Mama Spree: Black Friday black dresses

French Connection Tassel Oversized Dress, £85.00


1. Aries Cotton-Denim Frayed Dress, £188.00
2. Mango Lace Pleated Dress, £59.99
3. Mango Lace Dress, £79.99
4. Zara Velvet Lace Trip Dress, £49.99
5. Sportmax Code Ruffle Dress, £225.00
6. Isabel Marant Étoile Faux Leather Dress, £175.00
7. Topshop Unique Belted Crepe Mini Dress, £165.00
8. M&S Velvet Lace Dress, £34.65 (£49.50)

We figured the second most important thing to shop for, after shoes, is a dress (or maybe even two?). We love ‘separates’ as much as the next girl, but sometimes a dress is just the way to go. I don’t know about you, but when I go out I literally have half an hour (if I’m lucky!!) to get ready (and that’s including a shower!). I need to act fast, and for me, the fastest route to getting from the bedroom to the taxi is via a great dress. Just chuck it on and go. Literally. So here are our favourites to see you (and us) through the fast-approaching festive season. We have stuck to black (if you’re time-poor, go for black – this is not the time for recreating J.Crew-style colour blocking and print clashing…), but have tried to find a dress for every mama and every mama’s style. Be it short and sexy, long and lacy, pretty, cool, or even gothic-meets-Catherine Deneuve (number 8 – strictly only with flats though). There should be a dress for you.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: a few of these (numbers 3, 4 and possibly 5) will also double-up as great skirts when you add a jumper into the mix. So you can wear them more casually, and well into 2016…

pps: we probably don’t need to remind you that it’s Black Friday today do we??

Let’s hear it for the boys (gifts)

boys gifts

1. Globe GLB Skateboard, £35.64-£130.36
2. Tegu Stunt Team Looper Building Set, £20,00
3. Bensimon Bteam Back Pack, £37.42 (was £53.46)
4. Zara Home Globe With Wooden Stand, £39.99
5. Handpicked Wooden Tool Set, £14.90 (was £29.95
6. Le Toy Van Wooden Cash Register, £24.00

This boys gifts edit is a mix of toys currently on our boys’ Christmas wish lists (skateboard x 2, globe and Tegu); tried and tested toys (cash register and this Fujifilm Instax Mini camera (don’t forget the all-important film) which we bought for Bailey last year and is still loved and well used) and things we know our boys will like. We’re just as picky about the toys that our kids have as the clothes they wear and apply the same criteria when we’re considering what to buy: is it value for money, will it be well used and of course does it look good (well, as much as any toys can). Other toys that Santa would be allowed to deliver include this Flatout Frankie cardboard plane (if, like Marlow, you know any little boys who are obsessed with making things from cardboard boxes); this Lexon radio (shower-proof = kid proof); this Corby Tindersticks interactive clock; and, for mini-Hestons, this John Lewis wooden kitchen.

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: if you’re going down the skateboard route (as Santa is for Bailey and Marlow), you probably want to think about these too…

Stylish gifts for stylish little girls…

Girls Gifts

1. Maileg Marie Bunny, £30.00
2. Woodtsock Wool Pom Pom Hair Clip, £15.00
3. ilovegorgeous Sequin Bag, £39.00
4. Numero 74 Cloth Fairy Wings, £21.00
5. Moulin Roty Patisserie Baking Set, £55.00
6. Nobodinoz Wooden Ice Cream Set, £55.89

Pretty. Cool. Cute. These are the kind of girls gifts that make us wish we were still girls! We enjoy shopping for girls almost as much as for ourselves (in fact, I’m serious considering this gorgeous dull gold sequin bag from ilovegprgeous as the perfect Christmas party cross body bag… SC). And here are a few more things to think about… these Kiko+ dominos in a bag; this Lexon (very pink!) radio; and these Merci Maman personalised bracelet (so sweet – Liberty print and personalised engraving is a the cutest combo).

