The Prettiest Ruffle Blouse

13 June 2016

Mango Girls ruffle blouse - LITTLE SPREE

Mango Ruffle Blouse (3-14 years) £15.99

I found this blouse when I was compiling our edit of the Mango womenswear for Friday’s post (so many great things…). I always love a ruffle and I love this style of pretty (but simple) blouse for Tabitha – so easy to chuck on with jeans, dungarees (how sweet are these?), or little shorts when you want something a little prettier than a regular top/tee. In fact, it’s very similar to one I have myself (and love and wear all the time) from Isabel Marant. Tabitha’s (I went for the striped) is already on its way! But I may or may not be able to resist a second…

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: I always size up with blouses for little ones, and just roll the sleeves up for a while. It’ll easily last until next Summer if you do. Also super-cute as a little dress on girls younger than three. Particularly with knitted tights in the Winter months.

Tween Spree

9 May 2016

Older girls fashion - Little Spree

1. Mango Flowy Shirt (4-14 years), £16.99
2. Next Jumpsuit (3-16 years), £16.00-£21.00
3. Gap Shirt Jacket (xs-xxl), £24.95
4. Monsoon ‘Make Your Own’ Beaded Necklace, £8.00
5. Gap 1969 Boy Fit Denim Shorts (4-13 years), £16.95
6. Next Fringed Bag, £12.00
7. Next Woven Sandals (sizes 26.5-41), £24.00-£30.00

Ladies, you spoke, we listened. So here it is: our first ‘Tween Spree’ post. There are some lovely pieces out there for older girls so we thought we’d start you off (yes, we’ll be doing more, and not just for girls) with a round-up of some of our favourites. These denim cut-offs and green utility jacket are mini-must-have pieces, and we just love these cute accessories (they would make great gifts too). Oh, and just between us Mamas, those leather woven sandals go up to size 41, so, if somehow your shoe size ends up in the basket, our lips are sealed!

Nicky & Sarah xx

Going, Going…

19 January 2016

Little Spree girls sales picks

1. Louis Louise Blouse, £36.40 (was £52.00)
2. Boden Dungarees, £15.00-£17.50 (were £30.00-£35.00)
3. Carrement Beau Wool Coat, £42.05 (was £60.08)
4. Pom D’Api Brown Boots, £51.10 (were £73.00)
5. ilovegorgeous Sequin Bag, £27.30 (was £39.00)

Although we’ve never tested the theory, it’s said that if you wear all your favourite pieces together, you end up with a wonderful outfit. These girls ‘as seen on Little Spree’ sale picks seem to prove the theory – chosen individually, on the basis that they were some of our favourite items from our winter outfit edits (and still had sizes available) they actually  make a lovely (cheap chic) outfit. You might also like to test the theory with these other sale pieces from Mango, Louis Louise, Gap,  Louis Louise, Mango, and Manuela de Juan.

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: Tabitha has 2, 3 and 4. In fact, SC loves number three so much, she’s considering re-buying for next Winter!

Just add a black ribbon…

9 November 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 21.28.34Girls Dungarees

1. Boden Dungarees, £27.00-£31.50 (were £30.00-£35.00)
2. Mango Shirt, £16.99 (ribbon from John Lewis, £3.25-£6.00)
3. Monsoon Sparkle Bag, £8.00

We first saw this gorgeous dungaree styling at the Bonpoint Spring/Summer 2016 catwalk show (above). Then we saw it for the second time last week at the Bonpoint press day for the same collection. Even more adorable in person! We have long been fans of the dungaree for girls (and that includes us!!), and I often love to style mine and Tabitha’s with something ‘pretty’ to contrast with their, ultimately, boyish style. But this simple (why didn’t we think of it before??) styling trick of addling a black ribbon? It’s nothing short of styling genius! Get down to your local John Lewis haberdashery department (or get online right now!!) and get yourself some black, grosgrain ribbon, For you and your little ‘Mini Me’. I know I will be!

