pirate trousers

Mini Boden Roll-Up Trousers (0-3 years)
£18.00-£20.00  SHOP NOW
These cute baby trousers have a bit of a pirate feel about them, which I love. They will look great turned up. So easy and comfy to wear. Just add a cosy neutral coloured sweater like this one from Cyrillus or this one from Susie and Toto, then switch up for a grey marl tee in the Summer. I’m also liking these navy M&S sandals, which would work well with this look.

ps: don’t forget it’s Mama Spree Friday tomorrow. And it’s all about how to be chic, cool and comfortable when you’re pregnant (and yes it is possible!).

my all-time favourite sandals

Sun-San ‘Surfer’ Sandals (sizes 5 infant-3 junior)
From £35.00  SHOP NOW
Anyone who has been a follower of Little Spree for over a year will already know about these sandals, so forgive me for repeating myself. But it’s that time of year again when we have to start thinking about (and buying) our Summer sandals before they all sell out. I am still yet to find a childrens’ sandal that I love more than the Sun-San ones. Tabitha and Marlow have worn them every Summer since they could walk, and I’ve just bought theirs for this Summer (Trotters have started stocking them, which is great because you can get their feet measured for them in the store). They look great, they are super-comfy, they look good with everything, they are equally cool for boys and girls, they start from baby sizes, they are waterproof, and they go in the washing machine. Oh, and they come in a huge range of colours (and styles, but the ‘Surfer’ is definitely my favourite). My favourite colours are white, navy, pale pink, silver, gold (for girls) and navy and tan (for boys). The best kids’ sandals ever.

ps: happy mothers’ day to all the Little Spree mamas out there! Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

my favourite sandals

Sun San ‘Surfer’ Sandals (sizes 9 infant-3 junior)
Some of you may remember my post about these last Summer. I am obsessed with these sandals. They come in a whole range of styles (although these ‘Surf’ style ones are definitely my favourite) and gorgeous colours (my faves are the white, silver, navy and pale pink for girls, and the navy and tan for boys). They have been making them since 1940 (yes really), and are a bit of a cult classic in America. Tabs had her first pair last Summer, and literally lived in them (despite the many other pairs I had, of course, bought for her). They have a super-comfy moulded sole and the leather is lovely and soft (so no need for socks) for little feet. The leather is actually coated in a water resistant sealant (perfect for running in and out of the sea/paddling pool/rock pools etc), and they mould to the wearer’s feet with repeated wear. The brass buckles allow the straps to be adjusted to fit wide or narrow feet, so one width fits all. And you can even chuck them in the washing machine when they get dirty! Brilliant. Plus (more importantly) they look fab with everything – dresses, jeans, shorts…). And they start in tiny baby sizes (‘Seawee’ is the baby version of ‘Surf’) – I went to my great friend, Des’ daughter’s christening on Sunday, and little Missy was rocking a tan pair with her Edwardian white cotton dress that I had bought her a while ago, and she looked so adorable in them. So many mums have stopped me to ask me where they are from (particularly Marlow’s – I guess it’s that bit harder to find nice boys’ sandals). And if they are good enough for Suri Cruise? Even Alexa Chung wears them (yes they come in adult sizes too). Tabs and Marlow are both wearing theirs (white and tan respectively) as we speak.
£35.00  sunsansandals.co.uk

floral sandals

Zara Home Kids Liberty Print Sandals (sizes 2-6)
I don’t have a whole lot to say about these sandals, except that Tabitha has them, and I love them, and so does she. They are cute, comfy and look adorable with a skinny jean and as Breton t-shirt or peasant-style blouse. And they are in the sale. The end.
£12.99 (were £19.99)  zarahome.com

ps: the velcro straps make them super-speedy to get on and off. Always a bonus.

