17 November 2015

Album Di Familiglia Pepe Baby Booties, £40.00

Aarrh…. these booties bring back such sweet memories of Bailey as a chubby baby. Whenever I indulged, this brand was often the cause. There’s no doubt it’s on the more expensive end of the spectrum but so is the quality. I recently passed on an Album Di Familiglia top that I bought for Bailey when he was three, and despite years of wear and washing it still looked like new. That said, there are some seriously cute pram shoes on the high street too – these are some of our favourites: Gap cosy Mary JanesNext star print pram shoes; Next ballerina pram shoesGap fringed bow moccasins; Gap cosy lace booties; Gap Mary Jane ballet flatsGap flannel sneakers; Gap knitted booties; Mango fringed suede booties; and Zara Home knitted booties.

Nicky & Sarah xx

baby grey

14 September 2015

Baby Boy Outfit

1. Boden Cable Knit Jumper, £24.00-£26.00
2. Jellycat Huge Bashful Bunny, £45.00
3. Louis Louise Trousers, £43.88
4. Zara Home Kids Friged Booties, £25.99

Cute, cosy and super-stylish. Calling all mamas of baby boys! Oh, and as for the ‘huge bashful bunny’? This has got to be one of the softest, cosiest, cuddliest bunny you could ever buy (it’s just a bonus that it looks good too!). Tabitha has all the sizes and still loves them to bits. So I guess you could call it an ‘invtestment’ bunny?

Sarah & Nicky xx

baby harem

2 June 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 21.13.29
Kin By John Lewis Baby Harem Pants, £9.60

Boys harem pant

1. Gold Baby T-shirt, £32.00
2. Kin By John Lewis Harem Pants (0-18 months), £9.60
3. Mango Suede Moccasins, £22.99

Another day, another harem baby (told you were were obsessed!), and another way to wear them (for babies this time). We love this emerald green worn with grey. And who could resist these baby moccasins to complete the look? And if you’re in the mood for a harem, these Mango ones are really sweet too.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: the lovely girls at Wear & Where asked us for our tips on travelling with little ones (that don’t involve Valium…). Read our answers here.

stripes & squirrels

14 May 2015


Baby Boy

1. Babe & Tess Fine Stripes Onesie (3-24 months), £40.50
2. Maileg Squirrel, from Elias & Grace, £28.00
3. Louis Louise Baby Slippers, from Elias & Grace (6-12 months), £38.00

It’s hard to believe that Bailey was ever small enough to fit in to an outfit this size, but when he was, this is how I liked to dress him: comfortable, simple, stylish, done (not something I always achieved I might add!). If there’s a cooler baby slipper out there I’ve yet to find it – I adore these Louis Louise ones. In fact Sarah and I are pretty much obsessed with this brand at the moment. For those with the breaking strain of a kit-kat for well priced, cool kids clothes (i.e. us) do not look up this brand!

Nicky x

beach ready

9 May 2015


Girls Bikini

1. Louis Louise Bikini from Elias & Grace (4-10 years), £28.00
2. Rose In April Basket Bag, £23.49
3. Next Corkbeds (sizes 26.5-41), £12.00-£16.00

I am totally obsessed with this Louis Louise bikini (and pretty much everything else in the collection). The colour, the style, the oh-so-pretty ruffles… Tabitha will definitely be sporting it on the beach in Tuscany this Summer, and now’s the time to start stockpiling those holiday pieces. As you know, we LOVE a basket at Little Spree, and this is such a cute one. Rose in April do other (equally adorable) designs too… I had to go for this one, as Tabitha is as obsessed with the Pharell song ‘Happy’ (show me a five year old who isn’t?) as I am with the bikini! And here comes the super-exciting bit…
Our lovely friends at Elias & Grace (one of our all-time favourite websites for the most stylish kids clothes and accessories, including this bikini!) are having one of there fabulous ‘Treat Weeks’ next week. They are offering 20% off everything for one week only. But the really exciting bit is that they are giving Little Spree readers an exclusive preview (aka: first dibs!). You can shop from Sunday (9th May) at 00.01 until 00.01 on Tuesday (19th May) , i.e. you can shop with the Little Spree discount all day Sunday before anyone else can. Woohoo! You just need to enter this code in the promotional box and press ‘apply’ before proceeding to checkout: LSTREAT15. Go shop!

