boy meets girl

biker jean

1. Next Fisherman Crew Neck Jumper (3-16 years), £14.00-£20.00
2. Woodstock ‘Party’Headband, £20.00
3. Gap Biker Jeans (12 months-5 years), £19.95
4. Boden Leather Mary Janes (sizes 22-39), £30.00-£35.00

Is it wrong that we want this entire ‘pretty tomboy’ look for ourselves?

our favourite boys jumper


1. Boden Cotton/Cashmere Jumper (2-12 years), £25.00-£30.00
2. Gap Cable Knit Beannie (xs-l), £8.95
3. Gap Skinny Jeans (12 months-5 years), £17.95
4. M&S Leather Riptape Trainers (sizes 4-13 small), £24.00-£26.00

I’m a little bit obsessed with this jumper. You can see why. Meanwhile my sister is obsessed with these trainers (she’s bought no less than 4 x pairs!! – she likes to get ahead of the pack…), and we are too. Cheap and chic.

ps: since writing this, my nephew’s trainers have arrived, and my sister said that the sizing has come up really big, so bear this in mind when ordering.

pps: Marlow’s Cos shirt that he wore to my sister’s wedding is now available online.

blouses & bows

1. Mango Lace Trim Blouse, £16.99
2. Woodstock Bow Hair Clip (set of two), £12.00
3. Mango Embossed Cardigan, £16.99
4. Gap Skinny Jeans, £17.95
5. Gap Crisscross Sandals, £12.95

Here’s a cute girl’s outfit for a slightly, grey dreary Monday… This is definitely a ‘Tabitha look’ (and she already has two of these five things). I love these colours! I would call this ‘pretty tomboy’.

who says chic can’t be cheap?

1. Imps & Elfs Savana Dress, £30.00
2. Hucklebones Giant Bow Headband, £14.50 (was £29.00)
3. Start-Rite Gold Mary-Janes, £59.00

I was having a bit of a snoop on the (always) gorgeous and inspiring Elias & Grace website when I found this sweet striped baby dress (above) at a really reasonable price. I have to confess, I was a little surprised. So I kept on snooping… And I unearthed a whole host of amazing bargains. So many in fact too many to include them all here) that I decided to dedicate an entire post to them. So here you go (sorry – just girls this time)…
This Miller navy (also comes in grey) dress; this putty coloured Maan dress; this Maan bow dress; this Miller printed blouse; this Chloe printed dress; this Noro cardigan; this Morley dress; this Miller blouse; this Miller dress; these Miller corduroy jeans; this Miller baby cardigan;  this Simple Kids dot print dress;  I bought this navy full skirt for Tabitha a while back, and she’s just grown into it and starting wearing it. I love it. I was never really a fan of skirts on her before, but these sweet styles are so versatile and pretty – they look great just with a simple tee and sandals. Oh and I also love this Miller striped brooch.

ps: I know I have already posted these cute gold Start-Rite shoes, but I wanted to show how versatile they are. They look just as great with little dresses as with jeans. Gold works in the same way as neutral colour – it goes with pretty much everything (except maybe gold…).

pps: and talking of bargains, how adorable is this floral ruffle bikini from Gap?? What is going on at Gap these days? I’m buying more in there these days than ever!! Loving this, this and these too.

toddler chic

1. Trotters Liberty Print Blouse, £44.99
2. Cos Knot Detail Hair Clip, £4.00
3. John Lewis Pointelle Cardigan, £12.00-£13.00
4. Gap Legging Jeans, £17.95
5. Start-Rite Mary-Janes, £59.00

A pretty blouse has always been my favourite starting point for dressing baby/toddler girls. I love the way they look, and they just last and last. I know this one (love this Liberty print – so pretty!) only starts at age 2-3, but with Tabitha I always used to buy them much larger, then she would wear them as dresses (with or without tights/leggings) with the sleeves rolled up to start with, then as tops later on (this was a top tip from a fellow fashion editor when I was pregnant). I literally had some that she wore for well over a year. This is one of my favourite looks that I used to dress Tabs in (and still do, minus the elasticated waist jeans and baby shoes…).

ps: I found this adorable baby floral print blouse in John Lewis the other day. So sweet.

hearts & flowers

Cath Kidston Ditsy Print Sunglasses
£8.00  SHOP NOW
Cute and cool. And whilst I was on the Cath Kidston website, I also found these other great things… This floral print pinafore dress; this giraffe sweater; and this floral print skirt (gorgeous with a long sleeved Breton).

ps: a quick snoop around the T.K.maxx website threw up a few great finds from Stella McCartney Kids (the sizes are a bit random, but the prices are incredible). Love this boys striped shirt; this girls cotton camisole; these denim jeans; and these boys striped shorts (love the green version too). I had heard the rumours about them stocking Stella, but had never actually managed to get my mits on any in the store. Who knew they had a website? Easy!

