Christmas Pyjamas

14 December 2015

Jigsaw Star Pyjama Set, £25.00-£29.00

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 19.32.44
M&S  Pure Cotton Checked Pyjamas, £9.80-£13.30

If you need an excuse to treat your little ones to lovely new pyjamas, surely there’s no better time than Christmas? There is nothing nicer than a brand new pair of pyjamas on Christmas Eve – and let’s face it, these pyjamas are going to be well documented for years to come in the obligatory Christmas morning ‘present opening’ photos. We love the classic style of these two pairs (above). But also on our ‘wish/shopping/maybe list’ are:

For the boys: organic candy stripedChristmas Edition ‘slim jyms’Christmas two packNight Sky onesie (already owned by Bailey, and bought and stashed for Christmas Eve for Marlow); grey marl bear print; classic checkedglow in the dark star print; moose Henley stylestar print; and this three pack.
For the girls: floral printditsy print two packNordic printsparkle starglow in the dark star print; and this two pack bunny sleep suits (ok so not technically pyjamas, but cute nevertheless – I’m quite tempted for Tabs).

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: a few people asked me on Instagram recently, where I buy Tabitha and Marlow’s onesies. Mostly Gap. They both have this one, which they are both fast asleep in now as I’m typing this).

the tail end of the sales…

14 July 2015

Photo: Caramel Baby & Child

It’s not too late to scoop up a few last-minute sale bargains (and there are definitely some great things still out there if you’re quick!). There is a common myth that if you shop the tail end of the sales, it’s only the dregs left that no one else wants. Not necessarily. You just need to be a bit more sale savvy that at the beginning of the sales. We’ve done the savvy bit for you…
Take a look at this Kickle rain mac, this Mango sweatshirt; these Mango shorts; this Miller sweatshirt; this Mango belt; these The Little White Company short pyjamas; this Miller sweatshirt; Marlow’s favourite boots from Boden (tempted to buy him another pair for the Autumn…); Marlow’s Boden jumper (as featured on the Boden blog); these Boden baby dungarees; this Mango baby long sleeved tee; these Louis Louise baby trousers; these Caramel baby trousers; this Mango baby sweater; Bonton baby cardigan; and this Mango baby sweater (a great ‘buy now stash for later’). Phew!

Sarah & Nicky xx

the cat’s pyjamas

22 June 2015


 The Bright Company Slim Jym Pyjamas, £17.00 (were £24.00)

Looking for cute, cool, unisex, mix and match pyjamas that are colourful, but in all the right ways? Welcome to The Bright Company, a British sleepwear and bedding brand for children aged 0-9 years. We love that they are passionate about British design and production. All their collections are designed and produced in Britain, and they work with suppliers that they take time to get to know and trust, and who pride themselves on high quality and production. Their designs are carefully considered too, playing close attention to the distinct physical needs of babies and toddlers. Their ‘slim pyjamas’ (like these ones that we love here) are snug fitting so they don’t ride up in the night leaving drafty gaps while your little ones sleep (don’t you just hate that?). Anything practical and stylish is a total win-win as far as we’re concerned!

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: look out for our exciting give-away with them on Instagram this week…

easter chic

26 March 2015

Easter Outfits

1. Easter Bunny Glasses, £4.00
2. Stella McCartney Kids Jumper With Bunny Back, £60.00
3. Gap Bunny Sleep Set, £14.95
4. Little Cloud Liberty Print Cushion, £28.00
5. Maileg Baby Boy & Girl, £26.00

Easter Egg Hunt

1. Meri Meri Easter Cupcake Kit, £12.50
2. Easter Egg Hunt Sack, £6.00
3. Little Lulubel Bunny Ears Hats, £7.95
4. Pat The Bunny, £6.58
5. M&S Easter Egg Signs (set of six), £6.00