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: here are a few reminders of recent pieces from the Elias & Grace website that we’ve liked and featured… this Miller Breton; these Bensimon plimsoles; this April Showers bag; this Bonton baby dress; and these Minnetonka booties. That should get you started anyway!

chic little feet

7 May 2015

Little Royals

1. Josephine Booties (0-9 months), £50.00
2. Gaby Booties (0-9 months), £50.00
3. Liberty Coquelicot Booties (0-9 months), £50.00

Mothercare have brought out three little collections in anticipation of the newest ‘little royal’. Our favourite is the Calisson’s Little Royals collection, and we love these adorable little booties (my friend has already snapped up a pair of the ‘Josephine’ pink ribbon tie booties for her daughter, Clemmie’s christening – SC). The Liberty print bloomers are really sweet too. I’m sure Princess Charlotte would approve.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: talking of feet, our favourite wellies from Aigle are currently 20% off at John Lewis.

the tale of peter rabbit (and little spree)

21 April 2015

Peter Rabbitt Dungaree

1. Marks & Spencer 2 Piece Cotton Body & Dungarees Set, £18.00
2. Minnetonka Fringed Baby Booties, £35.00

“Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter”. And one day Marks and Spencer decided that Peter Rabbit would make a very cute print for a baby bodysuit, especially when worn with soft cotton dungarees and adorable booties. The end.

sailor stripes

23 February 2015

Baby Boy stripe romper

1. Petit Bateau Babygrow With Sailor Collar, £29.00
2. Cyrillus Knitted Cardigan, £14.90 (was £49.50)
3. M&S Suede Booties, £4.00 (were £14.00)

Breton sailor stripes and sheepskin accessories. It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

Sarah & Nicky x

stripes, cashmere, fringing…

16 February 2015

baby boy mocassins

1. Kin By John Lewis Dungaree Set, £18.00
2. M&S Pure Cashmere Cardigan, £35.00
3. Anne Claire Petit Lamb Music Box, £36.45
4. Minnetonka Fringed Booties, £40.00

Generally speaking we’re not fans of the ‘set’. You know the ones – where they cleverly put an outfit together, usually for a baby, so you don’t need to worry about what goes with what? So they are well-intentioned, but generally pretty naff. We usually find it frustrating when we only like one of the pieces (as is often the case), but then feel reluctant to buy the entire outfit just to wear one thing. Maybe we just don’t like being told how to style an outfit?? Anyway, occasionally we are pleasantly surprised, and this is one of those occasions. How cute is this striped dungaree set?? If you aren’t familiar with the Kin collection by John Lewis, you should definitely check it out. And whilst we were online, we also saw and liked this dungaree set from Mini Club at Boots and this three piece outfit from M&S. Sometimes it’s good to be proven wrong.

Sarah & Nicky x

baby’s first christmas

16 December 2014

Baby 1st Christmas

1. Topshop Mini Fairisle Knitted Jumper, £18.00
2. Mini Boden Knitted Jacket, £20.80-£22.40
3. Topshop Mini Fairisle Knitted Joggers, £18.00
4. Zara Mini Leather Booties, £22.99

You don’t have to dress your baby up in as a mini Santa/Christmas pudding/reindeer to look festive. We love this cute, cosy look. We also love this fur trapper hat and matching booties.

things that make you go aaaaaahhh….

