Wedding Week: the coolest page boys…

5 May 2016

Cool page boy outfit ideas - Little Spree

1. Monsoon Toby Tuxedo Suit, £55.00
2. Adidas Stan Smith Trainers, £36.99

Of all the outfits at a wedding, the one for page boys can be the most difficult to get right. It’s just so much harder to achieve the right amount of formality whilst also ensuing comfort (i.e. no fidgetting) and style, than for bridesmaids/flower girls. With that in mind, as well as our favourite suits, we thought it would be helpful to highlight pieces that we think work well together and can be used to smarten up or tone down an outfit; a sort of mix and match approach.
Starting with one of our favourite looks: the ‘mini tux’. You may remember we featured this navy suit in the Little Shop at Christmas as a party outfit – well it works for weddings too. In fact, page boy-to-be Bailey will be wearing this exact outfit at a friend’s wedding this Summer and I can’t rate it highly enough. The material is soft (no stiff collars), it fits well and comes with the little cotton shirt and bow tie pictured (and I can confirm no fidgeting required). If you need a black tux this one from Marks and Spencer is a good option and for a tuxedo jacket alone, try this one from Next. One of our other favourite pieces is this stand out Little Marc Jacobs shirt with bow tie.  It would look super cute worn casually with these shorts, or more formally with these suit trousers (with optional jacket). Alternatively, and for something a little more casual switch in this shirt, these sandals or these trousers with braces from Next into the mix.

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: if you know a groom that needs pointing in the right direction, we discovered some really well made, well priced mens suits at the M&S press day. We like this tuxedo and this navy suit. For grooms looking for a modern look, this ASOS tuxedo and suit are well worth a try.

Mini Celebration

14 April 2016

Little Spree
Boden ‘Best Dress’, £45.50-£49.50

I was recently asked to review a new collection of girls ‘occasion wear’ for Boden. I was more than pleasantly surprised – it’s gorgeous. And perfect for little wedding guests, parties, or just every day twirling… My favourite dress is the (cotton) one above (sadly, rabbit not included), and Tabitha has it (obviously). I love that it’s a proper old-fashioned ‘girls’ dress, similar to one that I would have worn as a child. Very Alice in Wonderland. My other favourites are the ‘Baby Charming Petal Dress’ and it’s big sister version (I am definitely buying this for Tabs for our Summer holiday – perfect with her Sun San tan sandals – find them in the Little Shop) and ‘The Lace Dress’ (love this colour). Read my full review of the collection here.

Sarah xx

ps: Boden is currently offering 20% off, plus free delivery and returns until Sunday. So hop to it!

pps: oh and did I mention that all the dresses are machine washable? Genius.

What to Wear for World Book Day…

29 February 2016

Little Spree: World Book Day

World Book Day, roughly translates to a last-minute mad panic (or a total nightmare for full-time working mamas) for mamas everywhere. We’ve rounded up the best costumes that are yours at the click of a button (sorry, but we are not even going to try and pretend that we’re going to make one…). So, instead of panicking, stick the kettle on/pour yourself a glass of wine, and we’ll share the best costumes we’ve found (some admitedly more ‘on brief’ than others, but we can’t be the only ones with kids who like to go off piste?)…
For the boys: Peter PanBFGThe GruffaloFantastic Mr FoxWilly WonkerMad HatterWhere’s WallyChewbaccaStormtrooperWoodyBuzz Lightyear, or a good old fail-safe pirate.
For the girls: Alice in Wonderland (and not forgetting the striped tights), Mary PoppinsLittle Red Riding HoodMatilda, The Tiger Who Came To TeaRey (ok, not strictly a book character, but Tabitha is obsessed by her), easy and generic (and frankly, a bit snoozy): fairy and ladybird.
And for the little-er ones :a hedgehog, a tricreatops, a lamb and The Hungry Caterpillar,

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: obviously we are not saying boys can only wear the ‘boys’ costume and girls can only wear the ‘girls’ – they are all interchangeable. We just wanted to split them for the sake of this post to make it quicker for you to look for your little ones (we know how time-poor you are!!). We can’t think of anything cooler than a girl Stormtrooper (just ask Preen!).

Mothers Day: Say It With Flowers (And A Few Other Things)

26 February 2016

Little Spree: Mothers Day gift ideas
The White Company Danvers Vase, £12.00

Mother’s Day is just a round the corner. And it’s not just about us mamas, but our mamas too. Here’s some inspiration to buy and hint for…
Flowers are always a good idea (the right flowers that is, not just any old flowers). M&S have some great options, and you know where you are with them, i.e. you know what you’re going to get, and we love that you can order them now and tick that off your never-ending to-do list). Go for anemonesroses and thistles (a lot prettier than they sound!), scented stocksmeadow flowershyacinths (and even supersize your hyacinths!), or how about a three month supply of flowers that go through the letterbox? Or order these and put your own picked flowers in (get the kids involved too. Perfect for Grannies and Grandmas everywhere). And not forgetting this simple, stylish vase (above) from The White Company.
We’re still loving these sweatshirts and tees (Nicky was way ahead of the game with hers!). I would love a grey one for Mother’s day (please kids/Tom!), these The Gray Store (one of our newish discoveries) Mama cotton zip-up bags, this chic (with just the right amount of schmaltz) clutch, and our current favourite tassel bracelets. Here’s hoping…