t-bar chic

Cyrillus Boys T-Bar Shoes (sizes 20-24)
I always love these kind of classic canvas t-bar sandals for the Summer. They are always pretty inexpensive (so you don’t feel so bad chucking them out come Autumn…). They always look chic, and the velcro strap makes them fast and easy to get on and off.  I will be buying a pair of these each for Tabs and Marlow. This navy baby pair from H&M are a great option too.
£24.00 (were £30.00)  cyrllius.com

leopard print sandals

M&S Open-Toe Print Sandals (sizes 10 small-6 large)
The sun is shining, so my thoughts are quickly turning to Summer accessories (I can’t even so much as look at another boot!). I’m always on the hunt for great sandals, and these are definitely that, and more. As you know I always love a touch of leopard print (but just a touch). I have to say, I do (surprisingly) love the added bling of the gold glitter trim. The thing that keep these cute, not tacky? The fact that they are flat. It’s that simple. And destined only to be worn in a laid-back, casual way (party dresses need not apply), preferably with jeans. I kind of want of pair…
£11.20-£14.40  marksandspencer.com

ps: I’ve got my much loved (and much mentioned) Antik Batik leopard print slouchy shoulder bag sitting next to me, as I’m about to go to the airport to fly to New York for a shoot. I always take it with me as my carry-on, because it’s casually chic (so I can dress comfortably ‘down’ for the plane and not feel too scruffy) and roomy enough for all my books and magazines and all manor of other ‘stuff’ I travel with. I love it (but only when worn with jeans).

one two, buckle my shoe…

M&S Leather Walkmates Heart Sandals (sizes 5-9 small)
Yep, it’s another great pair of red sandals (is there a trend emerging here?). After I posted the Little Bird Mothercare ones back in January (which Tabitha has and is wearing and loving a lot – in fact she’s wearing them today), a Little Spree reader (thank you Mim) contacted me to ask if I’d seen these M&S ones? I hadn’t (amazingly – hope I’m not losing my touch?). I love the Walkmates shoes range – Marlow has had a couple of great pairs of boots from them over the last couple of years. Actually, it was their fantastic desert boots that I bought for him when he was around a year old that kick-started the whole idea for Little Spree… So far I’ve never bought Tabs any, but I’m definitely going to give these a go (Grandma is already briefed for her next trip to The Meadows). I love how traditional they are, and the adorable little heart cut-outs are a sweet touch that will keep Tabs (as well as me) happy. And all the Walkmates shoes are especially designed to give little feet the room they need to develop properly, such as extra toe space etc, so you know they are being looked after (so important for those early years). And they always use good quality, flexible leather. I am a big fan.
£22.00 marksandspencer.com 

your chance to win a few of my favourite (mini boden) things…

I love Mini Boden. Fact. I have almost used an entire pack of post-its (mini neon pink ones if you’re interested?) ear-marking all my favourite things that I am planning on ordering. Fact. I just think the collections are getting better and better each season. Fact. I’ve even ordered a super-cool Johnnie b beach cover-up for myself – you really should check out the Johnnie b collection for yourself!). Fact. Anyway, I’m poised, ready to put my order in for the new season, but in the meantime, here are some of my absolute favourite pieces from the Spring collection. And here’s the best bit. Now you have a chance to get your hands on some too! Thanks to our lovely friends at Boden (and they really are lovely – even the people who take your order on the phone are super-friendly) you have a chance of winning one of these eight pieces. All you have to do is choose your favourite item (from the eight I’ve selected here), then click on the pink link below to select the exact size you would like, then go to ‘comments’ below this post. Then simply state the item and size and how your lucky little one is going to wear it/them if you win. Then eight winners will be selected at random and announced here on Friday 1st March. It’s that easy. Good luck!

1. Pretty Woven Top  £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)
2. Leather Sandals £24.00-£28.00 (sizes 24-37)
3. Alphabet Print T-shirt £10.00-£12.00 (0-3 years)
4. Roll-up Trousers £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)
5. Colour Pop Jumper £28.00-£32.00 (1.5-10 years)
6. Stripey Pocket Tee £12.00-£14.00 (1.5-10 years)
7. Easy Printed Dress £22.00-£24.00 (1.5-10 years)
8. Towelling Top £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)

my favourite sandals ever!

