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Monsoon Embroidered Boys Collarless Shirt (3 months-12 years)
£16.00  SHOP NOW
Sometimes I find that shirts can be a bit stiff and formal for little boys (and Marlow refuses to wear them at all), so I liked this more hippie, Indian inspired version for the Summer months. It would look great for a wedding/party, but also just for everyday with jeans and sandals. Boys can get on the ‘stylish hippie bus’ too…

ps: it’s almost time to bust out the Summer pyjamas. I love these ones from Gap and these ones from The Little White Company.

boys boys boys


Mini Boden Boys Cardigan (2-12 years)
£20.00-£24.00 (was £25.00-£30.00)  SHOP NOW
It’s all about the boys today. Starting with this super-cool, simple cardigan made from cotton and cashmere. Great for those ‘in-between days’ when you’re need an extra layer, but not necessarily a really thick, warm one. I love the elbow patches and the subtle neon trim details. Here are a few more pieces that I have spied for the boys this week that will also work for those ‘is it Spring yet?’ layering kind of days…
I bought these Zara girls’ cotton striped trousers for Marlow a couple of weeks ago – they are lightweight, and a slim fit. Perfect for Summer (and there’s no way I could get Tabitha anywhere near a navy striped trouser these days…); this cool star print scarf from Cyrillus; these M&S navy suede chukka boots (I always loved a chukka style boot – Tabarlow’s daddy is a big fan of the Common Projects ones); these John Lewis colour block Wayfarer sunglasses; this The Little White Company mixed stripe long sleeved tee; this cool tee from The Fableists (this new little brand that I just discovered – definitely worth checking out); and this H&M cargo shirt. I also mentioned a great pair of jeans that I picked up for Marlow in Gap on Saturday. They were my favourite skinny fit that I always buy him, but they were a new wash – slightly distressed and with a little turn-up. I am going to double-check with the press office, but I think these are them. He was wearing them today with a Miller striped tee (from my Miller sale swoop a few months ago) if you want to take a look on Instagram. I also noticed that they already have their denim cut-offs in for Summer. I bought the Gap ones last year (for me and for Marlow actually, but more about mine in Mama Spree) and he literally lived in them. So I am going to ‘buy now, stash for later’ (I like these H&M ones too).

boys boys boys

Ralph Lauren Western Shirt (2-7 years)
£30.00 (was £60.00)  SHOP NOW
The denim shirt has definitely become a wardrobe staple, and one that I always love on little boys. And this one is one of the best I’ve seen. Snap one up quick, before word gets around! And whilst I’m on the subject of sale bargains, I’ve just ordered these Pom D’Api  canvas velcro shoes for Marlow (he already has the grey, which I posted once before). Oh, and I also love this shirt and velvet jacket combo from Autograph; this super-cool animal print sweatshirt (very A.P.C…) from M&S; this fab Bellerose jacket (still quite pricey, but less pricey than before…); and these Pepe (love their kids’ shoes) trainers.

little dandy

Autograph Cotton Floral Shirt With Bow Tie (12 months-10 years)
I can’t help getting preoccupied with girls’ clothes in the run-up to Christmas. So many gorgeous things to choose from (watch this space for my favourite party dresses and tutus – both coming up this week), and frankly, not enough parities/festivities to showcase them. Boys (particularly toddlers) on the other hand… Not so much. However, I have had my eye on this stylish little shirt and bow tie combo for a while now. I love the tiny floral print, and the contrast of the black trim and velvet bow tie. And you can’t really go wrong at £14.00 can you? My only problem now is persuading Marlow to wear it! He HATES dressing up of any kind. Oh well – I suppose a grey sweatshirt works for any occasion…
£12.00-£14.00  marksandspencer.com

showing the love for chambray

Indikidual Chambray Top With Button Back (6 months-6 years)
This post is dedicated entirely to one Ms Des Lewis. She emailed me last night to say she had bought this adorable top for her one year old daughter, Missy. I of course, love it! How could you not love it? I have not been hunting for stylish bargains this month for Little Spree due to holidays and house guests, but when one as good as this lands in my lap/inbox, it would just be selfish of me not to share. I love a bit of chambray (not quite denim, not quite cotton…) because it’s just that little bit more girly than denim. I love the simplicity of this top, and the buttons down the back are just perfect. Here are two other fab chambray finds (also courtesy of the lovely Des) from Zara (I want this!) and Cos (yes please!). Des assures me that the Cos shirt looks better in real life, but I think it looks pretty great in the picture! Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that not only does chambray look cool, it is also a great Autumn fabric – a little thicker than your regular cotton, but still cool enough for those late, warm end of Summer/early Autumn days…
£28.00  indikidual.bigcartel.com

grey stripes

Emma Levine Boy’s Striped Shirt (0-12 months)
Love the style of this striped shirt. A little bit hippie, but not too much (you have to be careful with boys’ clothes and the whole hippie thing…). I don’t find it easy finding shirts that I like (somehow they always look either too ‘laddy’ or too preppy…), but this one ticks all the boxes, and is on my shopping list for Marlow. When I came across it, I also noticed that this ’Joanie’ dress of Tabitha’s that I posted a while back is still available (just slightly different colours from Tabs’). It was possibly one of my favourite dresses on her ever. I loved it! I would buy her another one, but sadly she’s too big for it now (it only goes up to 24 months, although she wore it until she was almost three). Oh well, I’m sure they will be other dresses…
£20.00  amazon.co.uk