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mini Miu Miu

23 February 2016

Little Spree: girls party dresses
Next Jewel Trim Shift Dress, £26.00-£34.00

Little Spree: girls party dresses

1. Monsoon Estella Dress (0-3 years) £40.00
2. AO78 Leopard Pockets Dress (2-16 years), £47.66
3. Mademoiselle à SOHO Stars Dress (3 months-8 years), £32.61
4. Mamas & Papas Frill Dress (0-3 years), £34.00
5. ilovegorgeous Cloud Dress (2-13 years), £136.00
6. Dress Gallery Leopard Tulle Dress (8-16 years), £63.07
7. Zef Almeria Stars Dress (6 months-10 years), £43.00
8. Mango Bead Tulle Dress (3-12 years), £14.99

We’ve recently been asked a lot about ‘party dresses’. Now party dresses can mean different things to different people (and indeed, to different girls – one girls’ party is another’s casual Saturday playdate). So we’ve found a total of eight, each one as gorgeous as the next (and can we just discuss the ‘mini Miu Miu’ from Next??). Interestingly, our favourites just happened to be in black or pink (we have no idea why either!!).

Sarah & Nicky xx

Little Boys in Bow Ties

8 December 2015

Boy Party Outfit

1. Next Shirt And Bow Tie, £11.00-£12.00
2. Monsoon Velvet Jacket, £45.00
3. Mango Jeans, £14.99
4. Converse Black Rubber Boots, £35.00

There are two groups of people who seem to carry off a bow tie easily: the very young and the very old (oh, and anyone wearing a tux).We love this soft gingham version for a boys party outfit as it takes a classic look and makes it fun (and therefore more likely that your little man will want to wear it!). Not necessarily how we would expect the more mature man to wear his bow tie perhaps (although we’re not against it), we’d style it with jeans, a velvet jacket and these cool hi-tops.

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps remember this super cute Little Marc Jacobs shirt and bow tie that we posted on Instagram after the Alex & Alexa press day? Now in stock.

Christmas Day and beyond

7 December 2015

Girl Party Outfit

1. Louis Louise Frill Dress, £60.07
2. Next Jazz shoes, £14.00-£17.00

After much searching and deliberation (and literally dozens of discarded dresses and tutus…), we settled on this as our favourite girls Christmas Day/party outfit. Festive (well our kind of festive anyway), fun, stylish and cute. And the perfect hi-lo outfit (you can blow the budget on a gorgeous dress if your High Street shoes look as cute as these.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Come Shopping With Us…

29 November 2015

L Shop

1. M&S Sequinned Dress, £22.40-£25.20
2. Monsoon Tuxedo Set, £70.00

M Shop

1. Mango Flowy Fringed Dress, £39.99
2. Mango Faceted Crystal Earrings, £15.99

At this hectic time of year we know you appreciate all the help and inspiration you can get, so we’ve re-stocked the Little Shop and the Mama Shop with some of our favourite festive things (this is just a taster of our edit for mamas and kids). It was hard to narrow down the pieces to include in the Little Shop, so much so that we just decided to increase the size of the shop (how could we resist the Fisher-Price record player which we both remember from our own childhood). As you know we’re not ones for overdressing, so each party piece in the Mama Shop was carefully selected for adding just the right amount of sparkle (or toning it down). Check back on Friday for our official Christmas wish-lists, but in the meantime there is some serious coveting going on. For me (Nicky) it’s the  Boden boots and Mango dress, whilst Sarah has fallen for the velvet and lace dress and the military style reefer jacket (and has already bought the Topshop jumper), and we’re both obsessed with the cashmere trousers. Santa – if you’re listening, we’ve been very good this year!

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: apparently it’s Cyber-Monday so many of the items in the shop (and our recent Mama Spree shoe and dress posts) are discounted until the end of the day.

christmas day dressing

11 December 2014

girls party

1. Miller ‘Pop’Jumper, £85.00
2.. Zara Sequinned Skirt, £17.99
3. M&S ‘Best Of British’ Pure Wool Coat, £80.00
4. Gap Velvet Mary Jane Flats, £14.95

This is a great Christmas Day/party look that’s not too blingy. Cosy, cute, with just a smattering of sequins. Perfect.
It’s a different vibe altogether, but I just ordered this robin jumper for Tabs and it’s SO sweet. Christmas-y, but in an adorable old fashioned way. She will definitely be busting it out with a skinny jean (possibly even dungarees if I can bribe her!!) and a gold Mary Jane.

Sarah x

Boys party

1. Mango Batman Sweatshirt, £16.99
2. Zara Velvet Blazer, £45.99
3. Next Super Skinny Jeans, £13.00-£19.00
4. Converse High-Tops, £30.00

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or Christmas it’s the same dilemma: how to make your little boy look dressed up but not overdressed? Oh how I’ve envied mothers of little girls at these times, but we think we’ve come up with a cool Christmas solution here. We also like this grey jumper from Next if the Batman sequins are a step too far; and these amazing boots if these hi-tops aren’t far enough.