Sun-San ‘Surfer’ Sandals (sizes 5 infant-12 infant child)
I have been obsessed with these sandals for for about a year and a half now. I first discovered them through my lovely friend, Coliena (a super-talented fashion photographer who I work with regularly) in LA, whose daughter always wears them. They are called ‘Saltwater’ sandals in America (which is where things start to get a little confusing…). You can buy them over here (Little Liberty stock a small selection of them as well as various other places), but not online. You can find them on US websites, but they won’t ship to the UK. But now they are trading under the name ‘Sun-San’ over here, and you can order them online directly from their website. Hurray! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am! These are just the coolest sandals ever. They come in tons of lovely colours, and slightly different styles (check them out for yourself on the website), but the classic ‘Surfer’ style has always been my favourite. They are great for girls as well as boys. They look fab on, are super-comfy (for both wide and narrow feet), and are also waterproof, so perfect for beach holidays. I have just ordered a pale pink pair for Tabs, and will see how the sizing comes up, then order a navy pair for Marlow. I had sort of given up on Summer sandals now that’s it almost September, but I just couldn’t resist these. Also, they start in quite little sizes, so they are great for pre-toddlers too.  Love, love, love!
£35.00  sunsansandals.co.uk 

mini marni?

M&S Girl’s Open Toe Bow Sandals (sizes 4-13)
You’d been forgiven for thinking these are Marni (they have just launched a kids’ collection after all). They totally look like they could be! I just love everything about them – the navy spot/stripe combo, the (non-perfect) bow, the fact that they are espadrilles… And of course, the fact that they aren’t Marni, and are a tenner (or less if you are shopping for very little girls!). You’ve gotta love M&S!
ps: a (very cool) fellow Fashion Editor friend of mine, did actually think they were Marni! So there you have it.
£9.00-£10.00  marksandspencer.com 

sunny sandals

Mini Boden Leather Sandals (sizes 22-39)
I am not normally one for bold colours where kid’s clothing (or any clothing for that matter) is concerned, but something always draws me to this particular shade of yellow. It’s a pop of colour, but still looks cool and chic. I recently bought these for Tabitha and they look so great with jeans and dresses. I like that they have a bit of a Birkenstock vibe going on, but are a little bit more girly. But they are selling out fast, so if you want to get your hands on a pair, you’d better strop reading and start clicking…
£22.00-£24.00  boden.co.uk 

crazy horse

Stella McCartney Kids Horrace Jumper (3-36 months)
As much as I love Stella McCartney Kids, it’s a little on the expensive side for Little Spree (it would have to be a very little spree indeed!). Then my lovely friend Kim told me about this cute jumper that she had bought for her daughter, Marcie. Ok, so £40.00 for a children’s jumper may not be the bargain of the century, but I think it’s a pretty fab price for such a cute and quirky jumper from Stella. And I think you would get tons of wear out of it if you make sure you buy it in a slightly roomier size. Wear with…

1.  Stella McCartney Kids jumper  £40.00  stellamccartney.co.uk
2.  Gap skinny jeans  £15.95  gap.eu
3.  Jo Jo Maman Bebe floral sandals  £14.00  jojomamambebe.co.uk 

flower power

Jo Jo Maman Bebe Floral Sandals (sizes 3-10)
I bought these for Tabitha a few weeks ago, and I can’t wait for her to wear them, but I’m still waiting for the sun to come back! They are so cute. They are real little girl’s sandals, which I love, and the Liberty-esque print is so sweet. They actually look much nicer in the flesh than in the picture, so you’re going to have to trust me on this one. They will look adorable with a looser fit jean (a nice change from a skinny) and a little smock/striped top. And they are really comfortable for running around in (you’re going to have to trust me on that one too!). They are selling out fast though, so you’d better be quick if you want to get your hands on a pair.
£14.00  jojomanbebe.co.uk 

my favourite blouse

Du Pareil Au Meme Printed Blouse (1-23 months)
This is one of my favourite tops that I’ve ever bought for Tabs. I bought it from one of the DPAM stores (love, love, love this store!) in Paris last February during Fashion Week, and she is still wearing it now (it’s size 18 months, and she was two in January!). It’s such a pretty print and always looks cool with jeans or leggings. I always buy this style of blouse in a much bigger size, then they can evolve from little dresses worn with knitted tights to tunic/smock tops, to, erm, tops that are probably a bit on the small side, but still look cute… Oh and by the way, I know on the website it says that the sizing is not in months, but as a rough guide, that’s always worked for me. I’m so excited it’s still available! Wear with…

