What to Wear for World Book Day…

29 February 2016

Little Spree: World Book Day

World Book Day, roughly translates to a last-minute mad panic (or a total nightmare for full-time working mamas) for mamas everywhere. We’ve rounded up the best costumes that are yours at the click of a button (sorry, but we are not even going to try and pretend that we’re going to make one…). So, instead of panicking, stick the kettle on/pour yourself a glass of wine, and we’ll share the best costumes we’ve found (some admitedly more ‘on brief’ than others, but we can’t be the only ones with kids who like to go off piste?)…
For the boys: Peter PanBFGThe GruffaloFantastic Mr FoxWilly WonkerMad HatterWhere’s WallyChewbaccaStormtrooperWoodyBuzz Lightyear, or a good old fail-safe pirate.
For the girls: Alice in Wonderland (and not forgetting the striped tights), Mary PoppinsLittle Red Riding HoodMatilda, The Tiger Who Came To TeaRey (ok, not strictly a book character, but Tabitha is obsessed by her), easy and generic (and frankly, a bit snoozy): fairy and ladybird.
And for the little-er ones :a hedgehog, a tricreatops, a lamb and The Hungry Caterpillar,

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: obviously we are not saying boys can only wear the ‘boys’ costume and girls can only wear the ‘girls’ – they are all interchangeable. We just wanted to split them for the sake of this post to make it quicker for you to look for your little ones (we know how time-poor you are!!). We can’t think of anything cooler than a girl Stormtrooper (just ask Preen!).

Nativity style

28 November 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 20.40.46
Christmas Star Outfit, £6.00 

This post is dedicated to all the ‘slummy mummies’ (myself included) who can’t sew to save their life, and even if they could, just simply do not have the time to rustle up nativity costumes for their kids Christmas nativity play. There are some great, really inexpensive options that are literally just a click away, including Mary (Tabitha wore this very costume for her ‘Mary moment’ last year), Joseph, a shepherd, and who could object to their little one being a lamb when the costume is this sweet?

Sarah & Nicky xx

Spooky Style

15 October 2015

Halloween Girl

1. Little Eleven Paris Tutu Dress, £33.07
2. Woodstock Cat Clips, £16.00
3. Gap Cat Ballet Slippers, £10.99 (were £14.95)

Halloween Boy

1. Gap Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Onesie, £10.99 (was £14.95)
2. The Contemporary Home Halloween Mask, £6.00
3. Gap Hi-Top Sneakers, £19.95

Between them, Marlow, Bailey and Tabitha already own pretty much everything in today’s post. Marlow has the onesie, and LOVES it (and it’s such a great price now). He wears it for bed, and is so cosy and warm in it. He also loves that the feet have grips, so he can charge around like a maniac in that window between bath and bed time and not slip on the wooden floor (while I’m reaching for the wine…). He also has the hi-tops (I always buy him one pair of expensive boots/shoes and one more affordable pair each season – this Winter’s espensive ones are these – look away Grandma!), pricey but well worth the investment) which he loves because the fit is really comfortable as he has quite wide feet (and is as fussy about how things feel as how they look!). And he will definitely be wearing the onesie with his hi-tops come 31st October. Bailey has the mask from last year (such a great price if you don’t want to invest too much on one night); and Tabs has the tutu (she would wear a tutu around the clock if I let her, but a black one is surprisingly stylish and easy to wear in an non dressing up way) and the kitty flats (who needs Chalrotte Olympia when we have Gap right?).
Here are some more spooky things we found for the girls – this Mouche crown with veil; this Candy Bows tutu and wings set; this M&S sparkle tutu; and these Gap pink glow-in-the-dark pyjamas (if you can’t persuade her into the cooler back and white pair).
And for the boys – how cool is this Gap embroidered skeleton sweatshirt? Definitely not just for Halloween. This Paul Smith Junior glow-in-the-dark sweatshirt; this M&S vampire costume; this John Lewis two pack of glow-in-the-dark pyjamas; and this super-stylish Numero 74 super hero costume.
And we haven’t forgotten the babies (why should they miss out on all the fun?). Check out this Little Eleven Paris bat set; these Stella McCartney Kids glow-in-the-dark pyjamas; this M&S skeleton print onesie; this Gap bat beanie; and this John Lewis skeleton sleep suit.