Nicky x

bibbity bobbety boo

26 October 2014


Tabitha and Marlow were lucky enough to be invited to the Disney Bibbidi Bobbidi (yes that is the correct spelling) Boutique in Harrods a few months ago. Marlow was a little unsure. Tabitha was in heaven. I tried to think of a comparison for me? Maybe discovering an Isabel Marant outlet store in central London that no one else knew about, where you are magically transformed into Daria before stepping out with a complete new outfit? Something like that anyway. So you don’t need me to tell you how excited Tabs was. She was asked in advance which princess (yes, you get to choose) she wanted to be (more of that later), and she immediately decided on Snow White. Apparently she was the first girl ever to choose her. Like her style! When the day came, the excitement mounted, and when we arrived at the boutique/castle, situated conveniently (or not, depending on which way you look at it?) in the Disney department, they were given a special ‘fairy godmother’ pager, which would alert them when it was time for their appointment. Actually, I was as excited at they were by this time! Two ‘fairy godmothers’ were at the entrance to greet us, and I have to say, they were so brilliant. They were ‘in character’ (don’t be tense, remember, it’s not for us…) the whole time, and really made the whole experience so special and magical. Once inside, Tabitha (and by then, a moody and reluctant Marlow) were shown to a special ‘changing room’ where their costumes were already hanging up inside, waiting for them. Boys get a very respectable Knight costume. Marlow refused to put it on. Tabs was beyond excited! Anyway, to cut a long fairytale a little bit shorter, she was then able to chose from a selection of make-up/face painting and hair styles (but all very child appropriate – no Miley Cryrus inspired looks here); then sat in a special chair where she was fussed over, and transformed into a ‘bespoke’ Snow White. Marlow sulked. I have to say, I was really impressed by the whole experience (and I was a little sceptical I have to admit). And mums, we need to remember, it’s not for us, so don’t be expecting dusky pinks, cashmere hand knit cardigans and desert boots – you need to let that all go for an hour, and just embrace (or pretend to anyway) the Princess makeover experience (and remember my Issy reference). They can choose from five (which includes the Knight one) personalised experiences (for children aged between 3-12 years), and they each include a magical transformation with hairstyling and face painting, as well as exclusive Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique merchandise. And now they have added the Frozen experience. Amazing!! I will warn you, it’s not exactly cheap. But honestly, I have to say, the experience was such a special one for Tabitha (ok, Marlow less so, but he did warm up a bit eventually and was given a very stylish sword, which he loved, and anyway, let’s be honest, it’s not really aimed at the boys is it?); and one that she will hopefully always remember. And it’s a one-off experience, so for a special birthday treat it can be justified. And just going to the Harrods toy department is a treat in itself (it’s just trying to get them out again that’s the problem) – it really is amazing. I remember going there every year with my brother and sister as a child, and always remember it so fondly (we were each allowed to choose one toy). And if you really feel you need a Disney detox immediately afterwards, there is a fabulous Bonpoint concession just downstairs…

The Disney Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Boutique

extra spooky

16 October 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 23.57.34

Little Baby Company Halloween Trick Or Treat Card, £3.95

You still have a couple of weeks, but we like to get organised early. So we’ve ordered our cute Halloween costumes and they are on their way. So now that just leaves the sweet little extras that make it all the more fun… We’re loving these personalised trick or treating bags; this pumpkin window sticker; this pumpkin piñata; this door sign; these window stickers; these balloons; this bat card; and this light-up pumpkin (ok, so it’s not the real deal, but I bought one last year, and it looked pretty great – I’ve also bought the mini ones this year).

kids at weddings…

25 August 2014

wedding girl

1. M&S Autograph Floral Lace Bridesmaid Dress, £35.00-£37.00
2. Woodstock Flower Garland, £26.00
3. ilovegorgeous Satin Ballet Pumps, £15.00

