Stripes and Ruffles

23 June 2016

Next girls striped ruffle swimsuit - LITTLE SPREE

Next Striped Frill Swimsuit (3 months-6 years) £12.00-£13.00

Blue and white stripes and rows of cute ruffles = immediately ‘in my basket’. As much as I love a sweet cotton bikini for Tabitha, I also always have a couple of cute swimsuits in the mix. I love this one! But there’s a catch (for Tabs anyway) – it only goes up to age 5-6 (although, believe me I will try and squeeze her into it – it’s on its way!). But fear not, fellow mamas of girls six years and beyond, this Boden one is equally cute (and equally striped and ruffly) and goes up to age 12. Panic over.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Not So Little Shop

31 March 2016

The Newly Re-Stocked Little Shop - Little Spree

The sweetest sequin basket, (a tasteful) Batman sweatshirt, cool khaki cut-offs, the cutest crocheted dress (Tabitha’s is on its way), and probably one of our favourite logos tops of all time (we’ve already ordered a couple as gifts): the Little Shop has been re-stocked!

Nicky & Sarah xx

Dinosaur Junior: The Sequel

24 March 2016

Boys Dinosaur Sweatshirt Little Spree

1. Mango Sweatshirt, £9.99
2. Mango Sweatshirt, £9.99
3. Mango Sweatshirt, £9.99

It can be hard to find ‘character’ pieces that our children like (and we like!) which is why we (and you) loved the Boden dinosaur sweatshirt so much. We know how disappointing it was when it sold out (although having just checked ages 9-10 and 11-12 are now available). So, we’ve been keeping our eye open for something we like just as much; what a relief then to find these dinosaur sweatshirts. It’s the scribbled images that make them cooler than your average printed top. Plus they have helpful poppers which allows you to ease (rather than yank) them over your little one’s head. They’re available in 3 months-3 years, but don’t worry mums of older boys, Boden have recreated the ‘jurassic dinosaur’ print from their sweatshirt and made this fisherman’s hat (Bailey loves his) and these board shorts. Both are currently available in most sizes and are in the sale, but please be quick, otherwise we’ll have to start looking for replacement dinosaur hats and shorts too!

Nicky & Sarah x

ps: on our pre-historic travels we also found these sleepsuits and Summer pjs….

pps: Bailey and Marlow also have (and love) these dinopants!

beach baby

11 June 2015


Chloé Liberty Print Bikini Bottoms (6 months-3 years), £27.00

Baby beachwear doesn’t get much cuter than these Liberty print bikini bottoms. How wonderful to be able to run around on the beach in nothing more than a pretty Liberty print and a couple of bows… So sweet. For the girls we also love these Emile et Ida bikini bottoms; this M&S swimsuit; and these Soft Gallery bathing knickers (if you’re looking for something a little ‘studier’). For the boys we love these Petit Bateau swimming trunks; these M&S swim shorts and these John Lewis swim shorts. I’ve also just discovered that our favourite Mango swimming shorts have also been scaled down (if you haven’t checked out the Mango baby collection, you need to!) and come in two colours. For baby boys or girls, this Konfidence swim nappy is a great option too.
Now let’s start that holiday countdown…

Sarah x

beach boy

9 June 2015


Mango Striped Swimming Shorts, £16.99

Beach Outfit Boys

1. H&M Sunglasses, £2.99
2. Numero 74 Bath Cape, £29.16
3. Mango Striped Swimming Trunks, £16.99
4. Next Navy Sandals, £13.00-£15.00

Yippee, our favourite Mango striped boys shorts are back! Bailey and Marlow both have them from last Summer. We’ve looked (a lot!) for a pair we like better, but came to the conclusion “if it ain’t broke…..”. Close runners-up however are these Boden swim shorts; these F&F swimming trunks; these Petit Bateau trunks; these F&F swimming shorts; these M&S trunks; these John Lewis trunks; and these swimming shorts from Bakker Made With Love.
We’ll be teaming our stripes with cute leopard print sunglasses (leopard print: not just for girls!), navy sandals and our favourite Numero 74 towel.  Alternatively how cute is this towling poncho from Boden. Now all we need is a beach….

