Mama Spree: The Designer Pieces Worth Investing In

27 May 2016

Designer pieces worth investing in - Little Spree

1. Isabel Marant Étoile Loose-Knit Sweater, £160.00
2.  Isabel Marant Poplin Jumpsuit, £385.00
3. Isabel Marant Étoile Embroidered Dress, £220.00
4. Gianvito Rossi Velvet Sandals, £495.00
5. Current Elliot Cropped Straight Leg Jeans, £96.75 (were £215.00)
6. Saint Laurent Classic Leather Mini Duffle Bag, £795.00
7.Gianvito Rossi Leopard Print Point-Toe Flats, £595.00

Don’t worry, this is not that moment when Little Spree suddenly becomes ‘Designer Spree’ and we stop posting the affordable things in favour of purely designer splurges. So don’t log off before you’ve heard us out. Today’s post is dedicated to the designer pieces that we really consider worth buying. Not that we’re suggesting for a minute that you buy all of them of course – maybe even just one of them. That’s between you and your bank manager… Next week it will be business as usual on LS – a clever mix of high-low, with the emphasis firmly on the low. But for now, hear us out…
We spent a lot of time compiling and considering this edit of investment pieces. We have only included pieces that we either already own between us (numbers 1, 2 and 4), or that are firmly on our ‘wish lists’ (that Saint Laurent bag has been on mine for over two years now!! SC). These are the pieces that we really love, and we consider to be ‘splurge worthy’.

Sarah & Nicky xx

I do like to make a few key, designer purchases each season. I almost always buy something from Isabel Marant (usually the cheaper, Étoile collection) as I love the way her pieces always just slot seamlessly into my wardrobe, and that they are perfect for every day (but I always feel a little more ‘special’ wearing them). When I make a new Issy purchase (usually a top or blouse), it becomes the new ‘special’ piece in my wardrobe – carefully loved and looked after, and only worn for slightly more special occasions – parties, drinks, dinner etc. But then, come next season this piece will automatically get ‘downgraded’ to make room for its replacement. So it then gets worn more often and for less special occasions, and I will buy something new to replace it. This (previously totally subconscious until I shared it with my friend and makeup artist, Lisa on my recent work trip to Ibiza, and she suggested sharing it with on LS) cycle continues, and the original piece eventually gets downgraded to such a degree that I eventually wear it for anything and everything – the school run, weekends, shoots… I still love it, but am just far less precious about it. Meanwhile, there will always be something new at the top of the chain – a latest favourite. Consequently, I have designer pieces in my wardrobe that I have had for years and years – one example is a Stella McCartney floor-length bias-cut floral dress that I originally bought to wear to a family wedding back in 2009. Fast forward to today, and I’m wearing the very same dress with a sweatshirt and hi-tops. And it’s been to dozens of weddings, fashion shows and countless parties in between! Currently at the top of the food chain is my new Isabel Marant sweater (above). Don’t get me wrong, I am a total high street girl – I love shopping on the high street, and I LOVE a bargain. But I do like to mix my bargains with some key investment pieces – sometimes I stop and consider the fact that I might buy three pretty folk style blouses on the high street without blinking, when in actual fact, add these together and they add up to the cost of one really special one from Isabel Marant Étoile. Sometimes I want a quick fix, other times I want something more long-term. For me, it’s all about mixing it up. It’s amazing how my Chanel two tone ballet pumps (my leaving present from Glamour back in 2011), can elevate my favourite scruffy Gap denim cut-offs to a meeting-worthy outfit; or how my Jerome Dreyfus Bobi bag (a birthday present from Tom) can be thrown over a old pair of jeans to make me feel ‘put together’ enough to head into Mayfair for lunch. Never underestimate the power of high-low dressing. Even if you have to save up, and can only afford one splurge a season, you will immediately see how hard the (well chosen) investment piece will work for you and your wardrobe.
I’m currently also lusting after: a Preen dress (they design the coolest and most flattering dresses out there). This one is the dreamiest dress ever – I recently shot it for Stella magazine and fell head over heels in love (ok, not with the price tag so much, but this will be one that I will keep my eye on during the sales – you never know right?); this dress from Des Mademoiselles; I always love a leopard print bag (and coat, and shoe…) and this Miu Miu mini one is just too cute for words…

Sarah x

I don’t go out as much I as used to before Bailey was born, and when I do, I tend not to get ‘dressed up’, preferring to wear a cool pair of heels with army trousers, or my favourite Lulu Frost earrings with a cashmere jumper. So these days my investment buys tend to be pieces I can wear day to day (like my beloved Golden Goose trainers) or items that can be worn casually and more formally like this  Isabel Marant ruffle mini dress. My main aim is to make sure that I never again find myself putting that investment buy ‘garden party dress’ into the charity bag, (tags still attached because I never got round to attending a garden party). We’ve all been there right?

Nicky  x

Born To Be Wild

26 May 2016

Louis Louise Born To Be Wild sweatshirt - Little Spree

Louis Louise James Sweatshirt (2-12 years), £45.00

Louis Louise Boys sweatshirt - Little Spree

1. Louis Louise James Sweatshirt (2-12 years), £45.00
2.  Mango Skinny Jeans (3-14 years), £19.99
3. Gap Cork Buckle Sandals (5-10 years), £16.95

As you know we’re huge fans of French brand Louis Louise (how many dresses does Tabitha have Sarah..?). We love the delicate charm and simplicity which lends itself  to sweet baby bloomers and pretty girls dresses, so much so that you could easily miss their cool boys collection. Not us. We both have our eye on this sweatshirt (also available as a t-shirt) to wear with these trousers that Bailey and Marlow have (for those who asked, they  are the ones Bailey wore on Instagram whilst we were in Mexico). Other pieces we’re coveting include the ‘Grand Pere’ shirt (although we can’t decide which colour we like best), and these green denim shorts (the perfect alternative to our favourite blue denim ones).

Nicky & Sarah xx

Sailor Style: Mini Alexa

23 May 2016

M&S sailor pure cotton girls dress - Little Spree

1. M&S Cotton Sailor Dress (12 months-7 years), £16.00-£18.00
2. Salt Water ‘Surfer’ Sandals (sizes 24-28), £45.00

Many of you may remember this adorable ‘mini Alexa Chung’ dress from Instagram when we posted it after seeing it as the M&S press day day a while ago? You loved it as much as we did (and a few of you wanted one in your size too!). It really reminded me of a similar dress that from A.P.C that Alexa had a few years ago. In fact, I desperately tried to get one (I never could resist a sailor collar), but they had all sold out once she was photographed wearing it in one of the Sunday supplements. Hey-ho. Fast forward a few years and a set of my very own twins later (I definitely did not see that coming, but that’s a whole other story…), and my own daughter can wear her own cute sailor dress (yes, Tabs already has it). I bought it on Friday after a quick trip to M&S (the giant one at The Meadows in Camberley – anyone else know it?) on Friday with my stepmum (I told her that under no circumstances was I to buy anything for the kids – they have far too much stuff already!!). I simply could not resist. It’s pure cotton ladies – how could I? Oh, and for any mamas of teeny-tiny wannabe Alexa’s out there? Good luck trying to resist this (yep, matching hat and knickers!).