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: Tabitha was given this glittery ‘mini bag’ by Monsoon at a recent party they held at The Tower of London to celebrate their 20th anniversary of childrenswear. She absolutely loves it. It really is super-cute.

pps: this blouse is a great option in the unlikely event that you can’t be arsed with the DIY ribbon…

Elias & Grace: treat week for girls

20 October 2015

Girls Dot Jacket

1. Morley Chloe Blouse, £55.00
2. Carrement Beau Wool Coat, £60.08
3. Gap 1969 Super Skinny Jeans, £19.95
4. Pom D’Api Boots, £107.00

We love stripes, we love (little) spots, but spots and stripes together? I know it’s a shock to see not one, but two patterns together in a Little Spree post, but even we can’t resist this gorgeous Morley top and Carrement Beau coat (in fact Tabitha already has both, as well as these gorgeous boots – even nicer in really life). It’s ‘treat week’ at Elias & Grace who are offering 20% discount off their AW15 collection with code TREATAW15. This offer only runs once per season so it’s the perfect time to stock up on those more expensive/statement/investment items (which is includes the Morley stripe top and these Pom D’Api boots). Also in our basket you’ll find this Zef dress; this Louis Louise poncho; this Carrement Beau Breton; this Kidscase dress; these Minnetonka boots (Tabitha has already put in a request for a pair after seeing them on my laptop!); this Nice Things cardigan (the perfect cardigan); this Louis Louise blouse (first seen on Little Spree here); these Miller mittens (Tabitha and Marlow already have these from last year in grey and navy – proof that mittens on a string really don’t get lost!); and it’s the perfect opportunity to buy new wellies for the Winter too. Check back on Thursday to see our boys ‘treat week’ wish list. Happy shopping!

Nicky & Sarah xx

A few of our favourite things

15 September 2015


1. Mango Denim Dungarees, £24.99
2. Louis Louise Printed Blouse, £46.58
3. Next Fluffy Cardigan, £11.00-£12.00
4. Gap Canvas Mary Janes, £14.95
5. Louis Misha Tassel Bracelet, £20.25

No, you’re not going mad, these are the same  leopard print Mary Janes that we featured last week, we love them so much we couldn’t resist using them twice! This time we’ve styled them with dungarees, ochre, tassels, and a printed blouse: a few of our favourite things.

Nicky & Sarah xx

just add a splash of ochre…

31 August 2015

Girls Wellies

1. Next Stripe Linen Dungarees, £18.00-£24.00
2. Louis Louise Blouse, £52.00
3. Aigle Wellinton Boots, £29.00
4. Emile Et Ida Lapin Wallet, £18.00

Boys Rain Coat

1. Carrement Beau Melange T-Shirt, £22.00
2. Next Rain Mac, £22.00-£24.00
3. Gap Cut-Off Denim Shorts, £6.99
4. Aigle Wellington Boots, £29.00

There’s no getting away from it, it looks like Summer has come to an abrupt end. In August. I daren’t leave the house without the the kids’ rainmacs and an umbrella for fear of  literally being washed away… But, it’s not cold, so jumpers and coats are still off the agenda. This is always a tricky one to get right clothes-wise. Tabitha and Marlow have literally been living in their wellies (these exact ones) pretty much since we got back from our holiday (so long sandals…).  So we might as well work them into cute outfits right? A splash of ochre feels Autumn-ready in an Indian Summer of way…

Sarah xx

travelling with girls…

9 July 2015


Cyrillus Smocked Tunic, £12.30

Girl Travel Outfit

1. Cyrillus Smocked Tunic, £12.30
2. Eva & Oli Rucksack, £31.59
3. Emile Et Ida Pencil Case, £18.63
4. Jigsaw Junior Printed Leggings, £15.00-£20.00
5. Saltwater Surfer Sandals, from £40.00

