yay lunch!

Happy Jackson Lunchbox
£6.00  SHOP NOW
I bought one of these each for Tabitha and Marlow when they started staying at nursery for their lunch on a Thursday for French Club (which they think is the most exciting thing ever!). I like that it is both cool and practical. Love the monochrome striped ribbon band (ensuring the lid never comes off), and it’s great for boys and girls.

getting messy never looked so chic…

Cyrillus Boy’s Embroidered Apron (4-10 years)
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Only the French could (and would) design something this stylish to protect the clothes underneath! I’m sure I’m not the only mum out there who gets the tiniest bit tense when the words ‘messy play’ are mentioned? But obviously, I know how important this kind of play is for children’s development (and even I wouldn’t prioritise style over developmental progress), so I just take a deep breath, and pray whatever it is will come out in the wash (and to be honest, it usually does). At nursery Tabitha and Marlow do wear (not entirely un-stylish actually) gingham, smocks, but they often forget to put them on, or simply don’t want to. But I can live with that. But for when things get messy at home? What could be chic-er than this ‘apron’ (as the French call it)?

ps: just spied this fab boys’ khaki oilskin jacket at  River Island. And it’s currently half price!

we are family…

Bodie And Fou Exclusive Family Hearts Print
£35.00  SHOP NOW
Mothers Day is just around the corner, and I’m in the process of compiling a ‘hint list’ for our husbands/boyfriends/partners (just forward to him or print it out and pin it to the fridge) for next week’s Mama Spree. In the meantime, I saw this sweet ‘la famille…c’est important’ print, and had to share it. It would make such a sweet present (any day, not just for Mothers Day). You do need to buy the frame, but I would recommend the (super-cheap) Nyttja style from Ikea (I prefer them to the chunkier ‘Ribba’ frames).

baby bow tie

Baby Bow Tie Metallic Bow Tie
£15.00  babybowtie.com
I’m getting quite into the idea of boys in bow ties. They can look rather cool! This cute gold one would look great worn with a denim shirt. I also like this bunny printed one from Paul Smith if you’re not entirley convinced about the gold…

ps: I mentioned this book in a post quite a while ago now, but people are always emailing me asking for the details again. So here you go. Lostmy.name. It’s a gorgeous, personalised book that tells the story of a child who has lost their name, and sets off on a mini adventure to find the missing letters. I’ve just read Tabitha’s book to the twins. They absolutely love theirs! One of the most original, personalised (and not to mention, fun and educational) gifts you can buy. Such a lovely (and, at under £20.00, very inexpensive) present for any child from a newborn to six years. Sadly they are no longer able to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas, but they are currently offering a 15% discount. And they are wonderful all year round anyway…

dreamy mobile


Little Cloud Betsy Ann Liberty Moon & Stars Baby Mobile
£35.00  SHOP NOW
This is undoubtedly one of the (if not, the) loveliest mobiles I have seen to date. So, so sweet. This cloud version is equally adorable; as is this one and I also like this one for a toddler’s room.

ps: I bought this coat for Marlow from Zara yesterday, and I’m so pleased with it. It’s fantastic. You can remove the fur trim (I did – much better without, I don’t like the fur), and it has a cool, slightly waxy finish and a sheepskin lining, so really warm and cosy. And I love the colour. It looks super-expensive, but isn’t! Result.

little dandy

Autograph Cotton Floral Shirt With Bow Tie (12 months-10 years)
I can’t help getting preoccupied with girls’ clothes in the run-up to Christmas. So many gorgeous things to choose from (watch this space for my favourite party dresses and tutus – both coming up this week), and frankly, not enough parities/festivities to showcase them. Boys (particularly toddlers) on the other hand… Not so much. However, I have had my eye on this stylish little shirt and bow tie combo for a while now. I love the tiny floral print, and the contrast of the black trim and velvet bow tie. And you can’t really go wrong at £14.00 can you? My only problem now is persuading Marlow to wear it! He HATES dressing up of any kind. Oh well – I suppose a grey sweatshirt works for any occasion…
£12.00-£14.00  marksandspencer.com

