the perfect christening gift

Les Tricots De Margot Cashmere V-neck Cardigan (0-18 months)
Looking for a lovely christening/baptism/naming ceremony present? Look no further. This amazing French cashmere company is my latest obsession (well at least it’s not nursery-related for a change…) and I have now bought this exact cardigan for two babies for two christenings in as many months (I know – not very original of me, but I just love it). Both times I bought the largest size (12-18 months), so that the baby in question could keep it to grow into. So why the obsession? Well, the quality is fantastic (100% 2 x ply cashmere), I love the classic design – the v-neck and the little pocket, the colour (it does also come in other colours, but this is definitely my favourite), and last but not least, the fantastic price (I’m not saying that £48.00 is particularly cheap for a baby cardigan, but it certainly is for a gorgeous cashmere one). It’s also equally perfect for a baby boy or girl. If you had the time or the resources, it would also be a nice touch to have the baby’s initials embroidered on it (know anyone handy with a needle and thread?). It also come beautifully wrapped in tissue in a pretty box (I just wrote on the box and added a ribbon, and I was done). Anyway, both cardigans were very happily received (I would have been more than happy to unwrap one of these myself!).

ps: while we’re on the subject of christenings, I would love to know where I can buy a decent, tasteful christening card? I have literally scoured dozens of shops (some well-known and some small, independent ones), searching and searching. Of the few that I did find, they were either too religious (sequinned crucifix? Not today thank you) or just plain naff. So I simply didn’t give one for the last two christenings. So any leads, gratefully received. One idea I did have though (after the event – really helpful!) for the next one is a card with a single initial on (Liberty stock them). Thought that could be a cute option? Any thoughts?

christening chic

I am often asked what to dress a baby in for their christening (or baptism/naming ceremony etc). Everyone will have different opinions on this one, but I will base my answer on how I dressed Tabarlow at their baptism. As you know I am quite traditional, so I always knew I wanted them to wear a full-on christening gown, and I initially started looking for vintage Edwardian ones. But I quickly discovered that most of them were either too fragile to actually be worn, or too tiny, or both. Now Marlow was diplomatically described as a ‘bonny’ baby, but the truth is he was just a bit fat, so I ditched the Edwardian idea pretty quickly (it’s not about the christening gown ripping at the seams in the middle of the service). Then one day, I was in John Lewis and just happened to spot their selection of christening outfits. I immediately homed in on this one (this is the very one that both Tabitha and Marlow wore) because it was simple enough to be worn by a boy and a girl, and traditional enough to satisfy my vintage craving. I loved it. You can’t see all the detail in this picture, but it’s ivory, 100% silk, has a lovely Peter Pan collar, pintucking, little puff sleeves, a sash ribbon tie and is very long! It also comes with a hat, but these weren’t worn. It’s really beautiful, and a great price. I then bought lovely cashmere cardigans from Chinti & Parker (sadly they are no longer making childrens’ clothes) in grey and oatmeal and had their initials embroidered on to each one (I think this is a really sweet idea, and such a lovely thing to keep). I love these ones from Les Tricots de Margot (you’ll be seeing more of their pieces coming up), and I think they are a great price for good quality cashmere. It was a December christening, so they also both wore cashmere knitted tights under their gowns, and cashmere bonnets for extra warmth. But even if your service is a Summer one, a cashmere cardigan is always a chic and useful thing to have for before/after the service, or it’s a drafty old church… Anyway, I loved their ‘look’. Hope you do too.

1.  Christening Gown (3-12 months)  £70.00
2.  Cashmere Cardigan (3-18 months)  £46.00
3.  Cashmere Cardigan (3-18 months)  £46.00