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H&M Home Baby Blanket
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The famous baby blanket is back, and this time in this lovely ‘mole’ colour, which I love every bit as much as the grey. For anyone who doesn’t know about it – it’s the perfect ‘buggy blanket’. Cosy and warm, and machine washable. My two grey ones are still going strong…

all good things…

H&M Home Baby Blanket
I have been wondering (with crossed fingers) whether these blankets were ever going to make another appearance on the H&M website (I have seen them in store a few times since buying mine at the beginning of the year), and sure enough… I have been wanting to post it for months, but they had completely sold out. Ok, so it’s not your luxurious 7 ply cashmere baby blanket (I wouldn’t necessarily go to H&M for one of those…), but it’s a brilliant blanket, and I’ll tell you why. It looks fab – grey, great vintage-y look; is really warm; can be machine washed, and is 50% cotton, 50% wool (so no naff/nasty polyester thank you very much). It’s perfect to layer up over bedlinen on a cot or bed, or to hang decoratively over the end of a bed; makes the perfect ‘buggy/travel blanket’ (I keep two under the buggy at all times, which have proved invaluable on unexpected chilly day trips); and it’s just fifteen pounds!! Have I convinced you yet?

ps: and the best thing about buying inexpensive blankets is that you’re not precious about them, so you can take them anywhere. Of course, I’ve never lost one yet! As for the cashmere ones…

blanket style

The Black Rabbit Striped Blanket
It might be because I’ll be on a plane tomorrow, but my thoughts have turned to blankets (and this one definitely won’t make anyone’s hair stand on end, I promise!). I always think a lovely blanket makes one of the best baby presents ever. They come in so handy in those first few months, and then, if you look after them, they will last for years. Tabarlow are sound asleep upstairs as I write this, with their gorgeous grey cashmere blankets that I bought them (courtesy of their lovely Granny in New York) when they were just a few days old, still in their cots. And they love them (they call them their ‘silver blankets’). I love that they were wrapped in them when we brought them home from hospital and are still tucked up in them now. I feel the same about baby quilts, but more about those another time. I also love the colours of this one. It would be great for a boy or a girl, and is not too ‘baby’ (if you know what I mean?). It may not be cashmere (and this is reflected in the price), but it’s 100% lovely lambswool, and machine washable. It would look super-chic in any pram.

ps: I am flying to New York tomorrow to shoot a Knits story in The Hamptons for the November issue of Red magazine. I must confess, I am looking forward to a bit of down-time on the plane (these days it is the only place where I can truly switch off). I will, as always, try my best to continue posting daily, but please forgive me if I am not able to. I will be back on Friday anyway, so you may not even notice I’ve gone!