forever in (cobalt) blue jeans

boys pb

1. Petit Bateau Wool & Cotton Sailor Sweater, £50.00
2. Petit Bateau Long Sleeved Wool & Cotton T-Shirt, £19.50
3. Mango Five Pocket Trousers, £14.99
4. Petit Bateau Striped Jersey Socks, £8.00
5. 10 IS Silver Hi Top Trainers, £48.50

Cool and cosy layering, with a pop of colour…

ps: 30% off the most expensive item in Petit Bateau when you buy three things at the moment…

sweatshirt girl

girl sweater dress

1. Uniqlo Urban Sweats Sweatshirt Dress, £14.90
2. Zara Bag With Tassels, £15.99
3. Mango Snow Boots, £39.99

Such a cool girl’s outfit. And we love that if you want to pull a ‘mini me’ with your daughter, you can buy yourself a version of the dress, and the Issy boots (Nicky has these from last Winter).

ps: Mango has also done a similar sweatshirt dress that we love.

bat hat

boys silver hi tops

1. Mango Navy Pocket Wool Blend Sweater, £16.99, Shop Now
2. Oeuf NYC Bat Beannie, £53.00, Shop Now
3. Zara Slim Fit Trousers, £12.99, Shop Now
4. Petit Bateau Unisex High Tops, £59.00, Shop Now

This low-key boys look, is just cool enough…

ps: for anyone who has tried to buy the Geox ‘William’ school shoes from yesterday’s post and were unable to use the discount code, our friends at Alex and Alexa apologise, and assure us that the problem will be resolved by tomorrow (Thursday) morning, and the code will definitely work then.

L.A boy

photo 2

1. Bobo Choses L.A T-Shirt (2-10 years), £27.00
2. Mango Cotton Field Jacket (3-12 years), £16.99 (was £34.99)
3. Massimo Dutti Cotton & Cashmere Knitted Leggings (4-14 years), £29.95
4. Pepe Suede Boots (sizes 24-36), £40.00 (were £100.00)

We’re obsessed with these amazing cashmere (yes cashmere!!) joggers/leggings. How cool are they? In fact, we’re loving this whole laid-back look.

our favourite boys jumper


1. Boden Cotton/Cashmere Jumper (2-12 years), £25.00-£30.00
2. Gap Cable Knit Beannie (xs-l), £8.95
3. Gap Skinny Jeans (12 months-5 years), £17.95
4. M&S Leather Riptape Trainers (sizes 4-13 small), £24.00-£26.00

I’m a little bit obsessed with this jumper. You can see why. Meanwhile my sister is obsessed with these trainers (she’s bought no less than 4 x pairs!! – she likes to get ahead of the pack…), and we are too. Cheap and chic.

ps: since writing this, my nephew’s trainers have arrived, and my sister said that the sizing has come up really big, so bear this in mind when ordering.

pps: Marlow’s Cos shirt that he wore to my sister’s wedding is now available online.

get them while you still can!


Mini Boden Short Leather Boots (sizes 22-39)
£40.00-£55.00  SHOP NOW
Some of you may remember the big ‘Boden boots panic’ last Winter? They had a very similar boot to this one that came in navy and grey, but they sold out in weeks, and you couldn’t get your hands on a pair for love nor money. So this year ladies, let us learn from our mistakes, and get in there early. Tabitha’s have been duly ordered (yesterday) and are en route. I would suggest you do the same. Ok, they may not be navy, or even grey for that matter, but they are a very respectable shade of ‘mouse’, and I think Tabs will be wearing hers a lot this Winter… Get them before they’re gone!

ps: a few of you have emailed me to ask which school coat I got for Tabitha in the end. I went for this one from Gap. She hates it (obviously), but for me it ticks most of the boxes. Ok it might not win any style awards, but it’s pretty plain and simple, and does look really warm and cosy (she’ll thank me come November!). Um, and I’ve also ordered this Zara one… I also just ordered these gorgeous macs (as let’s face it, it’s all about a mac at the moment right?) from Zara for both Tabs and Marlow. Thought it was time for a change from their trusty M&S yellow macs…

boys boys boys


Mini Boden Boys Cardigan (2-12 years)
£20.00-£24.00 (was £25.00-£30.00)  SHOP NOW
It’s all about the boys today. Starting with this super-cool, simple cardigan made from cotton and cashmere. Great for those ‘in-between days’ when you’re need an extra layer, but not necessarily a really thick, warm one. I love the elbow patches and the subtle neon trim details. Here are a few more pieces that I have spied for the boys this week that will also work for those ‘is it Spring yet?’ layering kind of days…
I bought these Zara girls’ cotton striped trousers for Marlow a couple of weeks ago – they are lightweight, and a slim fit. Perfect for Summer (and there’s no way I could get Tabitha anywhere near a navy striped trouser these days…); this cool star print scarf from Cyrillus; these M&S navy suede chukka boots (I always loved a chukka style boot – Tabarlow’s daddy is a big fan of the Common Projects ones); these John Lewis colour block Wayfarer sunglasses; this The Little White Company mixed stripe long sleeved tee; this cool tee from The Fableists (this new little brand that I just discovered – definitely worth checking out); and this H&M cargo shirt. I also mentioned a great pair of jeans that I picked up for Marlow in Gap on Saturday. They were my favourite skinny fit that I always buy him, but they were a new wash – slightly distressed and with a little turn-up. I am going to double-check with the press office, but I think these are them. He was wearing them today with a Miller striped tee (from my Miller sale swoop a few months ago) if you want to take a look on Instagram. I also noticed that they already have their denim cut-offs in for Summer. I bought the Gap ones last year (for me and for Marlow actually, but more about mine in Mama Spree) and he literally lived in them. So I am going to ‘buy now, stash for later’ (I like these H&M ones too).

