The Easiest Pancakes You’ll Ever Make

1 May 2016

Gluten free banana pancakes recipe - Little SpreeGluten free banana pancakes recipe - Little Spree
Bonton Apron, £26.00

I never thought I’d see the day when I would be writing about cooking. How did this happen?? This is how this happened…
I was shooting in a London studio the week before last (if you want to gain 7lbs in a week, don’t be a Fashion Editor with zero willpower on an 11 x day shoot with delicious round-the-clock catering), where each morning we were presented with the most delicious (gluten free) breakfasts. Now I am about as far away from gluten free as you can possibly get, but I have to tell you, I was completely seduced. In particular by the pancakes. Now they didn’t look (or indeed taste) much like your usual pancakes – well more like a small American style pancake that you’d get in a stack with a side of bacon and a moat of maple syrup (most commonly ordered when I have a hangover). They served them with a cute little jug of maple syrup (sometimes honey) and a smattering of blueberries and sliced banana. To die for. But gluten free? How did that work exactly? So I discovered that the only ingredients in said pancakes was bananas and eggs. That’s it. What?? Now even with my very limited knowledge of cooking and baking, knew that that sounded a bit fishy…. How?? So I set about trying to make them that weekend at home. Did they taste good? Yeah, ish. Did they look good? Nope. Were they are a bit of a faff? A little, yes. So on the Monday I pressed the lovely chef for for a bit more information. And so last weekend, I attempted them again (armed with a fairy cake tin and some coconut oil – I felt like Linda Hamilton in Terminator), and they were absolutely delicious. I tweaked, experimented, tweaked some more (with my harshest criticitcs: Tabarlow and Tom). Healthy, delicous, and so easy to make you’ll feel like a fraud. Want to give them a whirl? Be warned though – they are a little too easy to eat…). This is what you’ll need:

– A fairy cake baking tray (like these)
– 4 ripe bananas (the riper the better – perfect excuse to get rid of those nasty looking brown ones that no one wants to eat, and are generally just spoiling the overall look of the fruit bowl)
–  3 eggs
– Coconut oil to grease the tin (and add a little extra yumminess to the pancakes)
– 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder (this is a little sneaky extra addition, but makes all the difference)

Pre-heat the oven (fan) oven to 200C
Grease the tin/s with the coconut oil
Mash the bananas in one dish
Whisk the eggs in another dish
Add the bananas to the eggs
Add the baking powder
Add the mixture to your tin/s (you will have enough for at least two batches). I added a tablespoon amount for each pancake.
Cook for 10-15 minutes (check on them after 10 – don’t worry, there’s not much rising going on, so you won’t ruin anything.
Put your pancakes in a big pile and let everyone dig in!

The ratio of bananas to eggs is totally up to you, and a little bit of experimenting will guide you. The chef I asked said she does one egg to one banana, but Tom and the kids seemed to prefer the more ‘banana-y’ ones which were more like 4 x bananas to 3 x eggs. Remember, these pancakes are literally idiot-proof, so live a little, experiment… I actually just guessed at the baking powder (I’d like to say I didn’t, but I’m not going to lie), but they were my best batch, so that’s all you need to know.

Sarah xx

ps: absolutely nothing to do with cooking, but remember the tiny hobbit/fairy door on Instagram? Well if you’re interested, here it is.

Borrowed from the (Uniqlo) boys…

17 March 2016

Little Spree Uniqlo collaboration
Trench Coat, £29.90

Little Spree: Uniqlo collaboration - girls

1. T-shirt, £7.90
2. Trench Coat, £29.90
3. Skinny Jeans, £12.90

Little Spree: Uniqlo collaboration - boys

1. T-shirt, £7.90
2. Jersey Jacket, £24.90
3. Slim Fit Jeans, £12.90

You’ll often find our boys in pieces that we’ve bought from the girls department (we’re careful to remove any ‘girls’ labels now the boys can read!). It’s less often that it works the other way around, so when we saw this (boys) Breton top (you know we can never resist a Breton) we couldn’t decide whether to style it for a boy or girl so we deicide to do both. For Spring, wear with jeans and a lightweight jacket (how cute is this mini mac!) hi-tops for boys and ballet flats for girls.
While you’re on the site, definitely worth a look are this striped skirtsweatshirtstriped tee, padded gilet, and hoodie.

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: Uniqlo’s (newly refurbished) Oxford Street store is re-opening tomorrow. Alongside our favourite mens’ cashmere jumpers you’ll find their new Liberty London for UNIQLO collaboration, and a roof terrace which we’re told has breath-taking views across London.