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: The Striped Shirt That You Need Right Now

20 May 2016

Madewell Striped Cotton-Chambray Shirt - Little Spree
Photo: Madewell

Madewell Striped Cotton Chambray Shirt - Little Spree

1. Madewell Striped Cotton-Chambray Shirt, £95.00
2. Madewell Tassell Earrings, £19.93
3. Mango Cropped Jeans, £35.99
4. Mango Strap Cord Sandals, £19.99

Who wouldn’t want to look like this on the school-run? Scrap that, who wouldn’t want to look like this each and every day!! So totally effortless. And frankly, totally achievable. The best outfits are often the most simple I find, and I often feel my best in something low-key and comfortable and just not too ‘try hard’. And I love a striped cotton shirt (one of my favourites is still an H&M one in the softest cotton that I bought last Summer and still wear all the time). But this one has the folky laced front detail for that little extra ‘something’. And we simply couldn’t resist adding these fab tassel earrings (yep they’re on my ‘lust list’!
Happy Friday lovely ladies!

Sarah & Nicky xx

Baby, Toddler And Beyond

19 May 2016

Next girls linen romper - Little Spree

1. Next Linen Blend Playsuit (3 months-6 years), £13.00-£16.00
2. Mango Textured Cotton Cardigan (1 month-3 years), £15.99
3. Mango Metallic Strap Sandals (sizes 3-7), £19.99

We LOVE this outfit. In fact the muted colours, soft textures, and what have to be the cutest metallic sandals (they have a sweet peep-toe) makes this our perfect Summer outfit for a toddler girl. It’s worth noting that this pretty grey romper starts at age three months but goes right up six years (Tabitha has it). This voluminus style looks just as cute (styled the same way) for slightly older girls too and is also the perfect piece for anyone wishing to dress siblings in a similar way.

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: congratulations to our friends over at Scandi Mini – five years old today!

Mama Spree: We’re (Not) With The Band

18 May 2016

Mama Spree - we're (not) with the band - Little Spree

Amplified The Clash T-Shirt, £19.99

How to wear a band t-shirt without looking like a groupie - Little Spree

1. Amplified The Clash T-Shirt, £19.99
2. Whistles Button Through Skirt, £95.00
3. Isabel Marant Suede Ankle Tie Sandals, £436.53

We may want the cool band t-shirt (and let’s be honest, bands don’t come much cooler than The Clash), but we don’t actually want to look like we’re with the band (I think that ship has probably sailed…). The obvious go-to would way to wear your tee (mine is on its way!) is with your jeans (or denim cut-offs as I did recently on my Ibiza trip – always a good idea), but we liked the idea of taking things up a notch – band tees can be chic and sexy too. And taken out for dinner! The t-shirt is boyish, the skirt is chic and feminine (and has big pockets!!), and the sandals? Well we are more than a little obsessed with these super-sexy heels (and they come in a slightly lower heel too – clever!)! In fact, I’ve already mentally styled at least six outfits with them… SC

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: just chuck a leather biker over the top of this look and you’re ready to go…

pps: other cool tees we’re loving right now: this, this, this (channelling Preen here) and this one.

ppps: The Outnet have just had an Isabel Marant drop. How could we not share that?? What are you waiting for? You’re just a click away from an amazing bargain!!

Retro Baby

16 May 2016

Imps & Elfs Baby Vintage style Sweatshirt - Little Spree

Imps & Elfs Jersey Sweatshirt (3 months-4 years), £25.35

This is still our favourite mini sweatshirt. And our current go-to baby gift (I’ve just bought two for girlfriends’ new babies, and they may not be the last – SC). Just to flag up one thing, it looks quite yellow in the pictures (above and on the Smallable website) – it’s actually much less so in person, more of an oatmeal colour. But no lessadorable! And perfect for a boy or a girl.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: Totes Chic

13 May 2016

Linge Particulier linen tote bag from Smallable- Little Spree

Linge Particulier Linen Tote Bag, £30.42

The only problem we’re having with this post? Which of these gorgeous colours to choose?? Oh, and these aren’t even all of them!
And in case you’re wondering, no you can’t ever have too many simple cotton/linen tote bags to chuck all your kids’ (and erm, your) stuff (crap?) in…

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: the Boden clearance section is definitely worth a snoop at the moment. There is a further 20% off the discounted price!

Tween Spree: the boys

12 May 2016

Tween Boys Clothes - Little Spree

1. Boden Washed Surf Hoodie (9-16+ years), £29.50-£34.50
2. Next T-Shirt (sold as part of a set of two, 3-16 years), £10.00-£16.00
3. Bonton Backpack, £40.00
4. Boden Denim Shorts (sizes 22-32), £26.50-£31.50
5. Mango Hooded Cotton Parka (3-14 years), £29.99
6. M&S Leather Trainers (sizes 13 small-3 large), £13.00-£14.00

Seeing as we brought you a tween post for girls, we thought it only fair that we do one for the boys too. Here’s a little selection of some of our favourites for those pre-teen boys (although as can see, most of these pieces come on little boy sizes too).
Happy Thursday!

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: In-between Days

11 May 2016

How to wear a cool sweatshirt - Little Spree

Mango Lace Up Jeans, £39.99

How to wear a cool sweatshirt - Little Spree

1. Topshop Brushed Sweatshirt, £20.00 (was £26.00)
2. Mango Lace Up Jeans, £39.99
3. Mango Leather Strap Sandals, £35.99

As far as we’re concerned, this is the perfect outfit for those ‘what the hell am I going to wear?’ in-between days (to quote The Cure). A little bit of Summer, Autumn and Holiday (you’ve had the pedi and you want to get your toes out…) rolled into one comfy, effortless, ‘just chuck it on and go’ outfit.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Tween Spree

9 May 2016

Older girls fashion - Little Spree

1. Mango Flowy Shirt (4-14 years), £16.99
2. Next Jumpsuit (3-16 years), £16.00-£21.00
3. Gap Shirt Jacket (xs-xxl), £24.95
4. Monsoon ‘Make Your Own’ Beaded Necklace, £8.00
5. Gap 1969 Boy Fit Denim Shorts (4-13 years), £16.95
6. Next Fringed Bag, £12.00
7. Next Woven Sandals (sizes 26.5-41), £24.00-£30.00

Ladies, you spoke, we listened. So here it is: our first ‘Tween Spree’ post. There are some lovely pieces out there for older girls so we thought we’d start you off (yes, we’ll be doing more, and not just for girls) with a round-up of some of our favourites. These denim cut-offs and green utility jacket are mini-must-have pieces, and we just love these cute accessories (they would make great gifts too). Oh, and just between us Mamas, those leather woven sandals go up to size 41, so, if somehow your shoe size ends up in the basket, our lips are sealed!

