About Little Spree

As a Fashion Editor I have worked at magazines including Marie Claire, Glamour and Red for over 15 years, styling fashion shoots (and the odd celebrity or two…). Needless to say I love clothes. But after having twins (Tabitha & Marlow, collectively known as Tabarlow) in January 2010, my new obsession quickly became kids’ clothes.

Being a busy working mum of twins (I am Contributing Senior Fashion Editor at Red magazine, and I am also a freelance Stylist and Art Director) with very little free time, I soon came up against various problems dressing them. I found myself looking for simple, cute, practical pieces (no lurid colours, naff motifs etc etc) that were also affordable. This was no easy task! But over time, with a bit of practice, I re-trained my (womenswear) fashion eye to finding fab kids’ clothes too. I found it quite a fun styling challenge – trawling the high street, searching for pieces that look great but don’t cost the earth. I couldn’t care less whose name is on the label inside if it looks fantastic on the outside. If anything, I think it’s far cooler not to dress your kids in head-to-toe designer clothes.

So I started sharing my finds with my friends with kids (texts such as: get down to your nearest M&S – they’ve done the BEST desert boots for £22!!) who, after forwarding my hot tips onto their friends, then suggested I spread the word a little further. So here it is. Everything I feature here will be things that I honestly think are great and really worth buying (without exception) and that one of the twins (or both) is probably already wearing (and trust me, I am very picky about what I dress my kids in!!). I genuinely believe that you do not need to max out your credit card to dress your kids well. And I’ve always loved a bargain! I will do all the legwork – think of me as your filter – you don’t need to trawl through all the naff stuff to find the gems, I’ve already done it for you. And if there is something great out there, believe me I’ll find it. Happy shopping!

Sarah xx