Sarah & Nicky xx

tutu splurge

2 March 2015


1. Tutu Du Monde ‘Princess Charming Onesie’, £80.00 tutudumonde.com
2. I Love Gorgeous hairband, £15.00, ilovegorgeous.co.uk
3. Boden Leather Mary Janes, £30.00-£35.00, boden.co.uk
4. La Coqueta Cardigan, £38.00, lacoquetakids.com

I am sort of in love with the whole idea of this tutu. It is just beyond gorgoeus. Kind of like a modern day Princess style tutu. This tutu is not just beautiful, it’s cool too. And how often can you say that?

Sarah x

nativity chic

1 December 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 21.22.27

F&F Shepherd Nativity Dress Up Costume, £8.00

Marlow may be an inn keeper, not a shepherd in the school nativity, but I thought this costume was so sweet, I’ve bought it for him anyway (he can always ditch the crook…). Tesco is a bit of an untapped resource for kids dressing up costumes I’ve recently discovered (remember the wizard costume?). They are super-cheap and there are actually some pretty good ones. Here is a round-up of some of our favourites around… this sheep costume; this king costume; this Joseph costume; this camel onesie; this king costume; this Joseph costume; this lamb costume (take it one step further and add a black hooded sweatshirt and leggings as recommended by super-stylish LS reader, Lisa for her son, George) this Mary costume; this one covers all bases (in keeper, shepherd, ‘extra’… and really sweet in the flesh); this Mary costume (I bougtht this one for Tabitha – yes she’s Mary!!); this gold star; this Numero 74 crown; this Angel Halo and these wings.

ps: ok this is so naff (please don’t judge, or unsubscribe!!) but I have to confess to just ordering this for Marlow. Eeek. He has been to one too many Frozen themed birthday parties this year, with nothing to wear. As naff as this is, I think he will love it, and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day right? Ok, well at Christmas anyway… And I have to say, ordering from Tesco is so easy, and you can have it delivered to your nearest store. I’m always a fan of that.

pps: 25% off today (until midnight) at F&F!

Sarah x

spooky baby

15 October 2014

Haloween baby boy

1. Gap Devil Knitted Hat, £4.99
2. Boden Baby Cardigan, £16.20-£18.00
3. John Lewis Halloween Skeleton Sleepsuit, £14.00
4. M&S Halloween Pull & Go Bat, £6.00

Who says babies can’t get in on the Halloween action? Just make sure they’re bundled up and cosy, and off you go! We also like this cute bib; and as baby Halloween costumes go, this bat print onesie is a pretty cute one.

a spooky little boy like you…

14 October 2014

Halloween boys

1. John Lewis Glow-In-The-Dark Pyjamas, £15.00-£17.00
2. Gap Oversized Pom Pom Hat, £9.95
3. Urban Sweat Long Sleeve Hoodie, £19.90
4. Little Baby Company Halloween Pack Of Eight Trick Or Treat Bags, £10.95

Today it’s the boys’ turn, and we’re sticking with our stylish pyjama based Halloween costumes. You may already have a pair of glow-in-the-dark pjs (Marlow and Bailey do), in which case you only need to add the accessories for a trick or treat outfit. We also love this bat tee; these glow-in-the-dark pyjamas; these glow-in-the-dark leggings (these would look so cool worn with a jumper like this); and this wizard costume (ok, so it’s 100% polyester, but for £6.00 for one night…).

pretty spooky

13 October 2014

Halloween girls

1. Gap Glow-In-The-Dark Sleep Set, £14.95, Shop Now
2. Numero 74 Super Hero Outfit, £39.69, Shop Now
3. Hunter Sillver Wellies, £30.00, Shop Now

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about little Halloween costumes. After trawling through (what felt like) hundreds of ‘scary’ polyester outfits; various Halloween themed items of clothing (most of which were pretty dodgy it has to be said); and far too much black and orange for our liking, we came to the following conclusion… Buy a pair of ‘spooky-ish’ pyjamas, pimp them up a bit with a few carefully chosen accessories, et voila! You have a stylish, comfy, inexpensive ‘trick or treat worthy’ outfit that means you can just pop your little ones straight into bed after trawling the streets because they’re already wearing their pjs! Perfect. We always love a Gap set of glow-in-the-dark pyjamas (Marlow and Bailey already both have a pair), and these girls ones are so sweet. Just add the (super-stylish) cape,  mask and wellies and you’re all set. Who said Halloween has to be scary anyway? Let’s leave that to the older kids. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a pretty cape or tutu to the pyjamas… I’m also going to be buying Tabitha this Hello Kitty Halloween DVD to get her in the spooky mood (and let’s be honest, how scary can Hello Kitty actually be??). Tomorrow it’s the boys’ turn…

ps: we have had a few requests for some more purse-friendly leather pencil skirts following Friday’s Mama Spree. Here are a few we found on the high street… This ASOS one; this River Island one (we like the pockets); this French Connection wrap one; and this petite one from M&S.

