slub tees

Gap Boys Heathered Slub V-neck T-Shirt (12 months-5 years)
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You can always rely on Gap to to do a great tee (I’m a big fan for myself too, and regularly stock up – this one is next). I am obsessed with slub t-shirts (fine weight, flecked), and a grey one is a must-have for Summer (whatever your age). I love this v-neck version for boys. And while I was nosing around the Gap website I also found these others that I will be adding to Marlow’s Summer shopping list… This striped one (I like the blue and white); this pocket one (I like the khaki, the navy and the bright yellow); and this ‘engineer’ style (I like the ‘milk’ colour way).

girls & boys

Uniqlo Striped T-Shirt (3-11 years)
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As you know, I’m often bypassing ‘boys’ clothes when it comes to dressing Marlow. I suppose it comes from having kids of each sex at the same time. I am always simultaneously looking for girls and boys clothes. So overlaps are inevitable. I often prefer the less ‘boyish’ shapes and cuts of girls’ clothes for boys. I saw this t-shirt and instantly earmarked it for Marlow, not Tabs, despite the fact that officially it’s a girls’ t-shirt. And it will look great with his (erm, girls’) Gap cargo pants (which are now just £11.99). Needless to say, I don’t actually tell Marlow any of this…

ps: I know it’s not Friday, but I thought I’d just share a couple of Mango purchases that I made on Saturday. Is it is just me, or have Mango really upped their game recently? And I’m not just talking about the kidswear (which I am obsessed with at the moment). At first I merely put it down to the ‘Daria factor’ (who, frankly could get me into ANY store if she’s wearing the clothes in the campaign), but it’s definitely more than that. This season they have definitely tapped into the whole Isabel Marant/Vaness Bruno vibe, which as you all know, I can’t get enough of. I bought this really simple, but super-cool tee (the sleeves aren’t as exaggerated looking in person), and this hippie Summer dress, which I know I will live in with a chic flat sandal (I already have my eye on an a fab Kurt Geiger pair, which I will be sharing on Mama Spree) come the warm weather. You need to trust me with the dress – it does not look good at all on the website. In fact, I didn’t look that great on the hanger in the store. But I saw potential there, and once I tried it on, instantly loved it. Size down though to avoid it looking too maternity (I bought a small). I also loved this gorgeous ruffled dress (way too short for London, but super-cute on holiday), but only spotted it on my way out, and I was in a rush to meet some friends, so I’m going back next week. The obsession continues…


Petit Bateau Boys’ Striped Canvas Chinos (3-12 years)
£44.00  SHOP NOW
We all love a stripe right? Perosnally I can’t get enough of them for Marlow. Here are the stripes I’m loving this week…
This Uniqlo girls’ striped long sleeved top (but who says boys can’t wear it too?) This M&S straw trilby (with striped band); this Monsoon striped sweatshirt; Cos striped socks (Marlow has these); he also has this long sleeved tee from Gap; and I’ve got my eye on this sweatshirt from Mango. Just make sure you don’t bust them out all the same time. Obviously.

ps: don’t miss tomorrow’s Mama Spree. It’s the ultimate Mothers’ Day ‘hint list’ for the Daddys…

boys boys boys


Mini Boden Boys Cardigan (2-12 years)
£20.00-£24.00 (was £25.00-£30.00)  SHOP NOW
It’s all about the boys today. Starting with this super-cool, simple cardigan made from cotton and cashmere. Great for those ‘in-between days’ when you’re need an extra layer, but not necessarily a really thick, warm one. I love the elbow patches and the subtle neon trim details. Here are a few more pieces that I have spied for the boys this week that will also work for those ‘is it Spring yet?’ layering kind of days…
I bought these Zara girls’ cotton striped trousers for Marlow a couple of weeks ago – they are lightweight, and a slim fit. Perfect for Summer (and there’s no way I could get Tabitha anywhere near a navy striped trouser these days…); this cool star print scarf from Cyrillus; these M&S navy suede chukka boots (I always loved a chukka style boot – Tabarlow’s daddy is a big fan of the Common Projects ones); these John Lewis colour block Wayfarer sunglasses; this The Little White Company mixed stripe long sleeved tee; this cool tee from The Fableists (this new little brand that I just discovered – definitely worth checking out); and this H&M cargo shirt. I also mentioned a great pair of jeans that I picked up for Marlow in Gap on Saturday. They were my favourite skinny fit that I always buy him, but they were a new wash – slightly distressed and with a little turn-up. I am going to double-check with the press office, but I think these are them. He was wearing them today with a Miller striped tee (from my Miller sale swoop a few months ago) if you want to take a look on Instagram. I also noticed that they already have their denim cut-offs in for Summer. I bought the Gap ones last year (for me and for Marlow actually, but more about mine in Mama Spree) and he literally lived in them. So I am going to ‘buy now, stash for later’ (I like these H&M ones too).

