pirate trousers

Mini Boden Roll-Up Trousers (0-3 years)
£18.00-£20.00  SHOP NOW
These cute baby trousers have a bit of a pirate feel about them, which I love. They will look great turned up. So easy and comfy to wear. Just add a cosy neutral coloured sweater like this one from Cyrillus or this one from Susie and Toto, then switch up for a grey marl tee in the Summer. I’m also liking these navy M&S sandals, which would work well with this look.

ps: don’t forget it’s Mama Spree Friday tomorrow. And it’s all about how to be chic, cool and comfortable when you’re pregnant (and yes it is possible!).

caps for sale

Mini-A-Ture Boys Denim Peaked Cap (2-10 years)
£25.00  SHOP NOW
Love this boy’s cap. Kind of a cross between a regular cap and my favourite ‘tram driver’s hat’. And for anyone who didn’t get the fabulous M&S cashmere cable jumpers the first time around, don’t miss out this time – they are now just £12.00-£13.00 in the sale!! Buy now, size up and put away for next Winter (that’s what I’m going to do). Just don’t make my mistake and ruin yours by accidentally putting it in the tumble drier! I am ordering another one for Marlow as soon as I’ve finished writing this…

cute doesn’t always = girly

The Little White Company Flutter Sleeve Top & Bloomers (0-24 months)
£22.00  SHOP NOW
How gorgeous is this little baby set? So pretty. And one of the things I love most about it is that it’s chambray blue, not pink. I’ve also found these equally adorable (non-girly) pieces for baby girls this week…
These (very French) grey baby cords (just as cute for girls as for boys), also from The Little White Company; this pocket blouse from H&M; this Mini Boden pointelle cardigan (in yellow) as worn by super-stylish Harper Beckham; this Gap romper; this Paz Rodriguez baby cardigan; and this Zara striped sweater. Make the most of the non-pink, non-non-girly times while you can…

it’s all about a sweatshirt…

Barbour McQueen Sweatshirt (xxs-xxl)
£40.00  SHOP NOW
I love a sweatshirt (preferably grey marl Alexander Wang). Marlow loves a sweatshirt (preferably grey marl, but as yet, not too fussy about the label). And long may it last. The humble sweatshirt is effortlessly cool, and I can’t seem to stop finding great ones wherever I look. These are some of my favourites around at the moment, starting with this super-cool, faded print Steve McQueen one from Barbour. I’m also loving this Peanuts one from Uniqlo; this ‘boom’ one from Stella McCartney; this H&M plain charcoal one (always a classic along with a grey marl); this contrast one from Zara; this cool quilted one from Next; this striped one from Next; and finally this Mini Boden waffle one (in grey);

ps: these Mango plain cashmere crew necks are still available in the sale. I ordered two navy ones for Marlow (one for now, one for next year) that just arrived yesterday (along with his Monsoon robot sunglasses), and he’s weaing one today. I really like that they are a really fine-knit, so ideal for this unpredictable weather (and they look really expensive).

pps: don’t forget, it’s Mama Spree tomorrow!

fools gold

Next Ochre Printed Sweatshirt (3 months-6 years)
£9.00-£10.00  SHOP NOW
I love pretty much everything about this sweatshirt, but specifically the colour (that gorgeous golden-yellow that always looks expensive) and the fact that it’s 100% cotton. In fact, Next had quite a few cool pieces that caught my eye when I was browsing recently. I like these boys’ boots too.
I have been getting requests from mums of little boys who refuse to wear jumpers, despite the recent temperatures. Marlow can be tricky about jumpers too (I think it’s all the charging around they do – they get so hot…), so I try to buy long sleeved ‘tops’ that are a bit warmer than a regular long sleeved t-shirt, and will almost always layer a cashmere cardigan over when we go out. His Cos charcoal cashmere one is still my favourite, but sadly seems to be unavailable now – I will endeavour to hunt out a replacement, but this Brora navy one is the closest I could find today). So here are a few tops that are a bit more substantial than just a long sleeved t-shirt, but aren’t too warm… Starting with this Mini Boden long sleeved top (I like the grey and the navy); this Alice a Paris fine knit sweater (should be light enough to avoid a morning meltdown); this Cos double-layer sweatshirt (I’ve seen it in the store – it’s a sort of sweatshirt-t-shirt hybrid); this John Lewis striped sweater; and I love, love love these Henley style sweaters from Mango (I will be buying both colours for Marlow).

boxing day jumpers

J.Crew Boys’ Lambswool Baseball Sweater (2-14 years)
£46.00  SHOP NOW
I saw this jumper in J.Crew when I was in New York last month, and really regret not buying it for Marlow then. I love the colour-blocking, the baseball style, and the waffle knit (so everything pretty much!). It would make the perfect ‘Boxing Day jumper’, i.e. stylish and cosy, but not too dressy. Perfect. I love this gorgeous jumper from Susie & Toto too.

rainy days

Cyrllius Baby Cotton Crew Neck Jumper (1 month-2 years)
Such a sweet jumper. I also love this moss green waffle knit baby jumper from The White Company, and it’s currently 50% off in the sale, which makes me love it all the more!
£29.00  laredoute.co.uk

ps: thank you to all the Little Spree mums who came along to the babyGap event today. It was so much fun! I think at the last count, I’d styled a total of 28 babies.!! And rather gorgeous they all looked too.

