make a wish…

La Cerise Sur Le Gateau Wish Paulette Cushion
£39.00  SHOP NOW
So, so sweet… I am almost as obsessed with pillows and cushions as I am with baskets, and this one really caught me eye. It would make a really lovely gift too.

bye baby bunting

Little Cloud Liberty Print Fabric Garland
From £12.00  SHOP NOW
I can never get enough of Liberty print, it’s just such a design classic, and always so pretty, no matter what. I found this name garland when I was cruising for baby gift ideas, and it’s just brilliant. Such an amazing price for such a pretty, personalised (I always love a personalised baby gift – it just shows so much more time and thought, plus your new baby’s name is such a novelly for those first few months…). Love.

ps: if you don’t necessarily want to go down the personalised route, this more traditional bunting from The Little White Company, inspired by a vintage eiderdown, is another sweet option. It would look adorable strung up in a nursery or bedroom. And how cute are these Liberty print Milk Two Bunnies hair clips?

dreamy mobile


Little Cloud Betsy Ann Liberty Moon & Stars Baby Mobile
£35.00  SHOP NOW
This is undoubtedly one of the (if not, the) loveliest mobiles I have seen to date. So, so sweet. This cloud version is equally adorable; as is this one and I also like this one for a toddler’s room.

ps: I bought this coat for Marlow from Zara yesterday, and I’m so pleased with it. It’s fantastic. You can remove the fur trim (I did – much better without, I don’t like the fur), and it has a cool, slightly waxy finish and a sheepskin lining, so really warm and cosy. And I love the colour. It looks super-expensive, but isn’t! Result.

the cute side of the moon

Martin Krusche Moon Print (50 x 70cm)
I found this adorable print when was looking for bedlinen for the twins’ beds… Their walls are already pretty full now, so sadly no space for this one, but I absolutely love it. And it’s such a great price. Plus the dimensions are perfect for a good old Ikea frame. This is my favourite for prints like these.

ps: thought you might be interested in a few recent purchases of mine (some of which you have already seen). I bought these gorgeous cashmere gloves from Cos for Tabs and Marlow, and this velvet dress for Tabs (she loves that it looks just like one of mine) while I was there; this Zara dress for Tabs, and also this one. Anyway, at least you know I definitely practise what I preach…

all good things…

H&M Home Baby Blanket
I have been wondering (with crossed fingers) whether these blankets were ever going to make another appearance on the H&M website (I have seen them in store a few times since buying mine at the beginning of the year), and sure enough… I have been wanting to post it for months, but they had completely sold out. Ok, so it’s not your luxurious 7 ply cashmere baby blanket (I wouldn’t necessarily go to H&M for one of those…), but it’s a brilliant blanket, and I’ll tell you why. It looks fab – grey, great vintage-y look; is really warm; can be machine washed, and is 50% cotton, 50% wool (so no naff/nasty polyester thank you very much). It’s perfect to layer up over bedlinen on a cot or bed, or to hang decoratively over the end of a bed; makes the perfect ‘buggy/travel blanket’ (I keep two under the buggy at all times, which have proved invaluable on unexpected chilly day trips); and it’s just fifteen pounds!! Have I convinced you yet?

ps: and the best thing about buying inexpensive blankets is that you’re not precious about them, so you can take them anywhere. Of course, I’ve never lost one yet! As for the cashmere ones…

toadstool cool (part ll)

Egmont Mushroom Lamp
Marlow and Tabs have the larger version of this lamp (bought when I was pregnant), and they still have it in their room now, and I still love it. They have a lovely, cosy glow – just enough too see, but dark enough to sleep. Perfect. This is the smaller version, and it’s equally cute. I also love them grouped together (different sizes) on the floor if you have the space. They make a great baby present too, because it will be kept and used for years to come. So cute.

cloud busting

Zü Cloud Cushion (43×23 cm)
Tabitha and Marlow both have variations of this cushion on their beds, and they look so cute. This yellow is a new colour, and I really love it (it’s that perfect yellow that I’m a little obsessed with – called ‘honey’). There are plenty of other colours to choose from, and they come in two different sizes. Such a simple, sweet design. And would make a great pressie too. Super-stylish.

bird watching

Oliver Bonas Set Of Three Mini Birdy Suitcases
Tabitha and Marlow are obsessed with birds, and know all the different types that frequent our garden, so these immediately caught my eye. I love little suitcases (as you already know) for storing small toys (those annoying ones that always get lost…) in a stylish way. And I’ve yet to meet a child who doesn’t love the ritual of putting (then immediately removing) various objects into boxes/containers of any kind. This set of three cases will look so sweet stacked up on a shelf in a nursery or bedroom. I love the muted colours and the charmingly simple illustrations. They would also make a lovely present. Tweet tweet!

