pirate trousers

Mini Boden Roll-Up Trousers (0-3 years)
£18.00-£20.00  SHOP NOW
These cute baby trousers have a bit of a pirate feel about them, which I love. They will look great turned up. So easy and comfy to wear. Just add a cosy neutral coloured sweater like this one from Cyrillus or this one from Susie and Toto, then switch up for a grey marl tee in the Summer. I’m also liking these navy M&S sandals, which would work well with this look.

ps: don’t forget it’s Mama Spree Friday tomorrow. And it’s all about how to be chic, cool and comfortable when you’re pregnant (and yes it is possible!).

girls & boys

Uniqlo Striped T-Shirt (3-11 years)
£7.90  SHOP NOW
As you know, I’m often bypassing ‘boys’ clothes when it comes to dressing Marlow. I suppose it comes from having kids of each sex at the same time. I am always simultaneously looking for girls and boys clothes. So overlaps are inevitable. I often prefer the less ‘boyish’ shapes and cuts of girls’ clothes for boys. I saw this t-shirt and instantly earmarked it for Marlow, not Tabs, despite the fact that officially it’s a girls’ t-shirt. And it will look great with his (erm, girls’) Gap cargo pants (which are now just £11.99). Needless to say, I don’t actually tell Marlow any of this…

ps: I know it’s not Friday, but I thought I’d just share a couple of Mango purchases that I made on Saturday. Is it is just me, or have Mango really upped their game recently? And I’m not just talking about the kidswear (which I am obsessed with at the moment). At first I merely put it down to the ‘Daria factor’ (who, frankly could get me into ANY store if she’s wearing the clothes in the campaign), but it’s definitely more than that. This season they have definitely tapped into the whole Isabel Marant/Vaness Bruno vibe, which as you all know, I can’t get enough of. I bought this really simple, but super-cool tee (the sleeves aren’t as exaggerated looking in person), and this hippie Summer dress, which I know I will live in with a chic flat sandal (I already have my eye on an a fab Kurt Geiger pair, which I will be sharing on Mama Spree) come the warm weather. You need to trust me with the dress – it does not look good at all on the website. In fact, I didn’t look that great on the hanger in the store. But I saw potential there, and once I tried it on, instantly loved it. Size down though to avoid it looking too maternity (I bought a small). I also loved this gorgeous ruffled dress (way too short for London, but super-cute on holiday), but only spotted it on my way out, and I was in a rush to meet some friends, so I’m going back next week. The obsession continues…

cute doesn’t always = girly

The Little White Company Flutter Sleeve Top & Bloomers (0-24 months)
£22.00  SHOP NOW
How gorgeous is this little baby set? So pretty. And one of the things I love most about it is that it’s chambray blue, not pink. I’ve also found these equally adorable (non-girly) pieces for baby girls this week…
These (very French) grey baby cords (just as cute for girls as for boys), also from The Little White Company; this pocket blouse from H&M; this Mini Boden pointelle cardigan (in yellow) as worn by super-stylish Harper Beckham; this Gap romper; this Paz Rodriguez baby cardigan; and this Zara striped sweater. Make the most of the non-pink, non-non-girly times while you can…

boys boys boys


Mini Boden Boys Cardigan (2-12 years)
£20.00-£24.00 (was £25.00-£30.00)  SHOP NOW
It’s all about the boys today. Starting with this super-cool, simple cardigan made from cotton and cashmere. Great for those ‘in-between days’ when you’re need an extra layer, but not necessarily a really thick, warm one. I love the elbow patches and the subtle neon trim details. Here are a few more pieces that I have spied for the boys this week that will also work for those ‘is it Spring yet?’ layering kind of days…
I bought these Zara girls’ cotton striped trousers for Marlow a couple of weeks ago – they are lightweight, and a slim fit. Perfect for Summer (and there’s no way I could get Tabitha anywhere near a navy striped trouser these days…); this cool star print scarf from Cyrillus; these M&S navy suede chukka boots (I always loved a chukka style boot – Tabarlow’s daddy is a big fan of the Common Projects ones); these John Lewis colour block Wayfarer sunglasses; this The Little White Company mixed stripe long sleeved tee; this cool tee from The Fableists (this new little brand that I just discovered – definitely worth checking out); and this H&M cargo shirt. I also mentioned a great pair of jeans that I picked up for Marlow in Gap on Saturday. They were my favourite skinny fit that I always buy him, but they were a new wash – slightly distressed and with a little turn-up. I am going to double-check with the press office, but I think these are them. He was wearing them today with a Miller striped tee (from my Miller sale swoop a few months ago) if you want to take a look on Instagram. I also noticed that they already have their denim cut-offs in for Summer. I bought the Gap ones last year (for me and for Marlow actually, but more about mine in Mama Spree) and he literally lived in them. So I am going to ‘buy now, stash for later’ (I like these H&M ones too).