the perfect ‘chuck everything in’ bag

Gap Python Leather Tote
I’ll admit, I have been in a bit of ‘Gap bubble’ this last week, and have been in the flagship store a number of times. In fact, I now feel like I know the collection (womens, kids, babies, and some of the mens – they have done some amazing jumpers) so well, I could probably get a job there for the run-up to Christmas. But this tote was the first thing that caught my eye when I entered the store last Wednesday. It’s amazing. Firstly, it’s super-chic, but then on closer inspection, it’s also really roomy; light as a feather (love that!); and can be worn on the shoulder or as a tote. So I have now decided it’s the perfect ‘mummy bag’, for all us mums who would rather be seen dead than be seen with a frumpy, practical, mumsy ‘mummy bag’. I’m not going to lie, it wouldn’t necessarily make the ideal ‘baby bag’ (you definitely need pockets for all those bottles and numerous bits and pieces), but for anyone with toddlers up, it’s perfect. Even though Tabs and Marlow are now almost four (how did that happen??), I still always need to carry certain ‘stuff’ (water, snacks, assortment of favourite toys, ranging from fire engines to enormous Jelly Cats bunnies…), wipes (I don’t think I will ever be able to give up the wipes – I even carry them in my bag when I don’t have the kids with me) around with me when I have them in tow. This is at the top of my shopping list. She’s quite pricey, but definitely worth every penny in my opinion. Oh, and as a seasoned traveller (I am literally like a robot at the airport, I have my ‘routine’ down to a fine art), I know it would also make the perfect ‘carry-on’ bag. It’s so light that you’ll be able to just chuck all your magazines (I buy every magazine), Duty Free, bottle of water etc in it, along with your travel wallet, then you don’t need to carry all those nasty plastic carrier bags (that give you welts on your fingers). I’m going away on a work trip on Wednesday (I’m not going to tell you where, you’ll hate me), so I will definitely have mine by then…  Oh, I almost forgot! The winner of the babyGap £150 shopping spree is… Marie Hale. Congratulations! I will be emailing you soon to arrange the date.
£79.99 (was £99.95)  gap.co.uk

ps: check out all the gorgeous baby pictures I styled on Friday here. And don’t forget to vote for your favourite!


hello kitty + liberty

Hello Kitty Liberty London Print Storage Cases (set of three)
There is only one person who loves Hello Kitty more than Tabitha, and that is her best friend, Emily. It’s Emily’s birthday party this weekend, and I have ordered this adorable set of three little cases for her. I really love this (not so new now) collaboration between Hello Kitty and Liberty – the prints are so sweet, but it has a slightly cooler edge than your average Hello Kitty merchandise. Tabitha is obsessed with putting things into little bags/cases at the moment, so she might also find this under our Christmas tree come December…
£19.95  amazon.co.uk

small, medium, large…

Hedgehog  Spanish Woven Basket (3 x sizes)
I have always loved a basket – our house is awash with them (filled with everything from toys to loo rolls). But I always love a basket as a bag too, and when it comes to a Summer holiday, the basket is always my bag of choice (well if it was good enough for Jane Birkin back in the day…). I was so excited to find these ones in the three different sizes (the Goldilocks of chic baskets?), and promptly ordered one for me (medium) and one for Tabitha (small) to take to Cape Cod with us in August. I cannot wait to stroll along the beach together with our matching baskets…
£15.00-£35.00  hedgehogshop.co.uk

ballet bag

Hedgehog Ballet Kit Bag
Hedgehog is my newest discovery, thanks to my ‘new friend from nursery’, Nicky. They have such cute things, ranging from clothes (including the perfect Breton, which I will be posting soon) to stylish picnic accessories. I love this sweet, simple cotton kit bag (it’s the perfect size and made from good quality natural cotton). You can also get one for swimming, football and gym kit. They do the job (anything that helps you organise your kids’ things is always a good thing in my book), but also still manage to look chic and stylish in the process.
£15.00  hedgehogshop.co.uk