Just the word ‘leggings’ is enough to make me feel a little queasy (in fact the only word guaranteed to make me feel worse is ‘jeggings’). They just sound slightly unpleasant somehow don’t they? Plus I have the added association with my Winter pregnancy ‘uniform’ of oversized mens cashmere sweater, leggings and biker boots (actually much cooler than it sounds). And we all know that all you want to do with your pregnancy uniform as soon as you’re thin enough to ditch it altogether, is to incinerate it! Needless to say I have not worn a pair of leggings since. Anyway. Fast forward to being a mama of a five year old girl. Now although they may not be my favourite item in her wardrobe, they do have their uses. Easy, comfy and cute if you get the right pair (not too tight, not too baggy and not too cropped) and style them with a pretty (long-ish) blouse/tunic top (like this one from Cyrillus). I like them with sandals in the Summer or boots in the Winter. Oh, and Tabitha loves wearing them! So I must confess, when it comes to a travel outfit for little girls, I started with the humble legging. But we think these ones look very sweet indeed.

Sarah & Nicky xx

it’s ‘sale week’ on little spree…

15 June 2015

Girls Sale Picks

1. Miller Quiver T-Shirt, £21.00 (was £30.00)
2. Louis Louise Gina Flowers Dress, £38.27 (was £54.68)
3. Louis Louise Clara Embroidered Blouse, £32.60 (was £46.58)
4. Atsuyo Akiko Golden Heart Necklace, £18.63
5. Caramel Pepe Velutto Slippers, £40.00 (were £67.00)
6. Miller Tansy Skirt, £16.80 (was £56.00)

This week on Little Spree is dedicated entirely to the sales. We’re kicking off with our girls edit – the prettiest pieces around (with the odd Breton stripe thrown in for good measure). The sales are where we pick up the things that we might not necessarily buy because of the (full) price tag. But during sale time all bets are off! You can get some amazing bargains if you know where to look (and if you don’t, that’s what we’re here for), and it’s always lovely to have a few ‘special’ pieces to mix in with the high street finds. After all, isn’t that how we all dress?
Here are a few other bargains we’ve found: this Mango blouse; these Mango sandals; this Mango blouse; this Mango dress; and this Mango sweater (all with 30-40% off at the moment with this code: 6VIP11); this Louis Louise blouse; and these Boden Mary Janes (in gold).

Sarah & Nicky xx

mini marant

4 May 2015


Girls denim shorts II

1. Next Panel Blouse (3-16 years), £13.00-£18.00
2. April Showers Straw Bag, £36.00
3. Mango Denim Shorts (3-14 years), £9.99
4. Mango Fur Leather Sandals, £29.99

I came across this pretty top when I was doing a quick ‘new in’ scan on the Next website. When I found it I literally did a double-take. Then I ‘zoomed in’. Just to be sure. Yep, confirmation: it was a find and a half! And I love the brown for a change. I had ordered one for Tabitha seconds later (plus one in white – how could I resist??). It really is so like an Isabel Marant Étoile one (and one that is in stores right now!) I am contemplating the age 16 for myself… In fact, I’m contemplating this whole outfit.

Sarah xx

rabbit in the moon

6 April 2015

Rabbit In The Moon Girl

1. Bien a Bien Oslo Dress, £37.00 (was £54.00)
2. Soft Early Blouse, £36.00
3. Allo Cotton Cat Detail Fur Dress, £25.00 (was £49.00)
4. Round Avec A Alphabet Print Sweater Dress, £32.00

Rabbit In The Moon Boy Outfits

1. Sweven Kids’ Exposed Seam Easy T-Shirt, £14.00
2. Bien A Bien Simple V-Neck Tee, £10.00
3. Bien A Bien Slubby Harem Trousers, £38.00
4. Round Ticking Stripe Trousers, £32.00

We first discovered this gorgeous website (and one of our current favourites – even the name is super-sweet) when my lovely friend and fellow Fashion Editor, Des sent me a link to this gorgeous jumper (sadly it’s currently sold out, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they get more in…). We were instantly smitten. Then Nicky saw them at the Babyccino Shop Up event, and we have been obsessed ever since (we want pretty much everything on the site). They stock a tight edit of the most gorgeous brands for both girls and boys (we love both equally). Our kids are already fans too. And the prices are (surprisingly) so reasonable for such lovely, well designed pieces. These are our favourites. And the best part is, Rabbit In The Moon have kindly given Little Spree readers an exclusive 15% discount, just for today (Monday 6th). Woohoo! Just enter: SPREE15 at checkout. Happy Monday!