pps: lots of people have been asking me exactly what I bought when I did my Mango Spree with the recent 30% off online. Unfotrtunately everything I bought for Marlow (including a girls’ t-shirt), and a lot of the things I bought for Tabs, appear to have sold out (sorry!), but here are a few of the things I bought for Tabitha: this embroidered blouse; this lace trim blouse (in lavender); and this embroidered dress. I did also buy myself this dress for my Summer holiday (I sized up and ditched the black ribbon tie). I am under no illusions that I will look like Daria in it, but I will wear it with a tan flat sandal (see Friday’s Mama Spree) and an army-style oversized shirt-jacket…

boys boys boys


Mini Boden Boys Cardigan (2-12 years)
£20.00-£24.00 (was £25.00-£30.00)  SHOP NOW
It’s all about the boys today. Starting with this super-cool, simple cardigan made from cotton and cashmere. Great for those ‘in-between days’ when you’re need an extra layer, but not necessarily a really thick, warm one. I love the elbow patches and the subtle neon trim details. Here are a few more pieces that I have spied for the boys this week that will also work for those ‘is it Spring yet?’ layering kind of days…
I bought these Zara girls’ cotton striped trousers for Marlow a couple of weeks ago – they are lightweight, and a slim fit. Perfect for Summer (and there’s no way I could get Tabitha anywhere near a navy striped trouser these days…); this cool star print scarf from Cyrillus; these M&S navy suede chukka boots (I always loved a chukka style boot – Tabarlow’s daddy is a big fan of the Common Projects ones); these John Lewis colour block Wayfarer sunglasses; this The Little White Company mixed stripe long sleeved tee; this cool tee from The Fableists (this new little brand that I just discovered – definitely worth checking out); and this H&M cargo shirt. I also mentioned a great pair of jeans that I picked up for Marlow in Gap on Saturday. They were my favourite skinny fit that I always buy him, but they were a new wash – slightly distressed and with a little turn-up. I am going to double-check with the press office, but I think these are them. He was wearing them today with a Miller striped tee (from my Miller sale swoop a few months ago) if you want to take a look on Instagram. I also noticed that they already have their denim cut-offs in for Summer. I bought the Gap ones last year (for me and for Marlow actually, but more about mine in Mama Spree) and he literally lived in them. So I am going to ‘buy now, stash for later’ (I like these H&M ones too).

the perfect fit

Mango Slim Fit Dark Wash Jeans (3-12 years)
I always find it so hard to find good jeans for Marlow. I almost always end up buying H&M or Gap girls’ skinny jeans for him (they are always a great fit, and not too skinny), because I hate really baggy jeans on boys. So I was pretty over-the-moon to discover these slim-fit jeans from Mango (that are actually for boys!). They are definitely some of the best I’ve seen, and a great price too.
£22.99   SHOP NOW

ps: all the details for the babyGap/Little spree event on Friday 29th will be revealed in tomorrow’s post, so make sure you remember to log in.

pps: Elias & Grace currently have 20% off everything in store and online (until 30th November), so definitely worth checking out. I am in love with this gorgeous Chloe coat…

ppps: Boden have a whopping 30% off all the ‘Winter Warmer’ pieces, which includes all coats, knitwear and ‘cosy’ accessories. Some amazing bargains. You have to be quick though, a gorgeous cashmere jumper that I had my eye on (for myself) has already completely sold out!! As I’ve said before, you snooze you loose…

stars & skinnies

Gap Star Print Skinny Jeans (6 months-5 years) 
You’d be forgiven for thinking these are ‘mini Current Elliot’ jeans – they are every bit as cool (but minus the hefty price tag). As you know, I’m a huge fan of the trusty Gap skinnies (Tabs and Marlow literally live in theirs), and they just got that little bit more exciting! Perfect with cute chunky knits and simple cotton blouses..
£17.95   BUY NOW

jean genie

Petit Bateau Unisex Jeans (3-36 months)
I love Petit Bateau, but I particularly love it during sale time. They always have great reductions, and they always have really good things that you actually want/need, rather than just lovely things that just happen to be in the sale. I always buy pyjamas for both Tabs and Marlow, and various other bits and pieces. Love these jeans. And you know the quality is going to be great. I’m loving the dark denim too. But hurry up if you want you get your hands on a pair, bargains like this don’t hang around for long!
£20.10 (were £33.50)

the chic-est baby jeans

Alice à Paris Baby Tousers (1-18 months)
Love these. They definitely have that French feel/design to them, and I love them equally for baby boys and girls. I really like the loose cut (so ‘French’, and let’s face it, no one wants to see a baby dressed in jeggings…), the pockets, and the little twill tie at the waist. So cool and easy to wear. And will look great with pretty much every kind of top. I can’t get enough of Alice à  Paris!

