things that make you go aaaaaahhh….

baby gifts

1. Numero 74 Changing Mat, £28.35
2. Little Cloud Adelajda Liberty Print Cloud Mobile, £26.00
3. M&S Pure Cashmere Cardigan, £35.00
4. Oeuf Grey Rabbit Hat, £40.00
5. Mozartkugel Music Box, £49.99
6. Ugg Sheepskin Booties, £45.00

Things don’t get much cuter than this at Christmas… We’ve rounded up our absolute favourite presents for babies. After all, babies + Christmas = an excuse to buy the most adorable presents ever (like we need an excuse??)! We also love: this Gap striped all-in-one; this Little White Company sheepskin cushion; this Stella McCartney Kids bunny ears hat; this Little White Company cloud mobile; this Time Capsules kit; this Little White Company penguin; this Sebra pull-along elephant; these Samantha Holmes alpaca fur booties; this Little White Company toadstool light; and this Mini Boden knitted jacket (in oatmeal or thistle).

Sarah & Nicky x

m&s baby shop


1. 2 Pack Pure Cotton Hats, £5.00
2. Jangle Mouse Soft Toy, £12.00
3. Pure Cashmere All In One, £45.00
4. ‘Forever’ Book, £5.60

M&S Accesories

1. Precious Little One Cloud Framed Picture, £25.00
2. Pom Pom Knitted Throw, £69.00
3. Bunny Wicker Basket, £25.00
4. Elephant Polypropylene Light, £19.50

Have you been into the baby department at M&S recently? It’s had a bit of a makeover (I had a tour of the newly refurbished kids department in the Westfield store, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed). Forget just popping in to grab a pack of white cotton sleepsuits after a mad dash around the food hall – you are going to want everything! The ‘baby shop’ now features everything you could ever need for your baby from stylish clothing (we are obsessed with the cashmere all-in-ones – we challenge anyone not to fall in love with the grey one) to gorgeous, chic nursery furniture (who knew?). We’ve rounded up our favourites (above), but here are some other things that we couldn’t cram into the pictures, but that we’ve also seen and loved:
This two piece cotton knitted star top and joggers; this 5 pack of pure cotton star bodysuits; this 4 piece pure cotton assorted t-shirt and leggings outfit; this fabric giraffe; these knitted poufs; this star print snowsuit; and this knitted elephant soft toy. You can even buy brands such as Baby Bjorn (baby carriers, bouncy chairs, travel coats…); Avent (bottles, breast pumps, thermometers…) and Dr Brown’s (sterilisers, bottles…). And check out this chic high chair (and such a great price)? It really is a one-stop shop.

Sarah x

ps: Nicky popped in to the M&S Spring/Summer 15 press day today. She has posted a few pics on Instagram (@littlespree) if you fancy a sneaky peak of what to expect next year…

Created in collaboration with Marks and Spencer

socks & sandals

E&G girls

1. Miller Xono Beanie (from Elias & Grace), £40.00
2. Bonton Escale Dress (from Elias & Grace), £67.00
3. Martin Pederson Gemini Tights (from Elias & Grace), £16.00
4. Mango Wooden Leather Sandals, £34.99

Who says socks and sandals are a nerdy no-go? Not us. Nothing cuter!

ps: I have been scouring the shops, searching for the (Barbie sized) Elsa doll for Tabitha for Christmas (from Santa), but no luck. I was certainly not expecting to find one on the Selfridges website. But I did, and now Elsa is winging her way to Richmond… Phew!

extra spooky

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 23.57.34

Little Baby Company Halloween Trick Or Treat Card, £3.95

You still have a couple of weeks, but we like to get organised early. So we’ve ordered our cute Halloween costumes and they are on their way. So now that just leaves the sweet little extras that make it all the more fun… We’re loving these personalised trick or treating bags; this pumpkin window sticker; this pumpkin piñata; this door sign; these window stickers; these balloons; this bat card; and this light-up pumpkin (ok, so it’s not the real deal, but I bought one last year, and it looked pretty great – I’ve also bought the mini ones this year).

spooky baby

Haloween baby boy

1. Gap Devil Knitted Hat, £4.99
2. Boden Baby Cardigan, £16.20-£18.00
3. John Lewis Halloween Skeleton Sleepsuit, £14.00
4. M&S Halloween Pull & Go Bat, £6.00

Who says babies can’t get in on the Halloween action? Just make sure they’re bundled up and cosy, and off you go! We also like this cute bib; and as baby Halloween costumes go, this bat print onesie is a pretty cute one.

lo-fi style

1. Petit Bateau Granddad T-Shirt, £13.50
2. Artful Kids ‘My First Smartphone’, £14.95
3. H&M Cotton Shorts, £5.99
4. New Papy Sandals, £48.00 (were £80.00)

Love this colour of this top with white (don’t worry – the price of the shorts reflects how laid back you can be about getting them dirty, but they do look cool though don’t they?). And you don’t get more ‘lo-fi’ than this super-cute wooden mobile phone (complete with chalk and earphone erasers)! Love it.

vintage tunes

Fisher Price Music Box Record Player (suitable from 12 months plus)
£30.00  SHOP NOW
I had one of these when I was little, and it was one of my favourite toys ever. I bought an original one for Tabitha and Marlow on Ebay a couple of years ago, and they absolutely love it. They play with it almost every day. No need to trawl through eBay now that Fisher Price has recently started making them again, closely based on the 1971 original design (it looks almost identical to ours). It’s a great present idea too.

ps: lots of people have been asking me about the name labels I mentioned a while back. They are from Tiny Me. I ordered Garden Party in ‘classic’.