Sarah & Nicky xx

pinafore cool

27 January 2015

Boden Denim dress

1. Boden Dungaree Dress, £24.00-£28.00
2. Alice à Paris Ruffled Blouse, £15.00 (was £21.00)
3. Martin Pederson Tights, £16.00
4. Maneula de Juan Zipped Leather Boots, £58.32 (were £72.90)

There’s something about a pinafore dress that I always love, and a denim one feels cool, but classic at the same time. I love this one (which I recently bought for Tabitha) styled with a pretty ruffle neck blouse and little leather boots. Cute. This M&S one is a great find too (and comes already styled with a long sleeved Breton).

Sarah x

ps: for anyone who hasn’t already seen it on Instagram, here’s some behind the scenes pics of Tabitha modelling in the latest Mini Preen look book. Needless to say, we want the entire collection!

dungarees go girly

16 November 2014

girls dungarees

1. Gap Denim Dungarees, £16.07 (reduced from £22.95)
2. Gap Chunky Knit Beanie, £8.95
3. Cyrillus Liberty Print Blouse, £55.00
4. M&S Leather Metallic Hi-Tops, £24.00-£26.00

I may (frustratingly) not have persuaded Tabitha into a pair (despite my best efforts), but for everyone else with a less stubborn (er, independent) daughter, here is a super-sweet dungarees look for the girls. You may recognise the blouse from a previous post, so you may already have it. Bonus. Just pop a cardigan over the top if needed.

Sarah x

ps: huge congratulations to Zoe Crellin (and her daughter Maeve) for winning the amazing Mini Preen competition! You are now the owner of the Preen Line dress and the Mini Preen coat-dress. Both will be winging themselves to you very soon. We are very jealous! Thank to everyone who entered – we had an overwhelming response. But worry not, it wasn’t the first Little Spree competition, and it definitely won’t be the last…

pps: don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (@littlespree) for lots of extra stylish finds for little ones. Plus previews from the Spring/Summer 2015 collections for kids…


matching set

22 June 2014

1. M&S Cotton Onesie With Hat, £16.00
2. Numero 74 Star Garland, £15.00
3. Numero 74 Round Bib, £8.00

How cute is this Missoni-esque romper and matching hat? Completely adorable. I’m also loving this navy dress; this pleated blouse; this romper; these hareem pants and this cotton cardigan. All from M&S.

ps: sales definitely worth checking out: Elias & Grace; Zara Kids; Bobo ChosesThe Little White Company; Alex And Alexa; ilovegorgeousCaramel; Petit Bateau; Mango; and Stella McCartney Kids.

blouses & bows

16 June 2014

1. Mango Lace Trim Blouse, £16.99
2. Woodstock Bow Hair Clip (set of two), £12.00
3. Mango Embossed Cardigan, £16.99
4. Gap Skinny Jeans, £17.95
5. Gap Crisscross Sandals, £12.95

Here’s a cute girl’s outfit for a slightly, grey dreary Monday… This is definitely a ‘Tabitha look’ (and she already has two of these five things). I love these colours! I would call this ‘pretty tomboy’.

who says chic can’t be cheap?