dressing (up) girls

21 May 2014

1. Numero 74 Fairy Wings, £21.00  SHOP NOW
2. Numero 74 Glittering Crown, £6.00  SHOP NOW
3. The Little White Company Tutu Skirt, £26.00  SHOP NOW
4. Joules Breton T-Shirt, £14.95  SHOP NOW
5. Numero 74 Mini Magic Wand, £2.00  SHOP NOW
6. ilovegorgeous Mary Jane Shoes, £64.00  SHOP NOW

My favourite girls’ fancy dress costumes ever were from H&M. Yes H&M! They were part of the amazing UNICEF collection (as mentioned on Little Spree last October) that they do occasionally. One is a Marie Antoinette dress (straight out of the Sofia Coppola film…), complete with lace, bows and bustle; the other is the coolest mermaid costume I have ever seen (complete with tail that cleverly clips to the skirt when you need both hands free). Tabs rotates them, and they always get so many compliments (particularly the mermaid). I’m sorry to say that these were purchased quite a while ago now, so are no longer available, but rest assured, I will let you know if/when they do another collection. In the meantime, I have put together a cute little outfit (above) which should keep both mamas and daughters happy and sufficiently ‘dressed up’; plus some other ideas… This pink superhero; this forest fairy; this princess (I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this, but Tabitha has this, and loves it even more than her H&M Marie Antoinette dress!); this vet; this Marie Antoinette; this nurse; this pirate; this doctor; this cat; this Tudor girl;  and then this bat mask and wings and wizard’s hat (as seen in the boys’ post yesterday). And last but not least this diamante tiara for a bit of last minute accessorising…

dressing (up) boys

20 May 2014

1. Hedgehog Knights Chain Mail Hood, £22.00  SHOP NOW
2. Joules Breton Tee, £14.95  SHOP NOW
3. Hedgehog Knights Tunic, £28.00  SHOP NOW
4. Skipper Foam Sword & Shield Set, £9.00  SHOP NOW
5. Sun San Sandals, £34.00  SHOP NOW

Tabitha and Marlow’s social diary is now officially busier than mine and Tom’s put together, and barely a weekend goes by without at least one birthday party. And with most of these party invitations, comes an optional dress code of ‘fancy dress’. Until around six months ago Marlow has absolutely refused to dress up (I bought him the most amazing NASA astronaut outfit at Miami airport on my way back from a work trip almost two years ago, that was never even so much as tried on…). Now, he is fully embracing the whole experience (although the space suit has since been passed on to a friend’s son). Here is a fun and stylish knights outfit (above), and here is a selection of various other boys costumes to choose from (some stylish, some not to much, but all cute and fun in their own right). This deckhand pirate; this knight (love!); this pirate captain; this doctor; this Darth Vader; this guardsman; this vet; this knight; this Captain Hook; this urchin boy (love!); and this bat mask and wings or this wizard’s hat for little boys who want to keep things more low-key…

ps: and for a more relaxed form of dressing-up, how about these knight pyjamas?

pps: girls’ dressing-up outfits/costumes coming your way tomorrow…

sleeping beauty

20 February 2014

Cyrillus Princess Nightie (4-6 years)
£35.00  SHOP NOW
Here is the girls’ version of yesterday’s pirate pyjamas. I love this! Tabs wants to dress up ALL the time at the moment, and often wants to go to bed still in full-on princess mode. I then have to strategically peel off all the flammable fabrics after she’s fallen asleep… Not so easy. This gorgeous ‘princess nightie’ offers the perfect solution. Go to bed already dressed as a (non flammable) super-stylish, fully accessorised princess…

pirate chic

19 February 2014

Cyrillus Boys’ Pirate Pyjamas (2-8 years)
£35.00  SHOP NOW
The chicest pirate pyjamas I’ve ever seen (actually, the only ones I’ve ever seen…). Marlow and Tabs have been invited to a pirate themed birthday party, so I am suddenly tuned into all things pirate-y. Marlow actually already has a pretty good pirate outfit, but this one definitely surpasses his in the style stakes.  And how cool that it multi-tasks as pyjamas? Quick – they are selling out fast!

ps: this costume isn’t pirate related, but I love it so much I had to share.