garden retreat

Hedgehog Hazel Twigwam
£175.00  SHOP NOW
I can’t stop thinking about cool playhouses for the twins. This cool twigwam (above) can stay outside all year long! Here are some other favourites…
This Indian teepee from Hedgehog; this rustic playhouse from Cox & Cox; and I still love this Win Green striped wigwam (bought for Tabitha and Marlow the year before last, and about to come down from the attic for the Summer – you can also buy the matching floor quilt). Just add some mismatched quilts, blankets and cushions and you’ve got yourself (erm, I mean your little ones…) one stylish little garden retreat.

pull along

Hedgehog Pull Along Cart
£35.00  SHOP NOW
What kid doesn’t love loading up all their toys (crap) into something vaguely mobile, then moving (dragging) it from place to place? So why not get them something cool to do it with? This a great price for something that is guaranteed to get A LOT of use. Plus I won’t resent it (too much) hanging around because it looks good. Sold!

ps: I bought the best swimming costume for Tabitha this afternoon in Gap. I have scoured their website and it’s not there, but this is the bikini version (also very cute, but better for slightly older girls). The one piece is the same seersucker fabric and grey/blue stripe and it has a halter-neck. I bought Tabs age 4-5 and it fits (admittedly quite roomy, but she is tiny, and it was the smallest size). It’s gorgeous, and looks super-expensive. It will be having it’s first outing on Monday at their swimming lesson.

pps: I know it’s Saturday and not Friday, but I bought these flats from Zara, and I already love them, and they were just £20.00!! I wore them this afternoon with a cashmere sweater and my Current Elliot black jeans (with a little cuff). Super-chic.

ppps: Mango has a whopping 30% off today (enter the code: 5APRIL2014 at checkout), so get shopping! I’ve just had a breakfast (not so little) shopping spree (for me and the kids) and I’m still in my pyjamas! Thanks Lisa for the tip-off.


hello dolly

Ragtales Molly Rag Doll
This is Molly, and she in one stylish dolly. So stylish in fact, that she is stocked at Liberty no less! Now a stylish doll is definitely not easy to come by (I recently succumbed to buying ‘Tanya’, Italy’s answer to Barbie at Pisa airport as a ‘guilty working mum present’ for Tabitha, but she was wearing a rather cool Pucci-esque shift dress…), so I was rather excited to discover her. How cute is her outfit? A stripe, a floral, and even a hint of a tulle underskirt. And she also comes with her own stylish little cotton bag with her name embroidered on the front. And she is really lovely and soft (not always the case with the more well dressed dolls…).  And what I love most of all, is that that she actually looks like a proper ‘little girl’s doll’, not some spooky incarnation of a lap dancer (sorry Tanya). Tabitha will definitely be unwrapping a Molly on Christmas day…
£30.00   BUY NOW

teepee with style

Win Green Striped Wigwam
I was obsessed with finding the perfect teepee for Tabarlow before Christmas. Obsessed! It had to be cool and tasteful, and ideally in a ticking stripe (I know, I know…). In a nutshell, I wanted one that looked great (and it did, in the middle of the living room for a while…), but was obviously still fun for the twins to hide and play in (and large enough to house two small people comfortably of course). And believe me when I say that no stone was left unturned in my quest. Now this one was definitely not the cheapest, but it was definitely the nicest. It is pretty big though (I tend to forgot to check measurements of anything I buy online, which has got me into all kinds of scrapes with all manor of things, which I won’t bore you all with now…), so check out the dimensions on the website. You can also buy the matching quilt for the floor of the teepee, which although an extra cost, was a really lovely finishing touch. But to be honest, you could just lay a few mismatched quilts and blankets down for an equally lovely, cosy effect. There is currently a waiting list for this one, but you can pre-order now, which I would definitely recommend. And if you’ve already started searching for the perfect teepee yourself, you can call it off…

the chicest of shops

Howa Wooden Shop
This is one of the best presents Tabarlow have ever received. It’s nothing short of amazing (thank you Granny and Connie). And I think it’s safe to say that I enjoy playing with it as much as they do. Possibly more so. It is definitely one of the most stylish kids’ toy shops I’ve seen (loving that chic striped awning). It doesn’t come with any of the food – you need to stock the shop (this is the bit where I went a bit mad – more of that later…), but I can point you in the right direction (it was a bit hit and miss in terms of scale and proportion, so learn from my mistakes of oversized oranges and miniture milk bottles). Anyway, it’s not just me who loves it, it’s proven to be a big hit with any kids that come to our house (of both sexes and various ages), and has turned out to be a great play-date ice-breaker (I’ve even managed to hold a whole conversation with another mum whilst four kids played happily together with it). You do need quite a bit of stuff to fill it, but it doesn’t take long, and I would recommend doing it gradually, or (like me) you will lose track of what you ordered, and get carried away (who knew wooden food could be so addictive?), and before you know it you have more wooden cupcakes than you know what to do with. After Christmas I went a little crazy, and our poor postman was knocking on our front door every day for weeks with a new mountain of boxes. Anyway, here are a few of my favourite things to get you started: the ice cream lolly stand, the tray of muffins, and the set of juice cartons, but there are plenty more where they came from. I would suggest buying the shop for a birthday present, then asking various friends and relatives to buy things to fill it (there are so many cute things to choose from, all at various prices). I have been known to spend a good 40 minutes re-merchandising the shop after Tabarlow have gone to bed (it’s strangely therapeutic actually). I’m telling you, Mary Portas has nothing on me…

ps: I’m so sorry for anyone who tried unsuccessfully to buy the (reduced) Caramel baby coat in my last post. For some reason, once my I had published my post, the coat then went back to it’s original, non-sale price. I have no idea why, but obviously this is incredibly frustrating. I will keep an eye on it though, and let you know if/when it gets reduced again.