to the moon & back…

Donna & Markus by Markus Lupfer Girl’s Sequin Moon Jumper (4-14 years)
I’ve always loved a bit if Markus Lupfer, and I absolutely love this cute sequinned moon jumper. It’s just the right side of kitsch (I hate kitsch). The mix of the grey and navy striped sleeves balance out the cuteness of the silver sequins. All it needs is a cool pair of jeans…
£15.00-£19.50 (was £20.00-£26.00)  SHOP NOW

cool cable

Benetton Cable Knit Sweater (1-14 years)
It’s all about the cosy, chunky (and preferably cable knit) jumpers at the moment. I absolutely love this Benetton one – such a great colour. Here are a few more favourites that I also discovered on my travels… I’m actually obsessed with this navy Joules one (how great is it?): this Gap one; this Mango one (love the buttons on the shoulder); this M&S one is fab too. I’m clearly having ‘an anchor moment’…
£24.90   SHOP NOW

ps: while we’re on the subject of cable knits, I just bought this cream cardigan from The Little White Company for Tabs. It’s the perfect ‘go with everything’ cardigan. She’s wearing it today over her Zara red gingham dress.

pps: literally just seen this navy cable knit from Howick. Another one to add to my ever-growing shopping list…

cosy cashmere

Autograph Pure Cashmere Cable Knit Jumper (12 months-6 years)
I have been buying the M&S mens’ cashmere jumpers (the plain crew neck in navy, charcoal and black) for myself for years, and I swear by them. Now I have turned my attention to the boys’ ones. And it seems that I have struck gold! How great is this cable knit? And it’s navy with a crew neck! And an incredible price for pure cashmere! It also come in a gorgeous burgundy (loving a bit of burgundy for boys at the moment – a stylish/less brash alternative to red, and looks great with navy and grey). It’s machine washable too. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it comes ribbon-wrapped in a chic box, so would also make a fabulous (and I’m quite certain, enthusiastically received, by the parents anyway) present.
£33.00-£35.00   SHOP NOW

ps: I’ve just ordered one for Marlow. Thought I’d better make sure I get my hands on one before the stampede…


Cos Charcoal Waffle Knit Jumper (1-8 years)
I am sort of obsessed with waffle knits at the moment. I bought the most gorgeous cashmere waffle knit colour-blocked jumper (for me) from J Crew last week when I was in New York. And this charcoal grey one is pretty perfect. And seeing as Marlow is pretty much refusing to wear anything that is not grey at the moment, this may well be the next purchase I make…
£27.00   SHOP NOW

ps: of course, I didn’t just buy the cashmere waffle knit when I was in J Crew… Amongst other things, I also snapped up this beautiful headband for Tabs (apparently one of their most popular items for girls at the moment). It’s even more gorgeous in real life – so pretty! It’s the perfect blend of ‘dressing up’ and cool. Love, love, love… And yes, Tabs loves it too.

pps: the Mini Boden grey suede boots are back in stock! And they currently have all sizes! What are you waiting for??

très cool

Baby Oeuf for J Crew Sweater (3-24 months)
Not the cheapest, but definitely the coolest…
£81.00   BUY NOW

ps: I have some good and bad news about the Mini Boden girls’ suede boots… Boden have got in touch with me today to let me know that although the navy boots are no longer available, they will be getting more of the grey (a great second choice after the navy) and the lilac at the end of November. So all is not lost.

the chunky knit breton

Gap Striped Sweater (0-24 months)
When it’s too chilly to wear your classic Breton long sleeved t-shirt, what do you do? Bust out a Breton-style chunky knit sweater instead! I love this cream (love that it’s not white) and navy one, and it’s 100% cotton, and such a great price. It’s the perfect ‘mini fisherman’s sweater’ for a baby boy or girl, (and obviously I will be attempting to shoehorn my two three year olds into it!).
£12.95  gap.co.uk

ps: I have had lots of requests for posts about specific items recently. I have been away on a long work trip (shooting in beautiful Cinque Terre in Tuscany – could be worse!), so I’m afraid I haven’t been able to respond to them all yet. Sorry. I will be posting about (more) cute knits, coats, and girls boots (as well as lots of other things of course) over the next couple of weeks, so bear with me… And thank you to all the lovely mums out there who have contacted me with emails and comments with your own suggestions. Most helpful!

it’s all about the navy cable knit sweater…

Next Boys’ Cable Knit Crew Neck Jumper (3 months-6 years)
I have a new (ish) obsession – the navy cable knit sweater. My obsession with navy cashmere sweaters is definitely a long-standing one, but this is different… It all started when I first clapped eyes on one from Isabel Marant when I was checking out the new Autumn/Winter drop in Liberty the other week. The same sweater then found its way onto my Coats shoot that I was doing for the November issue of Red magazine at the weekend. And so my obsession grew. Fast forward to today when I happened to find myself in the kids’ department of Next in Westfield, checking out their new Autumn/Winter collection, and what do I find? None other than this fabulous mini version of my favourite jumper! Honestly, it’s so great. I immediately grabbed one for Marlow. And it’s 100% cotton, which to be honest, I was quite surprised about at Next, as they tend to use a lot of manmade fabrics (which I am defintitely not a fan of), which can put me off buying (otherwise) great things. Take it from me, this jumper is a great find. Oh how I wish I was a six year old boy…
£11.00-£12.00  next.co.uk