mama spree: beatnik chic

1. Bella Freud Jumper, £260.00
2. John Lewis Clubmaster Sunglasses, £15.00
3. Baggu Navy Suede Bag, £95.00
4. Gap High-Rise Denim Skirt, £34.95
5. Boden Sixties T-Bar Heels, £84.15 (were £99.00)

This Bella Freud jumper is one of my favourite jumpers ever. I treated myself to one around six years ago, and literally wore it (at least once a week, every week that I had it, with the exception of the latter part of my pregnancy) into the ground… I am actually about to buy myself a new one, I still love it that much. It’s since become a classic, and I love just wearing it with a pair of jeans for a low-key, but cool, easy everyday outfit. It just feels a bit more special than one of my trusty plain men’s cashmere jumpers that I wear day to day. I also used to wear it with a cut-off denim mini (this slightly longer, higher waisted version from Gap feels more ‘now’ (and a bit Stella-esque) and is probably a little more forgiving on my (slightly older) legs. So I’ll be recreating this look again this Summer. I will be adding a pair of patent heels for the evening, or for meetings. You could also switch the heels for these cool navy (Isabel-esque) bow flats if you prefer. By the way I’m obsessed with this Baggu bag. This navy suede small version is my favourite, but the options are endless, and you can also customise a bag to your exact requirements. I love that they are completely unbranded and anonymous in a stylish, understated way.

ps: I did a great Gap haul for Tabitha yesterday, so wanted to share… I got this navy sun dress (as featured last Saturday); this white cheesecloth dress (I’m starting to think about our Summer holiday now, and this would be perfect); this striped romper (which I LOVE – she’s already got it on! Size up though – I bought age 5 for Tabs, and I usually size down if anything); and these floral print days of the week pants. Not bad!

pps: don’t forget my special Father’s Day post on Sunday. No need to panic – you’ve still got plenty of time to order a cool, stylish (and personalised?) present (and card) online for the Daddy of your little ones…

ppps: just found out that Mango has 30% off again! Just for today and tomorrow. Enter 5SHOPMAY when you confirm your purchase. Woohoo!

retro pants

Little Bird By Jools Underpants 5 Pack (12 months-5 years)
I love that these boys’ pants have a bit of a retro feel to them, and the colours are great. And let’s be honest, if you’re thinking about/in the process of toilet training (gird your loins if you’ve got twins!), it’s not about blowing the budget on expensive pants. These will do the job perfectly.

boys need cute pants too

Gap Days Of The Week Dinosaur Pants (2-5 years)
These are the boy equivalent of the girls’ pants I posted on 8th August. I couldn’t stock up on cute kickers for Tabitha without getting a stash for Marlow too. Ok, so he is not particularly interested in them (are boys/men ever really?), but he does like the fact that they are all different, funny dinosaurs. Admittedly, he is even less interested in whether he is wearing Monday’s pants on Thursday (surprisingly). Anyway, these were by far the cutest ones around on the high street (although Petit Bateau had some great plain ones in the sale that I snapped up).

days of the week

Gap Days Of The Week Pants (2-5 years)
Potty training twins has definitely been a challenge (and one that I wouldn’t necessarily want to repeat any time soon), but I’m pretty much there now. But I do think that buying an abundance of cute knickers really helped, particularly for Tabitha (well us girls all want pretty knickers don’t we?). I have been letting her choose which pair she wants to wear, which she loves. Each pair has a cute little animal on the back (for some reason she is obsessed by the fox pair…). I have the Stella McCartney days of the week knickers myself (thank you Tom!) and love them, so when I saw these I just had to have them for Tabs. They are so sweet. But obviously she is very rarely wearing the correct day, but then I have to confess, neither am I!

demin bottom

Zara Denim Knickers (1-9 months)
During the Summer months I had a slight challenge dressing Tabitha when she was still wearing nappies (which was about two weeks ago!). When she wore dresses without tights, I had the whole issue with the nappy. I didn’t want to have a nappy on show (so not chic), letting her otherwise, cute ‘look’ down. So what to do? This is where knickers like these save the day! You can just pop them over their nappy, and they’re good to go (and still stylish in the process). I often used to just keep the ones I liked that were sold as a set with a dress (Gap often do them). Navy ones look good with most dresses. But good old Zara often just sell cute knickers on their own, such as these (I bought a gorgeous grey and white gingham pair last Summer that doubled up as bikini bottoms on holiday). I love that these are denim! Again, like navy, denim goes with pretty much everything, and they would look so cute with say, a Liberty print dress. These are now in the sale (sadly, only in size 1-3 months – sorry, should have posted them sooner) so I would snap a pair up quick if I were you!
£3.99 (were £7.99) 

ps: did anyone else order the lotiekids t-shirt and leggings that I posted on 27th June? I got back from Cornwall on Saturday night to find a parcel waiting for me. I absolutely love them! They are so cute (I bought them for Tabs to wear as pyjamas, but they will definitely be having an outing too at some point – probably separately), and the quality is fantastic. There is even a little name tag stitched into each piece which you can fill in. Such a sweet detail. Tabitha also has one of the plain t-shirt dresses (in that same dusky pink), which looks so cool on. I am a big fan (and I’m not on the payroll I promise)!


Vertbaudet 4 x Pack Of Knickers (6 months-3 years)
Just because they are so cute… But I am curious to know who these six month old babies are who are wearing pants already?? I am also curious about the missing pair of pants in this pic when they are sold as a pack of four? But hey, don’t sweat the small stuff right?