mini sloungewear

Zara Flecked Trousers (3 months-3 years)
£8.99  SHOP NOW
I bought Marlow a pair of trousers from H&M a few months back that are not dissimilar to these. Wary at first (his mother’s son…), he has now embraced his ‘slounge pants’ as I call them, and can’t wait to slip into them for a bit of r&r and an Octonauts DVD… It makes me laugh how much he loves them, but I totally get it. Sometimes there’s nothing nicer than changing into something comfy when you get home (I daren’t even tell you what I am wearing on my bottom half as I write this for fear that you may never log in again). But the best thing about these trousers (and Marlow’s) is that they also look really cool, so of course, it’s totally fine to wear them outside the house too.

ps: don’t forget: tomorrow it’s all about us with the second instalment of Mama Spree!

mini hareem pants

Zara Printed Hareem Pants (3-36 months)
How great are these? And they definitely have a bit of an Isabel Marant ‘luxe hippie’ feel to them. Perfect for warm weather when you fancy a change from dresses/jeans. Lovely and loose and comfy. I love the print and the tie waist. I would probably style them with some kind of grey or white top, most likely a grey sweatshirt (I picked up a great one with a cute little white frilled hem for Tabs from H&M recently – sorry not on their website annoyingly). I bought myself a great printed pair quite similar to these from Zara Home that are officially pyjamas bottoms…). So easy to wear, and they look great with a tan flat sandal… Just saying.
£9.99  zara.com 

the chic-est baby jeans

Alice à Paris Baby Tousers (1-18 months)
Love these. They definitely have that French feel/design to them, and I love them equally for baby boys and girls. I really like the loose cut (so ‘French’, and let’s face it, no one wants to see a baby dressed in jeggings…), the pockets, and the little twill tie at the waist. So cool and easy to wear. And will look great with pretty much every kind of top. I can’t get enough of Alice à  Paris!
£22.00  aliceaparis.com

the right trousers

F&F Blue Chinos (12 months-7 years)
These are the perfect ‘Spring trouser’ (and I don’t generally find it that easy to find good boys’ trousers…). Lightweight, great colour, good shape… I would give these a little cuff and style them with a relaxed fit grey marl t-shirt.  I have picked up a few really great F&F things from Tesco before. You should take a look next time you find yourself in one of the larger stores. You might be surprised (as I was) at what you find…
£6.00  clothingattesco.com 

ps: I liked these cool ‘brick’ coloured ones too.

cool cargos

Zara Cargo Trousers (3-36 months)
I bought Marlow a pair similar to this from Next a few months ago, and he’s just started wearing them (loads), and I love them on him. Poor boy – he usually just rotates his Gap (girls’) skinny jeans (he had three identical pairs at the last count), then occasionally wears his Bonpoint (purchased at the fabulous sale store in Paris last year) blue striped trousers. So not a whole lot of options there. A pair of khaki cargo trousers will slide effortlessly into a cool, neutral  boys’ wardrobe (or drawer in Marlow’s case) because they go with pretty much anything (as they would in your own wardrobe). I particularly like them worn with a long sleeved Breton tee, or a navy jumper. Marlow also wears his with his various grey marl sweatshirts (four at the last count: H&M, Next and two from Cos). Just think of them as a lightweight jean, and style them accordingly (I would also recommend a pair for yourself – great with a little turn-up with either flats or high sandals…).
£17.99  zara.com

ps: I don’t need to say how cool they would also be on little girls do I?

roley poley

No Added Sugar ‘Roley Poley’ Grey Marl Trousers (3-24 months)
How cute are these baby trousers (this is the back view by the way)?  And the fact that they are made from 100% cotton sweatshirt? And that they are actually called ‘roley poley’ trousers? And can we just discuss the adorable little ‘peekaboo’ bunny coming out of the back pocket?? This is why people have more babies…
£32.00  noaddedsugar.com

faded stripes

Petit Bateau Boy’s Striped ‘Serge’ Trousers (3-12 years)
I love that these trousers are called ‘Serge’, presumably after Serge Gainsberg (when he was cool, rather than old and a little bit creepy…)? Great shape, and loving the faded stripes. A great option for boys who wear the exact same pair of (Gap, girls) skinny jeans day in, day out to nursery (Marlow). I need a pair of these (for me and for Marlow)!
£45.50  petit-bateau.co.uk 