Nicky & Sarah xx

Wedding Week: how to be the best dressed wedding guest

6 May 2016

What to wear to a wedding - Little Spree

1.Needle & Thread Lace Panelled Chiffon Gown, £185.00
2. Mango Tuxedo Jacket, £79.99
3. Next Box Clutch Bag, £24.00
4. Mango Sandals, £69.99

As lovely as they are to be invited to, weddings can end up being SO expensive. By the time you’ve gone to the hen do, bought the present, and possibly had to book/pay for flights and a hotel, you’re lucky if there’s any money left at all for your outfit. So we’ve kept this in mind when we made our selections. But one thing tor remember is that with the right, well chosen outfit, you can rotate the same one to wedding after wedding with great success (provided the guests are different). I can think of two dresses that I’ve bought in the past, and have literally worn to around ten weddings between them. And I still wear them now. And they are between five and ten years old! One is short, black and asymmetric from Hussein Chalayan (remember him?), the other is floral, bias-cut and floor length from Stella McCartney. Both were brilliant sale bargains I might add. Anyway, enough of my dresses, here are some dress suggestions for you…
We couldn’t decide between the Needle & Thread dress (above) and this Ganni sheer spotted dress (is it us or does it have a bit of a whiff of Preen coolness about it?). It would work just as well styled with the exact same accessories too. And you could defintely get plenty of wear out of it for various other parties. We’re both tempted. Then this Monsoon navy lace and chiffon, this Topshop blazer dress, Mango lace, this ASOS thirties style gown is pretty epic (and comes in a choice of three colours), and this embellished dress, also from ASOS has a lovely vintage feel which we love. A more formal jumpsuit is a great alternative to a dress for a wedding. We like this Whistles one, this ASOS tuxedo style, and this French Connection strapless version.

ps: you should also re-visit our Bride Style post, as many of the bridal dresses can also be great dresses to wear to weddings. Just as long as it’s not at the same wedding!

pps: in the craziness of Wedding Week, we almost forgot our top tip for a stylish Mother of the Bride outfit! I have seen this dress and matching coat from Monsoon in person, and it’s really lovely, and so chic. SC

Sarah & Nicky xx

Wedding Week: the coolest page boys…

5 May 2016

Cool page boy outfit ideas - Little Spree

1. Monsoon Toby Tuxedo Suit, £55.00
2. Adidas Stan Smith Trainers, £36.99

Of all the outfits at a wedding, the one for page boys can be the most difficult to get right. It’s just so much harder to achieve the right amount of formality whilst also ensuing comfort (i.e. no fidgetting) and style, than for bridesmaids/flower girls. With that in mind, as well as our favourite suits, we thought it would be helpful to highlight pieces that we think work well together and can be used to smarten up or tone down an outfit; a sort of mix and match approach.
Starting with one of our favourite looks: the ‘mini tux’. You may remember we featured this navy suit in the Little Shop at Christmas as a party outfit – well it works for weddings too. In fact, page boy-to-be Bailey will be wearing this exact outfit at a friend’s wedding this Summer and I can’t rate it highly enough. The material is soft (no stiff collars), it fits well and comes with the little cotton shirt and bow tie pictured (and I can confirm no fidgeting required). If you need a black tux this one from Marks and Spencer is a good option and for a tuxedo jacket alone, try this one from Next. One of our other favourite pieces is this stand out Little Marc Jacobs shirt with bow tie.  It would look super cute worn casually with these shorts, or more formally with these suit trousers (with optional jacket). Alternatively, and for something a little more casual switch in this shirt, these sandals or these trousers with braces from Next into the mix.

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: if you know a groom that needs pointing in the right direction, we discovered some really well made, well priced mens suits at the M&S press day. We like this tuxedo and this navy suit. For grooms looking for a modern look, this ASOS tuxedo and suit are well worth a try.

Wedding Week: Bride Style

4 May 2016

Cool Bridal Dresses - Little Spree
A Star Is Born Bridal (From ASOS) Embellished Trophy Jacket, £160.00

Cool modern brides - Little Spree
ASOS Pleated Sheer And Solid Midi Dress, £58.00

ASOS Wedding - Little Spree
Self Portrait Ivy Lace Trim Midi Dress With Lace-Up Back, £300.00

Stylish brides - Little Spree
ASOS Jarlo Prom Dress With Mesh Inserts, £85.00

ASOS Wedding Self Portrait - Little Spree
Self Portrait Lace Column Dress, £300.00

Stylish brides on a budget - Little Spree
ASOS Long Sleeved Maxi Dress, £120.00

Stylish modern brides - Little Spree

1.Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Devoré Satin Midi Dress, £1325.00
2. Theodore Warre Whiet Topaz And Gold Plated Earrings, £90.00
3. Topshop Rita Two-Part Skinny Sandals, £42.00

ASOS may not be the first place you’d think of looking for a wedding dress. But guess what? They have some great dresses for every type of bride/wedding, but definitely plenty for the cool, stylish, contemporary bride. These are some of our faves – we love the Gucci-esque pleated one (who needs to even get married to wear it?). And the best thing about being an ASOS bride? You’ll be able to splash out on an amazing pair of shoes! That’s the kind of high-low fashion we love and embrace here at Little Spree.
But we couldn’t resist putting together a bridal outfit. This Preen dress was one of our absolute favourites – they are so clever at designing the coolest dresses, but with real women’s bodies in mind. They definitely know what us ladies look for in a dress, that’s for sure. Or how about a slouchy sweater and maxi skirt combo for any cool, low-key ‘non-bride’ brides out there planning an Autumn wedding (love this!! SC)? For curvy brides this and this from ASOS Curve; if you’re tall we love the colour and simplicity of this dress; cute, kooky brides; for small-breasted brides who want the simplest of slip dresses; for a low-key beachy wedding; any mama-to-be brides? How lovely is this dress? How chic is this satin jumpsuit for the non-girly, minimal bride? And now for the those finishing touches: heels we love are these Saint LaurentSophia WebsterChristian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo. And we love a flat every bit as much as a heel for the big day (or even to slip into for the evening?), so how about thesethese or these?

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: the only store I made it to to try on dresses before I found out I had not one, but two buns in the oven (so no, not planned!) was Lanvin. This was the kind of dreamy dress I was contemplating… SC

Wedding Week: vintage style Bridal accessories

3 May 2016

Stylish bridal accessories - Little Spree

1. John Lewis Set of 4 Silver Rose Hair Pins, £12.00
2. ASOS Bridal Embellished drawstring bag, £38.00
3. ASOS Bow Necklace, £5.00
4. Loren Stewart Heart Safety Pin Earrings, £175.00
5. Johnny Loves Rosie Floral Headband, £45.00
6. J.Crew Swarovski Crystal Necklace, £165.00
7. Lulu Frost Crystaline Earrings, £158.00

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the dresses! They’re coming later in the week. Today we thought we’d share some of the (many) pretty, vintage-inspired pieces we’ve seen around for those all-important finishing touches for any brides-to-be out there. These are some of our favourites (above), and the price tags are mostly pretty un-scary too, which is always a bonus right? Here are a few more ‘bridal extras’ that you might like: these Smythson set of two notebooks for all those super-organised, list lovers out there, Jennifer Behr Swarovski crystal headband, Lulu Frost earrings, Rosantica headband, Elizabeth Cole earrings, John Lewis hair comb, ASOS headband, Theodore Ware earrings (so pretty), ASOS bag, Kenneth Jay Lane earrings, ASOS crystal headband, and ASOS metallic headband (ok, so we like a headband!).