Sarah & Nicky xx

The cutest Christmas gifts for babies

Baby Gifts

1. Sebra Crocheted Pull-Along Elephant, £40.00
2. Album Di Famiglia Baby Blanket, £40.00
3. Maileg Freddie Cat, £18.00
4. Bonpoint Wooden Rattle, £9.00
5. Caramel Aloe Wool Hat & Mittens Gift Set, £98.00
6. Anne-Calire Petit Lamb Music Box, £36.45
7. Guess How Much I Love You Wooden Picture Blocks, £17.60 (were £22.00)

It’s really happening! The Christmas countdown. And it’s not about a last minute smash & grab on Christmas Eve (unless you are totally insane, or, er, a man…). The baby gift post is always one of our favourites to compile. Just gorgeous, beautiful things in gorgeous beautiful colours… With both baby and mama in mind. While they are small enough, enjoy buying them the most beautiful things you can find! We’re not saying you can’t still do this when they’re a little bit older, it’s just not always as easy. Indulge yourslef before they learn to talk and have opinions. That’s all we’re saying.
Also, just to bear in mind, we have compiled this edit as unisex baby gifts, but many of these things (this adorable pull-along elephant for example, also comes in the prettiest dusky lilac - Tabitha and Marlow both had them when they were little, and someone literally ran after us down the street once to ask where we got them from!!) come in alternative colours, so worth a quick click to find out.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Stylish Christmas decorations for little people…

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 15.26.48
Paperchase London Scene Wooden Decorations (pack of four), £7.50

The White Company Utimate Beaded Star, £60.00 

Monty’s Vintage Shop Pom Pom Garland, £20.00

Paper And Wool Garland With Pom Poms, £15.00

Petra Boase Set Of Ten Paper Snowflake Decorations, £30.00

Numero 74 Stars Garland, £23.49

The White Company Knitted Stocking Garland, £25.60 (was £32.00)

Cox & Cox Snowflake Window Stickers, £5.50

Fiona Walker Reindeer Head, £40.00 

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 17.42.08
Cox & Cox Snowball Curtain, £24.00 

Kids LOVE being involved in decorating the house for Christmas. So why not decorate their room/rooms too? You can’t move for stylish kids’ decorations (we blame The White Company for starting this!), and we’ve also gathered together our favourite ‘regular’ ones that we think we would look really sweet in kids’ rooms. Christmas shouldn’t just be about everything being too perfectly stylish and tasteful – let’s not forget the fun!  And anyway, who says fun can’t be stylish? Garlands, pom poms, reindeer, giant beaded stars (wind fairy lights around for added twinkle…)… I buy the Cox & Cox snowflake window stickers every year (even pre-Tabarlow!), and they always look so pretty. And how about giving the little ones their own tree to decorate? This one from The White Company is a great (but not too challenging) option.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: we are now in full Christmas mode here at Little Spree HQ. This week is dedicated entirely to all the Christmas things you need to start thinking about buying now-ish (we are) to avoid the last-minute panic (and not forgetting Black Friday this week!). Christmas with kids is all about organisation, and for us this means staggering the shopping (for our sanity’s sake as much as anything). So leave it to us to guide you through to make the process that bit smoother (well we hope so anyway). All you need to do is shop from our edits. And don’t worry – our plan also includes us mamas and what we will be buying and wearing for ourselves… Naturally. Stay tuned.

Mama Spree: it’s all in the mix…

Velvet Shoesvelvet shoe
Topshop Velvet Bow Sandals, £46.00

Velvet Shoes

1. Uniqlo Mens 100% Cashmere Cardigan, £99.90
2. Accessorize Feather Clutch Bag, £45.00
3. Topshop Raw Hem Utility Trousers, £36.00
4. Topshop Velvet Bow Sandals, £46.00

I’m not really one (and I think I am speaking for both of us here) for going the ‘whole hog’ when I go out. I will often have an idea in my head about what I want to wear, but this will rarely be what I end up leaving the house in. I tend to change my mind at the last minute as I usually feel over-dressed. I like to feel comfortable (and by that I’m definitely not talking pyjamas and Ugg boots here – I just mean not uncomfortable). So I may trade an embroidered top for a slouchy cashmere sweater; a dressy skirt for jeans/army-style trousers; or heels for flats. And it’s not just about feeling physically comfortable either. I just feel more relaxed in a more low-key, less glam outfit. Just more ‘me’ I guess. Anyway, I suppose what I’m trying to say is, for us it’s all about balance. We love these velvet bow heels (what’s not to love??), but we love them even more with this kind of slightly scruffy trouser – less try-hard, more “I’ve made an effort, but I’m comfortable enough in my own skin/style not to have to go ‘all out'”… And if you haven’t tried a slouchy cardigan as a jumper, you should definitely give it a whirl – it makes a nice change from a crewneck, and is a bit more sexy for the evening (I also wear one backwards sometimes –  don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!). They look great with a long bias-cut skirt/slip dress too. Just make sure you have the right bra on though – ladies this is not the time for your trusty Mrs Doubtfire minimiser! A lace trim camisole is a pretty option too.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Looks good, feels great