Cos Checked Flannel Shirt (1-8 years)
I always love a checked shirt, but I particularly love the ones Cos do for boys because they are just a little more refined than your average ‘lumberjack’ style. Marlow has one that is identical in style to this one, just different colours, that he has lived in. I posted it back in April actually. I love that it is collarless (a little bit different, and somehow, more modern), and that the shape is loose. It’s also super-soft cotton flannel. I like Marlow’s best when he wears it with his pale grey skinny jeans. Sometimes with a cashmere cardigan over the top. Anyway, I will be buying him this one as a replacement (loving these colours…). Another thing (there are many) that I love about Cos is that they tend to stock the same pieces for quite a long time. So when I find favourites, I tend to repeat-buy and buy them for gifts too.
£27.00  cosstores.com 

lumberjack cool

H&M Checked Shirt (1-8 years)
I spotted this the other day when I was in H&M buying a couple of really great Jane Birkin-esque crocheted ‘holiday’ dresses (couldn’t decide between the black and the white, so naturally bought both) for me. I would have bought it for Marlow then, but I was rushing to get home after a day at the Red office. But I am definitely going to get him one. It’s so cool. It actually looks very similar to a Marc Jacobs one Marlow’s dad has. And it wasn’t all stiff and starchy (which I often find to be the case with a lot of boys’ shirts). It had a really relaxed, laid-back vibe, which I loved (and still love). And it’s £5.99!
£5.99  hm.com

ps: I hit the Petit Bateau sale today in Richmond. They still have some great bits. Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been already. I got two pairs of pyjamas for Tabitha (I find it so hard to find nice (non-tacky) girls’ ones, whereas Marlow has so many great pairs – my favourites are from The Little White Company and Zara Home Kids), plus a classic Breton A-line dress (she has already had two of the long sleeved version that she wore into the ground), and some super-cute floral print bloomer-style shorts. Sorry Marlow, it just wasn’t your day today…

tablecloth checks

La Redoute Checked Shirt (18 months-5 years)
I always love what are sometimes referred to as ‘tablecloth checks’. This is a great, classic boy’s shirt from La Redoute. Will look fab with a grey cashmere cardigan, jeans (or shorts) and desert boots (every time I spot a gorgeous, beautifully dressed child in Paris, I can’t help noticing that they are wearing desert boots, so it’s not just me that’s obsessed with them!).
£13.00  laredoute.co.uk 

ps: my shopping window was a very small one indeed in the end, so sadly I only managed to pop into Monoprix (but I’m actually coming back to Paris again on Sunday for a few days, so hopefully I’ll be able to carry on where I left off). But I scooped up some really great things, including two absolutely adorable girl’s cotton bikinis from CFK for 17 euros each – one in grey & white stripes, one in grey with tiny white spots (both with smocked tops), a cream spotted long sleeve girl’s blouse with a Peter Pan collar for 18 euros, some fab melamine cups covered in little stars, and some cute spotted plates in the most gorgeous colours. It was a modest one, but overall I was quite pleased with my haul (I have tweeted pics). I got some great kitchen things too, but don’t worry, I won’t bore you with those…

denim shirt

Mini Club Denim Shirt (6 months-6 years)
I am loving Boots at the moment (who knew?). Honestly, they have some really fab things. And you can’t argue with the ’3 for 2 mix & match’ bargains (plus you can get your Boots points – result!). Now I know I said that I wasn’t a big fan of little boys in shirts, but like the Cos checked one, this has a more relaxed feel to it. I really love the wash of the denim. Would look really cute with a cashmere cardigan (in navy, grey or brown) over the top. Or dare I say it – you could always go for a ‘double denim’ look and wear with a pair of darker wash jeans? I think it would be really cute on a girl too, so Marlow and Tabs might have to share this one!
£10.00  boots.com


Cos Check Flannel Shirt (sizes 98-116)
Yes, there are actually still some sale bargains out there, waiting to be snapped up if you’re quick. I bought this shirt for Marlow back in January, but it is still available. I’m not a big fan of shirts on little boys (somehow, they just always end up looking too formal and grown up…), but I really love this one. I like the relaxed fit and the fact that it’s collarless. Love the colours (no brights!!), and it feels really lovely and soft. It’s all about the details. Cos is one of my favourite shopping haunts for kids, but it can be quite pricey. Always check out their sales though – there are definitely bargains to be had.
Was €35.00 (£30.00) Now €18.00 (£15.00)  cosstores.com