Stella McCartney Fingerless Gloves (sizes s, m, l)
£15.00 (were £30.00) SHOP NOW
One day it’s swimsuits, then the next it’s gloves (albeit fingerless ones). That’s the crazy British weather for you. I do love these though (they will be so warm and cosy – no drafty gaps between little hands and arms), and they could be a fab ‘buy now, wear later’ purchase, or indeed a ‘buy now, wear now’ one… And as I was cruising the Stella collection, I came across a few other great sale bargains. This baby bat tee; this boys striped cashmere cardigan; and this boys owl intarsia jumper.

ps: these 10 IS grey canvas trainers are one of my favourite pairs that Marlow has had. They super-stylish, look great with everything, and have the all-important velcro straps. They wear really well too.


Polarn O. Pyret Baby Reversible Sun Hat (4-24 months)
£12.00  SHOP NOW
A good (and stylish of course) sun hat is a Summer essential for babies and toddlers. I love this chambray blue, but if you get bored and fancy a change, it’s reversible. I also really like this striped one from Mothercare, and this reversible floral/striped one from Mini Boden.

ps: if anyone is looking for a duvet for their little one, this feather and down one from John Lewis is ideal. I just bought two for Tabarlow, and they are fantastic. Cosy, but not too warm, and a great price at just £30.00.

affordable luxury

Chloe Baby Girls Cashmere Hat & Scarf Set (12 months)
£42.00 (was £84.00)  SHOP NOW
Chloe. Cashmere. Beyond gorgeous. And totally affordable. No this is not an April fool! These are hard facts. Such an amazing price for a beautiful, luxury baby gift (for yours or someone elses). I’m very tempted to buy it to keep for the next friend who gets pregnant… I’m even tempted to have another baby myself!

caps for sale

Mini-A-Ture Boys Denim Peaked Cap (2-10 years)
£25.00  SHOP NOW
Love this boy’s cap. Kind of a cross between a regular cap and my favourite ‘tram driver’s hat’. And for anyone who didn’t get the fabulous M&S cashmere cable jumpers the first time around, don’t miss out this time – they are now just £12.00-£13.00 in the sale!! Buy now, size up and put away for next Winter (that’s what I’m going to do). Just don’t make my mistake and ruin yours by accidentally putting it in the tumble drier! I am ordering another one for Marlow as soon as I’ve finished writing this…

baby bobbles

Cyrillus Baby Cable Knit Hat (45cm-53cm)
For babies it’s great to have this style of hat with the ties that do up under the chin so that it (ideally) stays in place. This is one of the chic-est ones I’ve seen. I also like this grey and navy striped one, also from Cyrillus; this navy cable knit one from BHS; this trapper-style hat from The Little White Company; For something a bit more fun, I really love this Gap one. I saw it in store last week, and it’s so cute. And I always love a bobble or a pom-pom!
£25.00   SHOP NOW

matching set

Mini Boden Hat & Mittens Set (0-3 years)
Boden always do the cutest little hat and mitten sets for babies (they make the most perfect presents). Tabs and Marlow both had them when they were babies and very cosy they were too. I know it’s not exactly chilly right now, but you need to snap up these things when you see them. I’ve learnt this the hard way. You snooze you loose.

little sun hat

The Little White Company Girls’ Reversible Sun Hat (sizes S/M M/L)
There has been a sudden rush on kids’ sun hats for obvious reasons. And not that many still around, as all the Autumn collections are starting to trickle into the stores (cute cable knit cardigan anyone?). I found this adorable one on sale at The White Company, and very sweet it is too. It’s reversible, so you can choose between the pretty cornflower print or plain blue, and it’s 100% cotton and machine washable. Bingo!
£7.00 (was £14.00)

like father like son

Gap Striped Railroad Stripe Tram Driver Hat (sizes XS/S S/M M/L)
Tabarlow’s dad, Tom had a cap like this (but in plain grey) that I bought him from Marc Jacobs a few years ago. He loved it and wore it all the time (a member of Take That even came up to him in Selfridges once to tell him how cool it was, and to find out where it was from – Tom is going to KILL me when/if he sees this!). Then he lost it. We searched high and low to find a replacement, but to no avail. Anyway, months later I did eventually find a very similar one (in navy wool) in one of those fantastic traditional men’s shops around the back of Marylebone High Street (where they sell lovely classic pea coats and Guernsey sweaters etc). And this was when I learnt (from the owner) what this particular style of hat/cap hybrid is officially called: a ‘tram driver’s hat’. So there you go. Anyway, I’m not quite sure what the point of that story was (although the Take That story never fails to make me laugh, because Tom had no idea who he was!), but I really love this striped boys’ version. It’s cute, cool, and not as ‘laddy’ as a regular cap. And it’s on Marlow’s shopping list (as of now).

