Mama Spree | Boyfriend Cardigans

28 October 2016

Topshop Boutique Dome Sleeve Dress - LITTLE SPREEDenim dress and boyfriend cardigan - LITTLE SPREE

1. Topshop Boutique Denim Dress, £59.99
2. & Other Stories Cardigan, £79.00
3. Isabel Marant Étoile Dyna Boots, £310.00

God, you have to be quick with Topshop these days! If you see something you like, you’d better not think about it too long, or the next time you log in, it’s gone! We’ve found this has been the (annoying) case with the last few things we wanted to post from there. So we had a last-minute swap-over for today’s post – what was going to be a jumper, trouser and sneakers kind of day, is now this ‘must have’ denim dress kind of day. Just don’t take too long decide you want it…
Oh and when you do, just chuck an oversized, slouchy, cosy cardigan over the top. Done.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: now we’re all fans of the the Uniqlo mens cashmere, but we also love their lambswool cardigans (which come in no less than TEN colours!!). Size-up and wear them slouchy.

Sarah & Nicky xx


More slouchy cardigans…



27 October 2016

Boden girls pom pom jumper 1 - Little SpreeBoden girls pom pom jumper - Little Spree

1. Boden Pom Pom Jumper (2-12 years), £22.13
2. Mango Jeans (3-14 years), £22.99
3. Boden Velvet Mary Janes (sizes 24-39), £22.88

We love, love LOVE this pomtastic sweater! So cute. And we’re loving it styled with jeans and Mary Janes. Perfect. Oh and Boden has 25% off until tomorrow, so if you’re loving this jumper (and Mary Janes) as much as we are, today’s the day (you might also want to take another look at this post before you place you’re order…).

Sarah & Nicky xx


Mama Spree |Bretons – I’ll Have Mine With a Twist

25 October 2016

Breton stripe top - Little Spree

We’ve always had a soft spot for the classic Breton top: thin stripes, thick, navy, black, between us we pretty much have them covered, or so we thought…This season Bretons have taken on a twist, with ties, frills and lace in places they never used to be, and we have to admit, we’re sold. Not convinced? Take a look at our edit below and you’ll see what we mean. We also love this Breton sweater and are always on the look out for a Breton striped t-shirt dress. Wear this one now with black opaques and pointy flats, then with a simple tan sandal next Summer.

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: my favourite winter coat and jeans from last year (that I’m wearing on Instagram today) are now available from The Outnet (with a lovely big discount!). NHC


The Most Stylish Baby Gifts For All Budgets

24 October 2016

Stylish baby gifts - Little Spree

1. Little Cloud Cot Mobile, £45.00
2. Pequeno Tocon Booties, £9.98
3. Zoé Rumeau Illuminated Heart, £92.82
4. M&S Cotton Knitted Outfit, £18.00
5. Boden Hat (Part of A Set With Mittens), £18.38
6. Numero 74 Changing Mat Cover, £34.32
7. Egmont Toys Lamp, £59.28
8. Anne-Claire Petit Lamb Music Box, £37.44
9. Sebra Wooden Activity Arch, £131.82

Is it just us, or do you sometimes get in a bit of panic when you know you need to buy a (lovely, stylish obviously) gift for a newborn baby? It’s odd really, because we LOVE buying baby gifts (what’s not to love?), but there are just SO many gorgeous things out there, it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. And do you go for something to wear, or something for the nursery? The pressure is on to find the most stylish gift within your budget that you know will be happily received by a sleep-deprived mama. So we’ve (hopefully) taken any stress away with our tightly edited selection of our favourite gift ideas (for all budgets) in our Baby Gifts Shop. Just click and buy. Job done. One tip that we will share is that it’s no bad thing to stockpile gifts. You may think this sounds impersonal, but if something is that lovely, why not buy it for more than one baby? And it’s never a bad thing to have a little supply of gifts (whether for newborns or kids’ parties) tucked away to avoid that last-minute panic ‘trolley-dash’ which can then result in a less inspired choice. And we’ve also found a few ‘pricer’ items for people who want to group together to buy something for a friend or relative (I remember many envelopes coming round in my days at Glamour, which resulted in one lovely present from the office as someone headed off on their maternity leave. SC).