9 June 2014

1. Imps & Elfs Savana Dress, £30.00
2. Hucklebones Giant Bow Headband, £14.50 (was £29.00)
3. Start-Rite Gold Mary-Janes, £59.00

I was having a bit of a snoop on the (always) gorgeous and inspiring Elias & Grace website when I found this sweet striped baby dress (above) at a really reasonable price. I have to confess, I was a little surprised. So I kept on snooping… And I unearthed a whole host of amazing bargains. So many in fact too many to include them all here) that I decided to dedicate an entire post to them. So here you go (sorry – just girls this time)…
This Miller navy (also comes in grey) dress; this putty coloured Maan dress; this Maan bow dress; this Miller printed blouse; this Chloe printed dress; this Noro cardigan; this Morley dress; this Miller blouse; this Miller dress; these Miller corduroy jeans; this Miller baby cardigan;  this Simple Kids dot print dress;  I bought this navy full skirt for Tabitha a while back, and she’s just grown into it and starting wearing it. I love it. I was never really a fan of skirts on her before, but these sweet styles are so versatile and pretty – they look great just with a simple tee and sandals. Oh and I also love this Miller striped brooch.

ps: I know I have already posted these cute gold Start-Rite shoes, but I wanted to show how versatile they are. They look just as great with little dresses as with jeans. Gold works in the same way as neutral colour – it goes with pretty much everything (except maybe gold…).

pps: and talking of bargains, how adorable is this floral ruffle bikini from Gap?? What is going on at Gap these days? I’m buying more in there these days than ever!! Loving this, this and these too.

toddler chic

2 June 2014

1. Trotters Liberty Print Blouse, £44.99
2. Cos Knot Detail Hair Clip, £4.00
3. John Lewis Pointelle Cardigan, £12.00-£13.00
4. Gap Legging Jeans, £17.95
5. Start-Rite Mary-Janes, £59.00

A pretty blouse has always been my favourite starting point for dressing baby/toddler girls. I love the way they look, and they just last and last. I know this one (love this Liberty print – so pretty!) only starts at age 2-3, but with Tabitha I always used to buy them much larger, then she would wear them as dresses (with or without tights/leggings) with the sleeves rolled up to start with, then as tops later on (this was a top tip from a fellow fashion editor when I was pregnant). I literally had some that she wore for well over a year. This is one of my favourite looks that I used to dress Tabs in (and still do, minus the elasticated waist jeans and baby shoes…).

ps: I found this adorable baby floral print blouse in John Lewis the other day. So sweet.

cute doesn’t always = girly

18 March 2014

The Little White Company Flutter Sleeve Top & Bloomers (0-24 months)
£22.00  SHOP NOW
How gorgeous is this little baby set? So pretty. And one of the things I love most about it is that it’s chambray blue, not pink. I’ve also found these equally adorable (non-girly) pieces for baby girls this week…
These (very French) grey baby cords (just as cute for girls as for boys), also from The Little White Company; this pocket blouse from H&M; this Mini Boden pointelle cardigan (in yellow) as worn by super-stylish Harper Beckham; this Gap romper; this Paz Rodriguez baby cardigan; and this Zara striped sweater. Make the most of the non-pink, non-non-girly times while you can…

hippie chic

12 March 2014

MangoTassel Bead Blouse (3-12 years)
£16.99  SHOP NOW
I love this top! I want this top!! For me!! But in the meantime, one will be winging it’s way to Tabitha wardrobe… 100% striped cotton, beads, tassels (bells, whistles?)… All you need to add is a great pair of skinny, mid-wash jeans (with little ankle boots for now, and sandals for Summer, and it would be totally adorable with denim cut-offs too). Ok, it’s not strictly a pink princess dress, but I am going to try my hardest to convince Tabs that it’s way cooler than any princess look (wish me luck!)… Here are some more cute hippie/folky style tops (and a dress for good measure!) that I found that I think you might like… This other Mango top; this Mini Boden one; this Gap dress; this La Redoute lace blouse; I love the print on this Alice à Paris one; this ilovegorgeous one; and this Crew Cuts one (I like the pink).

ps: these are Marlow’s Gap jeans that I was talking about on Sunday. They are so cool, and he’s barely taken them off since I bought them. Just give them a little turn-up and you’re good to go.