wedding boy

1. Cos Striped Collarless Shirt, £19.00
2. Gap Frayed Denim Shorts, £7.99
3. Birkenstock Rio Sandals, £38.00

wedding baby

1. Tulip & Nettle Sailor Suit, £48.00
2. Robin Pre-Walkers, £27.99

As many of you probably know, my sister Caroline got married on Saturday. Lots of you have been asking me recently about what to dress your little ones in for weddings (your own or friends/relatives). As you also probably know, one of my absolute pet hates is babies and toddlers in any kind of ‘formal’ clothing. And don’t get me started on waistcoats, suits or ties. So how do we navigate this tricky path of wanting to dress them up without the tackiness of the ‘mini adult’ look? So I thought I would share the (pretty much) exact three outfits worn by Tabitha, Marlow and my two year old nephew, ‘Baby James’ on Saturday. Tabitha was an ‘unofficial flower girl’ (it’s a long story…), and I wanted something pretty and whimsical, rather than big and pouffy (no hooped underskirts please). I fell in love with the Woodstock flower garland months ago (I challenge anyone to find one prettier…), so this was my starting point. It is SO gorgeous, and the picture really doesn’t do it justice. I saw the dress in M&S a while ago, and ummed and ahhed for weeks, but once I’d actually bought it and tried it on Tabs, I was pretty smitten. Again, it’s hard to see how nice it is from the picture (one of the downsides to internet shopping I guess). Plus, to be completely honest, I really didn’t want to blow £100 plus on an ‘unofficial flower girl’ dress. This one was perfect, and just ‘pretty enough’. It also comes in pale pink (I didn’t even show Tabs that one, for obvious reasons, though it was pretty I have to admit). And the satin ballet pumps were a cute finishing touch (she changed into her regular ballet shoes with the trusty elastic later on). I wanted Marlow to look smart-ish, but still cool and comfortable (he’s not one for dressing up, and even shirts can be a struggle with him). I liked this soft, collarless one from Cos (he also had another striped one from Cos that he also wore, but it’s not on the website) because it didn’t feel too stiff and formal. The shorts are denim, but the gunmetal grey was just smart enough. And he LOVES his silver sandals! ‘Baby James’ looked adorable in his classic sailor top and matching cropped trousers. He then wore the white version of the top the following day with navy shorts (I like these ones from Next). So if the complete look is a step too far into Victoriana for you, then just replace the matching trousers with shorts or regular trousers. And I love the navy t-bars (James’ were from BbBell). So there you have it. Check out Instagram (littlespree) for some pictures of them. ps: if you’re interested in what I wore, I will give you the details on Friday in my Mama Spree post.

dressing (up) girls

21 May 2014

1. Numero 74 Fairy Wings, £21.00  SHOP NOW
2. Numero 74 Glittering Crown, £6.00  SHOP NOW
3. The Little White Company Tutu Skirt, £26.00  SHOP NOW
4. Joules Breton T-Shirt, £14.95  SHOP NOW
5. Numero 74 Mini Magic Wand, £2.00  SHOP NOW
6. ilovegorgeous Mary Jane Shoes, £64.00  SHOP NOW

My favourite girls’ fancy dress costumes ever were from H&M. Yes H&M! They were part of the amazing UNICEF collection (as mentioned on Little Spree last October) that they do occasionally. One is a Marie Antoinette dress (straight out of the Sofia Coppola film…), complete with lace, bows and bustle; the other is the coolest mermaid costume I have ever seen (complete with tail that cleverly clips to the skirt when you need both hands free). Tabs rotates them, and they always get so many compliments (particularly the mermaid). I’m sorry to say that these were purchased quite a while ago now, so are no longer available, but rest assured, I will let you know if/when they do another collection. In the meantime, I have put together a cute little outfit (above) which should keep both mamas and daughters happy and sufficiently ‘dressed up’; plus some other ideas… This pink superhero; this forest fairy; this princess (I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this, but Tabitha has this, and loves it even more than her H&M Marie Antoinette dress!); this vet; this Marie Antoinette; this nurse; this pirate; this doctor; this cat; this Tudor girl;  and then this bat mask and wings and wizard’s hat (as seen in the boys’ post yesterday). And last but not least this diamante tiara for a bit of last minute accessorising…

bow chic

27 April 2014

Mamas & Papas Bow Collar Dress (2-6 years)
£29.00 (was £58.00)  SHOP NOW
This is a great dress for a special occasion or party. How chic is that bow collar? And the quality is good too – 100% silk no less! Mamas & Papas? Who knew?

ps: coming soon to Little Spree – ‘book corner’. I (with the help of Tabitha and Marlow’s dad, who also happens to be a child psychologist and total book obsessive) will be sharing my favourite tried and tested children’s books to read to your little ones.

