beach chic

1. Gap Floppy Straw Hat, £9.95
2. The Little White Company Hooded Towel, £20.00
3. Ilovegorgeous Floral Print Bikini, £45.00
4. Mango Glitter Strap Sandals, £24.99

ps: look out for the Little Spree/Mini Boden competition next week. So many gorgeous things to win!

flamingo kid

Cyrllius Printed Bikini (4-14 years)
The French brands do the prettiest bikinis for little girls. Always. And you don’t have to spend a lot either. They are usually made from lovely cotton, with the most gorgeous prints, and the colours are always soft, never garish. And this one has the cutest frills. And it even comes with a matching headscarf and little bag! Beyond cute.

ps: My lovely Red colleague, Laura asked me today where to buy a great Summer-weight sleeping bag for her baby daughter, Greta for an upcoming trip to Italy. Without hesitation, I replied: Bambino Merino. I have already written about them on Little Spree before, but over a year ago now. They are the best baby sleeping bags ever. They are certainly not the cheapest, but you can use the same one all year round, so no need to buy different ones for different seasons, so they actually saved me money in the long run (and they always have an offer if you buy two at once). The merino lining cleverly creates a microclimate around your baby to keep him/her warm and comfortable throughout the night without the risk of overheating. Genius. And they are a lovely simple striped design in a selection of chic, tasteful colours. I have recommended them to countless friends/family members, and everyone loves them as much as I do. So if you don’t already know them, definitely check them out.

bikini giveway

I still feel bad about posting something so cute that you’re weren’t actually able  to buy from the UK… So I thought I’d spoil you with a treat. Here’s your chance to win a gorgeous C.F.K (the fab kids’ collection stocked at Monoprix in France) girl’s bikini. You may remember I bought two for Tabitha when I was in Paris shooting for Red a few weeks ago? Then when I went back a week later for another shoot, I headed straight to Monoprix to pick up some more for gifts and an extra three to give away to some Little Spree fans. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I bought three different prints (trust me, they are all equally adorable). They are all cotton, with a smocked top, and really cute (the striped one even has a bow on the back of the bottoms…). The sizing is quite small (I bought Tabs age three and she’s two and a half and quite little, so bear that in mind). Just remember, the grey spotted one is age three, the navy spotted one is age four, and the grey striped one is age five. For a chance to win one, simply leave a comment below, telling me about your favourite thing I have posted on Little Spree (and don’t forget to also say which bikini you would like). The three winners will be chosen at random, then I’ll personally send you your bikini. Simple. Good luck!

1.  C.F.K grey & white spotted bikini (age 3)
2.  C.F.K navy & white spotted bikini (age 4)
3.  C.F.K grey & white striped bikini (age 5) 


itsy bitsy teeny weeny

C.F.K Cotton Striped Bikini (3-14 years)
This is one of the bikinis that I bought for Tabitha in Monoprix in Paris yesterday. This is the red striped version of the grey one I bought (you can see that one on Twitter). It’s so cute! It’s cotton and the top is smocked. The sizing does come up quite small though (teeny weeny), so bear that in mind (I bought Tabs age three and she is two and a half and quite little for her age). Such a great price too. The French really are amazing at producing gorgeous, inexpensive kid’s clothes. Love.