stars + bows

5 November 2013

Gap Star Bow Blouse (0-24 months)
Such a pretty, but simple blouse (love the tiny star print, and the bow detail). Perfect with skinny jeans/cords. Add a muted colour knit, such as this cardigan from Cyrllius, for extra warmth when needed (today!!).
£12.95   SHOP NOW

ps: a date for your diary: Friday 29th November. If you are in London, come and see me at the Gap flagship store on Oxford Street, where I will be working on a special in-store Baby Gap event. I will give you all the details a little nearer the time. It’s exciting!

pps: I actually popped into my local Gap this afternoon, and noticed that there is currently 30% off on all kids’ outerwear. I picked up this super-cosy puffa coat for Marlow – his navy pea is no longer cutting it now the chill has set in…

feeling blousy

17 September 2013

Stella McCartney ‘Peaches’ Blouse (3-24 months)
It’s a while since I posted a blouse (and as you know, it’s my favourite item of clothing for little girls…), and this is such a gorgeous one. I love the colour and the pretty print (an abstract flower print if you look close enough), the frilled neckline, and the fact that it’s not too girly. Oh and the fact that it’s £40.00 from Stella! Not bad. The only thing wrong with it is that it only goes up to 24 months. Sorry Tabitha.

ps: worry not, coats are coming! I can see why so many people have been in touch about them – there definitely seems to be a dearth of decent ones on the high street at the moment. I have a few on my radar, but the search isn’t over yet. Watch this space.

pretty embroidery

6 May 2013

Autograph Embroidered Blouse (12 months-7 years)
As I’m writing this (in Ibiza – I’m here working on a shoot), I’ve just realised that I am wearing a very similar top (a cream cheesecloth version from H&M with a pair of denim cut-offs), so no one can argue that I don’t practise what I preach! I always love a pretty long sleeved blouse, and I love them most when paired with something a bit more casual and scruffy. This one has gorgeous details, such as the floral embroidery, the pin tucking and gathering, and the buttons down the back… So at the risk of morphing my daughter into a ‘mini me’ (like that would ever happen!), I will be snapping one up for Tabitha in the very near future (and yes, she does have a pair of denim cut-offs…).

little miss sunshine

23 March 2013

Du Pareil Au Meme Floral Print Blouse
There’s nothing like a shot of yellow to lift your mood (I’m talking about our seemingly never-ending, grey Winter…), and this pretty printed blouse should definitely do the trick. And it’s currently reduced by 40%, so it’s appeal is growing by the second! I love this particular shade of ‘sunny’ yellow with denim, so it will make the perfect ‘blouse & skinny jeans’ combo (one of my favourites on little girls as you know). Oh and there’s a super-cute dress version too (with matching knickers). Time to get tapping…
£10.00 (was £16.00)

ps: I want this SO much for Tabitha, but even she would be hard-pushed to fit into a 23 x month size…

pretty hippie

6 March 2013

Emma Levine ‘Joanie’ Top (2-9 years)
This is the top version of a dress I posted back in October. It turned out to be one of my all-time favourite dresses on Tabs, and people always commented on it whenever she wore it. A lot of friends said they wanted one in their size (me too)! I love the top because it will look so perfect with faded skinny jeans (to balance out the prettiness). I always love a folky/hippie style top (or dress, or anything really…), but only worn with non-hippie things. This one is hand woven, and I love the blue-grey stripes and the pretty embroidery and frills on the shoulders – all gorgeous details that make it special. It’s great to have something a little ‘different’ sometimes. This is  quite ‘mini adult, but in all the right ways. Love.

is it a blouse or is it a smock?