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: velvet pleats and cable knits

21 October 2016

new_york_fashion_week_aw_2016_day8-75.jpgPleated skirts - Little Spree 5Pleated skirts - Little Spree 2Pleated skirts - Little Spree 6How to wear pleated skirts - Little SpreeTopshop pink velvet pleated skirt - Little Spree

1. La Redoute Cable Knit Sweater, £41.30 (was £59.00)
2. Topshop Velvet Pleated Skirt, £55.00
3. Sonix Iphone 6 Cover, £26.95
4. Schutz Leather Trimmed Sandals, £89.58

It’s not easy to avoid the pleated skirts (mid and maxi) that are EVERYWHERE right now. And there’s no need to – this is a pretty easy piece to wear, and versatile too. We’re loving this Topshop one with a chunky cable knit (this one from La Redoute is SO good…) and sexy ankle tie sandals. But equally cool with trainers for those ‘errand running’ days. And of course, the ever stylish Charlotte from The Fashion Guitar (above) nails it with her oversize, longline ribbed sweater and to-die-for ribbon tie Choos (some of you may remember, I fell in love/shot them for Stella a while back – SC). Happy Friday!

Sarah & Nicky xx



Daddy Spree: Joe’s selects

18 October 2016

Joe Hutchings, Brand Director at Grenson - Little SpreeJoe Hutching - Little SpreeJoe Hutchings, Brand Director, Grenson. Little Spree

1. Mango Wool Peacoat, £119.99
2. M&S 2 Pair Pack Wool Rich Thermal Socks, £10.00
3. Uniqlo Boiled Wool Crewneck, £14.90
4. Grenson Brady Leather Boots, £230.00
5. Uniqlo Selvedge Jeans, £39.90
6. Mango Suede Jacket, £119.99
7. Uniqlo Cashmere Coat, £129.90
8. Topshop Coach Jacket, £55.00
9. Albam Washed Yard Shirt, £139.00
10. Grenson Curt Leather Derby Shoes, £215.00

Today we are excited to have a Daddy Spree guest post. Joe Hutchings is Brand Director at Grenson, and papa to Ruby (13) and Otto (8). He is also a very old friend of mine, and married to my lovely friend, Vanessa. Oh and he has great personal style – always cool, but understated. And always rocking a great shoe or boot (no surprises there). Anyway, today he is sharing his favourite (mostly high street) pieces for men. If he likes them, chances are our husband/boyfriends probably will too. And let’s be honest, sometimes they need a little ‘nudge’ in the right direction right? SC

We all live busy lives and I (like most of us) want things to be made easy for me. So when confronted with so much choice out there in stores and online it can often put you off shopping, or choosing anything at all. I know for men this is common – I have friends who want it made easy, and online shopping has transformed this for them. But they still need to know what to choose, and for some this can still be a bit of a minefield. Often the purchasing of clothes gets thrown like a hot potato to their partner to sort out. So Little Spree (the very chic Sarah and Nicky) have tried to help by giving their readers a helping hand (my wife being one). So I know where to tell her to look when she asks me what I want for Christmas (76 sleeps to go in fact). Not only can she find the best stuff for our kids on Little Spree and for herself through Mama Spree; she can now find a great curation of clothes and accessories for me in the mens’ shop! Life made easier – always a good thing. Here are my top picks (above) for men and why (below). Obviously there are a few pairs of shoes in there, but as the saying goes, ‘invest in good shoes and good sheets, because if you’re not in one you’re in the other’. Joe

1. A real classic, and I need a new one!
2. You can’t beat M&S for packs of socks. These thermals are great.
3. This jumper is great – it has a slightly different texture to it and comes in a number of colours.
4. Brady is a hiking boot with a difference, as it has a super-lightweight sole and is made from a combination of leather and suede so super-comfortable for trekking.
5. I always buy these jeans for myself. The Japanese Selvedge regular fit.
6. Love this suede bomber. Bang on trend.
7. This camel coat is great value for money.
8. I really like this Topman jacket as it’s a cross between a military and a workwear jacket, which is a bit of a uniform for me.
9. Alban is a brand I also really like, and have worked with them over the years. We have made shoes for them, and they have made the uniforms for our stores. This season I really like this indigo blue shirt.
10. Curt classic Derby in really nice waxy leather, but also has a Dainite rubber sole, so really practical for the winter months.