sophie’s (& sarah’s) choice

11 March 2014

Sophie La Girafe Hair & Body Wash (200ml)
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Sophie La Girafe (yes my spell check is working, this girafe is French) was a bit of an icon when the twins were babies (it was only teething accessory so be seen with, and all babies and parents were obsessed with her…). When I was walking around our old neighbourhood in Maida Vale with Tabarlow in their buggy I used to see at least one dropped Sophie per day on the pavement. Needless to say we got through a fair number of Sophie’s ourselves getting through those testing teething months.. Back then she was just a rubber giraffe, but nowadays she’s also morphed into a fully-fledged teething ring. Anyway, now it seems that she has branched out into a whole organic bath and body range. Now as you all know I have been loyal to Burt’s Bees Baby since the twins were tiny (I’m just addicted to the smell!!), but having just tried the Sophie hair and body wash, things might be changing around here… Firstly, the smell is amazing (even Tabitha and Marlow commented on how lovely it was!!). Then there is the fact that Tabitha’s hair (which is getting quite long and prone to knots and tangles) didn’t even need conditioner afterwards. And that’s just for starters. Specially formulated for baby sensitive skin, this mild and gentle hair and body wash is made with all natural ingredients, and is dermatologically tested and Ecocert approved (whatever that means, but it sounds reasuring).  As well as the body wash the range also includes body lotion, protection cream, bubble bath and baby oil (all equally gorgeous smelling). Yes please! And call me superficial (well I do work in fashion..), but it also looks super-chic in the bathroom. I really like this starter set (the perfect gift for a ‘mama-to-be’).

ps: and while we’re on the subject of organic products for babies, how cute are these handmade organic knitted booties?

pps: this adorable Liberty print Chloe baby sun hat has been reduced to just £20.00. Buy now, stash for later…

pure baby

26 April 2013

Pure Baby Hair & Bodywash (200ml)
When it comes to bathing (and moisturising) my kids, I have been loyal to only one brand pretty much exclusively since they were babies – Burt’s Bees Baby Bee. Because I have used it for so long, I always associate that particular (gorgeous) smell with Tabarlow. So when I was asked to try out a different brand (as I have in the past), I had my reservations. But I was actually really impressed. Pure Baby is a new collection of mother and baby products that has just launched at M&S. It is a complete range for mums-to-be and babies that is approved by midwives and dermatologically tested, so perfect for sensitive bunnies (big and small). It’s 100% free from artificial colours and fragrances, paragons (whatever they are?) and mineral oils. I love the smell (orange blossom and cotton apparently, but quite lavender-y, but not in that ‘old lady’ way that lavender can be sometimes…). I tried this hair and body wash on the twins, and loved it. Other products include mum-to be belly butter (I literally used to slather my tummy twice a day with anything I could get my hands on in the hope of staving off the dreaded stretch marks – and it worked, so don’t skimp on this ritual), baby body lotion and baby bottom butter (love that name!). So if you’re looking for a more affordable skincare collection (that is still gentle) for your bump and/or your baby/babies, I would whole heartedly recommend it.

ps: and you only need a small amount, so it really lasts…

baby bee

19 May 2012

This post is dedicated to my colleague, the lovely Laura, Fashion and Shopping Editor at Red, who is pregnant (and a Little Spree fan).  She asked me which skincare products I use on the twins, and I am often asked this by other mums too. So here is the answer. I have been using the Baby Bee products since the twins were babies (not right away though – water and Infacare did the trick for the first few months). The products are really lovely and gentle on their skin, have no nasty ingredients, and the smell is just gorgeous! It’s not the cheapest, but it lasts for ages (and remember, I’m getting through twice as much as most mums!) because you only need to use a tiny amount. I just associate the smell with them now (trust me, it’s addictive!), so can’t imagine switching anytime soon. I have just featured the bodywash/shampoo and lotion here, but I also use the nourishing baby oil and the nappy ointment too sometimes. I also love the lavender and vanilla ‘calming lotion’ for bedtime. So there you have it.

1.  Burt’s Bees Baby Bee shampoo and wash  £5.83
2.  Burt’s Bees original body lotion  £8.50