Created in collaboration with Uniqlo

Pimp My (Scooter) Ride…

16 February 2016

Little Spree - cool scooter helmets

1. Mirco Mirrored Safety Helmet, Purple, £14.95
2. Micro Mirrored Safety Helmet, Silver, £14.95
3. Micro Mirrored Safety Helmet, Aqua, £14.95

There’s been a lot of growing going on with the Little Spree kids which has meant new scooters for Tabitha and Marlow and a new scooter helmet for Bailey. In case there’s been a lot of growing going your end too, we thought we’d save you some scooter related shopping and share our recent scooter scoops.  Bailey has the silver version of this helmet (actually it’s more mirrored that silver- there’s a photograph of him wearing it on Instagram) and it has caused quite a stir. Without exception, each time he goes out with it on someone stops to ask about it. Ditto these cool handle bar streamers and deck lights (useful on dark morning scoots to school). We also like this cute basket and cosy scooter mittens, and for anyone with a tiny tot this ‘scoot n pull’ strap will save save your back bending over to push/pull your tired toddler when they refuse to go any further. We’ve all been there right…

Nicky & Sarah xx

buy, wear, love, then resell…

1 September 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 21.05.24

Little Circle is one of those ideas we all wish we’d thought of. The most beautiful childrenswear brands (including many of our favourites – Louis Louise, Maan, Noro, Woodstock…), curated into one online collection. But the clever bit is the concept behind this collection. Buy the most chic collection of clothes (for girls aged 2-10 years); wear them and love them; then when they are too small, simply return them, and they will sell them on for you. You can then use your credit from the sale to buy new pieces. And so it continues. A perfect little cycle (or rather, circle) for your ever-growing little ones. Clever huh? Well, we are definitely intrigued, and super-excited to see it! It launches today, so take a look…

Sarah & Nicky xx

mothercare & tusk

31 March 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 13.20.41

Mothercare Tusk Branch Shelf, £29.99

Tusk is a charity that we really believe in. All three of our kids LOVE animals, and have a pretty impressive collective knowledge of them (although not necessarily when the cameras are rolling, but more of that later…). Tusk supports the conservation of wildlife, sustainable development and education in Africa. Mothercare is working together with them to help save endangered animals. Which can only be a good thing can’t it? So when we saw the Tusk and Mothercare collaboration at the Mothercare press day back in November, we couldn’t wait to share it with you. The prices, are (as you would imagine from Mothercare) fantastic, and there are some really sweet pieces. And the best bit is that 4% of all the sales goes directly to Tusk. So these are almost guilt-free purchases!
We love this branch shelf! And who says it has to go in a child’s room anyway? It would look great in any room… We also like the teepee; this cushion; these wall stickers; and this duvet set.

Oh yes, and if you fancy a laugh, watch this! Mothercare asked all three of our kids to take part in this little film about conservation. Bailey and Tabitha actually didn’t make the final cut, and Marlow went a little ‘off piste’ (he was talking about the leopard print lining of his favourite Bellerose coat), but it’s pretty sweet. But the little boy who talks about the gorillas is so cute, and totally steals the show as far as we’re concerned. It make us laugh every time!

Sarah & Nicky xx


26 February 2015


It’s Bubble London time again (well it was a few weeks ago anyway), and this year Little Spree were excited (and not to mention, very flattered) to be invited to go behind the scenes as part of the judging panel for the ‘Rising Star Award. You can find a list of the finalists that we were asked to judge here. And and the winner was… well that’s actually what we would like you to tell us! Our friends (and exhibitor at Bubble) Nature Zoo very kindly offered to give away two of their lovely crocheted toys (remember the Octopus back in July?). All you have to do is send us an email with the answer to the above question, along with your preferred toy (a tough choice – they are both so cute – go to our Instagram feed to see them). As always we will select two winners at random, and will announce them here next Thursday (5th March).
I can tell you that the two runners up for the Award were JAM and Panda and the Sparrow. Both brands were new to Bubble this year and were deserving recipients. The judges were particularly impressed with the thoughtful design of the JAM collection – every garment being made with children in mind (so no hash seams etc.), and clever details to try to extend the life of the garment.  For Panda and the Sparrow it was the quality of the material and make of their collection that caught the judges’ attention. Their garments are made from the softest bamboo material which is also hypoallergenic, UV resistant, antibacterial, thermo regulating, and not to mention eco friendly, and most items were less than £20.
Thank you Bubble London for a really interesting day and congratulations to all the winners, we wish you all the very best of luck.

Nicky x

While Nicky was busy on judging duty, I made my way around the many stands (in a flat boot – more of that tomorrow on Mama Spree) looking for inspiration to share with you all on Little Spree. I found a mix of familiar and new brands. These were some of our favourites:
Little Llama: super-sweet knits all made from alpaca wool. Gorgeous colours. Moccis: a sock/slipper hybrid in plain colours, as well as cool prints such as leopard. Tabarlow had a version of these when they were crawling and they were the best thing ever. Kusi Kusi: I really loved this collection of beautiful homespun knits made in Peru by local women. Love My Smalls: already a firm favourite of mine. I was also excited to see that the girls have added grey to the simple colour palette. And they had one of the chic-est stands at the exhibition – compact and bijoux! Angulus: again, another Little Spree favourite, and their Autumn/Winter collection didn’t disappoint. The metallic lace-up booties were beyond cute. Old Soles: one of my favourite new finds. I loved their shoes, particularly for boys. Nicky and I were obsessed with their fur-lined suede hi-tops, amongst others. Tic Tac Toe: the sweetest, most charming little collection of cotton baby rompers/bubbles (in the prettiest prints) and matching accessories from Cape Town. Bob & Blossom: another old favourite, but definitely worth a mention for the ‘Hey’ and ‘Bonjour’ tees alone. Melton: more gorgeous shoes! They had the sweetest mini leopard print ballet flats with a criss-cross elastic over the foot. To die for.
Of course, there were were so many more gorgeous brands, but we just don’t have the time to mention them all here. Do check our Instagram feed lots of pics from the day though.

Sarah x