Urban Merino

1. Urban Merino Puff Sleeve Top, £59.00
2. M&S Faux Fur Trim Thermal Bomber Jacket, £32.00-£38.00
3. Gap Skinny Jeans, £17.95
4. Manuela de Juan Glitter Mary Janes, £53.32

You already know that we a huge fans of merino wool (as are our kids, who love the way it feels, and how it always keeps them cool/warm depending on the climate, and no itchiness). Urban Merino’s pieces look and feel more like cotton than a knit, and the styles are simple and un-fussy (just the way we like them). Tabitha has this super-cute puff sleeve top, and this is is how she often wears it. The balance of grey and a little frill detail keeps us both happy!
We also love these baseball style jumpers (die-hard Little Spree fans may remember me posting one many, many moons again – Marlow used to have one) for boys; these baby booties; these reversible hoodies; and the frill dresses (we love the marl grey).

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: grey on grey

Shades of Grey

1. Isabel Marant Étoile Wool And Alpacca Sweater, £290.00
2. Mango Trousers, £34.99
3. Mango Leather Sneakers, £44.99

We like this outfit so much we’ve already bought it. Well, a version of it (you’ll find us in our trusty Stan Smiths most days, which after months of press days, school runs and endless trips to the park are starting to look well worn in). This look is simple, comfortable, cosy, and understatedly stylish in that nonchalant ‘thrown together’ sort of way (that is usually anything but!) which suits us just fine when we’re we literally have five minutes to get dressed in the morning!). It’s also easily transformed into something more dressy – just add these heels for the evening and you have a the perfect ‘I didn’t try too hard’ outfit.

Nicky & Sarah xx


Album Di Familiglia Pepe Baby Booties, £40.00

Aarrh…. these booties bring back such sweet memories of Bailey as a chubby baby. Whenever I indulged, this brand was often the cause. There’s no doubt it’s on the more expensive end of the spectrum but so is the quality. I recently passed on an Album Di Familiglia top that I bought for Bailey when he was three, and despite years of wear and washing it still looked like new. That said, there are some seriously cute pram shoes on the high street too – these are some of our favourites: Gap cosy Mary JanesNext star print pram shoes; Next ballerina pram shoesGap fringed bow moccasins; Gap cosy lace booties; Gap Mary Jane ballet flatsGap flannel sneakers; Gap knitted booties; Mango fringed suede booties; and Zara Home knitted booties.

Nicky & Sarah xx

The magical world of Greenberry Kids…

Greenberry-kids-dress-pom-pom-3Momoen-Fini-Cardigan-boys-greenberry-kids_0000_Layer_5Greenberry kids

1. The Bloom Puff Dress, £49.00
2. Kids Pie Knitted Romper, £32.00
3. Bene Bene Flare Sweater, £39.00
4. Darell & Doll Cardigan, £44.00
5. Momo Ann Dio Trousers, £38.00

We love a High Street bargain as much as the next mama (few things come close to the thrill of scoring a Bonpoint-inspired smock dress in Next or Zara…) But we also love to mix individual, independent brands into our kids’ looks (no one wants to dress head-to-toe right?). This is the way to create a more ‘special’ wardrobe for your stylish little ones. If you are on Instagram, you will probably have already seen the cute raccoon and snake socks. The raccoon pair were the first things that caught my attention from Greenberry, and I promptly ordered a pair for Tabitha (so you may well have seen her wearing hers…). But then a mere glimpse of this adorable, unique website, and we were both hooked.
Founded by lovely Joo, a former Corporate Banker working in the City, struggling with the all-too-familiar tug of war between work and childcare demands, and wanting to spend more time with her four year old daughter, Bee. Living in North London, Joo frequently received lovely compliments from other mums about her daughter’s wardrobe. So much so, that she was inspired to bring the brands that she loved and dressed her daughter in, from her home country, Korea to the UK. Featuring the best picks from Korean brands such as Amber, Annika, Peach and Cream, Ae-hem and Chatton; Joo’s selection is fresh, with fun designs and unique shapes. The collections typically have a vintage Scandinavian style, combined with cute and unique Asian style prints. The designs are playful, colourful (but all the right colours that we all love) – we’d even go as far as saying ‘magical’. And the prices were a nice surprise too! Anyway, we love it (as do our kids – even picky Marlow has no complaints about anything “hurting” or “scratching”, as all the pieces feel as lovely as they look), and we guarantee you will too. And there are things for babies, and boys and girls up to the age of seven.
Joo has kindly offered all Little Spree readers a special 15% discount for 48 hours which is valid until midnight on Tuesday (17th). Just enter the code: littlespree-special at checkout. This discount does not include sale items or accessories. Happy shopping!  And if you need a little more shopping inspiration, we are also loving these pieces: bear rompertutu skirtpom pom dress (the one shown above); distressed sweatshirtribbon blousebasic long sleeve teesballoon sleeve blousenatural trousers; and this oversized coat.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: please share your Greenberry bargains with us on Instagram – we would love to see what you buy! Don’t forget to tag us in @littlespree.

