christmas day dressing

girls party

1. Miller ‘Pop’Jumper, £85.00
2.. Zara Sequinned Skirt, £17.99
3. M&S ‘Best Of British’ Pure Wool Coat, £80.00
4. Gap Velvet Mary Jane Flats, £14.95

This is a great Christmas Day/party look that’s not too blingy. Cosy, cute, with just a smattering of sequins. Perfect.
It’s a different vibe altogether, but I just ordered this robin jumper for Tabs and it’s SO sweet. Christmas-y, but in an adorable old fashioned way. She will definitely be busting it out with a skinny jean (possibly even dungarees if I can bribe her!!) and a gold Mary Jane.

Sarah x

Boys party

1. Mango Batman Sweatshirt, £16.99
2. Zara Velvet Blazer, £45.99
3. Next Super Skinny Jeans, £13.00-£19.00
4. Converse High-Tops, £30.00

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or Christmas it’s the same dilemma: how to make your little boy look dressed up but not overdressed? Oh how I’ve envied mothers of little girls at these times, but we think we’ve come up with a cool Christmas solution here. We also like this grey jumper from Next if the Batman sequins are a step too far; and these amazing boots if these hi-tops aren’t far enough.

Nicky x

things that make you go aaaaaahhh….

baby gifts

1. Numero 74 Changing Mat, £28.35
2. Little Cloud Adelajda Liberty Print Cloud Mobile, £26.00
3. M&S Pure Cashmere Cardigan, £35.00
4. Oeuf Grey Rabbit Hat, £40.00
5. Mozartkugel Music Box, £49.99
6. Ugg Sheepskin Booties, £45.00

Things don’t get much cuter than this at Christmas… We’ve rounded up our absolute favourite presents for babies. After all, babies + Christmas = an excuse to buy the most adorable presents ever (like we need an excuse??)! We also love: this Gap striped all-in-one; this Little White Company sheepskin cushion; this Stella McCartney Kids bunny ears hat; this Little White Company cloud mobile; this Time Capsules kit; this Little White Company penguin; this Sebra pull-along elephant; these Samantha Holmes alpaca fur booties; this Little White Company toadstool light; and this Mini Boden knitted jacket (in oatmeal or thistle).

Sarah & Nicky x

more peas please


1. Cos Wool Coat (1-8 years), £55.00
2. Feraud Navy Coat (5-10 years), £29.99
3. Mothercare Navy Coat (18 months-8 years), £28.00-£30.00
4. M&S Indigo Coat (3-14 years), £28.00-£32.00

Remember last year’s obsession with finding the perfect navy pea? Well it seems that you can’t move for them on the High Street this year! Here are four of our favourites (this M&S one is even machine washable!!). We also like this one from Gap; and for a non navy one, this grey herringbone one from La Redoute is pretty great.

little coats for little ladies

Baby coats

1. Monsoon Baby Bear Coat (3 months-3 years), £40.00
2. John Lewis Tweedy Hooded Coat (3 months-3 years), £30.00-£32.00
3. Zara Coat With Shearling Lined Collar (9 months-3 years), £32.99
4. Monsoon ‘Sophie’ Coat (3 months-3 years), £38.00
5. La Redoute Double Breasted Coat (1 month-3 years), £35.00

It’s all about coats this week on Little Spree. We’re starting with our edit for baby girls (although all of them go up to three years, so not strictly just for babies). Could they be any cuter? I almost cried when I saw this pistachio green one in Zara and realised that Tabitha was too big for it (I’m not even joking). I have since consoled myself with another Zara one, which is coming up in our girls coats post later in the week. See you tomorrow for the baby boys…

L.A boy

photo 2

1. Bobo Choses L.A T-Shirt (2-10 years), £27.00
2. Mango Cotton Field Jacket (3-12 years), £16.99 (was £34.99)
3. Massimo Dutti Cotton & Cashmere Knitted Leggings (4-14 years), £29.95
4. Pepe Suede Boots (sizes 24-36), £40.00 (were £100.00)

We’re obsessed with these amazing cashmere (yes cashmere!!) joggers/leggings. How cool are they? In fact, we’re loving this whole laid-back look.

buy now, stash for later…

Kin By John Lewis Boys Parka (2-10 years)
£10.00 (was £15.00)  SHOP NOW
Thank you Jacqueline for this great ‘buy now, stash for later’ find. And an amazing price!! You can’t go wrong with a parka, and I’m definitely buying one for Marlow to ‘stash’ for the Autumn. And here’s another (slightly longer) one, also from John Lewis.

ps: here’s a super-cute girls Winter coat from Monsoon to buy now too (it’s just £40.00). So tempted…

pps: Tabitha is wearing her Next shorts dungarees and striped tee combo today (she did take a bit of convincing: “but it’s not pretty enough…”, but I managed to talk her round). It’s so sweet.

bat chic

Next Batman Crew Neck Sweater (3-16 years)
£16.00-£22.00  SHOP NOW
Love this. I normally hate anything gimmicky or branded, but this really reminds me of all the super-cool Zoe Karrsen sweatshirts and tees, which I always want to buy. So if your son happens to be obsessed with superheros, this is a way to keep him happy (and stylish).