black tie

12 December 2013

Cocoon Cotton Romper (0-2 years)
£9.00  SHOP NOW
Looking for something cute and a little tongue-in-cheek for your baby boy to wear over the festive period that doesn’t involve reindeer ears? This is sweet, playful, but still cool and stylish. And not too silly. I love it. And for all the baby girls out there, the Angel baby grow is fast becoming a cute classic. For a more traditional take on the Christmas romper, this striped one from Gap is another favourite.

tux tee

12 November 2013

H&M Long Sleeved T-shirt (1-10 years)
As you know, I’m not normally a fan of ‘gimmicky’ clothes, but I just couldn’t resist this cute (technical term: trompe l’oeil) t-shirt. Perfect for a bit of tongue-in-cheek chic on special occasions…
£5.99   SHOP NOW

ps: this little number is rather cute too…

pps: If you have a baby aged between 0-24 months, and live in the London area (or feel like a trip to London?), come and see me at the Gap flagship store on Oxford Street for an exciting Baby Gap/Little Spree event on Friday 29th November. I will the there all day, and would love to meet you (and your gorgeous little ones!). That’s all I’m allowed to tell you at the moment, but all the (exciting) details will be revealed nearer the time, so watch this space… It’s going to be fun!

halloween stripes

14 October 2013

H&M Pirate Dress (1.5-8 years)
I was tipped off about this collection by Nicola, Creative And Fashion Director at Red when I was at the office today. How had I missed this amazing UNICEF collection of the coolest (and chicest!) kids’ Halloween costumes ever?? Think Beetlejuice meets Marc Jabobs… I sprinted straight round to the store on Regent Street (cutting Nicola off mid-sentence), but alas, there was not a single item left. Not even so much as a striped bow tie. But all is not lost, because it’s still available online! And there are still plenty of sizes left! This dress is part of the collection, and ‘styled up’ (just add a pirate hat and boots) could be an amazing dressing-up costume (for all year round), but I also rather love it ‘styled down’ just as a cute dress (loving the bold black and white stripe). How cute are the bows and pleated grosgrain? It could easily pass as ‘Mini Marc’. I also love the striped suit for boys, and this amazing Marie Antoinette style princess dress (surely the princess dress to end all princess dresses?). And how sweet is this (yes, tasteful!) mermaid dress? I’m in dressing-up heaven!
£19.99   BUY NOW

ps: what do you know? It’s another navy peacoat!!

don’t mess with my tutu…

10 September 2013

Okaou Ruffled Tutu (18 months-5 years)
I am often asked about tutus, and where to buy a stylish, non-scary one. They are not one of my favourite items (unless at a ballet class of three year olds, when there is simply nothing cuter…) of clothing, but having said that, Tabitha does own three (not including her ballet one). One pale-pink, one cream, and one grey, although they don’t get out much I must confess… The grey one was a DPAM find on a work trip to Paris, and is by far my favourite. I suppose I just like the fact that it’s not pink. And it’s not too ‘poufy’, so can (and has been) worn with knitted tights, a (Breton) jumper and boots and still pass as a reasonably normal outfit. So I was rather pleased to find this similar one on the La Redoute website last night. I love the pretty layers/ruffles of tulle. And it starts from 18 months, which is a real bonus, as it is even harder to find a tasteful tutu for babies! And for the record, I do let Tabs express her ‘inner princess’ in suitably scary/flammable ‘dressing-up’ outfits. Inside the privacy of our house. Oh and by the way, this one does also come in pink!
£11.00  laredoute.co.uk

ps: I also always love the Bob & Blossom ones for a slightly more ‘full-on tutu’ experience. And they do a grey one too!

hop little bunny…

26 March 2013

Paperchase Floral Print Bunny Ears (one size)
I have posted a very similar pair of floral bunny ears last May, but I couldn’t resist these ones (and I figured that a once yearly post on cute bunny ears was acceptable?). These were a tip-off from the lovely Laura Fantacci, a collegue of mine at Red, who has the most adorable (and super-stylish, naturally!) six month old baby girl called Greta Zeta. She snapped these up for her, and I will be doing the same for Tabitha (Laura knew they would be right up Tabitha’s street…) for the Easter weekend. Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop…
£8.00  paperchase.co.uk