tux tee

H&M Long Sleeved T-shirt (1-10 years)
As you know, I’m not normally a fan of ‘gimmicky’ clothes, but I just couldn’t resist this cute (technical term: trompe l’oeil) t-shirt. Perfect for a bit of tongue-in-cheek chic on special occasions…
£5.99   SHOP NOW

ps: this little number is rather cute too…

pps: If you have a baby aged between 0-24 months, and live in the London area (or feel like a trip to London?), come and see me at the Gap flagship store on Oxford Street for an exciting Baby Gap/Little Spree event on Friday 29th November. I will the there all day, and would love to meet you (and your gorgeous little ones!). That’s all I’m allowed to tell you at the moment, but all the (exciting) details will be revealed nearer the time, so watch this space… It’s going to be fun!

the perfect grandad

Alice a Paris Tunisian T-Shirt (2-10 years)
I just love these simple ‘Grandad’ style t-shirts for boys, and this one is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s a great fit, and also comes in white, (and not one, but two shades of grey!), and for £11.00, I’ll definitely be buying more than one for Marlow. I would recommend sizing up and just rolling the sleeves up (as shown here) to last the Winter and beyond… And perfect for this ‘not quite cold enough for a full-on jumper yet’ weather.

dip dyed

Mango Kids Denim Effect T-Shirt (3-12 years)
I can’t get enough of the new kids’ collection at Mango! As a store that I very rarely shop in for myself (unlike Zara!), I was very pleasantly surprised to see what amazing things they are doing for little ones. And for both boys and girls (I often find that certain shops tend to be better for boys or girls, not necessarily both). Loving this cool dip-dyed t-shirt. Let’s enjoy the rest of this t-shirt weather while we can…


Zara T-Shirt With Bow (3-36 months)
We all need the ‘go to’ basics in our wardrobe for every day (after all, we can’t be ‘busting a look’ 24/7 can we?). I love that this is described as a ‘basic tee’, but it is so much more, thanks to the gorgeous bow detail. So it’s an ‘every day’ top, but a little bit more special. I love that about Zara Kids – always great little finishing touches. It also comes in a whole range of other colours – navy, off-white, ‘brick’ and charcoal (I’m sure you can guess which ones I’ll be buying), and for £4.99 you’d be crazy not to buy a few. Love!

petit grocery

Bobo Choses Petit Grocery T-Shirt (6-9 years)
I love these t-shirts from Bobo Choses. I popped into Fenwicks (one of my favourite stores in London) on Monday to buy a present for my friend’s new baby (their kids’ department is fantastic – they have the best toys/clothes/gift ideas), and they had this t-shirt, and it’s so cool. I’m generally a bit phobic about any kids’ clothing with pictures on, but Bobo Choses always get it spot-on.

little sailor

Cyrllius Baby Sailor Top (6-36 months)
Now that we have (finally!) ditched the Winter layers, Tabarlow are starting to bust out their Summer clothes. But this weather is still a little unpredictable (I’m covering all bases today in denim cut-offs, cashmere jumper and Chanel ballet pumps…), so it’s the perfect time to introduce a few cotton long sleeved t-shirts into their little wardrobes. I always find them so useful, particularly for nursery when the temperature can change dramatically from drop-off to pick-up. This is a great one from Cyrillus, and I can can see both Marlow and Tabitha wearing it. And I never, ever tire of navy and white stripes…

ps: just popped into Gap and saw this adorable cheesecloth baby girl’s dress. Just had to share it!