23 February 2013

Little Bird By Jools Floral Blouse With Peter Pan Collar (6 months-5 years)
Who cares when it’s this pretty? Love the tiny sprig floral print, and the contrast of the white Peter Pan collar. One of my favourite pieces from this particular collection. And a fantastic price for a super-cute blouse (smock/top/whatever…) that I guarantee will be worn (preferably with jeans/trousers) week in, week out…

ps: I’ve managed to track down some very similar sheepskin mittens to the ones I saw in Oliver Bonas that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Yes! Will post them in the next few days, so watch this space…

your chance to win a few of my favourite (mini boden) things…

17 February 2013

I love Mini Boden. Fact. I have almost used an entire pack of post-its (mini neon pink ones if you’re interested?) ear-marking all my favourite things that I am planning on ordering. Fact. I just think the collections are getting better and better each season. Fact. I’ve even ordered a super-cool Johnnie b beach cover-up for myself – you really should check out the Johnnie b collection for yourself!). Fact. Anyway, I’m poised, ready to put my order in for the new season, but in the meantime, here are some of my absolute favourite pieces from the Spring collection. And here’s the best bit. Now you have a chance to get your hands on some too! Thanks to our lovely friends at Boden (and they really are lovely – even the people who take your order on the phone are super-friendly) you have a chance of winning one of these eight pieces. All you have to do is choose your favourite item (from the eight I’ve selected here), then click on the pink link below to select the exact size you would like, then go to ‘comments’ below this post. Then simply state the item and size and how your lucky little one is going to wear it/them if you win. Then eight winners will be selected at random and announced here on Friday 1st March. It’s that easy. Good luck!

1. Pretty Woven Top  £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)
2. Leather Sandals £24.00-£28.00 (sizes 24-37)
3. Alphabet Print T-shirt £10.00-£12.00 (0-3 years)
4. Roll-up Trousers £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)
5. Colour Pop Jumper £28.00-£32.00 (1.5-10 years)
6. Stripey Pocket Tee £12.00-£14.00 (1.5-10 years)
7. Easy Printed Dress £22.00-£24.00 (1.5-10 years)
8. Towelling Top £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)

mellow yellow

21 January 2013

Zara Floral Print Blouse (3-36 months)
Sorry, I know I said there would be no more sales posts. Well I lied (unintentionally). Had to share this.  I bought this blouse for Tabitha just before Christmas (foolishly pre-sales), and it’s become one of my favourites on her.  I’m just loving (am obsessed with) this shade of yellow at the moment. Tabs wears hers with her Gap pale grey skinny jeans, (ancient) Zara grey marl knit cardigan and Clarys red Mary Jane’s. And very cute she looks too (well, I think so anyway…). I just love the versality of a blouse. They add a little girly (but not too girly) touch to jeans, and they just always look chic and stylish. But they also look cool (with jeans/trousers). If you have a little girl, trust me, the blouse is your best friend. Plus they work all year round – just layer accordingly. Tabs loves this one (amazingly – she’s hit the dreaded ‘Barbie pink everything’ phase in a major way – you can imagine my horror!), so she’s wearing it a lot! Thank you Zara!
£7.99 (was £12.99) 

ps: always buy blouses in a bigger size than you need. Wear as little dresses (with tights) with the sleeves rolled-up, then as blouses later on. This tip is particularly good for babies. Some of the blouses Tabitha had as a baby lasted for almost a year!

three easy pieces

19 January 2013

La Redoute Baby Girl’s Blouse, Gilet & Hareem Pants Outfit (newborn-2 years)
Such a chic little layered look. How cute is the faux fur gilet? And I always love these hareem-style trousers for babies. Love everything about this folk-inspired outfit (including the fact that it’s sold as an outfit!). It’s a no-brainer.

pleats please

8 December 2012

Cyrillus Blouse With Pleated Collar (6-36 months)
I can only go so long without a ‘blouse fix’, and try as I might to find others that I love as much, Cyrillus just always seem to have the prettiest ones. In fact, I think this may be my favourite one to date! It’s just divine (and on it’s way to Tabitha’s wardrobe as we speak!).