my first hangers…

H&M Baby Hangers (pack of two)
I love a bit of a H&M Home (if you haven’t checked it out, you have to – it’s really fab), and the baby and kids’ collection is growing all the time (just bypass the pink leopard print…). How sweet are these hangers? I also love (and bought) these ones from Cyrillus. And It’s never too early to start hanging up your little one’s favourites pieces (or rather, yours)…

barefoot in the park

Vertbaudet Knitted Blanket
Can it be true? Is it actually Spring at last?? Well it seems so (in London at least…). So time to dust off the picnic blanket and get down to your nearest park (Richmond in our case) quick, before it changes its mind! I love this patchwork style. And I love that these kind of blankets are multi-purpose (I always keep at least one under the twins’ pushchair at all times). Perfect for the park, the pram, the cot, the bed… The list is endless. And I love these colours…


Butterfly Home By Matthew Williamson Metal Trunk (Large)
I very rarely find myself in a Debenhams store, but when I do, I always manage to find unexpected hidden treasure (perhaps I should go more often?). I found this fab metal trunk in the homeware department, and promptly bought two for Tabarlow’s bedroom, where they now live side by side on the windowsill. I know £50.00 might seem a little pricey for Debenhams, but it is quite large, and really solid and heavy (and definitely looks expensive). I had bought them both small suitcases from the fabulous store, Merci (if you haven’t been, you must) in Paris a few years ago, and this reminds me of something that you mind find there (but with a much heftier price tag!). I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to put in theirs yet, but it could be anything from blankets and bedlinen to toys to books… I also think it would make a great ‘memory box’ to give a baby/child as a gift. And even if you just leave them empty for the time being (as I have), they just look lovely in any room.

hearts & stripes

The Little White Company Applique Cushion Cover
I spotted that this cute cushion cover was in the sale, and I just couldn’t resist it at this new price. I always love stripes and hearts, and I love the simplicity of this design. It’s sweet, but not too girly if you don’t fancy a nursery/bedroom that’s swamped in pink. I for one, don’t.
£12.50 (was £25.00)

hide & seek

Mr Perswall Hide & Seek ABC Wall Mural
I absolutely love this mural. Such a fantastic idea for a baby/child’s bedroom. As you know, I’ve been on the look-out for inspirational ideas for decorating the twins’ bedroom, and I just think this is such a lovely way to cover an entire wall. It’s pretty big (265 x 270cm), but I’m sure you could get it cut down to size to fit a particular wall. I just adore the illustrations – really lovely, old-fashioned drawings. It’s also a great way of getting your kids to learn their letters (seeing them all the time is one of the best ways – they just become familiar in a really natural (non-flash cards) way…). It just has a classic charm, and I love that. And if you are decorating on a budget, this may seem a lot to spend in one hit, but you really wouldn’t need to do that much more – the rest of the room could be pretty simple, and it would look great.


Lulu & Nat Floral Heart Cot Quilt
Another question I have been asked a lot recently is where to buy a gorgeous baby quilt (that doesn’t involve extending your overdraft) from? is quite a recent discovery of mine, but I’m loving it. I found this beautiful double-sided quilt there, and it’s definitely one of the prettiest ones I’ve seen (Zara Home Kids also always do fab ones). I love the combination of the tiny red hearts and the paisley-esque floral print. It feels like a vintage one (minus the moth balls and the hefty price tag). And being reversible is always a bonus (‘two for one’), so you can chop and change. And don’t be put off that it’s officially called a ‘cot quilt’ if you’re not necessarily looking for one for a baby. I use quilts like this all the time to layer over duvet covers/blankets for decoration and extra warmth. They also look lovely draped over the end of a bed. And for babies, they are just so useful to have around the house – for lying/crawling on etc. And they are always great for the pram/puchchair too. It would make the perfect baby gift (start dropping those hints now if you’re expecting…). I have quilts that I bought when Tabarlow were born (I used them to style up their incubators when they were in hospital for a long two months…), and they are having a bit of a renaissance in their newly decorated bedroom now. Oh, and last but not least, they even just look lovely when they’re not doing anything at all – just piled up on a shelf with other blankets (particularly if you have a mix and match of different prints, textures and colours). I might just have to add this one to my ever-growing collection…