Mama Spree: pretty tough

Blue Dress

1. Mango Buttoned Dress, £59.99
2. Theodora Ware Diamond, Mother-Of-Peal & Gold Earrings, £208.00
3. Next Patent Brogue Chelsea Boots, £62.00
4. Mango Leather Biker Jacket, £119.99

We have a dress ‘thing’ going on: dresses with jumpers, dresses with hi-tops (by the way we’ve been asked a lot about the hi-tops we wear in our Instagram pictures – we both have these ones. They’re pricey but we think, worth it, especially as what you can’t see is their small hidden wedge, so they give you a little lift! It’s only natural then that we would also wear dresses with a few of our other wardrobe essentials: chelsea boots and a biker jacket. How do you wear yours?

Nicky & Sarah xx

Baggy trousers

Mustard cords

1. Mango Textured Cotton Sweater, £16.99
2. Boden Wool Reefer Coat, £55.00-£60.00
3. Boden Cord Baggies, £20.00-£24.00
4. Next Brogues, £8.00-£22.00

If you take a peek inside Bailey and Marlow’s wardrobe you’ll find striped jeans, blue jeans, grey jeans, even biker jeans; the thing they have in common is that they’re all skinny. Most of the time this is the style they like to wear, but just like us, every so often, they want baggy! Wear with a slightly more fitted jumper to avoid looking too baggy and finish with a peacoat (remember this one from our boys coat edit?) and these really cool brogue trainers.

Nicky & Sarah xx

Land of Small

If you don’t already know this adorable website, you definitely need to take a look. They have the most beautifully curated collection of imaginative play clothes with everyday wearable luxury. Their collections cleverly (and beautifully) obscure the line between clothing and costume – encouraging children to play and wear pieces in any way they like for free and exciting creative expression. Perfect for the fast-approaching festive season.

Mama Spree: a little touch of boho…

Next Gold Tassel Earrings, £12.00

We all need a little bit of boho in our lives (and wardrobes) from time to time. These earrings will add just a touch (and the right touch), and are a perfect way to perk up our favourite go-to ‘on duty mama’ staples such as our mens cashmere crewnecks, sweatshirts and army jackets. They are also a great update from the chandelier earring, which we still love, but are putting out to pasture for the Winter…

Sarah & Nicky xx

Just because…


1. Louis Louise Igloo Baby Hat, £45.00
2. Mango Chunky-Knit Sweater, £16.99
3. The Little White Company Cloud paper Mobile, £25.00
4. M&S Owl Plush Toy, £10.00
5. MangoMango Leather Shoes, £19.99

This is just a little collection of gorgeous baby pieces. We saw them, loved them, so decided to share them. For no reason in particular, other than the fact that are all super-cute. Happy Tuesday!

Sarah & Nicky xx

Just add a black ribbon…

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 21.28.34Girls Dungarees

1. Boden Dungarees, £27.00-£31.50 (were £30.00-£35.00)
2. Mango Shirt, £16.99 (ribbon from John Lewis, £3.25-£6.00)
3. Monsoon Sparkle Bag, £8.00

We first saw this gorgeous dungaree styling at the Bonpoint Spring/Summer 2016 catwalk show (above). Then we saw it for the second time last week at the Bonpoint press day for the same collection. Even more adorable in person! We have long been fans of the dungaree for girls (and that includes us!!), and I often love to style mine and Tabitha’s with something ‘pretty’ to contrast with their, ultimately, boyish style. But this simple (why didn’t we think of it before??) styling trick of addling a black ribbon? It’s nothing short of styling genius! Get down to your local John Lewis haberdashery department (or get online right now!!) and get yourself some black, grosgrain ribbon, For you and your little ‘Mini Me’. I know I will be!