starry starry blouse

26 November 2012

Next Star Print Top (3 months-6 years)
I bought this blouse for Tabs back in July, and she wears it at least once or twice a week, week in, week out. I got it when we were on holiday in Cornwall (on a rainy day – Next and M&S were the only shops within a ten mile radious that didn’t just sell Cornish pasties), and my friend Kerry also bought one for her baby daughter, Zeffie at the same time. The two girls looked so cute wearing their matching blouses. Anyway, the (lovely) holiday is now a distant memory, but the top lives on! It washes brilliantly, doesn’t need ironing and reliably always looks great with a skinny jeans/cords & cardigan combo. It’s definitely been one of those unexpected ‘hits’, which are always so hard to predict. Love it.

spoilt for choice

13 November 2012

Cyrillus Liberty Print Blouse (1-24 months)
I know it’s Winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the pretty blouse as a wardrobe stable for your little girl. You just need to layer it up a bit. Tabs is still rocking a trusty blouse with a jean and a cosy, hand knitted style cardigan (and a very un-glamorous vest underneath, but needs must when it’s cold). These two were both so pretty, I literally couldn’t choose between them, so I thought I would let you choose for yourself. I love both of these gorgeous muted Liberty prints. And how sweet is the frilled collar? Cyrillus really do make some of the most gorgeous blouses around (I just wish they did a ‘two for one’ deal! Sadly not).

pretty cool

5 November 2012

Gap Emroidered Chambray Blouse (0-24 months)
This post is dedicated to Missy Chadwick. Missy is one super-stylish baby girl with a super-stylish Mum, Des (a great friend, and fellow fashion editor). And consequently a super-stylish mini wardrobe. Missy was wearing this gorgeous blouse when I was visiting last week. Des suggested it as a Little Spree post, but I was already on the case, and had it ready to post (I’d spotted it a couple of weeks ago when I was cruising the website…). Great minds! Missy did look adorable in it I have to say. It’s a great top if you want something that’s pretty, but not super-girly. This is what I call ‘pretty cool’. And it is.

flowers & lace

18 October 2012

Zara Floral Blouse With Lace Trim (3-36 months)
Some of my absolute favourite blouses of Tabitha’s have come from Zara (most of them in fact). They just always do such gorgeous ones – by far the prettiest on the high street. This one is at the top of my (Tabitha’s) shopping list!

birds & flowers

7 October 2012

H&M Printed Blouse (4 months-2 years)
You have to search a bit to find them sometimes, but H&M always do really sweet little printed blouses for girls (in the baby section if you’re looking in store). They always stick to the same style (like this one – smock shape, elasticated neck and sleeves, and buttons at the top), and I have bought many for Tabitha as well as for various friends’ daughters. They are usually 100% cotton too, which at £5.99 seems pretty incredible doesn’t it? Maybe we shouldn’t ponder too long on that…  Anyway, this one has an adorable tiny bird and flower print, and the neutral colours will work with most things in your little one’s wardrobe (Tabs normally just wears these kind of tops with jeans and desert boots/hi-tops). Remember to size up, then it will last you twice as long!

check it

29 September 2012

Du Pareil Au Meme Hansel Blouse (1-23 months)
Another day, another charming little smocky blouse. Loving the black and white gingham check. Autumn is when these blouses really come into their own – you never really know what the weather is doing from one minute to the next. Just throw a chunky cardigan over  the top (I’ve just taken delivery of the most gorgeous dusky pink one from Mini Boden – more of that later) and add skinny cords/jeans and you’re good to go. Then ditch the cardigan if (like today) it turns out to be beautiful (as I sweated it out in my new tweedy Topshop jumper…). It’s all about the layering.

ps: various London-based Fashion Editors I know will be hitting the DMAM store on Boulevard Saint Germain looking for bargains in between shows during Paris Fashion Week (on at the moment). Bonpoint it ‘aint, but if you don’t mind a rummage you can find some fab things at amazing prices. I was first dragged into this particular store by my old boss and Glamour Editor-in-Chief, Jo Elvin (we always managed to squeeze in a quick ‘trolley dash’, even in the tightest of show schedules), and I’ve been back every time I’ve been in Paris since. So thank you Jo!