tee time

H&M Striped T-Shirt (4 months-2 years)
With the sudden arrival of the sun, I also suddenly realised that Marlow has the grand total of two short sleeved t-shirts in his wardrobe (drawer). So this prompted a quick trolley-dash (in between prepping for a styling job) to H&M (I always pick up great boys’ things there). I love this cute striped tee with its contrast ‘grandad style’ button trim and spotty pocket (a little different from your regular striped tee), and the price is great. I also snapped up some of their great ‘Conscious’ organic cotton two packs of t-shirts (plain grey and navy, and grey/navy stripe and plain grey) for £4.99 a pair (sorry -they don’t seem to be available online). I also popped into Gap and picked up two of these (one in grey/white and one in navy/white). And they are currently reduced from £7.95 to £5.99! So that’s Marlow (and hopefully, your little boys too) sorted for t-shirts for a while.

your chance to win a few of my favourite (mini boden) things…

I love Mini Boden. Fact. I have almost used an entire pack of post-its (mini neon pink ones if you’re interested?) ear-marking all my favourite things that I am planning on ordering. Fact. I just think the collections are getting better and better each season. Fact. I’ve even ordered a super-cool Johnnie b beach cover-up for myself – you really should check out the Johnnie b collection for yourself!). Fact. Anyway, I’m poised, ready to put my order in for the new season, but in the meantime, here are some of my absolute favourite pieces from the Spring collection. And here’s the best bit. Now you have a chance to get your hands on some too! Thanks to our lovely friends at Boden (and they really are lovely – even the people who take your order on the phone are super-friendly) you have a chance of winning one of these eight pieces. All you have to do is choose your favourite item (from the eight I’ve selected here), then click on the pink link below to select the exact size you would like, then go to ‘comments’ below this post. Then simply state the item and size and how your lucky little one is going to wear it/them if you win. Then eight winners will be selected at random and announced here on Friday 1st March. It’s that easy. Good luck!

1. Pretty Woven Top  £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)
2. Leather Sandals £24.00-£28.00 (sizes 24-37)
3. Alphabet Print T-shirt £10.00-£12.00 (0-3 years)
4. Roll-up Trousers £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)
5. Colour Pop Jumper £28.00-£32.00 (1.5-10 years)
6. Stripey Pocket Tee £12.00-£14.00 (1.5-10 years)
7. Easy Printed Dress £22.00-£24.00 (1.5-10 years)
8. Towelling Top £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)

stripes, hearts & glitter

H&M Long Sleeved Heart T-Shirt (1-8 years)
I’ve been meaning to post this t-shirt for ages (I bought it for Tabs before Christmas). I love it! It’s very similar to a Crew Cuts (the fabulous J Crew kids collection for anyone who hasn’t come across it…) one that I bought for her a while back when I was in L.A shooting for Red. But I tell you what, that one definitely did not cost £3.99! You probably can’t see from this picture, but the heart is glitter (so cute!). Tabs just wears hers with her favourite (and now perfectly faded) Gap skinnies (yes, still going strong…) and hi-tops, and will be wearing hers on Thursday.

who doesn’t love a Breton stripe?

Joules Girls Long Sleeved Top (3-12 years)
I actually can’t believe so much time has passed without me posting a Breton t-shirt! Then I stumbled upon this one. And it’s a great one. Lovely quality, and a good fit (it has a cute boat neck). I also love that it’s off-white like the original French Breton t-shirts. Oh and it’s 100% cotton. It claims to be a ‘girl’s top’, but that’s never stopped me before…

baseball tee

The Little White Company Colourblock Long Sleeve T-Shirt (2-8 years)
This may not be the most exciting post in the world, but sometimes something a little more ‘every day’ goes a long way (oh God, Marlow is obsessed with rhyming at the moment, and it’s clearly catching…). But obviously it has to be stylish too (do I even need to say that?). To me, this is the perfect everyday boy’s t-shirt. It’s simple, stylish, jersey cotton… and navy and grey! I always love these kind of baseball style colour-blocked sleeves (and the best thing about this particular one – that’s it’s completely plain). And it’s a great price too.