5 July 2013

The Little White Company Boys’ Towling Cover-Up (2-6 years)
Now I love a beach cover-up as much as the next mum (how did we ever survive with just a lowly towel?), but I think I like this one a little bit more than your average one. The difference? This one has a zip. I normally have to wrestle the twins into theirs after swimming/a day at the beach, and it can be a bit of a struggle. But this one can just be popped on quickly and easily, then zipped up if needed. Clever. I also like that this particular one is made from a lighter weight cotton towling, so easier to pack (and leaving more room for my stuff…). And of course I love the striped lining in the hood. And the fact that it’s in the sale. That leaves very little not to love!
£14.40 (was £24.00)

beach cosy

20 August 2012

Vertbaudet Towling Beach Poncho (2-12 years)
I love a towling beach poncho/cover-up (and in fact, have one myself – navy from Old Navy). They are just so cosy (and dare I say it, useful?). When we were on holiday with friends in Cornwall last month, all the kids wore them, and just looked so cute. Tabarlow have Boden ones (navy & white striped, as did their little friends – doubly-cute). They are just so perfect for that time at the end of the day on the beach when the sun is setting and it’s starting to get a  little chilly. So what’s wrong with a regular towel you might ask? Good question. And the answer is, these ponchos instantly warm them up, they are super-cosy, and they can still carry on playing until you’re all ready to call it a day (so you get to maximise your beach day as well as their fun). Plus they just look so sweet in them. These plain ones from Vertbaudet are fab, and almost as importantly, in the sale…
£20.00 (was £25.00)