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: Tabitha was given this glittery ‘mini bag’ by Monsoon at a recent party they held at The Tower of London to celebrate their 20th anniversary of childrenswear. She absolutely loves it. It really is super-cute.

pps: this blouse is a great option in the unlikely event that you can’t be arsed with the DIY ribbon…

Mama Spree: rock chic

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 00.04.02Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 20.02.21

MS Glam Rock

1. And Finally Guns & Roses Tour Tee, £25.00
2. Topshop Marabou Feather Jacket, £150.00
3. Boden Skinny Jeans, £36.75 (were £49.00)
4. Peek-A-Boo Limited Edition Shoes, £85.00

An evening out doesn’t necessarily mean ‘dressing-up’. In fact, for us, the difference between a day and night outfit is often a matter of styling: adding a statement earring or jacket, or simply swapping hi-tops for heels. We both love this slightly rebellious evening look, toughed up by this vintage looking tee and amazing heels (Sarah is obsessed with these shoes!) but softened by the Marabou feather jacket. Just be prepared for your kids to ask who ‘Guns ‘n’ Roses’ are!

Nicky & Sarah xx

The girls’ boots edit

Girls Boots

1. H&M, £29.99
2. Pom D’Api, £73.00
3. Boden, £30.00-£41.25 (were £40.00-£55.00)
4. Next, £32.00-£38.00
5. UGG Australia, £50.00
6. Next, £32.00-£36.00

Girls boots are easy enough to find. Girls’ boots that are neutral coloured with a simple design and a notable absence of bows/glitter/flowers (or worse still, a combination of all three…)? Not to much. You asked for girls’ boots, and we bring you the best ones on the High Street. They are all stylish, versatile (any of these boots will go with pretty much anything in your little girl’s wardrobe), and most importantly, £50.00 or less (ok, with the exception of the Pom D’Api (although they now have 20% off at Alex & Alexa with the code: AUTUMN, which def makes them pretty close to it!).  I may have splurged on Tabitha’s Pom D’Api Trip boots, but I would happily let her wear any of this six.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: have you checked out part ll of Nicky’s ‘guide to dressing boys’ on the Alexa & Alexa blog? You can read it here.

Mama Spree: the perfect ‘everyday’ bag

Boden Bloomsbury Bag, £77.00 (was £110.00)

I first saw this bag quite a while ago when I was styling the press pictures and look book for Boden. I really liked it immediately – the perfect size, the satchel/handbag hybrid, the long and short straps (I’m always a fan of options), the black and navy combo… But it wasn’t until I saw it again yesterday that I concluded it to be the perfect ‘everyday bag’. I was on another shoot, and someone had this exact bag. I spotted it on a chair (next to the model’s Proenza suede khaki ‘dream bag’ I might add, but it managed to hold its own!) and asked: “is this the Boden bag?”. It was indeed. But the difference being that this time the bag was well worn and well loved, and in my opinion, all the better for it.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: Boden has 25% off, plus free postage and returns, until Thursday, so definitely worth a snoop around the website.

pps: don’t miss our girls’ boot edit tomorrow. We have rounded up the best boots (all neutral, all affordable, all stylish, and none of those nasty little extras that we all hate) out there.

Baby, baby, baby


1. Flecked Cotton Cable Knit, £19.99
2. Flecked Cotton, £9.99
3. Striped Cotton Knit, £19.99

These Mango rompers remind me of the old adage about London buses… You wait for the right one, then three come along all at once. Literally in this case; having found the super-cute grey one (just as sweet on a girl as a boy), the blue fleck and striped ones were sitting pretty right next to it!

Nicky & Sarah xx

Mama Spree: shaggy chic

Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter 2015/6

Warehouse Faux Fur Afghan Coat, £98.00 

Stella McCartney showed the most amazing (faux, obviously) Afghan style coats in her Autumn/Winter collection. So amazing in fact, it was almost hard to believe they were fake (had it not been a Stella show of course). I called this exact one in for a shoot I was doing for Stella magazine in New York, and it arrived in the ‘fashion cupboard’, and I have to say, was a sight to be seen! Huge and VERY shaggy, and totally gorgeous. The only problem was that I had luggage restrictions, and the coat would have literally have taken up an entire suitcase on its own. So sadly I had to leave it behind. I did seriously consider wearing it, but it was during one of the heat waves in September, so I thought better of it. So, to cut a too long story a little shorter, head to Warehouse who have done their own version, which I am so tempted to buy. So cool just worn with jeans (I’m even feeling a double denim situation of a denim shirt, jeans and boots). Very Agnethe from Abba cirque 1976).

Sarah & Nicky xx