Sarah & Nicky xx

Wedding Week: The Prettiest Flower Girls

2 May 2016

A few of Kate’s Moss’s thirteen flower girls

Kate Moss's flower girls - Little Spree

1.Woodstock Flower Crown, £33.00
2. Numero 74 Nana Bag, £7.02
3. ilovegorgeous Dobby Angel Dress, £50.15 (was £59.00)
4. ilovegorgeous Satin Ballet Pumps, £15.00

Kate Moss’s beautiful flower girls (well the little ones’ anyway) dresses were Bonpoint, but it’s not that hard to recreate this look for a lot less if you shop around. Ilovegorgeous are hard to beat when it comes to beautiful dresses (we love that they do the same simple styles). Ok, they’re not exactly cheap, but they do live up to their name, and they are definitely cheaper than Bonpoint…
Here are some of our favourite dresses we found: this ethereal Monsoon dress in gold and pale pink (for babies and younger girls), which also comes in older girls sizes too, so great if you have different ages but want to dress them the same or similar. This baby glitter Estella is cute too. For a different, more structured feel, these Violet dresses pretty gorgeous too. M&S tulle dress, Babe & Tess lace dress, Next lace dress, John Lewis lace mesh dress, Louis Louise lurex stripe dress, or even our favourite simple Numero 74 dresses in off-white could all make the perfect flower girl sun dresses. Woodstock, without doubt to the best garlands out there (second only to a fresh flower version, like Kate’s beautiful ones). Tabitha wore one to my sister’s wedding, and I couldn’t have loved it any more! Just perfect. Ballet pumps are always our number one shoe of choice for a flower girl. You can go for an actual ballet pump, or something with a little more of sole. Totally up to you. We like these Pretty Ballerina ones, these John Lewis satin ones, these John Lewis gold ones ,and a Mary Jane would work well too. For older flower girls/bridesmaids, you can’t go wrong with a Ghost bias-cut dress.

Sarah & Nicky xx

The Easiest Pancakes You’ll Ever Make

1 May 2016

Gluten free banana pancakes recipe - Little SpreeGluten free banana pancakes recipe - Little Spree
Bonton Apron, £26.00

I never thought I’d see the day when I would be writing about cooking. How did this happen?? This is how this happened…
I was shooting in a London studio the week before last (if you want to gain 7lbs in a week, don’t be a Fashion Editor with zero willpower on an 11 x day shoot with delicious round-the-clock catering), where each morning we were presented with the most delicious (gluten free) breakfasts. Now I am about as far away from gluten free as you can possibly get, but I have to tell you, I was completely seduced. In particular by the pancakes. Now they didn’t look (or indeed taste) much like your usual pancakes – well more like a small American style pancake that you’d get in a stack with a side of bacon and a moat of maple syrup (most commonly ordered when I have a hangover). They served them with a cute little jug of maple syrup (sometimes honey) and a smattering of blueberries and sliced banana. To die for. But gluten free? How did that work exactly? So I discovered that the only ingredients in said pancakes was bananas and eggs. That’s it. What?? Now even with my very limited knowledge of cooking and baking, knew that that sounded a bit fishy…. How?? So I set about trying to make them that weekend at home. Did they taste good? Yeah, ish. Did they look good? Nope. Were they are a bit of a faff? A little, yes. So on the Monday I pressed the lovely chef for for a bit more information. And so last weekend, I attempted them again (armed with a fairy cake tin and some coconut oil – I felt like Linda Hamilton in Terminator), and they were absolutely delicious. I tweaked, experimented, tweaked some more (with my harshest criticitcs: Tabarlow and Tom). Healthy, delicous, and so easy to make you’ll feel like a fraud. Want to give them a whirl? Be warned though – they are a little too easy to eat…). This is what you’ll need:

– A fairy cake baking tray (like these)
– 4 ripe bananas (the riper the better – perfect excuse to get rid of those nasty looking brown ones that no one wants to eat, and are generally just spoiling the overall look of the fruit bowl)
–  3 eggs
– Coconut oil to grease the tin (and add a little extra yumminess to the pancakes)
– 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder (this is a little sneaky extra addition, but makes all the difference)

Pre-heat the oven (fan) oven to 200C
Grease the tin/s with the coconut oil
Mash the bananas in one dish
Whisk the eggs in another dish
Add the bananas to the eggs
Add the baking powder
Add the mixture to your tin/s (you will have enough for at least two batches). I added a tablespoon amount for each pancake.
Cook for 10-15 minutes (check on them after 10 – don’t worry, there’s not much rising going on, so you won’t ruin anything.
Put your pancakes in a big pile and let everyone dig in!

The ratio of bananas to eggs is totally up to you, and a little bit of experimenting will guide you. The chef I asked said she does one egg to one banana, but Tom and the kids seemed to prefer the more ‘banana-y’ ones which were more like 4 x bananas to 3 x eggs. Remember, these pancakes are literally idiot-proof, so live a little, experiment… I actually just guessed at the baking powder (I’d like to say I didn’t, but I’m not going to lie), but they were my best batch, so that’s all you need to know.

Sarah xx

ps: absolutely nothing to do with cooking, but remember the tiny hobbit/fairy door on Instagram? Well if you’re interested, here it is.

Granny Sleep

29 April 2016

Our Nightwear edit - Little Spree
Stella Tennant and her whippet, Freud photographed for British Vogue

There’s something so lovely about sleeping in good old-fashioned cotton. Be it traditional mens style pyjamas, or our favourite Victorian nightdresses (this is another thing we discovered we had in common shortly after becoming friends – Nicky is one of the few other people I know who loves a ‘Granny nightdress’ as much as I do!!), classic is best. If you turned up at my house, unannounced (please don’t), on a Saturday morning, chances are you’d find me wafting around in one… Here’s a little selection of stylish sleepwear that we’re liking, but with a bit of a Grandma edge to some more than others: this sheer embroidered night slip from TopshopGap striped pyjama pants, The White Company seersucker striped pyjama shirt and pants (love these!), Bodas striped cotton nightshirt, Skin nightdress, Bodas striped cotton nightdress, and these Next cotton ‘Summer’ pyjamas (we both ripped out the same page from the Next Directory to show each other!). Amazon is actually a great place to chanel your ‘inner Granny’. We like this one, this one, and this one will also double up as a fab holiday dress with a pair of tan flat sandals (you know the ones)
I have also always loved Lunn Antiques for nightdresses too. They do replicas of Victorian ones (I like and have this one), and the prices are great. I’ve also recently discovered that they’ve added mini me versions. So of course I’ve ordered one for Tabitha!