mama spree: mothers’ day ‘hint list’ for all the dads out there…

14 March 2014

Anya Hindmarch Bespoke Loose Pocket
£135.00  SHOP NOW
Mothers’ Day is only two weeks away, so it’s time to start throwing out some serious hints. I have compiled a little selection of things that I definitely would be more than happy to unwrap on 30th March, and hopefully you will too. I have tried to choose things that we wouldn’t necessarily buy for ourselves (when was the last time you actually bought yourself a pair of cashmere socks??), so they feel that bit more special and luxurious. I’ve also tried to cater for all wallet sizes… I would politely call this a ‘hint list’, so email this post to your husband/boyfriend/partner right now, then keep your fingers firmly crossed…
I’m going to start with this fabulous Anya Hindmarch personalised ‘loose pocket’. I have been a fan of these for many years, but I actually don’t have one (Tabitha and Marlow do though – Anya Hindmarch very kindly sent them both one after they were born – you may have seen Tabs’ on the Little Spree Instagram feed – it’s gold and super-cute). I like this  red ‘I love you’ version too. They are impossibly chic (personally, I love the red and the navy the best, but they come in a whole host of colours), and so useful. You can use them to keep pretty much anything in. And I love the fact that you can have them personalised in handwriting (like the one above) or embossed (there are lots of options available, or you can choose your own words) to make it a totally personal/bespoke gift (so all the more thoughtful). I would go for something that includes your name, but I also love the idea of a Mothers’ Day gift having ‘mummy’ in there somewhere – ‘mummy’s stuff’ etc etc. You’ll need to hurry though if you want to personalise (in your own writing if you want), as the deadline for this is Monday 17th. So make sure you waft this under your significant other’s nose asap! There is an additional charge of £40.00 for this service. Instead of cut flowers, how about this M&S lavender tree (I was sent two from my cousins for my birthday recently, and they are so lovely, and they are delivered to your door – mine are currently residing in our little courtyard); or this vintage lavender trough from Not On The High Street? This Valentino Rockstud leather headband (a lot cheaper than the shoes, and probably a lot more comfortable to wear…); these White Company cashmere socks (currently 20% off); you can’t ever go wrong with a  Diptyque scented candle – they are without doubt the best scented candles, and they smell amazing just sitting on the mantelpiece without even being lit – my favourites are Baies, Figuier, Roses and Tuberose; this (ridiculously tactile) Marc by Marc Jacobs heart paperweight;  I already have (and love) these cute Stella McCartney days of the week knickers (size up though – they come up tiny!); I have been dreaming of this super-cool Hillier gold bunny necklace for some time now; anything from Smythson always makes a stylish gift, and this ‘I love my mum’ notebook is so sweet (and we can never have too many notebooks!); an indulgent Cowshed (one of my favourite places) treatment gift card (anything from a manicure to a full body massage will make all us mamas out there feel truly pampered and appreciated; this Nuxe multi-purpose oil comes highly recommend by a very discerning friend. Apparently it’s amazing (and smells incredible); this fun personalised tote bag from Not On The High Street would be a cute, inexpensive pressie that I would probably use every day. And like the Anya loose pockets, you could either have your name, or ‘mummy’ or ‘mama’ – whatever is personal to you really. And no wish list would be complete without some Isabel Marant (show me a mama who doesn’t want to receive a little something from Issy?), so I am adding these gorgeous multi-drop earrings as a final wish. I hope I have provided all the men out there with enough inspiration. I think this should be enough to be getting on with. And dads, any questions, please feel free to email at the address at the top of the page…

an ‘m&s moment’

1 February 2014

M&S Foil Star Print Mary Janes (4-13 small)
£12.00-£14.00  SHOP NOW
I popped into M&S the other day for a quick sweep of the kids’ department. I had about five minutes to spare between appointments, but found myself lingering for a lot longer as I kept finding more and more cute things for Summer. Love these sweet star print Mary Janes (a little bit Chloe, non?) – the perfect ‘just bling enough’ party shoe. Here are some other bits that caught my eye, including a couple of things I bought for Tabs, and a blouse that I bought for myself! These navy spotty t-bar plimsoles for toddlers (they also come in grey); these white sandals; this printed blouse which I bought for Tabs (the flecks look more like a cool neon pink in the flesh); this printed blouse (also now in Tabs drawer); this t-shirt: this embroidered blouse (it reminded me of an A.P.C sundress of mine…); and finally this is the top that I bought for myself (in age 13-14). And yes, it fits! Sorry, didn’t make it to the boys’ section – I was too late by then! Next time…

baby bow tie

16 December 2013

Baby Bow Tie Metallic Bow Tie
I’m getting quite into the idea of boys in bow ties. They can look rather cool! This cute gold one would look great worn with a denim shirt. I also like this bunny printed one from Paul Smith if you’re not entirley convinced about the gold…

ps: I mentioned this book in a post quite a while ago now, but people are always emailing me asking for the details again. So here you go. It’s a gorgeous, personalised book that tells the story of a child who has lost their name, and sets off on a mini adventure to find the missing letters. I’ve just read Tabitha’s book to the twins. They absolutely love theirs! One of the most original, personalised (and not to mention, fun and educational) gifts you can buy. Such a lovely (and, at under £20.00, very inexpensive) present for any child from a newborn to six years. Sadly they are no longer able to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas, but they are currently offering a 15% discount. And they are wonderful all year round anyway…

christmas tutus

15 December 2013

Mango Tulle Miniskirt (sizes XS-L)
£16.99  SHOP NOW
I never tire of a pretty tutu (particularly when worn with a knit of some kind), and there are so many gorgeous ones out there to choose from a the moment, from the full-on flouncy to the more understated ones that just feel more like a ‘special skirt. These are my favourites, starting with this simple style from Mango, which comes in a whole array of other equally cool (un-Barbie) colours. I also love this beautiful ruffled vintage pink one from The White Company; this floral embroidered one from M&S (very similar to a little Zara skirt of mine actually that I wear with tights and a chunky jumper, but I digress…), this diamante ruffled one from Zara. this dotted tulle one from Kiahawo; this can-can style from ilovegorgeous; this star one from Carousel; this La Redoute one (that I have posted in the past, but is still available, and is now half price in sale!).

ps: just ordered these for Tabs from AlexandAlexa (thanks for the tip-off, Nicky!). Totally adorable. Hurry – they are selling out fast…

black tie

12 December 2013

Cocoon Cotton Romper (0-2 years)
£9.00  SHOP NOW
Looking for something cute and a little tongue-in-cheek for your baby boy to wear over the festive period that doesn’t involve reindeer ears? This is sweet, playful, but still cool and stylish. And not too silly. I love it. And for all the baby girls out there, the Angel baby grow is fast becoming a cute classic. For a more traditional take on the Christmas romper, this striped one from Gap is another favourite.