your chance to win a few of my favourite (mini boden) things…

I love Mini Boden. Fact. I have almost used an entire pack of post-its (mini neon pink ones if you’re interested?) ear-marking all my favourite things that I am planning on ordering. Fact. I just think the collections are getting better and better each season. Fact. I’ve even ordered a super-cool Johnnie b beach cover-up for myself – you really should check out the Johnnie b collection for yourself!). Fact. Anyway, I’m poised, ready to put my order in for the new season, but in the meantime, here are some of my absolute favourite pieces from the Spring collection. And here’s the best bit. Now you have a chance to get your hands on some too! Thanks to our lovely friends at Boden (and they really are lovely – even the people who take your order on the phone are super-friendly) you have a chance of winning one of these eight pieces. All you have to do is choose your favourite item (from the eight I’ve selected here), then click on the pink link below to select the exact size you would like, then go to ‘comments’ below this post. Then simply state the item and size and how your lucky little one is going to wear it/them if you win. Then eight winners will be selected at random and announced here on Friday 1st March. It’s that easy. Good luck!

1. Pretty Woven Top  £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)
2. Leather Sandals £24.00-£28.00 (sizes 24-37)
3. Alphabet Print T-shirt £10.00-£12.00 (0-3 years)
4. Roll-up Trousers £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)
5. Colour Pop Jumper £28.00-£32.00 (1.5-10 years)
6. Stripey Pocket Tee £12.00-£14.00 (1.5-10 years)
7. Easy Printed Dress £22.00-£24.00 (1.5-10 years)
8. Towelling Top £16.00-£18.00 (0-3 years)

bow peep

Gap Bow Printed Skinny Jeans (6 months-5 years)
Is this not the perfect seque from my last post? From a single bow hair clip to a pair of skinny jeans literally covered in bows! Told you I was an addict. These are almost a bit kitsch for my taste, but I just think they are so cute (in that ‘cool cute’ way that is very hard to call sometimes…). I also love the shape and fit of Gap’s skinny jeans (and always buy them for Tabitha), so I know they will look great. I would style these with a grey cable knit jumper (in fact, now I come to think of it, Tabs has one from Gap!) or a simple sweatshirt. Nothing too ‘glitzy’ (yeah, like Tabs has anything even remotely glitzy that’s not confined to the dressing-up box!) or girly. And I might add a pair of hi-tops or an ankle-boot. What I’m trying to say is, steer clear of anything too girly or sweet with these – think ‘cute tomboy’ and they will look adorable.
£17.95  gap.eu 

ps: just realised that these are very similar to a pair of Topshop cropped cigarette pants that I have from last Summer. Pale pink with little black hearts all over them (they sound a bit Timmy Mallet, but honestly, they are really cool). I would only ever wear them with a navy or grey cashmere jumper or a slouchy grey or white t-shirt. If you tone down the cute/fun element, they look really great. Actually, where are those trousers..?

loving your look!

Vertbaudet Sailor Sweater & Trousers (1-18 months)
If you’re quick, you can still get your mitts on this cute little (100% organic) number. Love the colours, and the layered feel of the trousers. Just the right combination of style and comfort that we come to expect from our French friends. Who needs stylists when you can buy ‘ready made’ outfits as gorgeous as this? Hmm…
£17.00  laredoute.co.uk

cool khaki

French Connection Denim Boys Trousers (0-18 months)
As much as I love these, I don’t think I would necessarily spend £38.00 on a pair for Marlow. But it’s January and the sales are on, and they are now an absolute bargain at just £9.50! They are a great baby trouser for when you’re fed up with regular jeans or cords. And I love this colour. It would be a great idea to buy a couple of pairs (at this price, it almost be would be crazy not to!) in different sizes. You’d better be quick though – they are selling out fast!
£9.50 (were £38.00)  frenchconnection.com 

chino cool

Zara Chino Style Trousers (3-36 months)
These are just a great shape and style (and colour!). Skinny, but not too skinny – just a cool tapered leg with a cute little turn-up (oh, and the all-important adjustable waistband!). These will look great with a grey marl sweatshirt and the old faithful desert boots (the boots that just keep on giving!).
£15.99  zara.com 

who says pink can’t be cool?

Emma Levine Pale Pink Skinny Trousers (2-9 years)
As you know, I do struggle with pink sometimes (ok, that’s a lie – make that most of the time), but if that pink is the ‘right pink’ it can look super-cool. Tabs has quite a few pairs of dusky-pink cords and jeans, which I absolutely love on her (I can’t dress the poor girl in navy and grey all the time!), and these are about to be added to her collection. Such a great shape! And these kind of skinny trousers always look great worn with pretty smock tops and blouses (wear these ones with a neutral colour for best results!). Yep, still loving Emma Levine!
£35.00  emmalevine.net