Mamas & Papas Style-Over

10 October 2016

Mamas & Papas stylish baby toys and gifts - Little SpreeStylish baby toys and gifts - Little SpreeBeautiful baby nursery accessories and gifts - Little Spree

1. Musical Cot Mobile, £34.00
2. Star Rug, £29.00
3. Wall Art Bird House, £22.00
4. Cloud Cushion, £24.00
5. Bunny Rug, £69.00
6. Travel Changing Mat, £19.00
7. Embroidery Pictures, £34.00

Anyone who follows us on Instagram will already know about my recent trip to Mamas & Papas in Westfield. And no, I wasn’t invited by them to go in to review it – I just happened to be in Westfield, and wanted to pop in as I knew they’d recently had a bit of a store makeover. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. There were stylish (and affordable!!) temptations at every turn! I was particularly impressed by the nursery and bedroom accessories and the toys and gifts (the bird house (number 3) and the pom pom cot mobile (number 1) were probably my favourites – I’m actually considering stock-piling for baby gifts. Is that bad?). So this is what we’re focussing on today. Other favourites included this bunny head to hang on the wall (far less sinister than it sounds!); Miles The SquirrelDaytime DogDaytime Doll. And you might remember from the post on Tabitha and Marlow’s bedroom a couple of weeks ago that I bought the cloud cushion for Marlow’s bed. Even the cards are adorable – thisthisthis one are three of our favourites. Honestly there are actually too many things to include, so take a look for for yourself, or pop into the store next time you’re passing.
Oh, and I almost forgot, we have recently added a Baby Gifts shop to the site. We’ve carefully handpicked the most adorable baby gifts for all budgets (starting from just £10.00, and including some more substantial gifts ideas for friends/colleagues who want to club together to buy a mama-to-be a gorgeous gift). We have all bases covered. Take a look…

Sarah & Nicky xx


Interiors Week: Tabitha & Marlow’s bedroom

26 September 2016

Little Spree: kids bedroom inspiration

So this week is dedicated to interiors on Little Spree (we’ve even added a new Interiors shop to the site). We’re going to share the kids’ bedrooms, as well as some of our favourite places to shop online for interiors, as well as what we’ve got our eye on at the moment. Today we’re kicking off with Tabitha and Marlow’s room. I have recently re-jigged it, and the first thing I wanted to do was to replace their sweet little Ikea beds (which I loved) with bunk beds, mainly to save a bit of space in their relatively small room. So I started obsessively looking for white iron beds (I really wanted these ones from Restoration Hardware, but they don’t deliver to the UK (and they are pretty pricey), but then could only find alternative ones with horizontal bars, which I didn’t like. I eventually found these (with the help of Lisa at Edit.58) on and couldn’t be more pleased with them. They were a great price, but they did take a few weeks to arrive, but as I wasn’t in a hurry so that was fine. I love what I like to call ‘organised clutter’ in my home – I like lots of ‘things’ around me, but arranged in a kind of deliberately disorganised, (but tidy) way. These wooden storage cubes are a great way of displaying and storing ever-expanding book collections (Tabs and Marlow have so many books, so I bought the Loaf version). You can just buy more and join them. I love a mix and match approach to bedlinen (the same is true of my bed), and La Redoute is great for affordable bedlinen. I also love Zara Home. I love to layer – quilts, sheepskins (the cats love them!), cushions, more quilts… I get bored of the same things, so it’s a great way of changing things up – I don’t always replace, just rotate. I haven’t completely finished their room (I will share again once it’s all done) – there are still some pictures to go up, and some shelves to be added, a rug to be sourced, and an (out of shot) Ikea chest of drawers that needs to go, but it’s almost there. Most of the things I have in their room are featured in the ‘shop the look’ below, but I also recently bought this cute cloud cushion for Marlow’s bed, and the initial prints and personalised hats are from the ever wonderful Edit.58. We also have lots of the little baskets for storing everything from cars to bunnies to knickers (I use them for organising Tabitha’s things in her wardrobe – they are so useful and look so sweet). Just little finishing touches to make their space a cosier, more individual one. It’s not always easy to create a stylish bedroom for a boy and a girl sharing, and poor Marlow does bear the brunt of it sometimes (not that he seems to mind I might add…), but overall I hope I have managed to create somewhere stylish and cosy where they can work, play, sleep, and just chill out with a book sometimes. Compact but bijoux. Oh and for anyone who’s interested (I know many of our Instagram followers were), the colour on the walls is Peignoir by Farrow & Ball. In fact we have in all the bedrooms. I love it.

Sarah xx

ps: La Redoute has one of their not-to-be-missed ‘40% off everything’ sales at the moment, which is such perfect timing as so many things in their room (and indeed, the rest of our house) are from there.