the prettiest party dresses

10 December 2013

Okaou Charcoal Cotton Dress With Flounced Sleeves (18 months-5 years)
£9.50 (was £19.00)
It’s that time when we need to start, not just thinking about party dresses, but actually buying them (before the best ones all sell out!). Here is a little round-up of my favourites around at the moment… This Okaou one from La Redoute (I have to say, La Redoute have  some amazing dresses) is definitely one of my favourites. It looks black (I’m really not a fan of black for little girls) in this picture, but it’s actually a gorgeous charcoal grey. I love the pretty tulle frill and the gold studded embroidery at the hem, and it’s such an amazing bargain! Another favourite is this feather one from Kihawo: this sweet brocade one from H&M; this navy one with metallic stars from Mango; this gorgeous navy tulle one also from Mango; this navy corduroy one from J by Jasper Conran (not strictly a party dress, but it’s cute and it’s a dress, and I really love it/wanted to share it anyway); this velvet one from Gap; this pink chiffon one, also from Gap (it looks a bit boring in the picture, but I’ve seen it in the store, and it’s really pretty); this lace one from Hucklebones; and this super-cute spotted one, also from Hucklebones; this fabulous lace spotted one from Somerset by Alice Temperley (love!); and if you feel like having a major blow-out (alternatively you could always wait for the sales, and you might just get lucky…), this Chloe dress is to die for.

little dandy

9 December 2013

Autograph Cotton Floral Shirt With Bow Tie (12 months-10 years)
I can’t help getting preoccupied with girls’ clothes in the run-up to Christmas. So many gorgeous things to choose from (watch this space for my favourite party dresses and tutus – both coming up this week), and frankly, not enough parities/festivities to showcase them. Boys (particularly toddlers) on the other hand… Not so much. However, I have had my eye on this stylish little shirt and bow tie combo for a while now. I love the tiny floral print, and the contrast of the black trim and velvet bow tie. And you can’t really go wrong at £14.00 can you? My only problem now is persuading Marlow to wear it! He HATES dressing up of any kind. Oh well – I suppose a grey sweatshirt works for any occasion…


25 November 2013

John Lewis Sequin Dress (2-12 years)
I love a sequin (always in moderation of course), and so does my daughter. I have noticed that the high street is awash with gorgeous sequinned dresses, perfect for the Christmas party season, but also perfect for any other time too… I have hand-picked my favourites (Including this fab navy and gold one from John Lewis), which includes a couple of really low-key, un-blingy options for the sequin-phobic (if there indeed, is such a person?)… This Mini Boden dress (I love the combination of this particular shade of pink and the gold sequins – it has a bit of a Marni vibe about it…); this ilovegorgeous gold sequinned dress (full-on and fabulous!) and this one (just divine): loving the casual, everyday sparkles on this navy one from Zara; this classic ballerina style from Ted Baker; and this baby version; and this Little White Company dress (Tabs already has it).
£22.00-£24.00   SHOP NOW

ps: all the details on how to enter the babyGap prize draw will be in tomorrow’s post. You don’t want to miss it!

pps: if you have a daughter who is OBSESSED with Hello Kitty (as I do), and try (as I do) to steer her away from the scary (and invariably, pink) branded clothing, I have a little find that that may just be of interest to you… This t-shirt from M&S is as tasteful as Hello Kitty comes, and I actually think it’s rather cute (and yes, it really is navy!). I bought it for Tabs, and of course, she LOVES it, and I don’t hate it. Result! I like it best worn with navy and white striped leggings, cream cable knit cardigan and her trusty Boden suede boots. And everyone is happy.

tux tee

12 November 2013

H&M Long Sleeved T-shirt (1-10 years)
As you know, I’m not normally a fan of ‘gimmicky’ clothes, but I just couldn’t resist this cute (technical term: trompe l’oeil) t-shirt. Perfect for a bit of tongue-in-cheek chic on special occasions…
£5.99   SHOP NOW

ps: this little number is rather cute too…

pps: If you have a baby aged between 0-24 months, and live in the London area (or feel like a trip to London?), come and see me at the Gap flagship store on Oxford Street for an exciting Baby Gap/Little Spree event on Friday 29th November. I will the there all day, and would love to meet you (and your gorgeous little ones!). That’s all I’m allowed to tell you at the moment, but all the (exciting) details will be revealed nearer the time, so watch this space… It’s going to be fun!

don’t mess with my tutu…

10 September 2013

Okaou Ruffled Tutu (18 months-5 years)
I am often asked about tutus, and where to buy a stylish, non-scary one. They are not one of my favourite items (unless at a ballet class of three year olds, when there is simply nothing cuter…) of clothing, but having said that, Tabitha does own three (not including her ballet one). One pale-pink, one cream, and one grey, although they don’t get out much I must confess… The grey one was a DPAM find on a work trip to Paris, and is by far my favourite. I suppose I just like the fact that it’s not pink. And it’s not too ‘poufy’, so can (and has been) worn with knitted tights, a (Breton) jumper and boots and still pass as a reasonably normal outfit. So I was rather pleased to find this similar one on the La Redoute website last night. I love the pretty layers/ruffles of tulle. And it starts from 18 months, which is a real bonus, as it is even harder to find a tasteful tutu for babies! And for the record, I do let Tabs express her ‘inner princess’ in suitably scary/flammable ‘dressing-up’ outfits. Inside the privacy of our house. Oh and by the way, this one does also come in pink!

ps: I also always love the Bob & Blossom ones for a slightly more ‘full-on tutu’ experience. And they do a grey one too!

dresses dresses and more dresses!

