dotty romper

La Redoute Sleeveless Polka Dot Print Romper (1 month-2 years)
£13.00  SHOP NOW
This super-cute romper may look a little Summery, but with a little bit of layering it could be totally adorable right now (and frankly, why wait?). Just add a cosy cashmere cardigan, some soft knitted tights, a gorgeous bow (you’ve got to have a bow right?), and you have yourself one very stylish baby. Then come Summer (if it still fits, which it should if you size up enough now), you can show off the pretty crochet detail on the sleeves (which I love). I squeezed Tabs into rompers like this for as long as I possibly could, I just loved her in them so much. Sadly no more. But how cute is this Bambo frilled bodysuit? And totally practical too – no extra fabric to ride up when your little one is on the move…

ps: just had a bit of a ‘mini spree’ in Zara this morning. I bought these boots, and this blouse for Tabs (plus one in age 13-14 for me – yep, another white blouse, but it is so pretty…); and this sweatshirt and these sandals for Marlow. Love them all.


Woodstock Liberty Print Rabbit Ear Head Band
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My lovely Red colleague (and ex Glamour colleague), Sarah told me about this label. All the mums of little girls at Red are already hooked! Just a beautiful, whimsical collection of hair accessories and head bands. This Liberty print bunny ears version is definitely a favourite (how pretty is the tiny print, and the backs of the ears are grey baby cord), but I love the cat ears too. I also love this bow headband from ilovegorgeous (currently half price); and I always love a pretty flower garland (and in fact, just shot one for my Florals story for Red – out in the May issue).

ps: M&S has 20% off thermals today. My favourites are these striped ones for boys and these heart print ones for girls. I also really like these thermal leggings (great for boys or girls). Brrrrrr…

ps: and whilst I was snooping around the M&S website, I found this super-cool leopard print jersey dress, which I love!

hop little bunny…

Paperchase Floral Print Bunny Ears (one size)
I have posted a very similar pair of floral bunny ears last May, but I couldn’t resist these ones (and I figured that a once yearly post on cute bunny ears was acceptable?). These were a tip-off from the lovely Laura Fantacci, a collegue of mine at Red, who has the most adorable (and super-stylish, naturally!) six month old baby girl called Greta Zeta. She snapped these up for her, and I will be doing the same for Tabitha (Laura knew they would be right up Tabitha’s street…) for the Easter weekend. Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop…

the prettiest alice band

I LoveGorgeous Aliceband
How pretty is this? Love the print. Alice bands can be tricky with toddlers (in my experience anyway), but I will certainly be giving this one a go with Tabitha. I would love it on her with more of a tomboy outfit though – a Breton tee and some skinny grey cords, rather than anything to obviously pretty and girly. I’ll let you know how that pans out…

ps: this would make a lovely (inexpensive) birthday gift if you have any girls’ parties in the diary.

bunny chic

Monsoon Bunny Hair Set
How cute are these? They really remind me of Katie Hillier’s (super-cool accessories designer who has worked for Luella, Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham as well as designing her own fab collection) designs. She often uses bunnies like these in her work. Anyway, these are from Monsoon and are a fantastic bargain at £4.00 for the set (including 2 x elastics and 2 x ‘click clack’ clips)! Pretty cool.

any excuse!

Bobobows Handmade Star Print Hair Slide
This post is dedicated to Victoria. Her Jack Russell ran off with her daughter’s favourite (velvet, dusky pink) hair bow. She tweeted. I felt her pain. If I tell you that Tabitha wears a different bow in her hair each and every day, please don’t judge me. I’m an addict. I just can’t help myself! Tabs has worn one in her hair pretty much every day from around 10 months. I just don’t feel she is dressed without one. Plus she has a ‘tricky’ hairline, which results in her hair always falling forward over her face, so she can’t actually see without one (there you go – not just stylish, essential!). I have my favourites of course (but no dog, luckily), but I came across this one the other day, and felt compelled to share. It’s reasonably pricey for a single bow, but I haven’t seen one like this before. It can be a ‘special occasions only’ bow (dogs: not invited). Navy, grosgrain ribbon, hand-sewn, star print… Do I need to go on?

ps: there was a happy ending to Victoria’s story – she found said bow stuck in her daughter’s dress a few days later. The dog is in the clear, and everyone is happy. Oh, and Victoria had the perfect excuse to re-stock her daughter’s bow collection (courtesy of my favourite place to buy Tabs’ bows – Vertity Jones). The End.

beautiful bows

Verity Jones Velvet Hair Clip (medium)
This is one of my most recent discoveries, and one that I am very excited about, and keen to share. As you all know by now, I am ever so slightly obsessed with hair bows/slides for Tabitha. I am constantly on the look-out for great ones in great colours (it is always the colour that seems to be the issue) that don’t cost the same price as a manicure! Julia Jones decided to start making her own hair bows/slides/bands/elastics when she just couldn’t find what she wanted (tasteful, pretty colours) in the shops, and named the business after her daughter, Verity (sweet!). So she now has her own collection of beautiful hand-made bows in the most gorgeous colours ever! This is just one of my favourites, but the list of colours, fabrics and sizes is endless (and not so much as a hint of ‘that pink’ in sight) – you really should check them out for yourself. I particularly love this little velvet one, but I could literally buy dozens… I’m now obsessed with Verity Jones! Love, love, love.
ps: I’m tweeting lots of other great Little Spree finds (can’t possibly post everything I see!), so follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss out.

who knew bunny ears could be so chic?

Monsoon Ditsy Bunny Ears Headband (one size)
This headband is just adorable. I’m so over the regular (and let’s face it it – pretty tacky) bunny ears headbands that you get for little girls on the high street. This one is so pretty and just a little bit different. A perfect addition to a dressing-up outfit/party costume, and also just a fun way to accessorise a regular, everyday outfit for a little girl. Would make a cute (and inexpensive) gift too. Love.

my favourite blouse

Du Pareil Au Meme Printed Blouse (1-23 months)
This is one of my favourite tops that I’ve ever bought for Tabs. I bought it from one of the DPAM stores (love, love, love this store!) in Paris last February during Fashion Week, and she is still wearing it now (it’s size 18 months, and she was two in January!). It’s such a pretty print and always looks cool with jeans or leggings. I always buy this style of blouse in a much bigger size, then they can evolve from little dresses worn with knitted tights to tunic/smock tops, to, erm, tops that are probably a bit on the small side, but still look cute… Oh and by the way, I know on the website it says that the sizing is not in months, but as a rough guide, that’s always worked for me. I’m so excited it’s still available! Wear with…

1.  Du Pareil Au Meme Printed Blouse  £14.00
2.  H&M Spotty Leggings  £3.99
3.  Bella’s Bows Hair Bow  £3.99
4.  Hampton Classics Nantucket Sandals £14.99 

the best hair bows

Bella’s Bows
It would probably be an understatement to say that I am obsessed with hair bows/clips for Tabitha. She wears one every day, come rain or shine (even on holiday in the swimming pool – I kid you not) and I am constantly on the hunt for new ones. Not as easy as you might think!! Easy to find super-girly ones. Not so easy to find ones that are in simple, non-sickly colours. I discovered these ones from a little shop called Panache when I was visiting my friend, KP in Hoddesdon, Herts in October, and they are still my favourites. I  almost had a meltdown when I couldn’t find my favourite (navy) one for the twins’ 2nd birthday party! THE perfect grosgrain ribbon bow. And the navy one looks good with everything. Love the grey too though. Plus they come in tons of other colours. Oh my God, did I really just write all that about bows?? And the scary thing is, I could have written more… Over and out.