peter rabbit: style icon

If you follow me on Twitter, I apologise, because you’re probably sick to death of me gushing over this collection already… Peter rabbit is 110 (and looking good on it!), and to celebrate Gap have collaborated with Beatrix Potter with this completely adorable collection for babies. I have to confess, I was slightly sceptical when I first got wind of it – how would such a collaboration even work? It just sounded a little gimmicky to me, and I suppose I just didn’t ‘get it’. How wrong I was. I first saw the collection on Tuesday in the Oxford Circus store when I dashed in to check it out quickly (in the name of research) on my way home. I was instantly smitten, and promptly scooped up two rabbit face jumpers (one with pink trim, one with blue) and his and hers packets of socks in the most gorgeous colours (I always find it a struggle to find good socks for toddlers…). Officially the age range is 0-24 months, but I wasn’t about to be defeated that easily, and on inspection of said items, endevoured to squeeze my two (who just turned three) into them. Bingo! Both jumpers (age 18-24 months) fitted, and the socks are perfect. Where there’s a will and all that… Fast forward to the official press launch breakfast this morning, and I arrived feeling like I had already seen the collection in its entirety. Wrong again. I had barely seen anything – this collection is huge! The colours are spot-on – lots of grey (oh yes!), navy, dusky pink, pale blue, saffron (which I’m loving at the moment – so easy to work into a neutral-ish wardrobe, and so chic) etc. It’s just the perfect mix of whimsical and cute. Stylish and so, so sweet. Here are my favourites (including the jumpers I bought for Tabarlow, and Marlow’s days of the week socks), but I also particularly loved the days of the week bodysuits for little babies (up to six months). They would make the lovelist gift for a newborn. The blue shawl-neck cardigan (or possibly jardigan?) is based on Peter Rabbit’s own ill-fated jacket (how cute is that?). Love, love, love…
from £7.95

ps: available online and in-store now.

h&m & unicef

H&M’s ‘All For Children’ Collection
I loved it last time (I scooped up so many great pieces for Tabarlow), and it’s back again – H&M’s genius collaboration with UNICEF. These are just a few of my favourite things (how cute is that bow dress?), but there is much more (including a tent, wall stickers and magicians’ hats…). This time the collection is made up of cute fashion as well as fab dress-up pieces for both boys and girls (think Halloween costumes, but way cooler). The collection will be available from 18th October (tomorrow!) from around 300 H&M stores, as well as online. H&M will donate 25% of the sale price of every piece to UNICEF’s work in Bangladesh. Through this partnership, H&M and UNICEF aim to promote education and improve the health of children in slum areas around Dhaka in Banglasdesh. So you can shop up a storm and help a great, worthwhile cause at the same time. What’s not to love about that? 

ps: sorry for the gap in posts, but I have had wifi issues in Miami. I hope all these lovely things have made up for it…

pps: please don’t buy everything! Leave some things for me! I’m not back in London until Tuesday…

the prettiest sun hat…

Lille Barn Sweetpea Print Sun Hat (6 months-6 years)
This is one of the prettiest sun hats I have seen this ‘Summer’. Tabitha has a lovely Boden one that she has lived in on this holiday (it’s reversible – one side has a cute lemon print and the other has tiny spots). It’s adorable. But I think I might be buying this one too now. This is my favourite style of sun hat for little girls – traditional with a big-ish brim (for maximum shade), has the all-important (matching) ties, and obviously the print is just gorgeous. And now that it’s reduced in the sale, it has just gone straight to the top of my shopping list. It’s great that it comes in such a large range of sizes too.
£9.00 (was £18.00)

ps: Tabitha wore her new navy star print smock-top from Next today, and very cute she looked in it too (with her Gap faded denim cut-offs).

headscarf chic

Zara Home Liberty Print Headscarf (one size)
I have a confession. I literally cannot go into a Zara Home store and leave empty-handed. It is impossible. Does that make me an addict? Probably! I just love this store (and not just for their fab kids’ stuff either, which if you didn’t already know, is different from what is stocked in Zara Kids). I buy tons of home stuff here (everything from bedlinen to baskets to lamps to crockery), and I love all the kids’ stuff – from the quilts to the gorgeous nighties and pyjamas (Tabarlow are both tucked up in bed right now wearing theirs, and yes, under their Zara Home quilts). And as you already know, I am a sucker for anything Liberty printed, and they always have a great selection (from bibs to baby bags). I am off to Cornwall on holiday for a week on Saturday (can’t wait!), so I’m slowly starting to switch gears into ‘holiday mode’. If you don’t fancy a sun hat for your little girl, then how about a headscarf? So sweet! Probably more suitable for a baby girl/toddler I would say.  And please forgive me if I post too many Zara things, but I do genuinely buy tons of things there for my kids (and myself), and just love what they do as a high street brand. And if you didn’t know that Zara Home stocks kids’ clothes/accessories as well as bedding etc, you must take a look next time you’re shopping (on the high street or online). And I challenge you to leave empty-handed!

ps: check out the new August issue of Red magazine, which has just come out (although I actually haven’t seen it myself yet!). I am in it, photographed with a fab, chic (and definitely non-mumsy) handbag that is roomy enough to hold your baby/kids’ ‘stuff’ as well as yours. Let me know what you think?