8 December 2014

baby gifts

1. Numero 74 Changing Mat, £28.35
2. Little Cloud Adelajda Liberty Print Cloud Mobile, £26.00
3. M&S Pure Cashmere Cardigan, £35.00
4. Oeuf Grey Rabbit Hat, £40.00
5. Mozartkugel Music Box, £49.99
6. Ugg Sheepskin Booties, £45.00

Things don’t get much cuter than this at Christmas… We’ve rounded up our absolute favourite presents for babies. After all, babies + Christmas = an excuse to buy the most adorable presents ever (like we need an excuse??)! We also love: this Gap striped all-in-one; this Little White Company sheepskin cushion; this Stella McCartney Kids bunny ears hat; this Little White Company cloud mobile; this Time Capsules kit; this Little White Company penguin; this Sebra pull-along elephant; these Samantha Holmes alpaca fur booties; this Little White Company toadstool light; and this Mini Boden knitted jacket (in oatmeal or thistle).

Sarah & Nicky x

mini mocassins

1 June 2013

Original Pyjama Company Moccasins (sizes 18-25)
These are the perfect footwear for babies who aren’t yet walking, but are on the move (crawling and cursing, and generally getting into all sorts of mischief). They look cute (I love that these ones are completely plain – not that easy to find, believe me), are comfortable to wear, and they actually stay put. And the leather soles mean that they don’t slip. And they look so cute of course! They are also great for both boys and girls (Tabs and Marlow both wore them), and the navy will go with everything. One thing I would say though is that they only really work with dresses when worn with knitted tights, so stick to jeans/trousers when it’s too warm for tights. And when worn with trousers, make sure they are worn under trousers. It’s all about the details!

sheepskin ballet slippers

24 November 2012

Babies In Sheep’s Clothing Baby Ballet Slippers (0-12 months)
Are these not the cutest things you’ve ever seen? Well, today at least? One of my lovely Little Spree followers, Jane tipped me off about them (yes, getting quite a few lately – thank you), and I was instantly smitten. I love the combination of the sheepskin and the ballet slipper (haven’t seen that before). And such pretty colours. So you know baby will be super-cosy as well as looking completely adorable. In fact, they remind me of a pair of F-Troupe ballet flats that I have (and love) with very similar criss-cross elasticated straps. I live in them. These are 100% New Zealand lambskin sheepskin, handmade, and naturally dyed. They are made just outside Christchurch on the South Island by women at home who are unable (for various reasons) to enter the traditional workplace. So another ethical purchase for you. They would make the most gorgeous gift (I have switched into full-on Christmas present buying mode now!) for any stylish babies (I can think of a few!) on your list. Love, love, love them! Thank you Jane.

moccasin magic

18 November 2012

Polarn O. Pyret Striped Moccasins (sizes 18-23)
A friend (Emer, an ex-collegue at Glamour) bought the twins these when they were still tiny. She assured me they were the best thing ever. I thanked her, looked at them, thought they were cute, then promptly put them away in a drawer (wondering what all the fuss was about?). I then came across them in said drawer a couple of months later and dusted them off and dressed the twins in them. From that day on, they pretty much wore them every single day until they grew out of them (then I bought new pairs in larger sizes). They really were the best thing ever! They look great (and perfect for girls and boys), and they stay put (unlike most baby footwear) thanks to the cute elasticated strap. Then when Tabarlow did start crawling, then trying to walk, the leather, non-slip soles made everything safer and easier, and well, less slippery… Honestly, they were one of the best things I ever had for the twins. My sister has recently bought them for my nephew, Baby James, and she is a convert now too. As we all know, options for baby footwear are pretty limited, so these are a great solution. And another great present idea (I will be posting more and more gift ideas as we get closer the Christmas, so get ready!).
£9.60 (were £12.00) 