Easter is just around the corner, so we are sharing out favourite festive finds. This was a hard edit – there are just so many cute things around. Here are some more that we couldn’t squeeze into the pictures… The White Company dress up set; The White Company Easter garland; Meri Meri Easter garland kit; this Easter bunny bag; these personalised Easter egg bags; this Maileg set of bunny decorations (I have these from last Easter and have kept them on display all year round – they look so sweet); this Easter egg hunt bunny bag; these Easter decorations (if you follow us on Instagram, you will have seen me posting them from Petersham Nurseries last week); this personalised card (if you are an Easter card sender – I’m, but Nicky is); and this Stella McCartney jumper is a navy version of the above one, but on sale if you’re looking for a slightly less guilty purchase.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: Pat The Bunny is celebrating its 75th anniversary (we went along to the the Bonpoint event in Harrods on Saturday). It’s the sweetest book for babies. And it’s Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s favourite book to read to her daughter, Romy. Super-chic.


11 March 2015


Marks & Spencer 4 Piece Cotton Dinosaur Doodle Pyjamas, £13.00-£14.00

These are so sweet. And such amazing value! And we’re also loving these and these both from Gap. Sign up to receive the Gap discount codes here. We have edited the babies, boys, girls and womens Spring collections (so you don’t have to!). No trawling. Just click and buy. We like to make things easy for you! Starting tomorrow.

Sarah & Nicky x

christmas pyjamas

17 December 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 13.57.56

The Little White Company Gingham Pyjamas, from £24.00

It’s hard to say when my love of fashion began, but during my childhood certain times of the year were all about clothes: new shoes at Easter (hard to explain) and new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. They would be beautifully wrapped and it felt so exciting to open a present before ‘he’d been’. Whilst equally as difficult to explain as the shoes, new pyjamas on Christmas Eve is a tradition I have kept alive, and I hope that one day Bailey will think back to the year he opened these lovely pyjamas and smile. In the meantime, here are some others we like:
For the girls: Gap glitter dot onesie; Gap robin sleep set; Gap reindeer sleep set; The Little White Company floral pyjamas; and Cyrillus floral pyjamas. For the boys: Gap ho ho ho sleep set; Little White Company striped skinny pyjamas;La Redoute pyjamas with cape; and The Little White Company striped pyjamas.

Nicky x

a spooky little boy like you…

14 October 2014

Halloween boys

1. John Lewis Glow-In-The-Dark Pyjamas, £15.00-£17.00
2. Gap Oversized Pom Pom Hat, £9.95
3. Urban Sweat Long Sleeve Hoodie, £19.90
4. Little Baby Company Halloween Pack Of Eight Trick Or Treat Bags, £10.95

Today it’s the boys’ turn, and we’re sticking with our stylish pyjama based Halloween costumes. You may already have a pair of glow-in-the-dark pjs (Marlow and Bailey do), in which case you only need to add the accessories for a trick or treat outfit. We also love this bat tee; these glow-in-the-dark pyjamas; these glow-in-the-dark leggings (these would look so cool worn with a jumper like this); and this wizard costume (ok, so it’s 100% polyester, but for £6.00 for one night…).

pretty spooky

13 October 2014

Halloween girls

1. Gap Glow-In-The-Dark Sleep Set, £14.95, Shop Now
2. Numero 74 Super Hero Outfit, £39.69, Shop Now
3. Hunter Sillver Wellies, £30.00, Shop Now

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about little Halloween costumes. After trawling through (what felt like) hundreds of ‘scary’ polyester outfits; various Halloween themed items of clothing (most of which were pretty dodgy it has to be said); and far too much black and orange for our liking, we came to the following conclusion… Buy a pair of ‘spooky-ish’ pyjamas, pimp them up a bit with a few carefully chosen accessories, et voila! You have a stylish, comfy, inexpensive ‘trick or treat worthy’ outfit that means you can just pop your little ones straight into bed after trawling the streets because they’re already wearing their pjs! Perfect. We always love a Gap set of glow-in-the-dark pyjamas (Marlow and Bailey already both have a pair), and these girls ones are so sweet. Just add the (super-stylish) cape,  mask and wellies and you’re all set. Who said Halloween has to be scary anyway? Let’s leave that to the older kids. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a pretty cape or tutu to the pyjamas… I’m also going to be buying Tabitha this Hello Kitty Halloween DVD to get her in the spooky mood (and let’s be honest, how scary can Hello Kitty actually be??). Tomorrow it’s the boys’ turn…

ps: we have had a few requests for some more purse-friendly leather pencil skirts following Friday’s Mama Spree. Here are a few we found on the high street… This ASOS one; this River Island one (we like the pockets); this French Connection wrap one; and this petite one from M&S.