Nicky & Sarah x

beach girl

8 June 2015


Mango Ruffle Striped Swimsuit, £16.99

Beach Outfit Girls

1. ilovegorgeous Head Scarf, £12.00
2. Numero 74 Bath Cape, £29.16
3. Mango Striped Ruffle Swimsuit, £16.99
4. Hedgehog Spanish Basket, £15.00

The perfect beach look for little girls. Simple, stylish (we love this combination of colours…), and practical. A headscarf makes a stylish change from a sun hat, and they don’t get much prettier than this one. We have featured these towels before on Little Spree, but have decided that as well as our favourite bath towels (just don’t tumble dry them like I did! SC), they would also make the ideal beach towels as they are so lightweight to pack. And we love a cosy hood for that end of day post-swim snuggle…

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: and while we’re talking swimsuits, we also like this one from Next; this one from Next; this one from M&S; and this one from Emile et Ida.

bat chic

5 May 2014

Next Batman Crew Neck Sweater (3-16 years)
£16.00-£22.00  SHOP NOW
Love this. I normally hate anything gimmicky or branded, but this really reminds me of all the super-cool Zoe Karrsen sweatshirts and tees, which I always want to buy. So if your son happens to be obsessed with superheros, this is a way to keep him happy (and stylish).

ps: my friend just bought this Cos coat for her four year old son, Bailey, and it’s so great. I had checked it out quickly when I was in the store the other day, but am definitely going back to get it next week. It’s a great boys’ lightweight ‘Summer’ parka, and the charcoal grey makes a refreshing change from an army-style khaki jacket. This week (other random things) I’m also liking are this colour block cardigan from Mamas & Papas; these Hampton plimsoles (in charcoal); this baseball style tee (in heather/pepper) from J.Crew; these River Island swim shorts; this Boden sun hat; and this stripe sweater from The Little White Company.

the cutest swimsuits

20 April 2014

Indigo Lolly Print Swimsuit (3 months-3 years)
£8.00  SHOP NOW
There are so many cute girls’ swimsuits around at the moment, starting with this adorable ice lolly printed one from M&S’s Indigo collection (love the frilled skirt detail too). Here are some more that I like (for both toddlers and baby girls)… This navy striped one from Massimo Dutti; this cute floral one from Next; this Emile et Ida grey one with a Liberty print tie bow; this Mango striped one; this boat print J.Crew one; this frilly, floral Monsoon one; this ilovegorgeous smocked one; this spotted Cocoon one; this Soft Gallery ice cream print one; this Next striped one; this vintage style one from No Added Sugar; and this spotted Konfidenence swim nappy is cute too.

ps: I was all set to post this gorgeous pom-pom peasant dress this week, until I discovered that it cannot be shipped internationally. But if you live in/near London, or know anyone who is going to America any time soon, you should definitely get one. It’s totally adorable.


swim style

31 March 2014

Cyrllius Boys’ Striped Swimshorts (4-16 years)
£29.00  SHOP NOW
As promised, here is my edit of the best boys’ swimshorts on the high street. There is definitely less choice for the boys (isn’t that always the case?), but I have tracked down some great ones. These blue and white striped ones are my favourites, but I also like these star print ones, also from Cyrillus; these Mini Boden striped trunks (Marlow has last year’s version of these); these plain navy ones from Howick; these colour block ones from Next; these gingham checked ones from Petit Bateau; and these Hatley shark print ones.

ps: remember this Mango parka I mentioned in a Mama Spree post a few weeks ago? It’s now 30% off…

itsy bitsy teeny weeny

23 March 2014

Cyrillus Liberty Print Bikini (4-16 years)
£35.00  SHOP NOW
I know a lot of you are going away at Easter with your little ones, so this has got me thinking about holidays, and what we need to start buying. I think a bikini is always a good place to start, and there is nothing cuter than little girls running around the beach in their mini bikinis (Tabs will usually just wear the bottoms). Here are some of the prettiest I have seen…
This gingham tankini from Next; these adorable bikini bottoms from Alice à Paris (they come in various colours/prints, but I love the plum colourway the best); this striped bikini from Mango; these leopard print bikini bottoms from Bonton; and this totally gorgeous floral printed one (complete with matching bag) from ilovegorgeous.

ps: boys swimming shorts coming this week…

pps: alexandalexa asked me to write a diary of an average working day (not easy for me, as no two days are really the same…) for their ‘Day To Day’ feature on their blog. Check it out here.