more new boots…

M&S Leather Riptape Ankle Boots (sizes 4s-13s)
£30.00-£32.00  SHOP NOW
These are some of the best High Street boys’ boots I have seen for a while. They are almost identical to a very expensive, designer pair that my friend’s son has (and I tried to buy during the sales, but sadly wasn’t quick enough). They are a great shape, and I love the brown for a change. And the rip tape fastenings definitely make them look and feel expensive. I have already ordered Marlow a pair.

ps: an amazing 30% off on Gap Kids and Baby Gap (including sale items!) until 20th. Hard to resist when they have so many fab things at the moment. Make sure you check out the nightwear -they have really cute pyjamas and colour block onesies (for boys and girls) that I have not found in any of the stores yet. I will be doing a supermarket sweep later…

marlow’s new boots

Stella McCartney Boys Navy & Grey Rubber Sole Desert Boots (sizes 24-30)
£40.50 (were £81.00)  SHOP NOW
I saw these a while ago when they first went into the sale, but never got around to actually ordering a pair for Marlow. So I was eally excited to see that they were still available. I love that they are cool and stylish, but also sturdy/chunky enough for boys. Marlow’s are on their way…

chelsea lately

Petasil Kaz Chelsea Grey Boots (sizes 24-30)
You all know me (and my taste) so well now, that I’m getting lots of really great tip-offs… These fab chelsea boots (and we all know how hard it can be to find decent boots) were recommended by Little Spree reader, Annamarie, and I love them! And they also come in navy!

ps: there is currently up to 30% off at The Little White Company, including this super-cute knitted beanie, and this gorgeous gingham dress.

shoe shine

M&S Silver Desert Boots (4-13)
I always think a little bit of metallic can go a long way with any outfit (it jazzes things up in a way that doesn’t have to look like you’re going to a party…). These silver desert boots are quite ‘low key’ because they are not glittery/sparkly, so you can just think of them as a neutral colour that will go with anything (I actually prefer them with more casual outfits). I like the pretty velvet ribbon laces too. These navy glitter boots are also a great option (as recommended by Little Spree reader and Red collegueue, Sarah). I also adore these gold glitter desert boots (they look super-expensive) from Mini Boden (why haven’t I bought them for Tabs yet??), but they are selling out fast, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on a pair…

ps: as you know I spent the day at the Gap flagship store yesterday. My eagle eye noticed that were a few new additions that I feel I need to share. I LOVE these gorgeous boys’ chunky cable-knit jumpers (they come in navy and cream); this super-cool moustache jumper; this cosy fur bear hat (a huge hit on the baby shoot yesterday); these cute mittens; this amazing party dress (it looks SO much nicer in real life, and I dressed two little girls in it yesterday for the photo shoot, and will definitely be buying one for Tabs) and this pretty plaid blouse.

pps: Thank you to all of your who entered the babyGap/Little Spree special prize draw. I will be announcing which of the five winners has won the £150 mini shopping spree with me here on Monday, so don’t miss it!

mini moccasins

Mango Girl’s Fringed Suede Ankle Boots (7 small-5)
I always love a moccasin boot (they are always cool in my book), and these are a great pair (so cute!). I will definitely be making a purchase (although Tabs will probably complain that they aren’t pink…).
£44.99  BUY NOW

ps: while I was cruising the Mango website, I also saw (and loved) these super-cool leopard print chelsea boots.

one for the boys…

Geox Navy Ankle Boots (sizes 21-25)
The quest for stylish navy boots (for babies, boys and girls) continues (I can’t not look for them when I’m trawling through the websites/cruising the shops). When I was searching for the in-demand girls’ navy ankle boots, I came across these cute boys’ boots. So now I find myself compelled to share any cool navy boots! I slightly recoiled when I realised they were Geox, but I thought they were more than worthy of a mention on ‘The Spree’ as they look so great (call me superficial…). Navy nubuck with lovely grey stiching, and they are super-practical as they are slip-ons, but look like proper lace-up boots. Waterproof, but breathable (that’s a Geox thing I think); a sturdy brown sole, and extra cushioning around the ankle, making them both durable and super-comfortable. And not forgetting, stylish of course.
£47.50   BUY NOW