Joules Jaws Gloves (sizes S/M M/L)
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Love these – warm and fun! I also love these Mango cream mittens, and these super-cute Oeuf ones.

matching set

Mini Boden Hat & Mittens Set (0-3 years)
Boden always do the cutest little hat and mitten sets for babies (they make the most perfect presents). Tabs and Marlow both had them when they were babies and very cosy they were too. I know it’s not exactly chilly right now, but you need to snap up these things when you see them. I’ve learnt this the hard way. You snooze you loose.
£22.00  boden.co.uk

petit mittens

Petit Bateau Unisex Baby Mittens (3-24 months)
Oh my God, how cute are these mittens? Any kind of gloves/mittens are always a bit of an ‘issue’ in my experience, i.e. most babies/kids hate wearing them. Forget gloves (too many fingers!), and go for simple mittens instead (although I’m not saying you won’t still have a bit of a battle on your hands, but the less fingers, the smaller the battle…). And the tie means that not only do they look even cuter (I always think there’s something so incredibly sweet about little ones with their tiny mittens dangling down beneath their sleeves…), but you won’t lose them. And trust me, with mittens as cute as these, you definitely don’t want to lose them. I’m so buying these for Tabarlow!
£21.50  petit-bateau.co.uk 

h&m & unicef

H&M’s ‘All For Children’ Collection
I loved it last time (I scooped up so many great pieces for Tabarlow), and it’s back again – H&M’s genius collaboration with UNICEF. These are just a few of my favourite things (how cute is that bow dress?), but there is much more (including a tent, wall stickers and magicians’ hats…). This time the collection is made up of cute fashion as well as fab dress-up pieces for both boys and girls (think Halloween costumes, but way cooler). The collection will be available from 18th October (tomorrow!) from around 300 H&M stores, as well as online. H&M will donate 25% of the sale price of every piece to UNICEF’s work in Bangladesh. Through this partnership, H&M and UNICEF aim to promote education and improve the health of children in slum areas around Dhaka in Banglasdesh. So you can shop up a storm and help a great, worthwhile cause at the same time. What’s not to love about that?

ps: sorry for the gap in posts, but I have had wifi issues in Miami. I hope all these lovely things have made up for it…

pps: please don’t buy everything! Leave some things for me! I’m not back in London until Tuesday…