day dreaming…

31 January 2014

Gap Leopard Peplum Print One-Piece (12 months-5 years)
£10.95  SHOP NOW
As I sit here typing this, all I can see from my window is wind, rain, and the onset of evening (it’s 4.30pm). Hey ho. But as I skipped through the Gap website just now, all I could see was this, completely adorable all-in-one (I’m filing it under ‘beachwear’) that is simply too cute for words. And all it makes me think of is the Summer and holidays… So although it may be completely inappropriate right now, that just makes me love it all the more! We all need a few daydreams to get us through this never-ending Winter. I will be snapping one of these up for Tabs, hanging it up on display in her room, and dreaming of Summer…

ps: whilst I was busy daydreaming, I also found this gorgeous ‘baby bubble’. Roll on Summer (although this would look super-cute now layered with knitted tights and a cashmere jumper/cardigan)! This is also the perfect time to buy a few baby gifts if any of your friends are pregnant (or perhaps you are?). You can get some amazing things (and not to mention bargains!) in the tail end of the sales, and just stash them away until the due date/s.

pps: and talking of sale bargains, these fab boys’ cashmere crew-neck jumpers from Mango that I posted a while back are now half price. And this striped onesie from The Little White Company was one of my best buys of the Winter (Marlow is already on his second one – he grew out of the first). And it’s now an incredible £6.90 (yes really!) in the sale!! I’m tempted to buy him another one for next Winter…

(chic) water baby

8 July 2013

Konfidence Stripe Aqua Nappy (one size – suitable for 3-30 months)
I am definitely sartorially tuned into this glorious spell of hot weather and subsequently, Summer holidays (Cape Cod here we come!), and this is clearly reflected in my recent posts. I stumbled across this as I was browsing the John Lewis website yesterday, and it’s nothing short of brilliant. As anyone who has ever used a normal ‘swim nappy’ will know, they are about as useful as a chocolate teapot, and far less stylish. My limited experience of them is that they just get completely water-logged, and as a result immediately become heavy and completely impractical. Then if anything major does happen in one of said swim nappies, it just oozes out the legs because of all the trapped water. Nice. Unlike many of the similar looking ‘nappy covers’ that I have previously posted (to cover up these useless swim nappies, and at least make them look nice), this one does not require a nappy to be worn underneath. The polyester (this is not normally a word that that I would use in a positive context…) lining and outer surround a recycled plastic lining that prevents accidents. Just pop it on and you’re good to go. And yes, it is true – one size will fit a baby from three months right up to 30 months thanks to the adjustable poppers and velrco. Simply adjust as your little one grows. Genius. Oh and it looks cute too!

ps: I bought this cute dress from Gap the other week, and Tabs wore it for the first time today. It was perfect in this hot weather, and looked so sweet on her. Sadly it only comes in 0-24 months, but amazingly I managed to get her into a 12-18 months one (due to limited sizes). And I’ve just noticed that it’s been reduced in the sale.

retro cuteness

12 June 2013

Mini Boden Printed Swimsuit (1.5-10 years)
I first clapped eyes on this super-cute swimsuit when I was on a Boden shoot in South Africa back in November last year. The (adult) model absolutely loved it, and managed to squeeze herself into the age 10 sample (which admittedly did involve a certain amount of gymnastics), and vowed to buy herself one when it came out in the catalogue! Anyway, fast forward to June, and it’s now Tabitha’s latest obsession. I bought it for her to wear to her swimming classes (no dull, plain costumes for her obviously…), and she loves it as much as the model in South Africa did! I love the cute retro print, and the pretty hawaiian-esque petal trim. The only thing is, it seems to be quite popular, and Tabs had her first taste of ‘who wore it best’ at the swimming pool last week when another little girl pitched up to the class wearing the exact same one! Fortunately Tabs didn’t mind one bit, and continues to love it just as much…

water baby

22 April 2013

Zara Home Kids Liberty Print Nappy Cover (0-12 months)
There is nothing cute or stylish about swim nappies. I wish I’d know about these gorgeous nappy covers when Tabarlow were babies. I have pictures of them having their first dip in the sea (on holiday in Tuscany when they were seven months old), and they look so cute, but the sight of the Huggies swim nappy? Not so much. And regular, pretty bikini bottoms (for Tabitha anyway) were just too small to cover the nappy anyway. This is such a great idea because babies do need a swim nappy (for obvious reasons), but who needs to see it? And of course, I’m loving this colourful Liberty print fabric. In hindsight Marlow may not have felt the same way though I suppose…

ps: could baby boys pull these off I wonder? Too girly?