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: we also love this gorgeous brand, Three Graces for totally dreamy nightwear, but maybe more for just daydreaming?

Cosy Baby

28 April 2016

Stylish, practical baby outfit - Little Spree
Pequeno Tocon Navy Footed Leggings, £22.75

Stylish baby boy outfit - Little Spree

1. Armor Lux Loctudy T-Shirt, £17.55
2. Jellycat Polar Bear Rattle, £12.48
3. Pequeno Tocon Navy Footed Leggings, £22.75

This is exactly the sort of outfit we dressed our children in when they were babies  (including Tabitha – we love navy for girls). It’s simple, stylish and these footed leggings mean no sock or shoe requirements. A perfect prêt-à-porter outfit for those busy or tired days when adding two extra items into the mix has the potential to push you over the edge. It also avoids the trouser tug-of-war to keep their little legs warm because their trousers have ridden up above their socks. If any of this sounds all too familiar, don’t worry, you’re not limited to one pair, they also come in ivory and pink.

Nicky & Sarah xx

Mama Spree: Time For Another Jumpsuit

27 April 2016

How to style your jumpsuit for every day - Little Spree
Current Elliot Cotton-Blend Jumpsuit, £124.00 (was £310.00)

How to wear a jumpsuit - Little Spree

1. Current Elliot Cotton-Blend Jumpsuit, £124.00 (was £310.00)
2. Jérôme Drefuss Fringed Shulder Bag, £180.00 (was £360.00)
3. Mango Leather Strap Sandals, £35.99

You’re always asking us about jumpsuits. Now we love a jumpsuit. You know we do. But finding a good one (the right slouchy fit, long sleeves, long enough legs for a bit of a cuff…) on the high street is not as easy as you might think (and believe us when we say we have looked A LOT) – if you’re not looking for sleeveless/short sleeves or denim anyway. So we found this one (God, I wish I didn’t instantly want everything we find/post!! SC) that we both love. We do also really like the look of this Mango one for a more affordable option though. Oh and this pyjama style from Rag & Bone – ok not so purse-friendly, but rather fabulous all the same.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: I bought these sandals today (they’ve been on my wish list for so long I was bored of seeing them there…) and they are even better in real life. So to say they are a ‘version’ of last year’s Isabel Marants (which we both bought/have) is a gross misrepresentation – they are almost identical! A totally brilliant buy. SC

pps: Nicky and I happened to be in M&S at Westfield yesterday and had another quick look at the Archive by Alexa collection. Loved this dress and this shirt dress (wear them both this Summer with your Mango tan sandals that you know you’re going to buy…).

Mermaids & Dinosaurs

25 April 2016

Next Girls Unicorn t-shirt - Little Spree

1. Girls Mermaid Unicorn Tee (3-16 years), £7.00-£10.00
2. Boys Dinosaur Tee (3 months-6 years), £5.00-£6.00

We know we’ve said that logo t-shirts aren’t our thing, but increasingly it seems that they just might be. We love everything about these t-shirts: the sentiment, soft cotton feel, and the faded writing, the only thing we’re not sure about is  whether we should be buying one for ourselves as well as the kids???

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: they are quite generous sizing so I ordered Bailey (who tells everyone he is age 5 and three quarters) size 4-5yrs. NHC

Mama Spree: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

22 April 2016

Womens High Street shoes edit - Little Spree
Office Madison Toe Cap Block Heels, £65.00

I was running around Westfield a couple of weeks ago, buying some accessories for a job I was styling. Of course, when I’m not actually looking for things to buy, that’s always when I see things that I want to buy (I just don’t know it yet). And the things that I kept seeing were great shoes. But more acurately, great affordable shoes from high street stores. Now I’m certainly a big fan of mixing my designer with my high street (I would say my wardrobe is probably 70% high street, to say, 30% designer?). But even if money were no object, I would always choose to mix. Firstly, it’s way cooler (head-to-toe designer – nothing remotely cool about that), and secondly, nothing beats that feeling of scoring an amazing find in Topshop/Zara or Next (yes sometimes!). But one thing I am definitely a little more picky about is shoes. I do own (and regularly wear) a few pairs of high street shoes, but I do find it a lot harder to find and love them. And I tend to keep my designer footwear for years and years. So, back to my trip to Westy… At first it started in Topshop, where I saw these suede Mary Janes, these classic suede platform sandals (I have a similar, ancient pair from Pied a Terre that I regularly pull out – they always somehow still feel ‘right’ – try them with jeans and a ribbed sock for a little update), these sling-backs with a contrast toe, and these gold sling-backs (as featured in yesterday’s Mama Spree post), and just beforeI left I also sotted these pink metallic Mary Janes (love!). Next stop: Office (now there’s a store I’ve not been in for a while…). But I couldn’t believe the Chanel-esque contrast toe mid-heel courts (above) – they were so good I almost bought them on the spot, but they didn’t have my size. I actually like that they’re not a complete replica of the Chanel sling-backs that we all want, and they are way nicer in real life than in this pic. I will definitely be wearing them with cropped, raw hemmed jeans and jumpers (my current uniform of choice). I also loved these metallic Mary Janes, these nude block heelsthese for something a little sexier, or fancy some non-Gucci ‘Gucci’? You can always rely on Boden to always do a chic striped flat for Summer, check out these Isssy/Golden Goose-esque sneakers, and I always love a classic ballet pump (particularly in navy). Thanks Alexa! Oh and these? Well I just love, love, love these!
So this may seem like a bit of a random bunch of shoes, but they all have one thing in common (apart from the fact that they are all under £100.00) – they will all look great just worn with jeans. Happy shoe shopping!

Sarah xx

ps: the four lucky winners of the Edit.58 baskets are: Lucy Wootley, Abigail Calvert, Tina Waters and Jean Perry. Please email us with your addresses, and we will organise for your baskets to be sent straight to you. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who took the time (and we know how precious your time is) to answer our questions and tell us your thoughts – we really were blown away by the love for Little Spree. And we have taken onboard each and every suggestion, like and dislike (virtually none!!). Watch this space ladies – things are changing around here…

Mini Marant: buttons & stripes

21 April 2016

Mini Marant striped sweater - Little Spree
Bellerose Lurex Button Sweater, £57.00

Mini Marant Stripe Jumper - Little Spree

1. Bellerose Lurex Button Sweater, £57.00
2. Zara Raffia Cross Body Bag, £17.99
3. Gap 1969 Flared Jeans, £10.99 (were £22.95)
4. Pepe Tassel Sandals, £82.00