Shop Tabarlow’s room…


Cheap (French) Chic

18 April 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 08.07.31
La Redoute Metal Trunk, £35.40 (was £59.00)

You asked for more interiors, so we’re going to give you more interiors. For us, and for our little people. I have to admit, this it not too much of a stretch for me (or Nicky) as I actually love shopping for things for my home as much as I do for clothes (often more so actually – my house doesn’t regularly change size, unlike my bottom.) We weren’t planning an interiors post today (but we are planning an ‘interiors week’ soon, so look out for that one), but I just happened to be on the La Redoute website looking for… I actually genuinely can’t remember now!! But anyway, it really doesn’t matter, as what I did find, I felt I simply couldn’t not share with all our lovely readers! So the fact is, they still have a TON of stuff that has between 25-40% off (in fact, most of my favourite things (most of which are included below) have a whopping 40% off. And I don’t know whether you’re that familiar with the La Redoute Home collection, but they have some really great things (well it is French after all – how wrong can they really go?) that are pretty affordable full-price! The first thing I found was this metal trunk (remember my Instagram snap of the similar ones from Oliver Bonus recently?), then I saw how many fab colours it comes in. A little tip for you – check out all the additional colours available, as many of the pieces come in a ton of optional shades – greys, pastels etc. All those colours that we love and want, and are always hunting for. So here are my favourites (be warned though – you are probably going to want a lot of this stuff…).
School style reading desk and chair, metal armoirvintage style school desk and chairs, metal American style lockerset of three woven baskets (you know how much we love a basket for storing toys), more school style chairslinen cupboard (get that Farrow & Ball paint chart out ladies!), metal bedside table, metal wall cabinet (who says you have to put it in a bathroom?), these metal stackable boxes are perfect for storing all those annoying ‘little’ toys – lego etc etc, this tufted cotton rug, wool rug, and even this pencil storage tin hits the spot. You also definitely need to take a look at the bedlinen whilst you’re there – such great prices for us and our kids. My favourite is this pre-washed linen duvet cover in nude pink (I also like the khaki for a boys’ room). Oh and don’t forget the gorgeous linen tassel pillowcases that we mentioned before. I love mine, and plan to order more… I really like the black trim on these cotton voile pillowcases (very chic), and this children’s Liberty print reversible duvet set was in my and lovely Lisa from Edit.58’s basket a couple of weeks ago – yes we were WhatsApp-ing as we shopped, and comparing what was in our cyber shopping baskets, which was pretty much identical by the way!! Oh and in case you’re wondering (and why wouldn’t you?), this post is not sponsored by La Redoute (we do sometimes do collaborative posts, as you know, and always state that clearly at the end – transparency is really important to us) – sometimes we just love something (and just know that you will too) so much that we feel it’s worthy of it’s own post.
Have a lovely week!

Sarah xx

ps: I don’t, but anyone have a thing about cactus vases?

The Moses Basket Of Dreams

4 February 2016

Numero 74 Moses Basket, £136.89

First it was their super-soft handmade bedding, then their brilliant dressing-up outfits and now this, the latest addition to the Numero 74 range: the moses basket of dreams! We’re officially obsessed with this brand.

Nicky & Sarah xx

Just because…

10 November 2015


1. Louis Louise Igloo Baby Hat, £45.00
2. Mango Chunky-Knit Sweater, £16.99
3. The Little White Company Cloud paper Mobile, £25.00
4. M&S Owl Plush Toy, £10.00
5. MangoMango Leather Shoes, £19.99

This is just a little collection of gorgeous baby pieces. We saw them, loved them, so decided to share them. For no reason in particular, other than the fact that are all super-cute. Happy Tuesday!

Sarah & Nicky xx

we ‘heart’ camomile london

23 April 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 22.35.35

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 22.37.22

From time to time a collection comes along that we instantly just LOVE. Camomile London is one of these collections. And we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! It’s the most beautiful collection of bedding and accessories for babies and children. Think of the simplicity of Scandinavian living with the delicate touches of Japaneese block prints, fused with elements of British home-spun and you get an idea of why we’ve fallen so hard. And don’t even get us started on the colours! Oh the colours… Designed for style conscious parents (that’ll be us!) looking to create an individual approach to their child’s nursery/bedroom. The thing we really love about this collection is how versatile it is. It’s cleverly designed to allow endless combinations of effortless ‘mix and match’ styling, using only a few pieces. The aim is to allow parents the freedom to create different looks by simply flipping over a duvet cover, quilt or cushion to reveal a contrast colour, or by mixing print and plain pillow cases (something I do all the time with Tabitha and Marlow’s beds) to add character to a room. As a twins mama with a boy and a girl who share a bedroom, I love the fact that you can have complimentary bedding that still has that layered ‘hotch potch’ feel that I adore. In a nutshell, we love everything about this collection! And we know what you’re probably thinking – will you have to re-mortgage your house to afford it? No! Ok, it’s not cheap, but the prices are really reasonable for such beautiful design and quality. And we really believe it’s worth investing in gorgeous bedlinen, as you can keep it for years. Plus it can totally transform a room without the need for decorating or re-designing. It launches tomorrow (Friday 23rd). We literally cannot wait!!

Sarah & Nicky xx