just add a splash of ochre…

31 August 2015

Girls Wellies

1. Next Stripe Linen Dungarees, £18.00-£24.00
2. Louis Louise Blouse, £52.00
3. Aigle Wellinton Boots, £29.00
4. Emile Et Ida Lapin Wallet, £18.00

Boys Rain Coat

1. Carrement Beau Melange T-Shirt, £22.00
2. Next Rain Mac, £22.00-£24.00
3. Gap Cut-Off Denim Shorts, £6.99
4. Aigle Wellington Boots, £29.00

There’s no getting away from it, it looks like Summer has come to an abrupt end. In August. I daren’t leave the house without the the kids’ rainmacs and an umbrella for fear of  literally being washed away… But, it’s not cold, so jumpers and coats are still off the agenda. This is always a tricky one to get right clothes-wise. Tabitha and Marlow have literally been living in their wellies (these exact ones) pretty much since we got back from our holiday (so long sandals…).  So we might as well work them into cute outfits right? A splash of ochre feels Autumn-ready in an Indian Summer of way…

Sarah xx

puddle proof

12 February 2015


Mamas & Papas Puddlesuit, £28.00 (12 months-6 years)

We just love the idea of a ‘puddle suit’. And it just sounds so… Beatrix Potter. But apart from sounding sweet (and being super-practical obviously), this one actually looks good too. It’s just an all-in-one version of the Little Spree favourite, the classic yellow rain mac. We love. And here are some rain macs too (some yellow, some not..): this one from M&S; this one from John Lewis; this one from Mini Club; this one from Gap; this one from H&M (as posted on Instagram); this one from Next; and this one from Petit Bateau. And not forgetting a few wet weather accessories: this umbrella and this umbrella (for your mini super hero), both from M&S; and these plain wellies from John Lewis (available in red, navy and green).

Sarah & Nicky x

ps: and we couldn’t resist these cute biker-style wellies for us! Love them! Think of them as a little ‘bonus mid-week Mama Spree’.


ASOS Gone Biker Wellies, £25.00

baby print

9 February 2015

Baby wellies

1. John Lewis Dungarees, £14.00-£15.00
2. Gap Double-Breated Cardigan, £14.99 (was £16.95)
3. Aigle Wellingtons, £29.00
4. Boden Pointelle Body, £8.00-£10.00

Loving the Marni-esque print on these super-sweet baby dungarees…

Sarah & Nicky x

ps: our favourite Bella Freud sweater, featured in Friday’s Mama Spree has unfortunately now sold out. It is still available at Selfridges, but sadly only at the original price.

rainy days

22 January 2015

singing in the rain

1. Ugg Ear Muffs, £31.50 (were £45.00)
2. Next Plastic Rain Poncho, £10.00 (was £21.00)
3. Hunter Wellington Boots, £24.00

We couldn’t resist this cute waterproof poncho. Buy now and put it away for those April showers. Alternatively dig out the warmest, cosiest jumper you can find and road-test it right now.

Sarah & Nicky x

ps: Alex and Alexa has an extra 15% off all their sale stock this weekend, so definitely worth a look…

welly time

22 October 2014


John Lewis Wellington Boots (sizes 6 Jnr-5), £12.00-£14.00

It’s that time of year again. Many of you have been asking us about good (plain, simple, stylish, and inexpensive of course) wellies. So here you go. These are great options too… M&S;  MothercareM&S; Bundgaard and Next (love all three colours). And although, not plain, these are really sweet.

pretty spooky

13 October 2014

Halloween girls

1. Gap Glow-In-The-Dark Sleep Set, £14.95, Shop Now
2. Numero 74 Super Hero Outfit, £39.69, Shop Now
3. Hunter Sillver Wellies, £30.00, Shop Now

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about little Halloween costumes. After trawling through (what felt like) hundreds of ‘scary’ polyester outfits; various Halloween themed items of clothing (most of which were pretty dodgy it has to be said); and far too much black and orange for our liking, we came to the following conclusion… Buy a pair of ‘spooky-ish’ pyjamas, pimp them up a bit with a few carefully chosen accessories, et voila! You have a stylish, comfy, inexpensive ‘trick or treat worthy’ outfit that means you can just pop your little ones straight into bed after trawling the streets because they’re already wearing their pjs! Perfect. We always love a Gap set of glow-in-the-dark pyjamas (Marlow and Bailey already both have a pair), and these girls ones are so sweet. Just add the (super-stylish) cape,  mask and wellies and you’re all set. Who said Halloween has to be scary anyway? Let’s leave that to the older kids. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a pretty cape or tutu to the pyjamas… I’m also going to be buying Tabitha this Hello Kitty Halloween DVD to get her in the spooky mood (and let’s be honest, how scary can Hello Kitty actually be??). Tomorrow it’s the boys’ turn…

ps: we have had a few requests for some more purse-friendly leather pencil skirts following Friday’s Mama Spree. Here are a few we found on the high street… This ASOS one; this River Island one (we like the pockets); this French Connection wrap one; and this petite one from M&S.

