no bows, just arrows

Lötiekids Arrows Sweatshirt (12 months-3 years)
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As you know I love a grey sweatshirt, and this one has a cool arrow print which just make me like it all the more. If you don’t know Lötiekids you should definitely check them out. They do great unisex basics in the great muted colours that we all love; some with really sweet, unique prints. Marlow had a pair of grey leggings with a bicycle print on when he was a baby, which I loved. And Tabitha had this A-line t-shirt dress in dusky pink, which (as you can see) they still do.

ps: these plain grey canvas shoes from Mothercare are the perfect every day ‘running around in’ shoe.

skate chic

Monsoon Glitter Skate Shoes (sizes 10-4)
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Tabitha has these, and she absolutely adores them! She loves that they are ‘like Mummy’s shoes’ (although admittedly I don’t have a glittery pair, I do have at least six other pairs of skate shoes that I have acquired since the twins were born – I have long been a convert to their ‘cool comfort’). And the great thing about this particular pair is that they are a cool girls’ shoe, but one that appeals to ‘girly girls’ who are fully immersed in all things princess-y (like Tabs) because of the glitter. It’s all about the glitter. I would quite like a pair myself now…
Tabitha also has this pair from Zara, which have a small amount of pink on them, so she loves them too. I have also seen (and liked) these denim, spotted ones from Gap; and these navy Vans (I still love the classic Vans ones). I like them best worn with jeans and a pretty blouse, or with cute dresses in the Summer, so not too tomboy.

an ‘m&s moment’

M&S Foil Star Print Mary Janes (4-13 small)
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I popped into M&S the other day for a quick sweep of the kids’ department. I had about five minutes to spare between appointments, but found myself lingering for a lot longer as I kept finding more and more cute things for Summer. Love these sweet star print Mary Janes (a little bit Chloe, non?) – the perfect ‘just bling enough’ party shoe. Here are some other bits that caught my eye, including a couple of things I bought for Tabs, and a blouse that I bought for myself! These navy spotty t-bar plimsoles for toddlers (they also come in grey); these white sandals; this printed blouse which I bought for Tabs (the flecks look more like a cool neon pink in the flesh); this printed blouse (also now in Tabs drawer); this t-shirt: this embroidered blouse (it reminded me of an A.P.C sundress of mine…); and finally this is the top that I bought for myself (in age 13-14). And yes, it fits! Sorry, didn’t make it to the boys’ section – I was too late by then! Next time…

silver shoes

Trotters Mary Jane Pre-Walkers (sizes 17-19)
Could these be the cutest/chic-est baby girls’ shoes ever? So simple and stylish, and silver goes with everything, particularly my favourite palette of grey, navy and dusky pink. And this Mary Jane style is such a design classic, it never dates. Love! I also love these, and these gold ones for toddler girls from Gap.
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ps: Boden has 22% off at the moment to celebrate their 22nd anniversary. Only until Thursday night though, so you’d better get on it…

red mary janes

Clarys Mary Jane Shoes (sizes 20-26)
I managed to score a pair of these for Tabs last year in the Trotters sale, and absolutely loved them. They were the perfect mix of traditional and cute. They looked great with sweet little dresses and knitted tights, but I always liked them best worn with skinny cords (grey or dusky pink were my faves at the time…). And I loved the fact that they were red – it weirdly has a way of going with most things (if most things happen to be navy, grey, dusk-pink, blue…). Anyway, that was then, and this is now. I just happened to be snooping around the Trotters website the other day, and I saw that they are still stocking them (and in navy, fuchsia and beige)! I have been asked by lots of mums where I got them from after posting various pics of Tabs wearing them on Instagram. So here you go! I’m really tempted to buy another pair (navy, of course)…
£44.99   BUY NOW

ps: more navy peacoats to come next week. I have left no (High Street) stone unturned. Stay tuned.

scalloped flats

Gap Scalloped Flats (0-12 months)
I think these may be the cutest baby shoes I have seen. And certainly the chic-est. They bear more than a passing resemblance to the Chloe scalloped edge flats (which I adore), and these even have the added appeal of an ankle strap. It’s things like this that make me really want to have another daughter (a smaller one that fits into doll-like things like this). Sigh.