time for a change…

18 May 2014

Mango Striped Cotton Pyjamas (3-12 years)
£19.99  SHOP NOW
It’s that time of year for the ‘big pyjama handover’. It’s suddenly too warm (and long may it last!) for the long sleeved, long legged pjs, and time to buy the cooler, Summer version. I love this classic cotton pair from Mango (above), and I will also be buying Marlow at least two of these options… The Little White Company gingham; Gap colour block stripe (reduced to just £11.99);  The Little White Company striped two pack (love); Gap submarine three piece sleep set (clearly aimed at the British market!). Could Summer really be on its way?

ps: coming up this week on Little Spree: girls’ sandals, dressing-up costumes (for boys and girls), and one of my favourite Summer dresses that I’ve bought for Tabitha…

and so to bed…

4 March 2014

Gap Colourblock One-Piece (6 months-5 years)
£14.95  SHOP NOW
I bought this for Marlow (and anyone who follows Little Spree on Instagram will probably have seen him wearing them), and Tabs has the girl’s version, and I absolutely love it. They are essentially onesies, but not baggy like most of them (there’s nothing stylish about them…). I like that these have a snug fit (think Uma Thurman in Kill Bill!), so they look cool and are super-cosy to sleep in (the twins love them). And I love the colour combinations. I’m thinking of buying bigger sizes to put away for when they are older. In the meantime, here are some more girls and boys pyjamas that I am coveting… These pretty Cyrillus velour ones with a Liberty print bow, these La Redoute knight dressing-up ones (still loving the idea of dressing-up nightwear) and classic star print ones; these sweet floral print Monsoon ones for the Summer;  Cath Kidston plane print ones; John Lewis fun skeleton ones that glow in the dark (now reduced to just £10.00); Hatley horse print ones; Petit Bateau striped ones; Stella McCartney printed ones (currently half price); Mini Boden girls’ ones; and Mini Boden boys’ ones (I like the stripe/UFOs best). Phew!

winter pjs

12 September 2013

Little Fashion Gallery Peeji Pyjamas With Cloud Print (3-10 years)
Now that Autumn is suddenly upon us (one day the twins (and me!) were wearing sandals and shorts/sun dresses, the next, boots and coats), I suddenly needed to make the switch to Winter pyjamas. I always love (and buy) the Little White Company ones (the boys and girls) and the Gap ones (the boys and girls), but I love these super-cute cloud print ones for Marlow for a change.

ps: I have had lots of requests for suggestions for Winter coats and cute, cosy knits. So watch out for those next week…

summer pjs

11 June 2013

The Little White Company 2 Pack Short Sleeve Pyjamas (12 months-12 years)
A few people have been asking me where to get good ‘Summer’ pyjamas from for boys. Why they actually need them is another question (they obviously don’t live in London)! No seriously, I have reached for Marlow’s short sleeved pyjamas a few times this year (although I’m yet to buy Tabs a new nightdress for fear of it just sitting unworn, looking pretty in a drawer…). I have always been a big fan of The Little White Company boys’ pyjamas, and have recently discovered that they do fab Summer ones too. I like that these are shorts, but that the legs aren’t too skinny (like some brands). And of course I’m loving the simple striped design. Their pyjamas are always lovely quality and wash well (sorry – this is turning into a rather dull post isn’t it?). I will definitely be buying this set of two (great value for two pairs I always think) for Marlow. And Tabitha? Well, you never know, she may still get to wear a pretty nightdress yet…
£22.40 (were £28.00)

ps: I always find the White Company sizing to be quite generous, and often actually size-down for their pyjamas. So double-check before buying.