10 July 2013

Gap Baby Girl Woven Dot Ruffle Dress (0-24 months)
I am starting to lose track of all the pretty Summer dresses I have bought for Tabitha in the last few weeks. Some have been great sale bargains, and some haven’t, but they are all completely gorgeous, and everyday wearable. So I felt compelled to dedicate a post just to dresses, and share some of the ones I have bought. I should also mention that I have been so taken with some of the Summer dresses currently available on the High Street, that I have been buying some in sizes as small as 18-24 months (Tabitha is three and a half!!) in the hope that they might just fit her (most do, amazingly, but she is very petite, and I do love a short dress on little girls…). So don’t  be put off by the sizing if you don’t necessarily have a baby girl (and lucky you if you do, as some of my favourite finds are for babies). So here we go. This gorgeous classic full-skirted floral print dress is just adorable (I am little obsessed with it actually, as anyone who follows me on Instagram will testify). I love the faded yellow rose print (that sort of looks like a lemon print). Tabs debuted hers today as nursery’s Summer Camp (needless to say, it was a little worse for wear at pick-up time! This super-simple blue and white seersucker striped sun-dress from The Little Company (currently reduced from £28.00 to £14.00). This cute white broderie anglaise cotton dress from Autograph at M&S (bought yesterday). This classic Breton striped t-shirt dress from Petit Bateau. I think I have bought Tabs this exact same dress (ok, sometimes with long sleeves in the Winter) at least four times since she was worn. I always love it, and I love that they always have one every season. I picked one up in the sale yesterday (£22.80 reduced from £38.00). Add to this list the Miller dress I posted last Thursday (which I absolutely love, but am saving for the Autumn) and I think Tabs is pretty well stocked for dresses. Maybe in retrospect this post was a bit of an over share?

ps: I almost forget to mention the dress in today’s post! As you know, I love a white dress, and I’m loving this one. It’s part of Gap’s new ‘High Tea’ collection, which is made up of ‘dreamy pastel hues in supersoft fabrics’, so right up my street. So simple, but so pretty. It would also make a fantastic (and inexpensive) bridesmaid/flower girl dress.  I have to say, if you are time-poor and looking for great Summer dresses, head straight to Gap. They definitely have some of the best I have seen. Over and out.


9 May 2013

I Love Gorgeous ‘Cloud’ Dress (2-13 years)
If you are looking for a gorgeous, stylish bridesmaid dress, then I would definitely recommend ilovegorgeous as the first place to look. They have the best selection of the most beautiful dresses. Think Kate Moss’s bridesmaids and you kind of get the idea… Pretty, but cool in that lovely whimsical way. No unnecessary frills or flounces (or polyester!) – just simple, pretty dresses that will keep the bride, the bridesmaid, and the bridesmaids’ mum more than happy. And I love that they are would be just as lovely on a two year old as a thirteen year old. This is one of my favourites. It’s silk, knee-length, with delicate pin tucks, silver lace trim, and fluttery sleeves… And completely adorable.

hello sailor

7 May 2013

Tulip & Nettle Sailor Suit (12 months-6 years)
There is something so adorable about this little sailor suit – I was drawn to it immediately. It has a really classic, Victorian feel to it, which is so sweet and charming. Perfect for a special occasion like a wedding if (like me) you have a phobia about babies and toddlers wearing suits (particularly when ties/bow ties/waistcoats are involved), but you still want something traditional. It looks like it came from some amazing vintage store somewhere…

ps: I want the top half in my size!

tiny dancer

8 April 2013

Le Petit Tom Baby Ballerina Shoe (0-18 months)
How adorable are these? Now I usually find most decorative baby shoes a bit naff and pointless, but I just couldn’t resist these handmade ones. Love the navy velvet of course. They are cute and pretty, but not gimmicky or too ‘doll like’ (one of my absolute pet hates with baby girls). And you don’t need to wind the ribbons up the leg – just cross them over once, then double-up if you still have more ribbon left. Super-chic. They would be perfect for a special occasion worn with tights. Love.
£19.25 (were £38.50)  igloo 


14 February 2013

Monsoon Glitter Tap Shoes (sizes 7-13)
How cute are these? I still remember having a pair of silver glitter t-bar ‘party sandals’ (they were a bit of Granny-style ballroom shoe as I remember…) when I was little, and I absolutely loved them (and wore them at every opportunity!). I just felt so ‘pretty’ wearing them. I need to remind myself of these past feelings when I am literally having to wrestle a nasty pink sparkly ‘item’ out of Tabitha’s hands in a shop (sadly this is becoming all too frequent these days…). I think these are a pretty great example of something that will keep both Mummies and their (princess/pink/sparkly obsessed) little girls happy. Love the ribbon ties – so sweet. I think they would also look great dressed-down with (navy) leggings and a cashmere jumper (very ‘in rehearsals’)…

ps: obviously not (under any circumstances) to be worn at the same time as the ilovegorgeous gold sequinned dress (as featured on 29th January). Can you imagine?