sheep chic

2 November 2012

Babatude Baby Sheepskin Booty Slippers (1-3 years)
How sweet are these? They are handmade in rural New Zealand (love that!), and ethically sourced and made in the local area (love that too!). They are made from lambskin, including the soles, ensuring no slipping, even on wooden floors (and this can be a big problem with many toddler slippers). I love that the sheepskin booty has now become a bit of a classic. They would make a really lovely present, and are delivered in a white gift box with navy blue tissue, navy ribbon and a personal message. As I always say, it’s all in the details…

booty cool

5 October 2012

Zara Home Sheepskin Booties 
I’ve been meaning to post these for weeks. I saw them them in Zara Home in Richmond (my local) and was virtually planning a third baby just to have an excuse to buy them! They are completely adorable. Baby shoes can often make me tense (and don’t even get me started on baby trainers…) – they often just look ‘wrong’ and forced somehow. Not these. I like that they are still a baby booty, but with a little more style. Cute, stylish and chic (navy and sheepskin are definitely a winning combination in my book).

shake your (knitted) booties

9 September 2012

Zara Home Knitted Booties (one size)
Ok, so this lovely weather is set to change (what a surprise!), so we’d better start getting prepared, and focusing on all things Autumn-y. I thought I would start small (literally) with these adorable chocolate brown knitted booties from Zara Home. So cute! And they look like they might actually stand a chance of staying on! I love that they look like your granny might have knitted them, but that they are in lovely chocolate-brown, as opposed to lemon or pale blue. Super-cosy.

a touch of leopard print

17 July 2012

Next Suede Desert Boots (0-24 months)
Now it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but personally I love a little bit of leopard print every now and again. I have a great bag (slouchy, and roomy enough to carry all my stuff for for Tabarlow) from Antik Batik that I absolutely love, and every time I use it, someone stops me to ask me where I got it from. But I only ever wear it with quite a dressed-down, simple outfit, such as jeans and a grey sweatshirt (and never with heels). That’s the trick. Dress it up too much, or worst of all, mix with other animal prints, and the overall effect is well, a little trashy… Leopard print is even trickier with kids’ clothes/accessories. It can all end up looking a bit cheap and nasty… I would generally advise to approach with caution, but there are definitely exceptions. Get it right, and it looks super-chic, and so cute. I really love these little boots, and they would look great worn with simple, neutral trousers/jeans (grey/navy/brown, beige) and a simple jumper/smock top/t-shirt. Just make sure the rest of the outfit is completely plain. I think they look rather French and expensive too. They would also look sweet with navy tights and a plain dress. Just make sure you’re not wearing any animal print at the same time!

ps: having a wonderful time in Cornwall. The weather is definitely ‘mixed’, but so far, no rain so I think that’s pretty good going. And this afternoon we were all on the beach at Carbis Bay and it was just beautiful. We could have been on a beach in Costa Rica! (I will tweet a pic to prove it!). The sea and sand are so lovely and clean, and it wasn’t super-crowded because we arrived at around 3.30pm (the perfect time as far as I’m concerned). Tabarlow absolutely loved it! And Tabs finally got to wear one of her CFK bikinis (the grey spotted one to be precise), which she loved (the top stayed on for all of ten minutes though!). So all in all, a great day!

easter bunnies

2 April 2012

Sew Heart Felt Rabbit Slippers (sizes to fit 0-3 years)
It’s not too late to buy something special for your little ones for Easter that’s not necessarily egg-shaped. How cute are these slippers? And unlike chocolate eggs, these will still be around after the bank holiday. I couldn’t decide which colour I preferred, so I had to post both. Perfect for twins! And here’s the science/global bit – they are made in Nepal from Tibetan lambs wool (yes really), and no chemicals are used to make them (always a bonus). They even come in a lovely organic cotton drawstring pouch.

chic little booties

22 March 2012

Mothercare Unisex Booties (newborn-9 months)
These are so sweet. I love that they are so simple and stylish (grey, stars, stripes – all my favourites), but still cute. And you get all three pairs in one set, which is such a great bargain. They would make a lovely (and inexpensive) gift too.