This is why we don’t like to plan our posts too far in advance – we had this post planned around a certain Gap cotton cream and navy striped sweater with shoulder buttons (my friend and agent, Emma tipped me off about it actually – I was little peeved that I hadn’t seen it myself, but it was in the girls department, rather than the toddlers, and Tabs has only just graduated to Gap girls…). Anyway, the reason I am sharing that with you, is that you may well still be able to find one in a store (it’s sadly now sold out online), so keep you’re eyes peeled… I also saw a little girl wearing it in the playground in Richmond park recently – she was wearing hers with a skinny jean and messy hair and was just running around without a care in the world, obviously totally oblivious to how cool she looked! Is it wrong to cover the style of a seven year old?? So clever Nicky quickly found this cute substitute – ok not as cheap as the original Gap one, but definitely every bit as cool – we love a bit of Bellerose. And the quality is always great. So there you have it – you snooze (or wait to post), you lose. But the great thing is, for everything you miss out on, there’s something better waiting in the wings, just waiting to be discovered…

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a Mama Spree outfit. Frankly I wish it was!! I want it all. But as luck would have it this Isabel Marant ‘Erwan’ sweater (I’ve shot this for Stella and it’s beyond gorgeous. Quite a ‘neat’ fit though, so I wouldn’t neceaassrily recommend it for the more ample chested mamas out there…)

ps: this Gap sweater that Tabs already has is still available to buy online. I love it, and it also comes in navy. The perfect Spring jumper, and available in all sizes. Oh and it’s also on sale!

Mama Spree: what a difference a knot makes…

20 April 2016

French Connection Hitch knot sweatshirt - Little Spree
French Connection Knot Sweatshirt, £55.00

How to style a grey sweatshirt - Little Spree

1. French Connection Knot Sweatshirt, £55.00
2. Mango Straight Joe Jeans, £29.99
3. Topshop 60’s Style Sunglasses, £16.00
4. Topshop Sling Back Shoes, £56.00

We’d rather not count the number of grey sweatshirts in our combined wardrobes (let’s just agree there’s more than a few). The reason: versatility. The humble grey sweatshirt, in our opinion, is a wardrobe essential. You’ll find us wearing them casually over dresses, with jeans, and more formally with trousers and skirts (they’re the perfect thing for toning down an outfit which might otherwise make you feel a little overdressed). We love the knot detail on this, our latest find, especially when paired with these cropped jeans and gold Gucci inspired slingbacks (which we both have on our Summer wish-lists). Yes, that’s right ladies, it’s time to start thinking about de-booting and showing a bit of ankle…!

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: we we (finally!!) be announcing the winners of the four gorgeous pom pom market  baskets in Friday’s Mama Spree

Cheap (French) Chic

18 April 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 08.07.31
La Redoute Metal Trunk, £35.40 (was £59.00)

You asked for more interiors, so we’re going to give you more interiors. For us, and for our little people. I have to admit, this it not too much of a stretch for me (or Nicky) as I actually love shopping for things for my home as much as I do for clothes (often more so actually – my house doesn’t regularly change size, unlike my bottom.) We weren’t planning an interiors post today (but we are planning an ‘interiors week’ soon, so look out for that one), but I just happened to be on the La Redoute website looking for… I actually genuinely can’t remember now!! But anyway, it really doesn’t matter, as what I did find, I felt I simply couldn’t not share with all our lovely readers! So the fact is, they still have a TON of stuff that has between 25-40% off (in fact, most of my favourite things (most of which are included below) have a whopping 40% off. And I don’t know whether you’re that familiar with the La Redoute Home collection, but they have some really great things (well it is French after all – how wrong can they really go?) that are pretty affordable full-price! The first thing I found was this metal trunk (remember my Instagram snap of the similar ones from Oliver Bonus recently?), then I saw how many fab colours it comes in. A little tip for you – check out all the additional colours available, as many of the pieces come in a ton of optional shades – greys, pastels etc. All those colours that we love and want, and are always hunting for. So here are my favourites (be warned though – you are probably going to want a lot of this stuff…).
School style reading desk and chair, metal armoirvintage style school desk and chairs, metal American style lockerset of three woven baskets (you know how much we love a basket for storing toys), more school style chairslinen cupboard (get that Farrow & Ball paint chart out ladies!), metal bedside table, metal wall cabinet (who says you have to put it in a bathroom?), these metal stackable boxes are perfect for storing all those annoying ‘little’ toys – lego etc etc, this tufted cotton rug, wool rug, and even this pencil storage tin hits the spot. You also definitely need to take a look at the bedlinen whilst you’re there – such great prices for us and our kids. My favourite is this pre-washed linen duvet cover in nude pink (I also like the khaki for a boys’ room). Oh and don’t forget the gorgeous linen tassel pillowcases that we mentioned before. I love mine, and plan to order more… I really like the black trim on these cotton voile pillowcases (very chic), and this children’s Liberty print reversible duvet set was in my and lovely Lisa from Edit.58’s basket a couple of weeks ago – yes we were WhatsApp-ing as we shopped, and comparing what was in our cyber shopping baskets, which was pretty much identical by the way!! Oh and in case you’re wondering (and why wouldn’t you?), this post is not sponsored by La Redoute (we do sometimes do collaborative posts, as you know, and always state that clearly at the end – transparency is really important to us) – sometimes we just love something (and just know that you will too) so much that we feel it’s worthy of it’s own post.
Have a lovely week!

Sarah xx

ps: I don’t, but anyone have a thing about cactus vases?

Mini Celebration

14 April 2016

Little Spree
Boden ‘Best Dress’, £45.50-£49.50

I was recently asked to review a new collection of girls ‘occasion wear’ for Boden. I was more than pleasantly surprised – it’s gorgeous. And perfect for little wedding guests, parties, or just every day twirling… My favourite dress is the (cotton) one above (sadly, rabbit not included), and Tabitha has it (obviously). I love that it’s a proper old-fashioned ‘girls’ dress, similar to one that I would have worn as a child. Very Alice in Wonderland. My other favourites are the ‘Baby Charming Petal Dress’ and it’s big sister version (I am definitely buying this for Tabs for our Summer holiday – perfect with her Sun San tan sandals – find them in the Little Shop) and ‘The Lace Dress’ (love this colour). Read my full review of the collection here.

Sarah xx

ps: Boden is currently offering 20% off, plus free delivery and returns until Sunday. So hop to it!

pps: oh and did I mention that all the dresses are machine washable? Genius.