tabitha’s favourite jeans

Gap skinny jeans (6 months-5 years)
These are the jeans that I am a little bit obsessed with. I originally bought a pair for Tabs, and loved them so much, I bought a pair for Marlow too (I don’t care whether something is labelled ‘girls’ or ‘boys’). They are skinny, but not too skinny. I have since bought Marlow no less than three pairs of the exact same jeans because they are one of the few styles of jean that I like the fit of. Most boys’ jeans are too baggy for my liking. The fit of these is perfect. Tabs has had the same pair (plus a pale grey version) for over a year now, and the knees have just worn through (they have had a LOT of wear though!). Time to get a new pair for I think. Marlow’s however, have got plenty more life in them yet…

little levi’s

Levi’s Baby Jeans (3-18 months)
How cute are these? I’m not normally a fan of obviously designer things for babies, but I just couldn’t resist these. Perfect for girls or boys, and the faded (mid blue) wash is spot-on. And they have the all-important baby elasticated waistband (in stylish grey no less!). And apparently Levi’s are making a comeback, so it’s the perfect time to get ahead of the curve…

faded stripes

Petit Bateau Boy’s Striped ‘Serge’ Trousers (3-12 years)
I love that these trousers are called ‘Serge’, presumably after Serge Gainsberg (when he was cool, rather than old and a little bit creepy…)? Great shape, and loving the faded stripes. A great option for boys who wear the exact same pair of (Gap, girls) skinny jeans day in, day out to nursery (Marlow). I need a pair of these (for me and for Marlow)!

bow peep

Gap Bow Printed Skinny Jeans (6 months-5 years)
Is this not the perfect seque from my last post? From a single bow hair clip to a pair of skinny jeans literally covered in bows! Told you I was an addict. These are almost a bit kitsch for my taste, but I just think they are so cute (in that ‘cool cute’ way that is very hard to call sometimes…). I also love the shape and fit of Gap’s skinny jeans (and always buy them for Tabitha), so I know they will look great. I would style these with a grey cable knit jumper (in fact, now I come to think of it, Tabs has one from Gap!) or a simple sweatshirt. Nothing too ‘glitzy’ (yeah, like Tabs has anything even remotely glitzy that’s not confined to the dressing-up box!) or girly. And I might add a pair of hi-tops or an ankle-boot. What I’m trying to say is, steer clear of anything too girly or sweet with these – think ‘cute tomboy’ and they will look adorable.

ps: just realised that these are very similar to a pair of Topshop cropped cigarette pants that I have from last Summer. Pale pink with little black hearts all over them (they sound a bit Timmy Mallet, but honestly, they are really cool). I would only ever wear them with a navy or grey cashmere jumper or a slouchy grey or white t-shirt. If you tone down the cute/fun element, they look really great. Actually, where are those trousers..?

spotty jeans

Next Grey Spot Skinny Jeans (3 months-6 years)
Printed jeans are all over the place at the moment (I’m still loving the Current Elliot faded leopard print ones…), and this is a really cool pair from Next. It’s getting to the end of ‘Summer’ and I’m starting to think less about Summer dresses and sandals and more about cool skinny jeans and jumpers (I think I’m talking about myself and Tabs now). I love that these are a little different from your average skinnies, but will still go with loads of things because of the neutral grey. Tabs will be rocking hers with a little blouse and hi-tops. Cute.

a taste of things to come at mini boden…

I literally cannot wait for the new Mini Boden Autumn/Winter collection to hit their website. This is just a small selection of some of my favourite pieces – in order of ‘baby’, ‘girl’ & ‘boy’. I went to the press preview a few weeks ago (with Tabarlow), and was instantly smitten. It was such a gorgeous collection. I am already a fan of Boden for kids, and buy a lot for Tabarlow, but it has a very different feel for next season. Firstly, there is a new designer at the helm (Tara, a fellow twins mum as it happens), and it just feels, well, different. It just has a more whimsical feel that I love. The colours are more muted (plenty of my favourites in there – grey, navy and dusky pink amongst others), there are less bold pictures on things (although having said that, I am obsessed with this fab raccoon jumper!), the prints are sweeter, and it just has a bit more of a ‘French’ vibe. This is just a tiny taste of what’s to come, but trust me, the collection is literally brimming with beautiful things for your little ones. You are going to love it (and be surprised too I think). The collection will be available online from 31st July. Put it in your diary now! I have.