muddy puddles

4 June 2014

1. John Lewis Stripe Star Jumper, £14.00-£15.00
2. Gap Frayed Denim Shorts, £14.95
3. Hunter Silver Wellies, £30.00

I literally never know what to dress the twins in from one day to the next at the moment…One day it’s jumpers, the next it’s t-shirts. So for those jumper days, here’s a practical (but still cute) outfit (if you’re going to jump in muddy puddles, you might as well do it in style…). And I am loving these silver wellies!!

ps: here’s another great jumper (and it’s currently 60% off!).

pps: I recently ordered some new name labels for Tabarlow from Tiny Me. I love the ‘mini labels’ in ‘garden party’. They have gorgeous colours (I went for ‘classic’) and the quality is great. I will definitely be re-ordering.

splish splash splosh

9 February 2014

Mothercare Navy Wellies (sizes 4-12 jnr)
£10.00  SHOP NOW
If only I’d known just how much the twins would be wearing wellies this Winter, I would have bought more pairs! I really like these navy ones because they are completely plain, and the looped handles make it so easy for your little one to put them on themselves. Now the big question is: will it ever stop raining??

raining cats & dogs

14 September 2013

John Lewis Wellington Boots (sizes 5 jnr-6)
Seeing as it hasn’t stopped raining for days (although it feels like weeks!), I was not surprised by the sudden flurry of ‘panic emails’ (and a ‘panic text’ from my sister this afternoon) asking where to buy decent wellies on the High Street, as many shops have apparently completely sold out… I bought these John Lewis ones a few months ago for nursery, and they’re great. Completely plain, with a chunky sole with grips, and a pull tab at the top to help little ones pull them on. And if you’re feeling daring, they also come in red.
£12.00-£14.00  johnlewis.com

ps: I also love these plain yellow ones from M&S, which I have already posted many moons ago. They are still doing them, and they are sill great. Love a yellow welly. These Mothercare ones are another great navy option.

rain, rain go away…

11 February 2013

Aigle Flac Wellies Boot (sizes 19-27) 
I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s totally over this dreary, wet weather. We even managed a trip to London Zoo on Saturday just to get out of the house. The great thing was, it was virtually empty (who else would be stupid enough to take their three year old twins to the zoo on a rainy Saturday?). Anyway, the twins had a great time, and their trusty M&S (plain) red wellies got yet another outing. And this got me thinking that it’s probably about time for an upgrade (and the M&S ones are getting a little snug anyway). I have always loved Aigle for their nautical classics (many years ago when I was a Fashion Assistant at Marie Claire, I used to swear by their Breton t-shirts and Guersey jumpers…). Anyway, back in the Summer when I was at a twins’ second birthday party (the adorable, and ever-stylish Sid and Walt), I noticed two pairs of this particular boot by the door (nothing gets past my eagle eye, plus I have the memory of an elephant when it comes to these things…). And let me tell you, these two little boys definitely have style worth stealing! So now that Tabs and Marlow are due for new wellies, I’m definitely going to copy and buy these. A style classic (plus I love that they are quite short, like the M&S ones – perfect for toddlers).
£25.00  aigleboots.co.uk 

so good I’ve posted them twice!

8 October 2012

M&S Panelled Welly Boots (sizes 4s-12s)
It’s not that long since I posted the red version of this exact boot, but when I spotted that they now come in yellow too (as seen with my own eyes in M&S in Westfied on Saturday), I had to share! I always love a yellow welly – such a kids’ classsic. Tabarlow have been wearing their red ones a lot recently, and I am very tempted to get them them these ones too now…
£10.00-£12.00 marksandspencer.com 

red wellies

14 September 2012

M&S Unisex Welly Boots (sizes 5s-13s)
One of my first ever posts, back in February was about a pair (well two pairs) of M&S wellies. Yellow ones. It was one of my most popular posts, and Tabarlow are still wearing said wellies now (in fact they wore them in the garden at their nursery just today). I have just ordered these red ones online for them (I’ve already given them the once-over in the store). Love that they are completely plain (not that easy to find, unless you go down the Hunters route, but even then they still have the little logo…), and really simple. I did love the yellow ones, but I thought red (it only ever makes very fleeting appearances in their wardrobes) would make a nice change. I think you can get away with a red welly somehow…
£10.00-£12.00  marksandspencer.com 

ps: 20% off all baby and kidswear at M&S until Sunday! Yay!