swim time

2 March 2013

John Lewis Seersucker Swim Shorts (3 months-3 years)
You are probably wondering why I’m writing about swimwear in chilly March? Good question. Marlow and Tabs have recently started weekly swimming lessons, so I had the sudden panic of buying a  (non-hideous) swimsuit and swimming trunks/shorts for them in the middle of February. Not that easy. Now these aren’t the ones I ended up buying Marlow, but he had the same ones last summer in blue and white, and I loved them. I adore anything in seersucker. I just love the way in looks and feels, and you don’t see it that often these days. It always reminds me of A.P.C (I think I had a seersucker dress from there once…). Anyway, these are great, and available now, so if (like me) you are in the throes of booking/taking your little ones to swimming lessons, or (sadly, unlike me) taking your little ones away on holiday anytime soon, these are a really great pair of boys’ swim shorts. And they stay put (i.e. don’t fall down)!

swimming stripes

7 September 2012

Cyrillus Swimming Shorts (4-16 years)
I’m possibly a little late in the year with this post, but I don’t know about you, but I was experiencing a balmy Summer’s day today in London (I am still wearing my white vintage sundress and flip-flops to prove it…). So I think there is definitely still a ‘swimwear window’. How great are these ‘swimshorts’? Super-stylish, but still fun. And chic enough to be worn as regular shorts pre/post swimming.

swimming in liberty

28 July 2012

Zara Home Kids Liberty Print Swimming Short (2-5 years)
Sorry for posting another thing from Zara so soon, but these are in the sale, so may not be available for much longer, so had to share. And I always find it really hard to find (I feel like I’m always saying this about everything…) good swimming shorts for boys, so was so happy to find these. The paisley print is from a Liberty Arts fabric, which I absolutely love.  And they are 100% cotton, which is always a good thing in my book. If you have a little boy (even if he’s younger than two years – keep them for later), you should buy these.
£14.99 (were £29.99) 

bikini giveway

11 July 2012

I still feel bad about posting something so cute that you’re weren’t actually able  to buy from the UK… So I thought I’d spoil you with a treat. Here’s your chance to win a gorgeous C.F.K (the fab kids’ collection stocked at Monoprix in France) girl’s bikini. You may remember I bought two for Tabitha when I was in Paris shooting for Red a few weeks ago? Then when I went back a week later for another shoot, I headed straight to Monoprix to pick up some more for gifts and an extra three to give away to some Little Spree fans. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I bought three different prints (trust me, they are all equally adorable). They are all cotton, with a smocked top, and really cute (the striped one even has a bow on the back of the bottoms…). The sizing is quite small (I bought Tabs age three and she’s two and a half and quite little, so bear that in mind). Just remember, the grey spotted one is age three, the navy spotted one is age four, and the grey striped one is age five. For a chance to win one, simply leave a comment below, telling me about your favourite thing I have posted on Little Spree (and don’t forget to also say which bikini you would like). The three winners will be chosen at random, then I’ll personally send you your bikini. Simple. Good luck!

1.  C.F.K grey & white spotted bikini (age 3)
2.  C.F.K navy & white spotted bikini (age 4)
3.  C.F.K grey & white striped bikini (age 5) 


itsy bitsy teeny weeny

19 June 2012

C.F.K Cotton Striped Bikini (3-14 years)
This is one of the bikinis that I bought for Tabitha in Monoprix in Paris yesterday. This is the red striped version of the grey one I bought (you can see that one on Twitter). It’s so cute! It’s cotton and the top is smocked. The sizing does come up quite small though (teeny weeny), so bear that in mind (I bought Tabs age three and she is two and a half and quite little for her age). Such a great price too. The French really are amazing at producing gorgeous, inexpensive kid’s clothes. Love.


23 May 2012

H&M Spotted Bikini (1-8 years)
Ok, so it’s officially Summer (well for the next few days at least) in London! Time to bust out a bikini and the paddling pool. And as bikinis go, this is one of the cutest on the high street. I love the combination of spots and frills, and the Fifties vibe. And of course, I love that it’s navy and most definitely not pink (the lining doesn’t count!). Adorable.

frilly & floral

20 April 2012

Du Pareil Au Meme Floral Bikini Bottoms (12 months-3 years)
These just remind me of those unbelievably gorgeous little French girls running around the beach on holiday. So stylish and cute! The colours are so pretty. I’m going to buy them for Tabitha as soon as I’ve finished writing this post!

the prettiest swimsuit ever!

6 April 2012

Lily Rose Smocked Swimsuit (6 months-7 years)
I literally swooned when I first clapped eyes on this in the store. It’s beyond gorgeous. The vintage style, the classic Liberty print, the smocking, the frilled skirt, the fact that you can also buy a matching hat… I could go on…