ps: my friend just bought this Cos coat for her four year old son, Bailey, and it’s so great. I had checked it out quickly when I was in the store the other day, but am definitely going back to get it next week. It’s a great boys’ lightweight ‘Summer’ parka, and the charcoal grey makes a refreshing change from an army-style khaki jacket. This week (other random things) I’m also liking are this colour block cardigan from Mamas & Papas; these Hampton plimsoles (in charcoal); this baseball style tee (in heather/pepper) from J.Crew; these River Island swim shorts; this Boden sun hat; and this stripe sweater from The Little White Company.

summer coat

Zara Double Breasted Coat (3-14 years)
£35.99  SHOP NOW
I have just bought this for Tabitha, and have concluded that it’s the perfect Summer coat. After seeing the fabulous Joseph one (as mentioned in Mama Spree on Friday), it inspired me to find a scaled-down version for Tabs. A Summer coat does sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but anyone reading this from the UK will testify that one is essential (it’s a brave person who dares to venture out without some kind of coat, even in the height of Summer, as you just never know…). As the weather has been getting milder (then colder again, them milder again…) I have been relying on the twins’ trusty M&S yellow rain macs, but they don’t always seem/look quite right somehow (unless it’s actually raining obviously)… This one is a gorgeous grey-blue; it’s cotton, so lovely and lightweight; slightly quilted; and has a pretty floral lining (which looks great with the cuffs turned back, plus meant it passed the Tabitha ‘it’s just pretty enough’ test). I think Tabs will mostly be wearing hers cool and casual with jeans and trousers.

ps: on a separate trip to  Zara (yes, I have weeks when I never set foot in that store, then others when I’m in there virtually every day – I think it’s clear what kind of week last week was) I also picked up these crocheted shorts for Tabs. Love them. They will ‘prettify’ any simple, easy-to-chuck-on tees/Bretons for an everyday go-to Summer/holiday look. And she chose these sandals herself (she loved them because they’re pink, pink, pink, I love them because they are neon pink which gives them a much cooler edge than a regular pink, and it’s a win-win because Tabs can’t tell the difference). They will look best worn with more girly things I think (she put them with her Mango ‘mini me’ embroidered dress this afternoon and they looked great). I also bought her these striped shorts, which I will pair with pretty blouses and smocks.

cute quilting

Monsoon Baby Heritage Jacket (0-3 years)
£26.00  SHOP NOW
This jacket is just adorable. I love everything about it (especially the pom pom trim!). It’s the prefect Spring cover-up. It will also work well when you want to jazz up a plainer outfit underneath. This will definitely give your little one’s mini wardrobe an instant style boost. This Mango version is great option too.

ps: just bought this cat print dress for Tabs from Gap (they still have 30% off online). Looks really great with charcoal or navy knitted tights and a cardigan. I just love the print – very Miu Miu…

rain proof

The Little White Company Boys’ Striped Jacket (2-8 years)
£45.00  SHOP NOW
I love the combination of the ticking stripe (although you have to squint to actually see it in this picture, or simply take my word for it) and a sporty style hooded jacket – classic, but cool. It’s 100% cotton with a jersey lining, and is machine washable. I also love that the hood is detachable (I like options). This H&M three-in-one version is also a great option for babies and younger boys.

to peru and back…

Paddington Bear For Baby Gap Rain Parka (0-24 months)
£29.95  SHOP NOW
As one of my all-time favourite childhood characters, Paddington Bear is definitely worthy of a collaboration of his own. And we know that Gap can work a collaboration like no one else. Forget naff gimmicks and cartoony motifs, the execution is always spot-on, and the pieces always have that ‘want it right now’ appeal. Pus we know that the pieces are always going to be totally affordable. The collection is primarily made up of red, white and blue, with a few splashes of yellow. This parka is one of my favourite pieces – love the toggle buttons and the striped lining. My other favourites are this super-cute embroidered dress (love it!); these classic yellow rain boots; these days of the week bodysuits; this quilted floral print jacket (if you have a daughter and you haven’t bought one already, you have to buy her a cotton quilted jacket for the Spring – there are so many cool ones around); and this bodysuit. And no need to journey to Peru to buy them…

ps: Tabarlow and I spent a lovely (rainy) afternoon with our friends Nicky and Bailey at Maggie & Rose in Chiswick today. For anyone living in West or South-West London who doesn’t already know about it, you need to. It’s a little (well, not so little – 12,500 square foot actually) haven for anyone with young kids, hidden away in deepest W4. The amazing soft play area has been designed like a cool farm (complete with with mini barn, not to be confused with a mini bar) and horses, and is over looked by an all-day family brasserie open seven days a week serving healthy and delicious food (so we can catch up while they play where we can see them). There is also a walled garden with a tree house and a vintage double decker bus; a cinema snug, mini allotments and loads more… It’s basically an amazing place to hang out with your little ones (regardless of the weather), where you can all have a lovely time. It’s a total win-win. I’m hooked.