all that glitters…

29 January 2013

ILoveGorgeous Disco Ball Dress (2-13 years)
This is not a ‘good on paper dress’. If someone was to describe a girl’s dress as being covered in gold sequins, I’m instinctively thinking of something pretty naff and tacky. Then you see this dress and you kind of fall in love with it… I love the gold sequins! I also love the pretty butterfly sleeves in white (such a sweet contrast), and I love that the shape of the dress is loose. This is a cool sequinned dress. I have been asked to recommend a good girl’s party dress by a few different Little Spree followers recently, and this was the first one that I suggested. Also, it will appeal to adult and mini magpies alike – let’s face it, all girls (including myself!) love a bit of sparkle don’t we? And don’t just save it for special occasions either – this would look super-cute dressed down with a navy and white long sleeved Breton t-shirt layered underneath. Did I mention that I love it?
£55.00 (was £110.00)  lovegorgeous.co.uk

pretty ballerina

28 December 2012

Monsoon Snow Queen Dress Up Set (3-8 years)
I’ve bought this for Tabitha as one of her birthday presents (for 4th January). It’s so cute! Definitely a pretty tasteful dressing-up option (and they even throw in a tiara). My plan is to add her Little White Company striped knitted tights, but whether she will agree to that remains to be seen. I’ll let you know! In the meantime I’m seeing A LOT of her (very pink!) Christmas ‘princess’ dress from Father Christmas, but the less said about that the better…
£18.00  monsoon.co.uk 

hidden treasure

7 December 2012

John Lewis Pirate Dressing-Up Costume (3-7 years)
I spotted this the other week when I was racing around the store in Kingston, buying various Christmas paraphernalia. It really stood out as a more stylish-than-average pirate costume, so I snapped one up for Marlow, despite the fact that he has no dressing-up parties on the horizon. I don’t know about you, but I rarely see any decent options for dressing-up (and it’s even worse for girls – although this would be really cool for girls too). The attention to detail is pretty great for the price I have to say – the gold brocade frogging on the waistcoat, the raggedy sleeves and trousers, the ‘accessories’ (hat, sword and eye patch no less!). Basically it’s a non-tacky (and not overly-flammable – it doesn’t even make your hair stand on end!) costume at a great price. Now I just need to invent an occasion for him to wear it…
£14.00  johnlewis.com 

I’m with the band

14 November 2012

Gap Velvet Band Jacket (6 months-5 years)
How cool is this jacket? It has more than a whiff of Stella McCartney Kids about it (which of course, I love), yet it’s from Gap. I love the Sergeant Pepper vibe. It would be so cute for a a party or special occasion, but also just great to keep for dressing up (I would style it up with a bit of a pirate dressing up costume for a party). It’s not always easy to find decent fancy dress costumes for boys (unless they want to be Spiderman or Snow White), so this would be a great investment. I love it, and will be buying one for Marlow as soon as I’m back from Cape Town. So please leave one for me!
£24.95  gap.eu 

h&m & unicef

17 October 2012

H&M’s ‘All For Children’ Collection
I loved it last time (I scooped up so many great pieces for Tabarlow), and it’s back again – H&M’s genius collaboration with UNICEF. These are just a few of my favourite things (how cute is that bow dress?), but there is much more (including a tent, wall stickers and magicians’ hats…). This time the collection is made up of cute fashion as well as fab dress-up pieces for both boys and girls (think Halloween costumes, but way cooler). The collection will be available from 18th October (tomorrow!) from around 300 H&M stores, as well as online. H&M will donate 25% of the sale price of every piece to UNICEF’s work in Bangladesh. Through this partnership, H&M and UNICEF aim to promote education and improve the health of children in slum areas around Dhaka in Banglasdesh. So you can shop up a storm and help a great, worthwhile cause at the same time. What’s not to love about that?

ps: sorry for the gap in posts, but I have had wifi issues in Miami. I hope all these lovely things have made up for it…

pps: please don’t buy everything! Leave some things for me! I’m not back in London until Tuesday…

tasteful tutu

3 August 2012

Bob & Blossom Tutu (2-8 years)
It’s a very fine line between naff and cute where tutus are concerned. Sadly most of them fall into the former category. This one however, strikes the perfect balance between pretty and cool. It’s made from layer upon layer of gorgeous chiffon, and I love the grey (just so much cooler than the standard pink – Tabitha has a grey one that I bought her in DPAM in Paris one time, although it’s not as ‘poufy’ as this one). Would look super-stylish for a party or special occassion, or just for playing dress-up at home. But the great thing about this one is that it is tasteful enough to look equally great worn on a regular day with a cashmere jumper and knitted tights, or a Breton t-shirt in the warmer weather. It would make such a lovely present if you’re stuck for what to buy for a little girl (and you can have it gift wrapped in a gorgeous candy pink and white striped box –  so cute!). Love.
£39.99  bobandblossom.co.uk