of us wearing some version of an Army shirt on any given day.” You can take the girl out of the Army…

About You
Finally, If you’re reading this, thank you! We feel so lucky to have such a loyal following of stylish mums – we know that many of you won’t buy anything for your kids unless it has the ‘Little Spree’ stamp of approval. Honestly, there’s nothing better than knowing people are loving what we do.

Love Little Spree xx