teepee with style

Win Green Striped Wigwam
I was obsessed with finding the perfect teepee for Tabarlow before Christmas. Obsessed! It had to be cool and tasteful, and ideally in a ticking stripe (I know, I know…). In a nutshell, I wanted one that looked great (and it did, in the middle of the living room for a while…), but was obviously still fun for the twins to hide and play in (and large enough to house two small people comfortably of course). And believe me when I say that no stone was left unturned in my quest. Now this one was definitely not the cheapest, but it was definitely the nicest. It is pretty big though (I tend to forgot to check measurements of anything I buy online, which has got me into all kinds of scrapes with all manor of things, which I won’t bore you all with now…), so check out the dimensions on the website. You can also buy the matching quilt for the floor of the teepee, which although an extra cost, was a really lovely finishing touch. But to be honest, you could just lay a few mismatched quilts and blankets down for an equally lovely, cosy effect. There is currently a waiting list for this one, but you can pre-order now, which I would definitely recommend. And if you’ve already started searching for the perfect teepee yourself, you can call it off…
£120.00  wingreen.co.uk

barefoot in the park

Vertbaudet Knitted Blanket
Can it be true? Is it actually Spring at last?? Well it seems so (in London at least…). So time to dust off the picnic blanket and get down to your nearest park (Richmond in our case) quick, before it changes its mind! I love this patchwork style. And I love that these kind of blankets are multi-purpose (I always keep at least one under the twins’ pushchair at all times). Perfect for the park, the pram, the cot, the bed… The list is endless. And I love these colours…
£29.00  vertbaudet.co.uk 

wipe clean

Jo Jo Maman Bebe Unisex Wipe-Clean Tabard (1-3 years)
Kids get messy. Fact. There’s no getting away from it, that’s just what they do. It might make you tense (I’m not going to lie, a tiny shudder runs through me every time the box of paints and pens comes out within splashing distance of the Liberty sofa…). But we can’t let this stand in the way of creativity. All you need is a cute tabard (a bib is not going to cut it when things get really messy – you need full coverage) like this one. This is one of the nicest designs I’ve come across (how sweet is the old-fashioned farmyard print?). Love the handy pocket too (so convenient for all those extra, hidden felt-tip pens with missing lids). Just pop it on before embarking on any messy activity (cooking, eating, painting, you name it…), and you never need to be tense again.
£14.00  jojomamanbebe.co.uk

stars & stripes

M&S 5 x Pack Star & Striped Muslin Cloths
I don’t know whether it’s my imagination, but there just seems a much better (and wider) selection of cute muslins around now compared to when I first had the twins. I just had to make do with a huge stash of plain white ones (which, don’t get me wrong were perfectly acceptable, but they definitely weren’t going to win any style awards…). These days the high street seems to be awash with lovely printed ones. I really like these M&S ones for their simplicity. If I was pregnant now, I would definitely be stocking up on these…
£8.00  marksandspencer.com 

little & large

H&M Home 2 Pack Fabric Bags
I have these and I love them. I have to confess to having a bit of a thing for little drawstring bags (I have so many, I’ve actually lost count…). I just find them so incredibly useful – keeping snacks/spare pants/medicine in inside my bag when I have the twins with me, so I can lay my hands on things quickly and easily. Also for separating things out when I pack Tabarlow’s bag for a visit to their grandparents… These ones are great sizes, and made from 100% organic cotton. They would make a really sweet present if you’re a bit strapped for cash after Christmas. Have I mentioned how much I love H&M Home??
£6.99  hm.com 

beautiful (bargain) blankets

H&M 2 Pack Baby Blankets
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love H&M Home! They have the best stuff, and the prices are incredible. I always find great things there, and now I’m obsessed with their increasing collection of baby/kids things. How cool are these? They are officially baby blankets, but you could use them as muslins, or to cover the top end of the cot mattress (a tip I learnt from my maternity nurse – so you don’t have to change and wash the sheet if baby (or babies in my case) are sick or dribble a lot…). And how chic would one of these look in the cot? I would just be happy to have these ‘around’ (if I had babies around that is). And they’re in the sale!
£4.00 (were £6.99)  hm.com