mini mocassins

Original Pyjama Company Moccasins (sizes 18-25)
These are the perfect footwear for babies who aren’t yet walking, but are on the move (crawling and cursing, and generally getting into all sorts of mischief). They look cute (I love that these ones are completely plain – not that easy to find, believe me), are comfortable to wear, and they actually stay put. And the leather soles mean that they don’t slip. And they look so cute of course! They are also great for both boys and girls (Tabs and Marlow both wore them), and the navy will go with everything. One thing I would say though is that they only really work with dresses when worn with knitted tights, so stick to jeans/trousers when it’s too warm for tights. And when worn with trousers, make sure they are worn under trousers. It’s all about the details!

seeing spots

Jo Jo Maman Bebe Espadrilles (sizes 4-11)
I spotted (sorry!) these a while ago when I popped into the store in Marlow, and they have been on my/Tabitha’s shopping list ever since. I’ve always loved espadrilles – they make me think of Jane Birkin, and holidays in the South of France as a teenager. In fact, I don’t think people ever stopped wearing them in France! But they are definitely having a bit of ‘moment’ again (if Chanel have done a version of something, you know there is a trend emerging…). I love this Mary Jane style (a lot easier for little ones to keep on than the traditional style). Super-cute.

t-bar chic

Cyrillus Boys T-Bar Shoes (sizes 20-24)
I always love these kind of classic canvas t-bar sandals for the Summer. They are always pretty inexpensive (so you don’t feel so bad chucking them out come Autumn…). They always look chic, and the velcro strap makes them fast and easy to get on and off.  I will be buying a pair of these each for Tabs and Marlow. This navy baby pair from H&M are a great option too.
£24.00 (were £30.00)

tiny dancer

Le Petit Tom Baby Ballerina Shoe (0-18 months)
How adorable are these? Now I usually find most decorative baby shoes a bit naff and pointless, but I just couldn’t resist these handmade ones. Love the navy velvet of course. They are cute and pretty, but not gimmicky or too ‘doll like’ (one of my absolute pet hates with baby girls). And you don’t need to wind the ribbons up the leg – just cross them over once, then double-up if you still have more ribbon left. Super-chic. They would be perfect for a special occasion worn with tights. Love.
£19.25 (were £38.50)  igloo 

it’s all about the skater shoe…

Gap Slip-On Sneakers (sizes UK 4-10)
In case you haven’t noticed, the skater style slip-on is having a major ‘moment’ right now thanks to Pheobe Philo at Celine. I have been living in my classic Vans for years (so comfy, and easy to wear), and have recently bought the Kurt Geiger black croc ones, which I love (perfect with a boyfriend jean). So I’m glad to see them appearing in little sizes too. So cute. I love these navy ones from Gap (they also come in grey with a yellow trim which are also really cool). I’m always on the look-out for great kids’ shoes that are easy to get on and off (not as easy as you might think, and there’s only so much velcro I can take…). These will be perfect for Marlow for nursery. I am going to try and get Tabs into a pair too (love them on girls), but I don’t fancy my chances much…

one two, buckle my shoe…

M&S Leather Walkmates Heart Sandals (sizes 5-9 small)
Yep, it’s another great pair of red sandals (is there a trend emerging here?). After I posted the Little Bird Mothercare ones back in January (which Tabitha has and is wearing and loving a lot – in fact she’s wearing them today), a Little Spree reader (thank you Mim) contacted me to ask if I’d seen these M&S ones? I hadn’t (amazingly – hope I’m not losing my touch?). I love the Walkmates shoes range – Marlow has had a couple of great pairs of boots from them over the last couple of years. Actually, it was their fantastic desert boots that I bought for him when he was around a year old that kick-started the whole idea for Little Spree… So far I’ve never bought Tabs any, but I’m definitely going to give these a go (Grandma is already briefed for her next trip to The Meadows). I love how traditional they are, and the adorable little heart cut-outs are a sweet touch that will keep Tabs (as well as me) happy. And all the Walkmates shoes are especially designed to give little feet the room they need to develop properly, such as extra toe space etc, so you know they are being looked after (so important for those early years). And they always use good quality, flexible leather. I am a big fan.