Mama Spree: It’s All About The Bomber…

13 April 2016

tumblr_nxvhyea0zj1ql2abro1_1280 Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 23.34.48021016-bomber-jacket-LEAD Bomber Jacket

1. Joseph Soft Wool Dress, £265.00
2. Topshop MA1 Bomber Jacket, £55.00
3. French Connection Eyelet Leather Trainers, £65.00

You probably don’t need us to tell you that it’s all about the bomber right now. But have you actually bought one yet? Still undecided? Here’s some styling inspiration of how people are wearing theirs, plus how we will be wearing ours (the Topshop one, also featured in the Mama Shop). Ok, so Spring may have (kind of..) sprung, but in London at least, it’s still pretty chilly out there. So we may be leaving our coats at home some days, but only when combined with a cosy (preferably knitted) layer underneath. We love this look. And other options to wear under your bomber? How about this super-simple knitted dress, this more affordable than the Joseph knotted dress or this version for the Summer; and how about chucking your bomber over your slounge-y all-in-one? This is a great one for all you curvy mamas out there.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: love these!! Particularly love them with skirts and dresses. I’ve just mentally added them to my Wish List. SC

For Day Or Night

11 April 2016

Numero 74 boy

1. Numero 74 Tunisian Top & Pants Set, £31.85
2. Gap Aviators, £6.95
3. Sun-San Surfer Sandals, £38.00

Numero 74 girl

1. Numero 74 Tunisian Top & Pants Set, £34.45
2. Bonton Basket Bag, £22.00
3. Next Gold Gladiator Sandals, £16.00-£19.00

I bought Marlow the first version of this little set just after Christmas. I spotted it and just loved it straight away (as you know, we’re both big fans of the drop-crotch/harem/slounge pant for our boys. As the mama of a very ‘fabric fussy’ six year old boy, I knew it would pass the Marlow litmus test, as Tabitha already has a few of the Numero 74 dresses in the same super-soft fabric. I initially bought them for him to wear in the Summer months, but he’s already been wearing them as pyjamas (and the pants with cashmere jumpers) as they are so comfy to wear. Bailey now has a set too, and I’m tempted to order Marlow another (they come in other gorgeous colours such as this grey blue and grey. So once we decided to post about them, we then discovered that they also came in this pretty ‘powder’ pink (above), so they also make the perfect his ‘n hers Sumer outfits. Honestly, we literally cannot get enough of Numero 74 right now.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: Get Them Before They’re Gone!

8 April 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 22.13.00The pom pom sandals that everyone wants - Little Spree
Elina Linardarki Penny Lane Embellished Leather Sandals, £138.00

Remember these? Instagram literally went crazy with pics of them (including on our feed – we were as obsessed as everyone else!!) a couple of months ago… Well the wait is finally over, and you can now get your paws on a pair! But don’t think about them for too long, we guarantee there will be a stampede…

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: and whilst we’re talking pom poms, there’s still time to be in with a chance of winning our favourite pom pom basket from Edit 58 if you have a moment to email us with your thoughts on Little Spree (we’re loving reading each and every one so far, so thank you to all of you who have already taken the time to get in touch – we really appreciate it). We will be announcing the four winners next week.

pps: I’m sure we’re not the only ones lusting after the Celine monochrome slip dress. But the price tag? Not so much. Enter the New Look lookalike version.

ppps: this is quite possibly the most colourful post on Little Spree to date!

Mama Spree: All Things Denim…

6 April 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 21.18.00
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 21.21.25
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 21.22.07Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 21.20.44Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 21.20.11

Where would we be without denim? Or more accurately, where would our wardrobes be? But we’re not just talking jeans, we’re talking anything and everything denim. These are some shots (some published, some outtakes) from a story I did for Stella recently. I decided to keep things really simple, and the pieces a mix of high-low (my favourite way to style and to dress) – I’m definitely no denim snob that’s for sure. The (amazing, and super-soft) jumpsuit is this one from Isabel Marant Étoile, this is the shirt in the second picture, the frayed jeans are the ‘Lou’ high-rise from MIH, the skirt in the first pic is M&S (yes really! And it’s such a good one!), and The Great dungarees (above) definitely live up to their name. Other pared-down denim that we’re coveting: this frayed denim top, midi skirtsmock dressSeventies style dungareescurved hem skirt (for cool curvy mamas), tunic dress, this railroad striped chambray shirt (love it under dungarees), this tunic top for anyone with a baby on board, and I’m still a big fan of Gap’s ‘true skinny’ jeans. And where would our Summer wardrobes be without a pair of ‘boyfriend’ denim cut-offs? Ok, so the price of this Saint Laurent denim shoulder bag might make your eyes water, but a girl’s allowed to dream right? Who needs another stitch of denim if you’ve got the coolest denim accessory ever?

Sarah xx

ps: in other (non-denim related) news, did you miss out on the Zara cream and black embroidered peasant blouse from last Summer (I certainly lived in mine!)? Well this one from Gap is a pretty great runner-up.

Fifi Lapin

4 April 2016

Fifi Lapin for Mamas & Papas - Little Spree

1. Quilted Jacket, £23.20 (was £29.00)
2. Embroidered Dress, £19.20 (was £24.00)
3. Pocket Dress, £19.20 (was £24.00)
4. Doll, £12.00 (was £15.00)
5. Bobble Cardigan, £15.20 (was £19.00)
6. Spot Sweater, £12.80 (was £16.00)

When we were re-stocking the Little Shop last week, we were having a quick snoop (as you do) on the Mamas & Papas website. Suddenly I stumbled across these ‘too cute for words’ pieces from their recent collaboration with Fifi Lapin (which I must confess, I’d completely forgotten about – how??). Each piece is adorable as the next, and all with a much appreciated 20% off! Our favourite kind of ‘stumble’…

Sarah & Nicky xx

Big Spree, Little Spree

1 April 2016

Little Spree designer lookalike sandalsLittle Spree designer lookalike Summer sandals

1. Boden Freida Lace Up Sandals, £79.50
2. Isabel Marant Alisa wraparound sandals, £290.00

We know you want more ‘designer lookalike’ posts, so here you go… The question is, will you go for Freida or Alisa?? Both are tempting options. We also know you like getting the heads-up on any sales or discount codes. So how about this brilliant one from Boden – they are currently offering ‘an extra 20% off’ already discounted pieces (using code: 5H3A), plus 20% off everything else (ends Sunday). This is just too good to resist! Want to know what we think you should be putting in your basket? Here you go: this jumpsuit (already featured here), cashmere crewnecks (our faves are the navy, black and cream), boy fit shirt, studded flats (khaki and navy), Hayley heels (as seen here), girl fit shirt (in denim), boho top (in blue stripe – Sarah has already bought this for her Summer holiday), linen top (in navy and white stripe – the perfect ‘half tuck’ slouchy tee – Sarah also has this), and this Issy-esque borderie top (as featured in the newly re-stocked Mama Shop)… We could go on, but we’ll let you have a snoop of your own…

Sarah & Nicky xx

We Need You!

25 March 2016

Edit58 Pom Pom Market Basket

So we’re winding down for a little break in posting over Easter. Don’t worry – we’ll be back next week. But we wanted to leave you with a few things to mull over… Can you believe it’s been over FIVE years since Little Spree launched. And we know that some of you have been loyal followers right from the very beginning, and that many of you won’t buy anything for your little ones or yourself without the Little Spree seal of approval. That literally blows our minds. Thank you. So we know you love Little Spree, but our question for you all now is, how can we make Little Spree even better? There are a few changes already in the pipeline here at Little Spree HQ, and Nicky and I are super-excited! So if there’s something that you would love to see, or things that you already love and want to see more of, we want to hear about it!

What do you think we do best?
What would you like to see more of?
Does Little Spree still inspire you?
What makes you log on to Little Spree?
What do you look forward to seeing/reading?