pear shaped

Fine Little Day ‘Pirum Parum’  Print
I was obsessed with this print. It kept cropping up on Pinterest in gorgeous kids’ rooms that I re-pinned, and I just instantly loved it. It’s so sweet, but also so cool. I wanted it for Tabarlow’s bedroom and was on a one-woman mission to hunt it down. And thanks to one of my ever-resourceful Little Spree readers, I did. I tweeted on the off-chance to see if anyone knew where I might be able to buy it from, and the lovely Victoria (of the suspected bow-eating dog tale a while back…) did! Result. So I ordered it, plus the ‘Apple Papple’ print (I was quite giddy by this point), and they are both currently waiting to be framed and hung in the twins’ newly decorated bedroom (still a work in progress…). So thank you again Victoria! Some might argue that it is perhaps a little babyish for two three year olds, but I disagree. I think it has a stylish charm, and is a really lovely blend of ‘old-fashioned’ and modern. I just hope Tabitha and Marlow love it as much as I do!

ps: ok, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the results of the Mini Boden giveaway! Thank you all for taking the time to enter. The response was fantastic, and I loved reading all your comments – a great mix of cute, funny, and quirky. As you know there are (sadly) only eight winners though. If you are one of the lucky eight listed below, please email me at the Little Spree address at the top of the website with your full name and address, and I will pass your details on to Boden, who will send your chosen item (in the requested size) out to you directly. Some people haven’t given a surname, but if you entered and requested that particular item, it will be you (if that makes sense?). Congratulations!

1. Pretty woven top: Sarah (you were in labour when you entered!)

2. Leather Sandals: Clare (‘Belfast Mummy’)

3. Alphabet Print T-Shirt: Nicola Reddy

4. Roll-up Trousers: Christina

5. Colour Pop Jumper: Holly Collier

6. Stripey Pocket Tee: Katie Roberts

7. Easy Printed Dress: Samantha Boshoff

8. Towling Top: Lisa


Bodie & Fou Gold Star Wall Stickers
If you don’t have a huge budget to decorate your nursery/little one’s bedroom, these are a fantastic (and super-stylish) instant fix. I love a star (as you all know by now!), and these gold ones will add a little star quality to any wall you choose to stick them onto. And they are perfect for a baby’s nursery, or a toddler/older child’s bedroom. I like them arranged in a haphazard way like they are shown here, i.e. not too perfect. And the best part? If you get bored of them, you can just take them down…

ps: yes, I have wifi! Thank God.

pillows, cushions & more pillows…

Cyrillus Liberty Print/Linen Cushion Cover
As you know, I am in the throes of ‘styling’ Tabarlow’s bedroom. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I have to confess, I think I may have already gone a little bit crazy on the soft-furnishings… At the last count, Tabs and Marlow each have a sheet, a duvet cover, two pillows (with different pillow cases of course), a little decorative cushion, and a quilt (hanging over the end of the bed). Phew! And guess which idiot has to make the beds each morning? Thank God we’ve done away with the afternoon nap! I had already bought all their bedlinen by the time I found this charming cushion cover, but I really wanted to share it because it’s such a great ‘neutral’ print that would work equally well in a boy’s room as a girl’s (and perfectly where a boy and a girl are sharing of course). For a boy it wouldn’t look too girly mixed with greys and blues. Just really chic and cosy. And it would look so pretty mixed with other floral prints on a girl’s bed. I love the faded green tones. And the back is just plain, neutral linen. So chic. It would also be just perfect for a baby’s nursery. This is definitely one multi-functional cushion!

ps: I’ve really loved reading all your comments for the Mini Boden giveaway. So many brilliant styling ideas (I’d better watch out!). If you haven’t had a chance to enter yet, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time. I won’t be announcing the winners until Friday 1st March. And hopefully that will be the first of many Little Spree giveaways (only with items/brands that I truly love though – that goes without saying).

pps: I’m also loving seeing all the pictures of your gorgeous little ones wearing their Little Spree purchases. Please ‘tweet’ them to @littlespree, and I will share my favourites on the Little Spree Facebook page. And tell your friends too! The more the merrier…

bye baby bunting

Cyrillus Grey Bunting
My latest obsession? Nurseries and bedrooms. Well, nothing new there, but I am in the process of doing up Tabitha and Marlow’s room, so I’m more tuned in than ever to all things stylish for babies’/kids’ rooms. Who doesn’t love a bit of bunting? Well, as long as it’s not too twee or cutesy anyway. How great is this Cyrillus (they do a gorgeous interiors collection – definitely worth checking out) bunting (we could’ve guessed the French would do the chic-est example couldn’t we?) in tones of grey? And it’s currently half price in the sale! Bargain! Get ordering quick before it sells out (but not before I’ve had a chance to put my order in)…
£6.50 (was £13.00)