1.  Du Pareil Au Meme Printed Blouse  £14.00  dpam.com
2.  H&M Spotty Leggings  £3.99  hm.com
3.  Bella’s Bows Hair Bow  £3.99  panachekids.com
4.  Hampton Classics Nantucket Sandals £14.99  trotters.co.uk 

hampton classics

Hampton Classics Nantucket Sandals (sizes 19-32)
I love these! Tabitha had a pair last year, and she literally lived in them. I’ve just bought Tabs and Marlow a pair each for this Summer, and they are both wearing them today. I love that they are such a classic design, and completely plain. And honestly, they look great with everything, from jeans to shorts to dresses to leggings. They are perfect for this weather because they are open, but still have the closed toe for when it’s a little chillier. And such a great price too.
£14.99  trotters.co.uk 

cut-out sandals

John Lewis Cut Out Sandals (sizes 4 Jnr-4)
I always find it a real style challenge to find great shoes for girls, but suddenly I seem to keep seeing fab ones everywhere I go! I really love these, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. I just know they will look great (and I will definitely be buying a pair for Tabs). They are not too girly, but not too butch either. They will look so cute with pretty dresses if you’re not into super-girly looks for girls (I’m not). And they look comfy and practical for running around in. They do also come in pink, but of course I was never going to go for those! Oh and by the way, talking of footwear – I bought Marlow and Tabs the Jones Bootmaker navy desert boots (as featured in last Sunday’s post) on Friday and I absolutely love them. Was only planning on getting them for Marlow, but they looked so cool, I couldn’t resist! Tabs is wearing hers today with a denim tunic top (H&M), a marl grey cardigan (Zara) and navy and white striped leggings (Gap).
£15.00  johnlewis.com 

dvf is coming to gap!

I have news, and it’s exciting! Diane von Furstenberg and Gap are launching a girls’ collection on 28th March, and I’ve had a sneak preview, and can tell you it’s fantastic. It has been cleverly designed as a little bit ‘mini mummy’, but not too much. These are just a couple of my favourite pieces. I love, love, love these heart print sandals (yes, I’m slightly obsessed, it’s true)! They will look so cute with jeans or simple sun dresses. And how cool are these leggings? I would style them with a navy cashmere sweater/long sleeved t-shirt, or even a simple white smock top once it’s a bit warmer. And this is just a taste of things to come. Other pieces to scope out are the gorgeous print dresses, capri pants and the swimwear. As you would expect from DVF, the prints feature heavily (hibiscus and leaf), and are all super-cute, and in gorgeous colours. And there are some great accessories too. There’s even a printed nappy bag! The collection starts from newborn and goes right up to age 14, and prices start from just £9.95. These will be great pieces to buy and keep. I still have pieces from the Stella McCartney/Gap collaboration that I bought for the twins when I was pregnant. I still love them now, and have passed on the boys’ things to my sister for my nephew. So you better make a note in your diary to get down to your nearest Gap next Wednesday (preferably first thing!). Or stay at home in your pyjamas and log on if you can’t face the scrum…

silver sandals

Open Toe T-Bar Sandals (size 4s-13s)
These gorgeous sandals caught my eye as I was doing my usual 10 minute trolley-dash around M&S foodhall (conveniently located next to the children’s department in the Marble Arch store) this afternoon. Possibly a little optimistic buying Summer sandals in February, but the sun was shining, so what the hell! These are so sweet, and I love that they are such a simple design (hard to find non-embellished girls’ sandals). And the silver is fab – a welcome change from pink. They will look equally cute worn with simple sun dresses or jeans this Summer. I love them and so does Tabs. However, she did want to wear them today – well, don’t we all want to wear our new purchases immediately? Can’t blame a girl for trying…
£9.00-£10.00  marksandspencer.com