classic pyjamas

8 January 2013

Trotters William Pyjamas (12 months-11 years)
Trotters are great at the kids’ classics, and I love them for that. These gingham pjs are so cute. I took the twins to see The Snowman at the theatre on Sunday (which they absolutely loved), and the little boy’s classic pyjamas made me think of these. As you know, I always love gingham, and these are the classic brushed cotton variety, which are always super-cosy. You just can’t mess with tradition.

bananas in pyjamas

28 November 2012

Little White Company Henley Jersey Pyjamas (12 months-8 years)
I always buy Tabs and Marlow’s pyjamas from The White Company. I love the quality, and that they are always pretty classic. I particularly love these ‘long john’ style ones because they are are cosy, skinny fit and don’t have the drafty wide legs (hate those). The elbow patches are a great added detail too. And of course, I’m all over the fact that they are navy and white striped!

the prettiest pyjamas

5 August 2012

Cyrillus Girls’ Butterfly Pyjamas (2-14 years)
I know I keep banging on about the difficulties I have finding good girls’ pyjamas, but I really do. Not today! How gorgeous is this grey butterfly print pair? As chic as you would expect from Cyrillus, but still whimsical and pretty enough to keep me happy. I love the bib front and the velvet trim. And they are made from lovely cotton. Suddenly Tabitha seems to have an abundance of great pyjamas!

ps: I went to John Lewis (in Kingston) today and discovered that the fab Native shoes I posted on 26th July are now half price in the sale! So a real bargain at just £12.50 a pair! I hadn’t got around to buying them for Tabarlow yet because I’ve been so busy, so was more than a little excited to get both pairs for the original price of one. Tabitha was with me and (obviously) wanted the fuschia pink ones, but they didn’t have her size (which, as you can imagine, I was devastated about…). So I got them both the navy (Kath was right – the blue is definitely more of a navy in real life), which I love. Tabarlow have just gone out with their dad wearing them and they look so cute (both wearing jeans with a little turn-up). They have a real ‘skater vibe’ which is so cool. In fact, I like them so much I may even buy larger sizes to keep for when they grow out of these ones. Love, love, love!

loving lötiekids!

27 June 2012

Lötiekids is a new discovery for me, but one that I really feel is quite special, and that I’m really excited to share with you. It’s a gorgeous little capsule collection from Spain of stylish, easy-to-wear basics in lovely, soft, stretchy cotton. Many of the pieces feature charming, original little prints such as this bicycle one, which I particularly love. I also love this pretty, dusky-pink (always one of my favourites, but generally not that easy to find on the high street). These are not necessarily designed to be pyjamas, but I always find it so difficult (a nightmare in fact) to find nice girl’s ones, that I thought this set would make the ideal pair for Tabitha for the Summer. But they also double up as lovely separates to wear every day. How clever! They also do great printed sleepsuits that go up to age three (super-cosy). Love!

1. Lötiekids printed top (1 month-5 years) £13.50
2. Lötiekids printed leggings (1 month-5 years) £13.50

mix & match

6 June 2012

Baby Joule Buzz Circus Pyjamas (0-3 years)
I don’t know about you, but I always find it a challange to find lovely pyjamas. Well, ones that aren’t adorned with naff cartoon characters anyway. These are really lovely ones, and make a change from regular, classic striped ones (which admittedly, I always naturally gravitate towards). I love this whimsical circus print and the mismatched (it’s all about mix & max prints this season after all) striped bottoms. Stylish, but still fun.

FC pyjamas

8 February 2012

French Connection printed pyjamas (0-18 months)
I was given some French Connnection pyjamas for Tabarlow when they were first born, and I absolutely loved them (and this is very apparent when I look back at pics from that time!). They literally lived in them. They are made of really lovely, soft cotton; look cute, and wash really well (sorry, a dull thing to mention, but a very important fact for busy mums). They also look great a bit ‘styled up’ for all those endless visitors in the early days – a gorgeous jumper or cardi over the top will look fab. Think of them as cool ‘loungewear’ for your little ones. You’d better be quick though, the sale ends soon!
1. Were £25.00 Now £12.50 Birds
2. Were £25.00 Now £12.50 Planes