baby steps

Tip Toey Joey Dolly Shoe (3-21 months)
There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to start banging on about the distinct lack of non-hideous baby shoes there are out there. We all know that already. And the amount of emails/tweets I get on this very subject will confirm this. So instead of moaning on about what isn’t available (for reasons which remain a complete mystery to me, because I know the demand is definitely there, but I think that probably counts as banging on…), I’ve decided instead to focus on what is. Quite a few people have asked me recently for advice on stylish baby shoes/’first walkers’ for girls (including me dear friend, Des for her daughter Missy), and these are one of my favourites. I bought Tabs and Marlow (yes it’s true, I did dress my son in what can only be described as ‘Mary Janes’, much to my father’s horror…) a very similar pair for them as they started toddling and walking. Tabs’ were a really pale, dusky pink, and Marlow’s were navy (see, almost butch in navy right?). Anyway, I loved them, and at the time, they were by far and away the best ones I could find. They were simple and neutral, and went with everything they wore (I was not about to buy two pairs for each of them in one hit – forget it). And as you know, I do veer towards the more old-fashioned/classic things sometimes (which is not for everyone I know). I think these are a really sweet, stylish option for a little girl who is on the move (but equally great for a younger baby – they look cute and they will stay on). And not a bad price at all. And dare I say it, they do have a bit of a whiff of Harper Beckham about them? She loves a Mary Jane, and she loves grey… I will let you read the more technical blurb for yourself on the Igloo website, but rest assured they are 100% leather, and designed to allow your baby’s feet to grow and develop properly. So there you have it.


Monsoon Glitter Tap Shoes (sizes 7-13)
How cute are these? I still remember having a pair of silver glitter t-bar ‘party sandals’ (they were a bit of Granny-style ballroom shoe as I remember…) when I was little, and I absolutely loved them (and wore them at every opportunity!). I just felt so ‘pretty’ wearing them. I need to remind myself of these past feelings when I am literally having to wrestle a nasty pink sparkly ‘item’ out of Tabitha’s hands in a shop (sadly this is becoming all too frequent these days…). I think these are a pretty great example of something that will keep both Mummies and their (princess/pink/sparkly obsessed) little girls happy. Love the ribbon ties – so sweet. I think they would also look great dressed-down with (navy) leggings and a cashmere jumper (very ‘in rehearsals’)…

ps: obviously not (under any circumstances) to be worn at the same time as the ilovegorgeous gold sequinned dress (as featured on 29th January). Can you imagine?

put on your red shoes…

Little Bird By Jools Red Buckle Shoes (sizes 4-10 junior)
I spotted these in the pictures for the Little Bird launch collection last season, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t available to buy (I did look…). Anyway, I was having a little mooch around the Mothercare website the other day, and there they were! Now I know what I said about the colour red on Sunday, but I have always loved a red shoe (both for me and for kids). Tabitha has her red Carys (scored in the Trotters sale before Christmas) Mary Jane’s which I love on her, and strangely, red shoes do seem to look good with most things (I love red worn with paler, more muted colours). I love that these are quite classic and old-fashioned looking (much like Tabs’ pair). I also like that they are quite chunky, so not too girly – perfect with dresses and jeans/trousers They have a bit of a Red Hand Gang feel about them. Super-cute.

peter rabbit: style icon

If you follow me on Twitter, I apologise, because you’re probably sick to death of me gushing over this collection already… Peter rabbit is 110 (and looking good on it!), and to celebrate Gap have collaborated with Beatrix Potter with this completely adorable collection for babies. I have to confess, I was slightly sceptical when I first got wind of it – how would such a collaboration even work? It just sounded a little gimmicky to me, and I suppose I just didn’t ‘get it’. How wrong I was. I first saw the collection on Tuesday in the Oxford Circus store when I dashed in to check it out quickly (in the name of research) on my way home. I was instantly smitten, and promptly scooped up two rabbit face jumpers (one with pink trim, one with blue) and his and hers packets of socks in the most gorgeous colours (I always find it a struggle to find good socks for toddlers…). Officially the age range is 0-24 months, but I wasn’t about to be defeated that easily, and on inspection of said items, endevoured to squeeze my two (who just turned three) into them. Bingo! Both jumpers (age 18-24 months) fitted, and the socks are perfect. Where there’s a will and all that… Fast forward to the official press launch breakfast this morning, and I arrived feeling like I had already seen the collection in its entirety. Wrong again. I had barely seen anything – this collection is huge! The colours are spot-on – lots of grey (oh yes!), navy, dusky pink, pale blue, saffron (which I’m loving at the moment – so easy to work into a neutral-ish wardrobe, and so chic) etc. It’s just the perfect mix of whimsical and cute. Stylish and so, so sweet. Here are my favourites (including the jumpers I bought for Tabarlow, and Marlow’s days of the week socks), but I also particularly loved the days of the week bodysuits for little babies (up to six months). They would make the lovelist gift for a newborn. The blue shawl-neck cardigan (or possibly jardigan?) is based on Peter Rabbit’s own ill-fated jacket (how cute is that?). Love, love, love…
from £7.95

ps: available online and in-store now.