pps: just spotted this fab checked blouse from Miller. It’s 70% off and so cool…

designer bargains

Little Marc Jacobs Cannoli Jacket (4-12 years)
£78.00 (was £195.00)  SHOP NOW
I am clearly still subconsciously searching for the ultimate navy pea coat. This is a fantastic one from Little Marc. It is still quite pricey, but I think it’s worth investing for next Winter if you size up. There are still quite a few things out there in the sales if you look hard enough (you just need to be lucky with the sizes). And this is definitely the time to pick up some designer pieces that might normally be unaffordable (or more accurately, unjustifiable). Here is my edit of the best things out there… These boots are old favourites (Marlow has had at least two pairs over the years) that I still love. Quite tempted to buy him another pair actually. He’s also had a pair of these (I love that they repeat the same styles season after season). I really love these suede boots (they also come in navy) for girls (a lot more affordable now they are half price); this owl jumper from Stella; this gorgeous Chloe dress; this Chloe cashmere hat and scarf set (it would make the most adorable baby gift); this printed Miller dress; and finally, how cute are these Bonton booties??

new year’s buy

Autograph Cotton Floral Doodle Jacket (5-14 years)
£14.00-£18.00  SHOP NOW
I was all set to share a few more fabulous sale finds, when I came across this beauty on the M&S website. It’s so cool!!! That perfect mix of pretty, hippie and cool (a la Isabel Marant), which is always my absolute favourite way to dress in the Summer. And I love this doodle-floral print, and the pretty tones of blue. Buy now, and tuck away for the Spring. Then bust it out with a t-shirt/pretty smock/blouse and jeans. No skirts please. Oh, and worry not, those sale finds will still be shared…

sale time!

Mango Double-Breasted Plaid Coat (sizes XS-L)
£19.99 (was £47.99)  SHOP NOW
This boys’ jacket is an amazing bargain, and it’s certainly not too late to jump into the plaid trend (let’s face it, Winter is going to be here for a while yet..). I love it. This  (very Isabel Marant-esque) fabulous charcoal flecked girls’ coat, also from Mango is another hit. Love, love, love this gorgeous girls’ tulle skirt from Chiara; this cool tee from Bang Bang Copenhagen; these pretty vests from Stella McCartney; this simple Miller grey tee; this smocked Liberty London dress; and finally, this Miller printed dress.

cute & cosy

Mini Boden Knitted Jacket (0-3 years)
I have loved this cardigan since I first clapped eyes on it (months ago now), so I have no idea why I have left it so long to share. Anyway, it’s a cute as a button. I love the little ears (sometimes that can be over-kill, but not when it’s done right like this). And not only does this knitted jacket look adorable, but it’s so practical (double-breasted, hooded, knitted all = warm!), and well, useful. It also comes in duck-egg blue and navy, which I equally love. It would make a great baby gift too. But like everything I seem to like at Mini Boden at the moment, it’s selling out first, so get your skates on!
£16.80-£18.20 (was £24.00-£26.00)

babyGap & little spree

Gap Cable Knit One-Piece (0-24 months)
Now I love (ok, am obsessed with) cable-knit jumpers at the moment, and this cable kit romper is taking things to a whole new level. It’s so sweet. I love the idea of a chunky-knit onesie, and I love that it’s cream. Super-cosy. I also love this style of cardigan. Perfect for boys and girls; this ‘garter stitch’ is always so chic and stylish, plus it’s really chunky and warm. Tabitha and Marlow both had (and still wear) a very similar version, (but with hoods) from Gap last Winter, and they wore them constantly (they multi-task as cardigans and cosy jackets). They are so warm! Here are some more of my favourite pieces from the current babyGap collection… This floral sprig printed blouse (I just bought it for a friend’s baby – it’s so sweet); this fur trimmed flapper hat; this super-chic little camel coat; these plaid trousers, this star print corduroy romper (also bought for the same friend’s baby, and also super-cute); this colourblack cardigan; this marl grey hoodie and this plaid dress. As you probably know by now, I am taking part in a really exciting all-day event with babyGap on Friday at their flagship store at 376-384 Oxford Street (the one near Selfridges – don’t go to the wrong one!). I will be there all day with my friend and fashion photographer, Jane Mcleish-Kelsey, styling a really cool Holiday photo shoot with babies aged between 0-24 months (including yours hopefully!).  I would love to meet you (and your gorgeous little ones of course), so please come along and join us (from 10.00am-6.00pm). As well as the photo shoot, there will also be a free monogramming service (I am completely obsessed with monogramming – my handbag collection is testament to this), and a chance to win £500 shopping spree for your little one. And here’s the most exciting bit… There is a chance for FIVE lucky Little Spree readers to win a guaranteed place in the queue for the photo shoot, and to be entered into a special prize draw to win a £150 shopping spree at babyGap, with me at the store at a later date, where I will help you put together a gorgeous mini capsule wardrobe for your baby. All you need to do is RSVP to: before midnight on Wednesday (27th) for a chance to win. Five winners will be picked at random, and emailed directly by Gap. Then the winner of the prize draw will be announced here on Monday 2nd December. For full terms and conditions please click here. Good luck! See you on Friday…
£19.95   SHOP NOW