So please drop us an email at with your thoughts (simply cut and paste the questions above into your email with you answers if that’s easier?). And we thought long and hard about what we thought you might like as a little thank you. So we asked our lovely friend Lisa at Edit58, if we could have four of these gorgeous pom pom baskets (currently out of stock, but some are coming! We want one too!) to give away. We will then put the names of everyone who emails us into a hat, and pick four out at random. So one of these baskets could be on your doorstep very soon…
Happy Easter!

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: Frills, Ruffles, Lace, Crochet, Bows…

23 March 2016

Self Portrait top Mama Spree: Little Spree
Self Portrait Bib-Front Lace Top, £200.00

Srylish black ruffle top and how to wear it: Little Spree

1. Self Portrait Bib-Front Lace Top, £200.00
2. Zara Cropped Trousers, £29.99
3. Isabel Marant Sandals, £228.00 (were £380.00)

This is the exact outfit I wore to Tom’s surprise birthday party a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a top, not a dress. I wanted heels too ( I already had this Issy pair). But didn’t want to go too glam. And as someone who literally owns a grand total of three skirts, it was always going to be worn with trousers (I recently bought this Zara pair, and have been wearing them on rotation ever since). Oh, and I had no time to go shopping. So I went straight onto the Matches website, and literally had this gorgeous top in my basket within seconds. Within minutes it was on its way! And it didn’t disappoint. And at £200, ok it’s not super-cheap, but I have a few tops around this price that I’ve literally had for years, and wear all the time. But strangely none of them are black. Not a single one. So there was definitely a little space in my wardrobe for this one. The secret to the success of this particular outfit is that by toning down the opulence of the frills, ruffles, lace, crochet and bows (phew!) with the slight scruffiness of these slouchy, cropped khakis, the top becomes ‘pretty cool ‘as opposed to ‘pretty OTT’. And by putting said khakis between the frills and a sexy black sandal, the balancing act is complete.
Other trouser options to consider are these from Current ElliotIsabel Marant (both heavily reduced at The Outnet, with the latter tempting me A LOT…), Topshop peg trousers, oh and remember these Gap khakis? Prefect if you prefer a slimmer cut. A jean would work just as well too. And any of these gorgeous black sandals would look every bit as cool as my Issy pair (which are on sale if you’re quick!) – a more manageable heel height and a total bargain from ASOS, then these from New LookHalston Herritage (50% off), Nicky’s trusty (and gorgeous) Isabel Marant (if you’re lucky enough to be a size 38!), these purse-friendly Office, these sexy t-bars (also Office), and I really love this Louboutin-esque Office pair (for a slightly different vibe). And they’re all well under £100.00. And finally, this very Issy-eque black top from Mango ticks all the right boxes for me too.

Sarah xx

ps: ladies, La Redoute currently has 40%!! Just use this code: BIG40. I just ordered these pillowcases in grey, nude and sulpur for Tabarlow’s beds, and this Liberty print duvet cover and cushion cover for Tabitha’s bed. Whoop!

The Great Easter Style Hunt

20 March 2016

Little Spree: Easter style for babies and children

1. Oeuf NYC Bunny Ears Sweater, £57.85
2. Stella McCartney Kids Bunny Babygrow, £43.00
3. Fabelab Travel Sized Plush Toy, £21.06
4. Stella McCartney Knitted Blanket With Bunnies, £80.00
5. Maileg Fluffy Bunny, £32.00

It’s hard to resist a cute Easter themed purchase when there are little ones in the house. We’ve focused on babies in this post (after all, they provide the easiest to coax into a bunny-themed outfit…), then added this actual bunny (no 5) in at last minute. Marlow has this exact one and he LOVES it (and let me tell you, he is every bit as picky about his soft toys as he is about his cashmere ply count!!). It’s the softest, snuggliest bunny you could ever wish for and he’s cuddling it right now as I finish writing this post. And who doesn’t need a bunny romper, bunny ears hat, bunny booties, bunny pyjamas, set of three bunny sleep suits, and this adorable felt bunny ears and tail set in their lives this Easter?

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: Your Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

16 March 2016

Jane Birkin and her daughter, Kate

Mama Spree: Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

1. Isabel Marant Étoile Embroidered Cotton Top, £170.00
2. Mango Embroidered Cotton Dress, £79.99
3. Topshop Tassel Earrings, £12.50
4. Hedgehog Spanish Woven Baskets, £35.00
5. Mango Leather Sandals, £35.99
6. Topshop Raw Hem Shorts, £28.00

So if your little ones are heading to warmer climbs this Easter, chances are you are too! Lucky thing! But if you’re having trouble getting your head around a holiday wardrobe in freezing March, don’t worry – everything you need is right here in this post. And here are a few extras to think about: a chic beach cover-up, a lightweight, slouchy boyfriend style cashnere sweater (for those beach sunsets/chilly evenings), sunnies (crazy to buy them at the airport when you can get them for this price…), this (mens) cap, and lastly, how about this gorgeous (and super purse-friendly) necklace or friendship bracelet set for a little pre-holiday Easter treat?

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: One jumpsuit, two ways…

11 March 2016

Mama Spree: denim jumpsuit
J.Crew Chambray Jumpsuit, £170.00

Mama Spree: Denim jumspuit styled for day

1. J.Crew Chambray Jumpsuit, £170.00
2. Isabel Marant Knitted Cardigan, £206.00
3. And Other Stories Suede Sneakers, £80.00

Mama Spree: Denim jumsuit styled for evening

1. J.Crew Chambray Jumpsuit, £170.00
2. ASOS Tassel Earrings, £8.00
3. Topshop Leather Clutch, £45.00
4. Boden Ankle Tie Heels, £119.00

You already know how much we love a jumpsuit at Little Spree HQ (once you’ve found a style that suits you – it’s all about the proportions, and this can mean sizing up…) there’s nothing easier (or more comfortable) to wear. And we love them every bit as much as much for evening as for day. So here’s one we found earlier, and two ways to wear it (it’s Friday and we’re feeling generous!). And here are are a few more that have caught our eye form ASOSGapTopshopBoden, M&SASOS again, and Isabel Marant (I recently shot this one for Stella and it’s so cool – slouchy and made from the softest denim). And how about this super-cool Sea one for Summer?

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: and don’t forget this one (Tabitha has it) if you want a ‘mini mi’ situation…

Pretty Baby

10 March 2016

Little Spree: Baby Girl
Zara Home Cotton Romper, £19.99

Little Spree: Baby Girl Outfit

1. Zara Home Cotton Romper (0-6 months), £19.99
2. Petit Bateau Baby Cardigan (1-12 months), £45.00
3. Martin Pederson Baby Tights (6-18 months), £13.00
4. Billie Blush Rabbit Doll, £23.00

We can never resist a cute baby outfit, and frankly, who could possibly resist this cotton romper? Or it’s price tag?? And this adorable rabbit doll would make the loveliest newborn gift. Oh and of course, our favourite Boden baby cardigans are always on our ‘baby favourites’ list.

Sarah & Nicky xx