all that glitters…

29 January 2013

ILoveGorgeous Disco Ball Dress (2-13 years)
This is not a ‘good on paper dress’. If someone was to describe a girl’s dress as being covered in gold sequins, I’m instinctively thinking of something pretty naff and tacky. Then you see this dress and you kind of fall in love with it… I love the gold sequins! I also love the pretty butterfly sleeves in white (such a sweet contrast), and I love that the shape of the dress is loose. This is a cool sequinned dress. I have been asked to recommend a good girl’s party dress by a few different Little Spree followers recently, and this was the first one that I suggested. Also, it will appeal to adult and mini magpies alike – let’s face it, all girls (including myself!) love a bit of sparkle don’t we? And don’t just save it for special occasions either – this would look super-cute dressed down with a navy and white long sleeved Breton t-shirt layered underneath. Did I mention that I love it?
£55.00 (was £110.00)

happy birthday tabarlow!

4 January 2013

Mulberry Bush Wooden Birthday Cake
It is safe to say that I am now completely obsessed (yes two obsessions in as many posts) with wooden play food. Tabitha got the most beautiful shop (complete with stylish striped awning) from her New York Granny for Christmas (I will post it soon – it’s currently out of stock), and I cannot stop buying things to put in it. In fact, I’m actually starting to dread the postman coming, because the shelves are now literally groaning with lovely produce, and I fear there is still more to come… Anyway, it’s Tabitha and Marlow’s third birthday today, so here’s a cake (that I haven’t ordered) to celebrate…

stripes, spots, glitter…

17 December 2012

The Little White Company Sparkle Tights (2 Pair Pack)
Even I get sick of plain grey or navy knitted tights sometimes. These are a great way of adding a bit of festivity to your little girl’s outfit without compromising on style. All the key elements are here (all my favourites) – navy, grey, spots, stripes, but also a sprinkle of silver glitter (on the striped pair) for good measure. This is probably about as festive as Tabitha’s legs will get this Christmas, but that’s fine by me. Love them. And great news – they have just been reduced!
£8.40 (were £12.00) 

glitter bug

16 December 2012

M&S Lace-Up Glitter Boots (sizes 4s-13s)
These boots could definitely go one of two ways: super-cute or totally naff. I’m definitely in the cute camp on this one. I love a bit of sparkle, but I love it a whole lot more because it’s on a pair of flat, lace-up boots. The trick with these is to play them down a bit (or even a lot). Wear them with jeans or trousers, but if you insist on a dress, make sure you also add knitted tights (preferably grey of course) – basically nothing too ‘party’. There’s all the party you need right here.

understated pretty

13 December 2012

Massimo Dutti Combined Silk Dress (4-14 years)
This is my first Massimo Dutto post for various reasons. But the main one being that I just assumed their prices would be on the higher end of the (‘style for less’) bargain spectrum. Not so. This particular dress was a tip-off from a lovely work collegue/friend, Vicky. I loved it immediately, and was soon scrolling through the rest of the wesbite, checking out other things (there were tons of gorgeous pieces). Their kids’ clothes really remind me of Zara, but with a slightly more luxe feel. This dress is just adorable. So cool, but also so pretty (never an easy balance to strike). I love the combination of the knit and the silk skirt, and the muted grey and ‘mulberry’ (it’s clearly a week for shades of purple…) colurs. And it has sweet buttons running all the way down the back. I am definitely buying this for Tabs (if I can track one down in her size). You never know, I might even manage to bribe her into it for her birthday party in January (although it’s probably worth mentioning that it will have some pretty stiff (literally) competition from a 100% polyester ‘princess dress’).

ps: I kind of want this dress too…

h&m & unicef

17 October 2012

H&M’s ‘All For Children’ Collection
I loved it last time (I scooped up so many great pieces for Tabarlow), and it’s back again – H&M’s genius collaboration with UNICEF. These are just a few of my favourite things (how cute is that bow dress?), but there is much more (including a tent, wall stickers and magicians’ hats…). This time the collection is made up of cute fashion as well as fab dress-up pieces for both boys and girls (think Halloween costumes, but way cooler). The collection will be available from 18th October (tomorrow!) from around 300 H&M stores, as well as online. H&M will donate 25% of the sale price of every piece to UNICEF’s work in Bangladesh. Through this partnership, H&M and UNICEF aim to promote education and improve the health of children in slum areas around Dhaka in Banglasdesh. So you can shop up a storm and help a great, worthwhile cause at the same time. What’s not to love about that? 

ps: sorry for the gap in posts, but I have had wifi issues in Miami. I hope all these lovely things have made up for it…

pps: please don’t buy everything! Leave some things for me! I’m not back in London until Tuesday…